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    The state is us the people

    The state is us the people

    In many of our articles, we have analyzed, in all possible ways, the word democracy, which means power to the people.

    We have seen that the old, and current politics, in all countries, even those that claim to be democratic, is managed, controlled, and decided by an oligarchic party system, which has nothing in common with authentic democracy.

    In turn, the old politics is managed, influenced, and controlled by people, businesses, and small groups, which decide on the basis of the interests of a few.

    All this with the complicity, hopefully involuntary, of all the voters, who have a little power, only on election day, when they decide who to let themselves be bossed around.

    On the basis of promises and electoral programs that are "imaginative and almost never realized", they choose the various parties, or the various political representatives, who for many years decide "in the name of the people".

    With the vote of the population, there is a transfer of power from the population to political parties and their political representatives, which nullifies any form of democracy.

    We always repeat it, because maybe not everyone understands at the first reading.

    We, with an ingenious rule of having the people control and decide, before, during, and for the first time in the history of humanity, even after the elections, make representative democracy democratic, and above all authentic.

    DirectDemocracyS, reverses the roles, our voters decide, and our political representatives, put into practice every decision made by the people.

    Internally, however, even our name says it, we are a complete and innovative direct democracy.

    With groups of experts, made up of our users, based on their skills, demonstrated and guaranteed, we always inform both our constituents, to always make them decide in the best way, informed independently and freely, and with a clear vision, on the consequences of every decision made.

    Basically, we have summarized some essential points, which you can find in many of our articles.

    But today we ask ourselves: who is the state?

    All the great experts in world politics will tell you: the state is the institutions that represent the people.

    In fact, when taxes have to be paid, or when all the laws have to be respected, the citizen must do so, very carefully and scrupulously, because if he doesn't do it, he will be punished.

    It would all be very right, and even beautiful, if there weren't in this case too, a clear, and evident to all, mockery by the political forces, but also other forces (justice, and other "institutional powers").

    They will always tell you: you chose, with the elections, both the political class and the judiciary (in some countries they vote too).

    But if the old politics does not keep its promises, neither does justice and the institutions of the state do so, and we often witness really political, economic and financial struggles in which justice and other institutions, not to serve the interests of the people, but for real struggles for power.

    In many countries, even "democratic", there is a use of justice, to eliminate the adversary often considered "enemy" from the political scene.

    Honestly, all of this wouldn't interest us much, if each part also did its job.

    If all the promises were kept, and the good of the population was done, we would not even have been born.

    Instead, whoever joins us has decided that the state, institutions, powers, and politics must be servants of the people. They always say it, they blatantly lie to you, and you continue to trust them. You do it in a self-defeating way, even though you know it is profoundly wrong, you are and continue to be accomplices of these completely wrong, senseless, and unfair attitudes.

    For us at DirectDemocracyS, the people are sovereign, and hold all power, and above all, all power.

    We are not only a political organization, but we are also a revolutionary movement, which will profoundly change every institution, including justice. They will all have to have one goal, to serve and respect the people.

    The State, the institutions, must all be managed and controlled by the entire population, and not by the usual characters, who often create so many injustices, so much pain, so much fear, so many dead, so many wounded, and so many, an infinity of errors. It would be long, and useless to repeat them all, you know them very well.

    If we are the state and the institutions, why do state secrets exist?

    By what rule? To protect whose interests? And above all with what authority?

    If we are the state and the institutions, why hide our activities from the entire population?

    If the state, and all the institutions, do their job well, and are just, and tell the truth, why do they have so many state secrets?

    We haven't gone crazy with all these questions, which you all know how to answer.

    DirectDemocracyS, "always play your cards face up", we have the courage to say, things that 99% of the good population of the earth thinks, but is afraid to say.

    When we win all the elections, and in a short time we will win, in every country of the world, every secret will be revealed, and the truth will be shown, for better or for worse, to everyone. All of the previous sentence, like everything we write, is not a threat, but a promise.

    Very often we hear of "intelligence", more or less secret services, police forces, which various states use to spy on each other. But not only that, they continuously spy on all of us, all the poor population.

    Mutual checking, it wouldn't bother us if it was mutual. Those who have nothing to hide, or to fear like us, and like 99% of the good people on earth, do not fear be controlled. But why is he who controls not controlled in turn? We have not gone mad, we know very well that the old politics, and all that politics, with the exception of DirectDemocracyS, have total control over the state, and over all institutions, "intelligence", secret services, and the police included. And politics, in turn, is managed, controlled, and subordinated to the economy and finance.

    Therefore, the only ones who don't count for anything are the citizens, the "sovereign people", who are servants, and are controlled, without having the right to control anything.

    Even in these cases, we will do justice, not to win the election, but simply because it is the right, logical, common-sense thing to do now.

    To guarantee mutual respect, and to allow us, all together, to change and improve the world.

    Some of our visitors, or poorly informed people, superficially accuse us, without knowing us, of not being very revolutionary. Do you need a political force, more revolutionary than ours?

    If you hope to see us, make strikes, protests, maybe violent actions, continue to follow the old political forces, or go back in time. We are absolutely peaceful, we change and improve the world, in a concrete, inexorable way, and only with intelligence. Without haste, one registered user at a time, eliminating any incompatible person, with our rules, our instructions, and our methodology, which are unique and inimitable.

    Unlike those who promise, and don't do, for us every single word, and every written sentence, represents a commitment to be respected, and put into practice, in the right times and ways. We know that you have been lied to, robbed, and cheated by many political forces, but please study carefully all our proposals.

    Since we have explained many details, also giving you the reasons, for each of our choices, while increasing the number of visitors in an incredible way, many of whom register on our website and join us, they have dropped by about 90%. the criticisms, but the offenses have increased, and also the threats, more or less serious.

    We like to be criticized, constructively, and fortunately, hundreds of thousands of people within us are working to always be the best, from every point of view.

    Within us, constructive criticism is not lacking, and to our great fortune, because it allows us to find many possible problems, and prevent them, in the best way.

    Like each of our articles, each of our sentences deserves a separate article, in which the various issues are explained in detail, with the relative solutions. Don't worry, we are doing it, we are working hard for the good of all. We publish a lot of information, and studying it becomes quite difficult, because to read everything, even several times, and above all to understand our real potential, you need more time.

    In the beginning, people stayed an average of 15 minutes at a time, and read at most a couple of articles, on our website, currently they spend an average of 48 minutes, and read at least 4 articles.

    Even with the increased study times, memberships have increased incredibly, to the point that several times we have had to upgrade our web servers and increase the available space. Of course, we will continue to do so, as always.

    We hope, as always, that this information will make you think and help you choose to join us. Because the sooner we grow, while being careful to avoid saboteurs, and the sooner we make the world a better place, all together.

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