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    NewOpoFinance, and the world economy, are based on laws and rules that favor the "smart", steal from the middle class, and exploit the poor.

    Instead, we create the only project, which is based: on the mutual respect of all people, on collaboration, unity, safety, trust, honesty, and competence.

    NewOpo (* NewOportunities *) new opportunities, or, NeWoPo (* NeWorldPolitics *) new world politics, is a galaxy of our immense universe.

    Call us NewOpo, and together with DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, we will change and improve the world, all together, one user at a time, without haste, but with determination and conviction.

    This is the economic project, reserved for our registered verified users, who have joined our political project called DirectDemocracyS.

    All the details of our innovative economic project will only be presented to those who have already joined us, on our welcome website, and on our political website.

    We certainly do not do it to hide something, we work transparently, but since to join our economic project, you must already have carried out activities on our official political website, and since our activities, and our facilities are exclusive to those who is already with us, it makes no sense to give too many details to everyone.

    Each economic activity will be organized having as owner, each of our registered verified users, who decide to join us in these economic activities, which will surprise you, in a pleasant way.

    As for our splendid political project, also in this economic project of ours, there will be activities, which will take place in a legal, safe, simple, fast way, and with unlimited earning possibilities.

    Let's not waste time, let's start working together right away, and you will see that the possibilities are endless.

    Thanking you for your trust, please enter our website.

    Anyone wishing to join us must follow all the rules, for the creation and verification of their profile, which you can find on our website dedicated to politics.

    Only after having carried out some activities, and having demonstrated that you are honest, competent, reliable and innovative, will you receive permission to enter our business galaxy as well.

    Welcome to the universe, made up of the galaxy of politics DirectDemocracyS,

    the galaxy of our currency, it's called * Time *, time, because it's your time, and your money!

    the galaxy of the MyWebMyBank bank,

    the galaxy of information, communication, and education MyInfo,

    the galaxy of radio and music MyWebMyRadio,

    from the galaxy of TV and cinema MyWebMyTV,

    from the galaxy of sports and sports management SportsAcademy,

    and from many other galaxies, in all sectors of activity, all innovative, all fair, all free and independent, based on the mutual respect of all people, on true meritocracy, on respect for rules, values, and ideals, all of common sense, and on the honesty, which is the basis for obtaining authorization, of every request to join us.

    Our NewOpo project, which will create wealth, work, and many opportunities for realization, for those who join us.

    The macro areas of investment are as follows: investments in our new currency (* Time *), investments in our innovative bank, investments in our financial company (linked to our currency and our bank), productive investments, investments in services, investments in research and education, investments in multimedia, Internet, radio, TV, investments in information, investments in sports and recreation, other investments, as well as creating an organization to help people in need.

    Every activity, every investment, is allowed, only to those who have already joined our political project, created a personal profile, and became a verified registered user, on our welcome political website, and carrying out some preliminary activities, to obtain permission. to access our projects, business, financial, on our official political website.

    As with our political activities, there are various roles to play, and various categories of participants, in our economic activities.

    Participation in our investments is on a voluntary basis, but can become a temporary or permanent job.

    In the beginning, each activity takes place voluntarily, free of charge, in free time.

    Before every detail, we must explain who owns each of our websites, each project, and each of our activities. Each of our verified registered users owns all our activities. Unlike politics, where everyone is the same owner, we participate in our economic activities only on a voluntary basis, and each revenue, because there will be no losses, will be divided according to the contribution, in money, time or actual work, physical, or intellectual, that everyone puts into each business project.

    The security of each of our investments will be dealt with by groups of specialists and security, composed entirely of our verified registered users, who have joined our economic activities, before holding specific, specialization, and control roles.

    So, the first to check, and ensure that every activity will be carried out in an ethical manner, and respecting our every rule, we are ourselves.

    To know the rules of investments in NewOpo, and in related projects, we invite you to read our economic regulations, available on our website.

    A fundamental rule of all our economic activities is that it will be based on certain capital, entirely self-financed, without ever making debts, with other banks, financial companies, or with private individuals.

