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    Various possibilities to register

    Various possibilities to registerDirectDemocracyS, in the first periods of its existence, can be compared to an elevator.

    If too many people get on it, all together, there is a risk of not being able to get on all those who are inside.

    The huge success, which started between the end of the year 2022 and the beginning of the year 2023, has allowed us to explain to everyone that we had foreseen every possible problem, and that we have all the solutions.

    So, we knew that registrations and the creation of personal profiles would increase, and obviously, we have had all the security and organizational measures ready for many years.

    But first, a quick summary on how they will try to slow us down, those we bother.

    At first, they hoped to stop us by ignoring us, and making it difficult for us to get to know each other.

    They did it, towards us, through a 2-month block, on one of the main social networks. They have reported, our groups, and our presentation pages, and our website, as unsafe, in a false, sneaky way, and proving to be despicable, but also, with the positioning practically, in the last places, on the major search engines, even going so far as to report one of our IP addresses, in order not to allow registrations, on our website, through the main email managers (which we quickly resolved). We have always thanked for these incorrect behaviors, because they allowed us to do 3 things, which are very important to us. The first was being able to test, all of our troubleshooting measures, and all of our security methods. We assure you, that everything worked perfectly. The second was being able to grow in a controlled way, without creating chaos, with users registering in a disorganized way, therefore being able to control and welcome all those who joined us in the best possible way. Giving anyone who joins us a proper welcome, making everyone feel at ease, with the necessary information, and all the instructions, is fundamental for us. The third was to demonstrate to everyone how certain unethical and certainly incorrect behaviors are specific to much of the old policy. We, we don't bother anyone, we don't copy anyone, we weren't born, against something, or against someone. We do our job, without worrying, and without being interested in what others are doing, as long as they don't attack us, don't copy our ideas, and don't commit acts, to stop us, or sabotage us. One thing that disturbs the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy is that we are a valid and better alternative to everything that exists. We were born, to be prefects, and to be the best, in all our activities, and never, and for any reason, to behave like them. We were born, never to make their own mistakes. We annoy because we are different, and certainly better than them, and over time, we will prove it to everyone. We are in no hurry, because we like to do everything, calmly, carefully and with attention to every detail.

    In the future, they will try to slow us down by having lots of people register all at once. If before the fake profiles, which in our country, until their identity is verified, can't do anything decisive, were around 0.2%, in the last period, we are around 30%. An expected but important increase that doesn't scare us, but requires our utmost attention, and slows us down a bit. We explained to you that especially at the beginning, we are a little more vulnerable, not having all the internal structures well organized, formed by groups of our users. But don't worry, if you love us, because there are no problems, or behaviors, that we didn't foresee. Don't delude yourself that you can create problems for us, if instead you hate us, you have no chance of slowing us down, or even stopping us. We know very well how to deal with every possible problem.

    Now, let's make a necessary premise.

    DirectDemocracyS, has not yet been officially presented to the world. We have been made public, with our projects, for a short time (the website, where we work, has existed since June 21, 2021), if you look at the date of this article, you will realize that we have practically just been born, therefore unknown to almost everyone.

    When the time is right, all the people of the world will know us, and you will be surprised by the way we will let everyone know it, which is innovative and incredible, like all our activities.

    We like success, but there are precise times for each phase of our existence.

    Everyone likes to grow, above all, if it is a political organization which bases its existence on the consents and votes of the population, like all old politics. In this aspect, we are no different from all the other political forces, without the consensus, without the affection, and the vote in the elections, of all the intelligent and good people of the earth, our work would not be possible, and it would not have the expected effects, for the good of all the people of the earth.

    We don't even have a doubt, we know well that everyone will be able to choose at the right time.

    Our innovation is an alternative to all the old politics and everything that is out there. People, with DirectDemocracyS, finally have a new political road to travel, all together. You only need to read what we offer to understand our potential. Do not tell us, as always, that we are presumptuous, but try to understand that we have every reason to be proud of our very hard and long work. Read, even several times, with an open mind, all our articles, and then, you will be able to say that you know who we are, and what we offer.

    Blocking of registrations.

    Blocking registrations, and allowing people to join us, only on the basis of invitations, does not mean discriminating. Don't forget, that we rely on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people. Carefully selecting the first ones to join us is a must, to allow us the best results. Anyone in our place would do it. Unfortunately, we will soon be forced to do so. And also, several times, for variable periods of time, even long ones. Many can't wait to find fault with our perfection. Unfortunately for you, you will be disappointed, this time too, as happens every time, when you think you can find fault with our work. If we did that, after being officially introduced, to the whole world, it would actually be a bit discriminatory, to prevent people from joining us freely. But we can assure you that as soon as we are in the public domain, anyone will be able to register and create a personal profile, freely, and without the need for invitations. In the future, thanks to word of mouth, it will be enough for everyone to read our presentation article (the one on the front page, on our website), to decide to join us immediately.

