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    Are there sovereign and free states?

    Sovereign and free

    We have often talked about international politics, in many details, and in this article, we address a fundamental topic, for the foreign politic of each country, with a question: do sovereign states exist?

    This time, we will immediately give you the answer: no, there are no Sovereign, free, and democratic States.

    There are powerful states, economically and consequently militarily, which have divided up our planet, with geopolitical balances, often extremely fragile, which can and do create great suffering for many innocent people.

    Sovereign states, everyone knows that they should, in theory, be free, and in some cases, they should also be democratic.

    Some countries have the courage to declare themselves democratic, although the people never have complete and continuous power. With the exception of the day of the vote, in which the voter unjustly transfers his decision-making power to the traditional political parties and their political representatives, who for many years, almost never asking for an opinion from the people, they decide all the rules, which the people themselves are required to respect, and which often the political forces and their representatives do not respect. Therefore, even in countries that declare themselves "democratic", politics decides, and the people who should be "sovereign" must respect all the decisions of politics, without having the right to express themselves, every time, on all the choices that concern their lives. Representative democracy, made with "their method", is partial, and after the elections, it is even non-existent. It is called oligarchic party politics, not authentic democracy.

    DirectDemocracyS, changes the roles, the people informed, in a complete way by specialists, controls all the decisions, of their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections. Let's reverse the roles, to apply the only authentic democracy, ours, the direct one.

    As for the false and partial democracy, which make you believe it is complete, also for foreign politic and international relations, they make us believe that there are truly free sovereign states.

    In the world, there are economic and consequently military powers, which are mainly 3: United States, China, and Russia. If the United States and Russia challenge each other on the international scene, above all with arms, China prefers to use the weapon of the economy, which in some cases creates just as much suffering.

    The other states, the other peoples, only have to choose, or suffer without being able to decide, which side to take, and in some cases, the population chooses one thing, and politics, and in some cases the military, choose another thing. As always happens, it is almost never the population that decides. There are forces, economic, financial, political, and military, of various kinds, which decide everyone's fate.

    We have made some statements, in some articles, which have certainly made us think: whoever is stupid, incapable, and a failure, submissive to the market economy, and to the United States, would be so even in the more "nationalized" Chinese economy (with a single party, and hegemony of thought), and also in the Russian dictatorship, with oligarchs, who are figureheads of a single master, and who control, without any merit, all the wealth of their country. With the BRICS, or with other methodologies, the situation of the incapable and the ignorant does not change much. They always remain so.

    If you are a bad card player, you also lose if you reshuffle the deck. The previous sentence explains our position: if it is not possible to be free, and independent, therefore Sovereign, better to stay with partial democracy, and with the freedom of enterprise, than to stay with extreme Statism, and the inevitable Chinese corruption, or Russian. Those who don't understand it, or don't want to understand it, may understand something by continuing to read our article, born a few days after the military coup in Niger, at the end of July 2023.

    During the despicable and senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin received in St. Petersburg a delegation from some African countries (not from all countries, but a considerable number, for the historical period). On the same day, in an excuse of President Bazoum's dismissal of the head of the presidential guards, the Niger military seized all power, of course, with the support and help of Wagner's Russian mercenaries. General Abdourahamane Tchiani, head of the Presidential Guards, later became the new leader of Niger. The news was reported by the national TV, after the Nigerien military had claimed that they had overthrown the regime of President Mohamed Bazoum. Tchiani, read a statement on television, as "President of the National Council for the Protection of the Homeland", and justified the coup with "the deterioration of the security situation" in the country, undermined by the violence of jihadist groups. The coup plotters then warned "about the consequences that will arise from a possible foreign military intervention". So the population, again, in our long history, has no right to decide, while the military distorts all the institutions as they please, without respecting the decisions of the elections.

    Coups d'état clearly demonstrate how to play with the lives of innocent people, and how the people count for nothing.

    To prevent any possible problems, DirectDemocracyS will change every military oath, in every country in the world, where it wins elections. The first sentence, which all the military (new and old) will pronounce, even before swearing to defend their country, and the Laws, will be: I swear to defend the popular will. The second sentence is always connected to the first: I swear to defend the total freedom and authentic democracy of our people.

    Submitting the military, always and in every situation, to the will of the people, and not to politics, is the only way, which really works, to prevent any kind of problem.

    Before us, it was enough to bribe a single military man, or a single Minister, to create confusion, and therefore favor coups d'état. With our methodologies, every problem is impossible.

    In the old politics, it was enough to create an accident to justify anything.

    Because we all know well how much politics knows how to be subjugated by the economy, finance, and the interests of a few, to the detriment of the many.

    Returning to the choice of each country, with whom to collaborate, and by whom to be influenced, we can safely say that if there are no alternatives, it is better to stay with those who leave you, at least the freedom to complain, and to express dissent, than with who keeps you tied up, and orders you what to think, and what to say, or not to say. We have often said it: partial democracy, and minimal freedom, are much better, than a cruel dictatorship, and the relative lack of freedom.

    The United States is not perfect, and DirectDemocracyS does not hesitate to criticize many completely wrong political, military, financial and economic choices. But as allies, they are certainly more reliable, and more credible, than Russian politic, or Chinese politic.

