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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then?

Power and then

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Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

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Stay calm be patient

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Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this difficult period, which may make some people smile.

Unfortunately, among the many messages we receive, there are some that we don't know how to manage.

Are they serious people, with legitimate questions, or "infiltrators" sent to find out more about our innovative political project?

In both cases we respond publicly.

Single question. Excuse me, I would like to know who is behind your international political organization? I want the names. And goes on. If you have nothing to hide, why don't you tell us who's in charge? Is there anyone who believes you? Here we believe he was referring to the information we give. Or maybe he was asking us if there are people who register on our website. We will answer briefly to this long and complex question.


We attach first, the exact answer of our official representative, on social networks and other sites.

Madam, who is behind the political party or political representative you vote for? Give us the name of whoever has an economic interest in the politics of the party you are voting for, or the political figure you love the most. If of all our project, so articulated and detailed, the thing that bothers you is that for security reasons, we do not give the name of the first 282 verified registered users, who joined us, it does not even deserve my answer, let alone the others. Good day.

Our official answer.

In addition to what our collaborator wrote, whom we thank for her precious help on a voluntary basis, we need to add a few things.

We do not give the details, name and surname, personal data, any type of information, of any of our registered users, under any circumstances.

Never, and for no reason, not even on the orders of any court, for the simple reason that we are a "private company", a free international political organization, which, for easily understood reasons, would risk certain personal data in certain countries, even the most "democratic and free", to make unpleasant things happen to our registered users.

For us, the safety of all people, and the safety of their families, is vital. Register or not register with us.

Let alone if we risk something, for the people who trust us, and join us.

It is called extraterritoriality.

For those involved in legal matters, know that we do not even give to the Courts, of any country in the world, not even on the order of a Judge, any personal data, for the simple reason that the Governments of certain countries, or even people who want attack us (and trust us there are and there will be many), they could corrupt a person or order a judge to request such data.

We do not trust the justice of any country, and we consider that all should be reformed, based on the interests of all people. In fact, on certain issues, very few, but essential for everyone, we also allow those who do not register on our site to make proposals, comparisons, debates, to try to accommodate all the ideas.

Obviously, we will decide our proposals, we will make our debates, also taking into account the proposals of others (which if they are sensible and useful to the community will be accepted).

The votes on our justice reforms will however be carried out internally by our verified registered users, because they represent our official positions.

And unlike others, we decide everything together, obviously on the basis of the right local autonomies.

And always unlike others, before giving an opinion, we analyze all the information offered by our groups of specialists.

And again unlike others, if we say or promise something, we do it.

We do not have a single office, but each of our registered, verified (which is automatically our official representative), or unverified (and therefore prevents us from knowing what country he is) user is DirectDemocracyS, wherever he is.

So it could, in theory, be in a country where there is no extradition, to the country requesting the data. Therefore, there is no way to track all people, and even if there is, there are methods to deflect various signals.

However, if a registered user of ours wishes to make some personal data public, he has the privacy settings, which allow him to choose what to make public, and to whom.

We have standard security standard settings, which each user can change according to their preferences, whenever they want.

By default, none of our administrators can modify any data or make any information public, without the person's agreement, and only in exceptional cases.

Our first 282 verified registered users have used the highest protection, in fact the numbers of our registered users start from 283. From 283 upwards, the usernames and the data made public by each are visible.

Some 99% preferred to remain anonymous, but the first two letters of the username (in some cases for convenience), represent the country in which they usually reside.

Attention, each of our users can participate in political activities, in the countries where they can vote and be a candidate, there can be more countries, based on specific rules.

He can participate in economic activities in any country in the world as long as he pays taxes in the country where he makes any gains.

But let's not dwell too much on Legal aspects and return to the answers for the kind lady. We do not say his name and surname, always out of the respect we have for everyone, even for those who are not with us.

We remind everyone that our official representatives, and our political representatives, will be made public, all at the right time.

Nobody can apply if they do not have a specific personal profile, with real name and surname, created in a special way for candidates, who will have plenty of time to make themselves known, obviously only in the geographical groups in which they have been candidates and voted.

