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The right to criticize

We have to respond to the many people who are desperate. The reason for their desperation is unfortunately us, and our DirectDemocracyS. Since we were conceived, and throughout our existence, we will involuntarily deprive all people of the right to criticize politics.

Anyone who joins us knows that if any of our activities do not work in the best way, we know very well who to blame. Obviously, the fault lies with those who had to make our business work perfectly. We can say the same of all the other political forces, which spend a part of their existence blaming someone. Whoever wins the election has to let everyone know that things are not going well because of who was there before. We are not interested in the work done by those who were there before us, and if we criticize, we do it constructively, always explaining clearly and directly what our innovations are, and our alternatives.

Therefore, we have the right, and the duty, to say what is wrong, as we always propose our own solutions to all problems. We complain about what is not good, and we are directly committed to change and improve the world.

Ordinary people often criticize politics, but also other people, the state, or other organizations, because it is very comfortable to blame someone for their problems and failures. Instead, if things go well, the merits are never the politics, according to their point of view.

We remind everyone that politics is the exact mirror in which the population that votes is reflected.

So, with few exceptions, such as dictatorships in some countries, or single parties in some other countries, the fault lies always and only with us voters. It is we who must choose the best political forces and the best political representatives to obtain the best results.

Even in countries that declare themselves democratic, we live in a false and only partial democracy, and the power of the people, counts for something, and is active, only on election day, and in a few referendums.

DirectDemocracyS has found all the solutions to give the population continuous power over time, which all those who are with us know very well.

We do not repeat all of our methodologies, but you can find them in brief, at this link:

With our political innovation, an alternative to all the other political forces, we take away from our constituents, who are also our users, on our website, the right to complain about politics, being each of our voters, the true protagonist of each of our activity. With our ingenious rule, which provides for a continuous control and management of our political representatives, both before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections, the only ones responsible for our eventual errors are our voters, who may have chosen, the wrong way.

Direct democracy, which is our essence, cannot by itself avoid certain wrong choices. It is one of the few limits, which has the most authentic form of democracy.

DirectDemocracyS has also solved this problem, thanks to our groups of experts, created together with our political organization, who will inform the population, in a free, independent, complete, and competent way, about every possible choice, and about the consequences of each possible decision . These groups of specialists are essential to prevent any possible error. Hundreds, and often thousands of people, our users, and voters, who teach, work, or have studied, with excellent results, every possible subject, and in every sector of activity, are part of these groups.

Basically, with these rules, which we all respect, it's impossible for us to go wrong.

Every person has the right to criticize, and even to blame others, if things don't go their way in their life.

We have changed, and improved, also thanks to the many messages, in which we were asked to explain certain choices we had made. Each of our new users brings with them proposals and projects, which we evaluate and decide together, whether to put them into practice, without ever distorting the previous rules. We will never deny the noble ideals and the methodology that make us unique and inimitable, and that gave birth to us. But we have grown, changed, and improved, also thanks to the constructive criticisms of many of our visitors, who then almost all of them, after having "studied us well", joined us, realizing our enormous potential. Often the people who criticize us do it superficially, not knowing us, and occasionally, they do it to try to find faults, not believing that we are practically perfect.

They tell us that perfection doesn't exist, and they try to offend us in every way.

We understand their frustration, anyone would like to have thought of, and created, a politically perfect project, like DirectDemocracyS.

Often, when we explain our motivations, they apologize to us, because they find all our answers, logical, common sense, and based on the work of excellent specialists. Lots of specialists.

These choices, these rules, and these methodologies will annoy those who are part of the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy.

We were not born to destroy, but to create just alternatives, which put into practice continuous equality over time, combined with a meritocracy, which do not exist in other political forces.

We grow, and we will grow, by our choice, in a continuous and controlled way.

We conclude this article by talking about mentality and morality.