    Why do we carefully select the first ones to join us?

    In addition to everything previously written, even in our other articles (safety dangers, and possible sabotage), there are reasons for opportunity.

    It is not appropriate, and not even right, to make the various users wait too long to be activated and to be able to start working with us. We want registrations, and activations, very fast, without accumulating too much work, to be disposed of, in a hasty way.

    It is not appropriate, and not even right, to make the various registered users wait too long to be able to verify their identity, and to be able to work concretely with us. The identity verification phases of anyone who joins us are fundamental, and must be done in the right time and manner.

    It is not appropriate, nor right, to make the various verified registered users wait too long to be able to pay the annual fee (a contribution, for the development of our activities, of 12 Euros per year, valid for 12 months, from the in which you are accepted, and appointed official member), and to be able to work effectively, together with us, as owners (receiving a single share, individual, non-cumulative, and non-transferable), of our political organization, of our website, and of all our activities.

    These fundamental phases, of each of our users, which are: registration, activation, identity verification, and appointment as an official member, are done over time (often serving long periods), in a shared way, and with all security measures.

    Let's see the types of users, in brief.

    There are visitors to our website who are like people you meet on the street.

    Our registered users, whom you can call: acquaintances (newly known people).

    Our verified users, who you can call, good friends, whom we trust, because we know who they are, and over time we get to know them better. They themselves learn, over time, and by working together, to get to know us and our activities.

    Finally, there are our official members, whom you may call relatives (family members), or in-laws, who make a decisive and concrete contribution to our activities together. The famous 12 Euros a year, receiving services, benefits, and facilities, for a higher value. We have already talked about it, and we will talk about it in detail, in an article reserved for our users.

    Our ties of friendship and kinship require long periods of time and mutual knowledge.

    This methodology, which at first glance may seem slow and complicated to some, serves to make us infallible and unassailable.

    There are no political projects in the whole world, with our rules and our working method.

    We told you, and we repeat, to create our basic rules, our values, ideals, principles, and all our "particularities", which make us the first and only ones in the world to do these things, in this way, it took a few months of planning. By early 2008, we had already created, and recorded, 98% of our core ideas.

    From 2008 to 21 June 2021, therefore for many years, 282 people always worked, in their spare time, a couple of hours a day, to make everything work flawlessly. Being perfect, and infallible, doesn't just mean being beautiful, but above all useful, and making everything work perfectly.

    If we didn't do everything, exactly the way we designed it, we would be vulnerable, and we would risk, having wonderful ideas, poorly implemented. And we cannot afford to "play" with the present and the future of so many good people who have joined us and will soon. Altogether, united, we work to change and improve the world.

    To those who believe us presumptuous, we say that we have every reason to be proud of our work, because unlike superficial people, who condemn us without knowing, we know very well, all the hard work, sweat, and effort, that we have done, to conceive, and to create from scratch, all of this.

    To those who believe in it, not open to ideas, or changes, at first glance without knowing us, we simply say that DirectDemocracyS only works like this, and that we are open to all ideas, to all projects, to any constructive discussion, to expand and improve our political organization, without changing or distorting what we have built so far.

    Let us dwell briefly on the annual fee, valid from the moment of appointment as official member of our verified registered users. It is a fundamental step, from being simple but good friends, to becoming members of the same family. Those who have joined us are surprised by the fact that we do not ask for money, and we even advise our verified users, not to be in a hurry, to become our official member, and then to pay. We never refuse, voluntary donations, always, and only through our donation forms, always, and only on our official website. As we have written several times, DirectDemocracyS is, and always will be, independent, and free. The old politics, on the other hand, often depends on finance, the economy, and rich and powerful people or businesses. We like to be able to do our job, for the exclusive good of the entire population, always starting to help people and businesses that are in difficulty first. In order to be independent, and therefore free, we must be self-sufficient, from a financial point of view, and we all know that we will never incur debts, and we will not accept exaggerated voluntary donations, which could make us "subjects", or debtors, to those who helps us.

    Nowadays, everyone is afraid of scams, and few are willing to trust them. Let alone, trust us, that we "appeared out of nowhere", and that we are known by very few, and selected people. We don't ask you for trust, or money (only voluntary donations, and if you wish, the annual fee, to become an official member), but we ask you to inform yourself by reading all our articles on our website. You will understand that we are reliable, and that we keep our promises over time. But knowing us first, it will be easier for you to join us, and to work together.