At the right time, the candidates in the real elections will be made public, to make them known even to people outside our websites, to campaign, according to the laws of each country.

So we are also real, not just virtual.

We have no one who commands DirectDemocracyS, for the simple reason that we are owned by all of our verified registered users. In other articles, those interested can read more information on how the work is done here.

So we all rule. Each verified registered user can propose activities, debates, and activities of all kinds, so there is maximum freedom of expression, but everything must be done according to our rules, and in reserved spaces and groups.

There are sensitive activities, in fact we in the Community area (where almost all our activities take place) only see the tip of the iceberg. You only see public areas with very little activity and information, the real work takes place in private or secret groups and pages, which you can access only by proving to be trustworthy people. For what reason?

Because with us, there is maximum freedom, but in an orderly way. Ours is not a social network, but a website with all the potential, which guarantees safety for everyone. In secret, confidential groups, discussions, debates, votes take place among our verified registered users, who have the right to access them, on a geographical, numerical basis, and other types of groups.

What you decide and vote in secret groups is offered as information to our unverified registered users.

Subsequently, when it is decided, the information about our activities is made public to all.

These steps are essential, to have order, and to avoid making a fool that often other political parties, and their representatives.

For more information on how our business is conducted, you can consult our detailed articles.

So we do not hide our official decisions, on the contrary we always publish them in preview on our websites, and subsequently in our other pages and groups on social networks and other websites, and then on the media with which we have exclusive contracts. But we will tell you in the future about our relationship with “official”, free and neutral information.

In regards to our statements regarding history, politics, and all of our information, we use a reliable method, from groups of specialists and researchers.

If even a single sentence, or word of what we write, is not accurate and real, a typo may occur, please let us know and we will correct it immediately. In essential things we will never go wrong, because we try to do a rigorous control.

It will never happen that we say or write false things, because before writing in the official areas of our website, we check the historicity, or the authenticity of what we publish.

But even in this case, we invite those with official, documented and real data to help us improve, or correct any inaccuracies.

If you have theories, or suggestions, do not hesitate to join us, and to publish them in our free groups, without censorship, if not against stupidity, any theory worthy of attention, will be analyzed by competent people.

As for the number of people who register, in a few months in 2021 they registered, with almost no advertising, we expected a maximum of 40 thousand people by the end of the year.

As of December 31, 2021, we had not 40,000 but approximately 76,000 verified registered users.

For this year we have more optimistic forecasts, we will communicate them to you as soon as possible, but as of 01 March 2022 we are about 102,000 registered users verified, and we have a "line" for the activation of new users, of about a week. We apologize publicly, but we are few administrators, who all work voluntarily, in our free time, and slowdowns can be created, unfortunately also due to the difficult global geopolitical situation.

We're not looking for excuses, but it's the sad truth.

With the hope of having answered in a clear, precise and detailed way, we thank you for the many questions, and also for some correct constructive criticism, due not to the project, but to the lack of information, we could not have already published everything, because our project must grow a little at a time, and not in a very short time.

We inform you that if the entire site were to crash, you will receive information until our return, in our official pages on Facebook, which we thank for the hospitality.

As powerful as they are (we are among 20% of the fastest websites in the world), our systems can suffer from slowdowns and freezes.

Thanks also to your donations, we can immediately increase the power and storage space, and the blocks will not last long.

When it comes to the security of our websites, we use the best technologies available around the world, and we guarantee you security and privacy.

Often, certain users don't control their privacy settings, so it's their fault too.

We always advise you to be very careful, especially if someone posts external links to our official websites. In that case, check where you end up!

For once, however, we want to thank the many people who congratulate us, in fact almost all your messages are congratulations for our ideas.

In fact, it is difficult to find serious faults, it is easier to compliment, and they give us so much strength to move forward.

We apologize if we do not respond to everyone, but it is literally impossible, for that we now thank you publicly.

We guarantee you our commitment to continue our difficult and complicated work.

If you like our project, join us, and help us to make it known around.

Thanks again everyone for your attention.

Best regards, with enormous esteem and infinite affection.

DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!

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