We ask anyone who joins us for a change, an improvement, in their mentality. It is mandatory, to understand our project. Those who "study" us, thinking of the old politics, cannot understand us, you have to think in an innovative way. You have to forget about power struggles, morally wrong activities, antisocial behavior, and broken civic rules.

Our morality, and our hierarchy, are collective. Anyone who offends one of us offends all of us, anyone who criticizes one of us criticizes all of us. There is not a single leader, and not even a leadership. This aspect is incompressible for those who reason with the old mentalities. Many ask us: is it really like this? How do you not argue, not fight for important roles, and not use any means to subjugate others? Simple. With ownership, each of our official members owns a share of DirectDemocracyS, along with everyone else. Being ours, we don't need any stimulus, to want everything to work perfectly.

We are all one, great, immense leader, without bosses, and without single people in charge.

The exact definition, of DirectDemocracyS, is to be an international political organization, born to change, and improve the world, and based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people, in which they work, individually, and in groups, people in a coordinated way. Each person, and each group, does their job solely and exclusively, trusting their collaborators.

Each of our members can be part of management and control groups and expert groups, based on their own merits and concrete results. But we will talk about these organizational aspects at the right time, and those who are already with us know very well how our enormous mechanism works.

At this point some will wonder: what about the political representatives? How they are chosen, we have already explained. We like to remind you that our primary elections, closed online, are a unique electoral process in the world, with visible results, based on merits. We like to choose, knowing and distinguishing the various candidates. One thing that many do not understand is that there is no risk that an incompetent will run for the simple fact that whoever wins our primary elections will have the support and real collaboration of all of us and our groups . To win every election, you don't need important personalities, or great political experts, you need young women and men, who have studied politics, with the necessary culture and qualities for each role. We will always put the right people in the right place.

Another brilliant feature of ours is that we keep the management of our political organization separate from political representation. Anyone who participates on our behalf in the various elections does not have tasks, or management roles, in our organization, but will receive from us, and from each of our groups, and each of our users, all the help and collaboration to carry out in the best way, the "task" of political representation. Therefore, no one will have to "look over their shoulder", or confront, with envious people. Everyone will play their role, in the best possible way, with concrete and shared results.

Again, no names needed, just good people. In DirectDemocracyS, you don't win with followers and likes, but with your own proven and verifiable qualities.

Does it sound like a dream, a utopia? No, it is the reality that anyone who has joined us knows well, and appreciates.

We answer those who ask us, why, do we give morality lessons, and allow ourselves to judge others?

First, we don't come from ideologies, which have often caused immense pain to many people. Our ideology is composed of the excellent work of our experts to create our unique, politically perfect ideology.

We do not accept people who exalt characters from the past, because no person cannot compete with our unity in diversity. Let us create, from nothing, a new political class, without the need for old idols, which have often had negative aspects.

Furthermore, we eliminate any discrimination, any hatred, any revenge, and any spiral of violence, even excluding any religion, from our activities. We take no lessons in morality, from those who have also caused death, destruction, hatred, and division.

DirectDemocracyS has never had responsibility or collaboration in any type of illegal activity, and will never nominate people of dubious morality or with a criminal record, but also people convicted of tax crimes. We will do our job, with the right rules, to prevent any problems.

Being newborns, we cannot be held responsible for the mistakes of others, in the past, or in the present, and we assume all responsibility for our own mistakes. Our main, and first controllers, are ourselves.

And the reasons could be many. Therefore, we have every right to criticize, judge the work of others, and offer our own solutions. We will never be annoyed by any criticism, if it is constructive and not based on falsehoods, and indeed, we accept, and ask everyone, the utmost rigor in criticizing us.

We were born to implement true democracy and absolute freedom forever, which must be guaranteed and protected by those who have taken them away from people for so many years.

After our new registration rules, we expected a slight drop in new users, but people continue to register and join us, even at higher levels than before. Once again, you have pleasantly surprised us. We hope you like our new rules, which make everything easier, faster, while maintaining order and safety. We are growing, and soon there will be other important news. Thank you all.

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