    In many periods, we will be forced to block registrations, for a variable but often long time. These blocks will allow us to welcome everyone, in a reasonable time, and in the best possible way. We don't apologize, to anyone, for these temporary blocks, because it's for ours, and for your good. Anyone, in our place, knowing our rules, would do exactly like us.

    All traditional political forces welcome everyone, and indeed, would pay, just to have people, who bring them fame, votes, and power. We give power directly and completely to our electors. We don't need it for ourselves, or to favor a few people, or a few businesses, or a few social categories. We get the power, the success, and the consents, together with all those who join us, and it seems right to us, to share it with everyone. This is our strength, and our originality. No one will ever do like us, because everyone likes to rule, and to decide, by doing it collectively, without leadership, is unthinkable for the old politics.

    This method of ours allows us to work, to welcome our users, according to our needs. Therefore, in the periods in which we are joined, only on the basis of invitations, individual, and carefully granted, we accept the criticisms of those who will be "forced", to wait for the right moment. We ask you to be patient, and above all, we ask you, never to lie, and never to be ashamed of who you are, your tastes, your preferences, and above all your ideas, and your projects. When the time is right, you can surely join us, and put all your dreams into practice and make them come true.

    During registration block periods, we will only work with those who have already registered. We will increase the number of administrators, in order to welcome more people, all together. We will do whatever it takes to put all the right people in the right place to ensure the best results. Those who are already with us know how to work, and those who are not with us can imagine it from the information we publish.

    Anyone wishing to receive personalized invitations must give us valid, concrete, and real reasons to be invited. If we were in your place, we would never start collaborating with DirectDemocracyS, basing your access, or invitation, on lies. We have all the means, and the rules, to check every single user. And as soon as we discover, even a small lie, we know how to do justice, severely punishing those who lie to us. We always say it, here the "smart" ones have no chance of behaving in the wrong way. We offer everyone, many possibilities, to obtain many advantages, and facilitations, in a meritocratic way. Don't be frightened, the invitations are not reserved only for university professors, and not even only for specialists, you just need to write your real personal data, attaching, if requested, details and documents. In a few lines, write one or more reasons why you want to join us, and also explain to us why you will be useful to DirectDemocracyS. This method of selecting people seems unfair and discriminatory, but we assure you that it is not, because it is the only one that allows us to have reliable people. It allows us to have with us only motivated people who really want to get busy. Smart people will surely understand all our motivations, and they will agree with us.

    There are 2 types of possibilities to join us, free, in which anyone can join us, based on detailed rules, or, on the basis of personal, individual invitations.

    During the registration phase, based on invitations, there are only 3 ways to join us.

    The first is for everyone, and it's simple, fast, secure, and absolutely free.

    It must be used, only once (don't be insistent, we reply to everyone, in the right time), only through the contact form, which you find at this link (other forms, or direct contacts, will not receive any response).

    You must write your full name and surname (with real data), your email address, as "subject" simply write: invitation request. In the message, write briefly a presentation, with real data, and at least one reason, both for your invitation request, and at least one reason, for DirectDemocracyS, to invite you. We advise you to tick the box: Send a copy to yourself (to have proof, and a copy of the submission, and confirmation, that you have sent the form correctly). Below the writing: Enter the captcha security code (write the characters you see, to prove you're not a robot). Always tick the box: Privacy policy (without which, you will not receive an answer, because we will not be able to manage your personal data, authorized by you). Finally, click on: Send email (quickly check everything first). You will receive our reply, with all the instructions, and with all possible requests, fairly quickly. Do not send several requests, because in that case, you will never be invited. Writing the wrong or false personal data does not help you, because we verify everyone's identities.

    The second method is that of direct invitation, on our part.

    The official invitation is decided by the Invitation Group. Each selected person will receive directly from us, based on our rules, and with all the necessary security measures, a message, with all the instructions, in each phase.

    In all cases, after having received a personal code and instructions, each person has 48 hours to accept the invitation, following each instruction received.

    After 48 hours, the invitation is automatically cancelled, and the invited person will not be able to request to be invited, and will never be invited again, to join DirectDemocracyS.

    Obviously, the invitations refused by the person invited by us directly, or those who will not be invited (based on your request), will be able to join DirectDemocracyS, by registering, and creating a personal profile, with the traditional method, as soon as, and if, it will be allowed again. We advise you to always accept our invitations within the required time frame, because traditional methods of registration often require very long times, in some cases, even many months, while with invitations, in a few hours, or a few days, you will be ours registered and activated users. The invitations are only personal, individual, and cannot be transferred to others. In some cases, some of our deserving users, based on the roles and groups they belong to, may be granted permission to invite other people, always, and only in an official way, through the Invitation Group.