    Another fundamental rule is that all taxes will be paid in full within the time required by the law. And any of our profits made, in a particular country, or in a particular geographic area, will pay taxes exactly where the revenue was made. Who is clear to everyone, every article we write, every detail, is to be considered an integral part of our regulation.

    None of our activities will ever be in deficit, and if there are no certainties of the possibility of economic revival, any activity that does not make profits will be closed by fully recovering the investments made.

    To know the history of our activities, we advise you to carefully read our article with the NewOpo timeline.

    The first thing we will do is create the special groups, of specialists in finance, in banks, and banking, economists, auditing, and security. All groups will be composed of our verified registered users who have invested in our bank and in our financial company. The work in special groups takes place free of charge, in free time, and for the best, there are opportunities to be hired on a fixed-term, part-time or full-time basis. Based on need, and based on the will of the Board of Directors. As for any group of specialists, to be part of it, one must have studied, and obtained important evaluations, or one must have worked, with good results, in activities foreseen in the various groups.

    The group of members will be created, in which various activities will take place, among which great importance will be given to the proposal, discussion, and evaluation of various projects, and activities to be carried out. The most important activity of the members is to elect the Board of Directors, which will be voted according to very strict rules, and which will take care of the various activities. A unique feature is that each of our members will be able to verify all our activities through the special groups of specialists and security.

    In short, the first economic activity consists in creating a MyWebMyBank bank, our * Time * currency, and a financial company, called NewOpo, which provides for an ever-increasing share capital. The share capital of the bank is a fixed quota, which will be established on the basis of criteria, algorithms, and programs established with great precision. Our official and innovative currency will be * Time *, with rules, and economic potential established in a professional way. Anyone who joins our political project will be able to access the economic website, and invest in our activities.

    The membership fee with which you participate will be fixed, and each verified registered user can participate with only one individual action, but also individual on multiple projects. The shares cannot be sold, nor can they be transferred to other funds, and financial companies, but they can be donated, to next of kin, and inherited, again according to our rules, and to international, continental, national, and local laws.

    The bank, and the finance company, will start working, starting investments, on the basis of projects, evaluations, and requests for financing, always from verified registered users, who have invested in our bank, and who participate in management groups.

    We start by creating our * Time * coin, based on specific rules.

    Project proposal groups will be created and organized according to very precise and detailed rules.

    To prevent some legitimate questions, of those who will join us, we give you some brief, questions and answers.

    Why are NewOpo, and all economic projects, reserved only for our verified registered users, on our politic website?

    Because only those who are suited to our political innovation will have the intelligence to understand our economic innovation. Because in this way, we do not waste time in verifying the identity of those who join us, the DirectDemocracyS security group guarantees for each of our business partners. Because for now, we must carefully select each of our users, so as not to allow anyone to try to boycott, or stop, our innovation. Because a small group of people, which grows over time, will be able to ensure the perfect realization of each of our programs. An access open to all, would create chaos, and could compromise the success of some activities.

    Is NewOpo a pyramid system?

    No, it is not a pyramid system, which we consider scams, and unethical economic systems. We do not reward only the first who invest, making them lose money, to those who will join us later, as do all pyramid systems. In our activities, every investment is made fairly, rewarding in a meritocratic way, whoever participates in the success of each activity.

    Are large individual investments required?

    Absolutely no. The initial capital is very low and will be communicated to everyone in good time. Obviously, those who participate in several projects will earn more if, in addition to the fixed fee, they also participate with a project fee, based on clear, detailed, but also very simple rules. A detailed article will be published on how to invest, and each of our users will realize that with little, you can earn a lot.

    What are the first amounts recovered?

    Every income generated by all our activities will be used in the first phase, to recover every sum paid as share capital, however, constituting an investment fund to continue the development of various new economic activities.

    Who guarantees it's not a scam, and that someone won't run away with the money?

    Each of our verified users will have all the necessary guarantees, and no one will have the power to escape with our common investments.

    There will be more useful news soon.

    Thank you.

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