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    Identity verification

    Identity verification

    Identity Verification Regulations.


    Each of our users / voters, who has the blue tick, on their personal profile, next to their name, in our social area, means that they are a reliable user / voter, with a verified and guaranteed identity.

    The verification of the identity of each of our users / voters guarantees us to work together, in a safe, organized, orderly way, and with people, of whose identity, we are all sure.

    This method, based on equality and meritocracy, always together and guaranteed over time, allows us to reward the best, and punish anyone who does not respect all of our rules and all of our methodology.

    Art. 1 Identity verification, various types of users.

    Types of users for whom identity verification is not mandatory.

    New users, also called login users, partially verified users, and registered users.

    According to our rules, these 3 types of users / voters, to join us, and start carrying out some limited activities together with us, do not need to have their identity verified, guaranteed, and with the blue check, next to the name, in the social area of our website.

    Types of users for whom identity verification is mandatory.

    For all types of users, registered users with verified and guaranteed identity and above, identity verification is mandatory.

    Art. 2 Identity verification methods.

    Identity card.

    Each new user must upload, at the time of registration, in our registration form, or, as the case may be, in the request form to be invited, in DirectDemocracyS, an image, with his/her photographic identity document, we only accept paper identity card, or passport.

    Each new user must upload, upon registration, an image with their photo identification document, we only accept identity card or passport.

    For those who want to be of the type of partially verified user, the image that you upload, at the time of registration, must contain: your face, with close, clearly visible, with your identity document with photograph, we only accept paper identity card, or passport.

    The verification of identity documents sent to DirectDemocracyS, is guaranteed by the special security group, document verification subgroup, identity document verification subgroup.

    The verification of identity documents sent to DirectDemocracyS, close to the face, of our users, is ensured by the special security group, document verification subgroup, close to the face identity document verification subgroup of our users.

    In the case of invitations, each check of our security groups, with the respective results, will be sent to each user authorized to make invitations, which will have the continuous support of all our security groups.

    The document sent must be valid, and in the event that it expires, each of our users is obliged to immediately update their document on our website, uploading the new one.

    After all checks, the documents will be deleted from our servers, both at the request of the various users, but also periodically, automatically.

    In certain cases, where economic and financial activities exist between DirectDemocracyS, our users, and our other projects, both identity documents and the results of all our security checks may be shared. In case of need, to avoid having to re-verify the identity, or, automatically, these personal data may be shared with all the various economic and financial projects connected to DirectDemocracyS, in which our user will participate, freely, independently, and on a voluntary basis.

    All files, with identity documents, with face and ID, and files containing video calls, will be used, only on our official websites, ending, or with our project websites linked to DirectDemocracyS, using all the best, most modern and updated security measures, effectively preventing any possible problem.

    Directly, registered user, with verified and guaranteed identity, with digital signature.

    Attention: in order to become directly and immediately registered users, with a verified identity guaranteed, users will upload a .pdf file, with the image of their face, with a clearly visible neighbor, with their identity document with photograph , we only accept identity card, or passport, by signing the .pdf file, with a digital signature, legally recognized at an international level, registered in the user's name.

    Art. 3 Identity verified and guaranteed.

    Video call.

    To obtain the type of registered user, with verified and guaranteed identity, and to be able to vote in our closed online primary elections, or, to participate in our decisions, you must make a short video call, fully recorded, only and exclusively, with the our video calling application, present on our website.

    Art. 4 Video call regulations.

    Each video call, for identity verification, must be recorded, and a copy must be kept, by both people who make it. It takes place only on our official website, and exclusively, with our chat application. The duration varies, based on the age of the person being verified; if they are under 18, the identity of a parent or legal guardian must first be verified, who must also demonstrate that they have parental authority, to allow the minor to join DirectDemocracyS. If the parent or legal guardian of the minor is already our user, with a verified and guaranteed identity, he or she will simply have to be present at the minor's video call.

    After the mutual greeting, whoever verifies must do some checks to verify that the person to be verified is really live, so he/she will ask, for example, to raise the right or left arm, or to greet with the right hand, or left, but also, for example, to raise them both together.

    Then, at the moment in which it is requested, the person to be verified, brings their face closer to the camera, and always at the moment in which it is requested, brings their photo document closer to their face, we only accept identity card, or passport . In certain cases, those who verify may request to see both sides, or various pages, of the document, we only accept identity card or passport.

    At the end there are final goodbyes. The verifier, and the verified person, will have a copy of the video call. The verifier must send a copy to our security group, identity verification subgroup, video call verification subgroup. If the video is considered compliant, the appropriate subgroup will be proposed to the nomination group of our users for the nomination of the user as a registered user with a verified and guaranteed identity.

    Art. 5 Video call by the group, or by our authorized users, for invitations.

    Video call, by our groups, for identity verification, via subgroups for video calls.

    The video call can be made by the video call group, identity verification groups, at the international, continental, and national levels. It takes place according to simple rules.

    Video call, from our authorized users, to invite new users, and new official members.

    After the various initial stages, and after receiving a copy of the identity document of the person invited, each of our users authorized to make invitations must make a video call, as specified in the Art. 4 of these Regulations, with the person you intend to invite, in order to guarantee the identity. It will send a copy of the video call, to our security team, after you log in, on our official website. During video calls, one of our representatives from the special security group, video call verification subgroup, video call security presence subgroup will always be present between the inviter and the invited person and will make a recording of the video call.

    Art. 6 Brief methodology of identity verification.

    For those who are already our users, the previous rules remain valid. You fill out a simple form, and you are scheduled for the video call. You must respect the rules of this article and this link:

    For the invitation phases, there are various activities to do, which also include slightly different safety rules. The user who wants to be invited must request an invitation at this link:

    by filling in the required fields, also writing, if they wish, the username of the person who invited them, and uploading the identity document file, according to the rules of the Art. 2 of this regulation.

    The invited person must verify the authorizations of the person who invites them, according to the rules of this article, at this link:

    The person inviting must request, from the special security group, identity verification subgroup, video calls subgroup, security presence on video calls subgroup, and from the guest profile management subgroup, type "+guest+", the assignment of a temporary profile, to make the video call, with the invited person, with the continuous and registered presence of a representative of our security groups. The invited person will access our website by entering in our login form, which is located at the top and bottom of each of our pages, the username, such as "+guest+", for example Guest11, and the password temporary, valid only once, by logging in. The access data will be communicated, at the right time, via email, by the security group, to the email address of the invited person, and to that of the person inviting. On the day on which they were scheduled, at the exact time in which the video call will take place, our user, who invites, with their access data, and the person invited, with the type profile, will access our website. “+guest+”, and they will contact each other, with our “+Chat+Module+” application, which is located approximately halfway down each of our pages on our website. They will follow the same rules, and the same methodologies, that are presented in the Art. 4 of this regulation.

    Art. 7 Periodic identity checks of all our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identity.

    Identity verification has an unlimited duration, but periodically, even without notice, our special security group, through the identity verification subgroup, through the identity verification video calls subgroup, through the verification subgroup of subsequent identities, can carry out checks on identity documents, and order video calls for periodic identity verification. Users who do not make control video calls, in the manner and time required, will be immediately blocked until their identity is verified again, losing some points, losing important roles, and risking being demoted to a lower user type. .

    Art. 8 Final provisions on the verification of identities.

    These checks are essential to maintain DirectDemocracyS, a safe place to work together with us, to change and improve the world.

    For all the information, instructions, methodologies, motivations, and to receive all the necessary support, use this contact form:

    Before asking questions, always read all of our public information, and all of our rules.

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