    Identity verification is mandatory, even for all invited people.

    All invited people must prove their identity, there are no exceptions, in any case.

    Payment of the annual fee.

    The membership fee, for those who want, or are selected, to become an official member, for invited people, is paid exactly, like for any other of our verified users. Obviously, for people with financial problems, funds are provided, reserved only to help deserving people, but who cannot afford, due to lack of money, to pay the annual fee. The funds raised are used for the development of our activities, and allow us to be able to work freely and independently without financial problems.

    Attention: the invitation phase is always valid, even during the normal registration phase, and the creation of one's personal profile.

    In certain cases, when the link to access the invitation request form, to request an invitation, is not accessible, it means that we have an excessive number of requests. In that case, you will have to wait for the form to be available again, and accessible online. In those cases, sending is possible only and exclusively if you are selected and invited directly by the Invitation Group.

    The third and last method involves joining (for a fee, currently 12 Euros, per year), through the creation, by our Email Address Creation Group, of a personalized email address, with the ending @directdemocracys .org that allows owners to become an official member, faster and easier. It is also possible to join (for a fee, currently 24 Euros, and subsequently, after a year, 12 Euros per year), through the creation, by our Email Address Creation Group, of an email address personalized, ending and the registration, and creation, of your personal profile, by our Personal Profile Creation Group which allows the holders of the personalized email address, and of the personal profile created by us, to become an official member, faster, and easier. Usually, waiting times do not exist, or are just a few hours. Attention: also, this modality, to join us, can be interrupted, for certain periods, according to our needs. Do not condemn us, if for certain activities, we ask for a small and justified payment. The services received, the advantages, and the facilities reserved for those who decide to take advantage of our paid offers, far exceed the small sums required, but they help us to remain free, independent, and to self-finance ourselves. We never ask for anything, without reciprocating, what we receive, with interest. We will talk about it in dedicated articles. But to find out about all our paid services, you can read the various offers, selecting the one you prefer, at this link:

    There are no group methods of registration and creation of collective personal profiles, and no group invitations. You register, and create a personal profile, in a personal, individual way.

    In all cases, users will be informed, always in detail, of all the various possibilities, and of the necessary times foreseen.

    All of our rules, all of our methodologies, serve to guarantee DirectDemocracyS, and anyone who joins us, all the tranquility, security, and all the necessary potential.

    Do they look complicated?

    They are very simple, safe, and clear, and anyone who has tried them can guarantee you that they are exactly functional, and useful, for everyone.

    However, you decide to join us, we thank you for your trust, which is reciprocated.

    After joining us, and after joining our family, everything will be very simple, and you will see that it is worth it.

    The political forces that accept everyone, without limits, and without the right selections, are only apparently simpler, and are only falsely free. With us, no one is excluded for what they say, think, write, or show (via video). If he does it, in the right ways, times and places, respecting all our rules.

    The old politics is false, illusory democracy and partial freedom.

    DirectDemocracyS, for those who know it, is authentic democracy and total freedom.

    Warning: to avoid wasting time, and to prevent any type of scam, always check that each invitation you receive must have a unique code. To do so, use only and exclusively the contact form of our Special Security Group, at this link:

    You must write your full name and surname (with real data), your email address, as "subject" simply write: verify invitation. In the message, write briefly a presentation, with real data, and a reason, both for your invitation request and for DirectDemocracyS to invite you. Give every detail about the invitation you received, to allow our administrators a quick and complete check. We advise you to tick the box: Send a copy to yourself (to have proof, and a copy of the submission, and confirmation, that you have sent the form correctly). Below the writing: Enter the captcha security code (write the characters you see, to prove you're not a robot). Always tick the box: Privacy policy (without which, you will not receive an answer, because we will not be able to manage your personal data). Finally, click on: Send email (quickly check everything before sending). You will receive our reply, with all the instructions, and with all possible requests, fairly quickly. Do not send several requests of the same type, because in that case, you will never be invited, and you will not receive any response. Writing the wrong or false personal data does not help you, because we verify everyone's identities.

    Also verify the identity of whoever speaks to you, or contacts you, on our behalf, both inside and outside our political organization, and both inside and outside our website, according to these simple safety rules:

    We must be united, to protect anyone from possible scams, and from people who speak on our behalf, having no right. We advise you to always wait for the response of our Special Security Group before continuing to speak with these people.

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    a. To accept full responsibility for the comment that you submit.
    b. To use this function only for lawful purposes.
    c. Not to post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
    d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
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