    The United States never invaded or attacked its ally, on the contrary they contributed, with the Marshall Plan, to relaunching the economies of Western countries, with concrete and courageous aid, while the Soviet Union, in the same period, he claimed, and obtained, to exploit and steal the wealth of the subject countries. All of us are grateful to the United States and the Soviet Union for the enormous sacrifice of lives to liberate Europe from the ruthless Nazi and fascist dictatorships. But, while in one part of Europe, there was real progress, in the other, the eastern one, there was a false progress, which is demonstrated by the enormous difference between the two parts of Europe. 50 years of lost time for Eastern Europe, while the standard of living, and above all freedoms, in Western countries were certainly better. Anyone who denies all of this is wrong, and lies, knowing they are wrong, and that they are lying.

    Soviet politic first, and Russian politic afterwards, often did not hesitate to attack their own allies, who were asking for a little freedom, such as in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, to poison the Presidents of allied countries, who asked the Soviets not to exploit their natural riches, such as the striking case of Romanian President Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, who died suddenly, after a visit to Moscow, and the last visit to Warsaw.

    If Soviet politic used these methods, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, unfortunately for the Russians and their allies, things have not changed.

    Russian invasions in Chechnya, Georgia, and other countries demonstrate our belief that Russian politic cannot be trusted. Let me be clear, we have no reason to criticize the Russian people, if not for the inability to choose who to be represented by. We criticize Russian politic because it does not hesitate to attack those it has sworn to protect and defend. The United States certainly obtained advantages and exploited their military, financial and economic superiority, but they did so in a less violent, less evident and less invasive way than the Russians or the Chinese. They have allowed allied countries to progress, and to be sure of American military support, should the need arise. They have certainly had interference, even serious ones, in the political life of their allies, but in a less cruel and continuous way than the Russians and the Chinese.

    Wanting to have a sovereign, free state is a vital necessity for every country, just as total freedom and authentic democracy are, or rather should be, for every citizen.

    Are there sovereign and free states? We repeat, they do not exist. But they will exist soon, because DirectDemocracyS, will approve, in every country where we win the elections, an article 0, of every Constitution, which declares the independence, sovereignty, freedom, and authentic democracy, of all population, and of their own country.

    Many countries declare themselves, as always, verbally, free and sovereign. So, if they were, would they or would they not have the freedom to choose by themselves, without external influences, which economic and military structures to ally with?

    The previous question will surely embarrass many "self-proclaimed" foreign politic experts, who will tell you: they are free and sovereign countries, but... there are geopolitical and military balances.

    Democracy, liberty, and sovereignty, must be complete, and cannot be followed, as words, by "but". But, it means, that they are not complete, and it limits the possibility of each country, through its own people, and not through politics, to choose which side to take.

    NATO has not forced any country to join, has not invited anyone, but has accepted the desperate requests of those who did not feel safe. Russian politics should ask itself: for what reasons does everyone prefer to join the European Union, and NATO? The pro-Russians will tell us: and did the crisis in Cuba in the 1960s teach you nothing? The recent geopolitical balances are very different, and for us, Cuba in the 1960s, had every right to deploy the tactical nuclear arsenal, close to the United States, as NATO, had previously deployed nuclear missiles, in Turkey, near the border with the Soviet Union, and its allies.

    A country with a nuclear arsenal shouldn't fear for its independence, because no stupid person would want to start a nuclear war by attacking it.

    But there are many fools in Russian politics who threaten the whole world with nuclear weapons, and we propose that these people be punished only for the fright they believe they cause in uninformed people.

    We know very well, that the moment of no return, of a nuclear attack, would mean a military coup d'état, which would kill, even physically eliminating, all the stupid politicians, who feel strong, believing they have control, extremely dangerous weapons, and who for our luck, they don't control them, but military experts, who know how to distinguish, good or evil.

    No soldier does not start a battle if he is sure that he has no chance of winning.

    We say it clearly to everyone, and you can trust us, atomic weapons are a deterrent, therefore they have a utility, for defense and not for attack. Anyone who tells you otherwise lies to you to scare you.

    Ukraine gave Russia over 1,800 nuclear warheads under the Budapest Memorandum with the promise that Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom would guarantee their sovereignty and territorial integrity. If in 2014, all the countries of the world had reacted to the Russian invasion of Crimea, completely isolating Russia, and with important sanctions, and not a facade, there would have been no subsequent large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. But you know, world politics is dominated, almost entirely by the economy, finance, and by arms manufacturers, and by those who commercialize them.

    DirectDemocracyS swears to everyone that we will forever prevent anyone who tries to create violent situations from doing so, punishing those responsible, in very severe ways, even in a preventive manner. There can be no humanity with someone who has nothing human. For us, every person who suffers has the same value. We criticized, in a very harsh way, the use of the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to end the Second World War, making many political and military "experts" angry. For us, it was a crime against humanity, and it will remain an indelible stain on the reputation of the United States for all eternity. It could have been avoided, and it was mandatory to do so, but everyone continues to feed and justify the spiral of violence that we at DirectDemocracyS will end forever. We won't do it just because we're better than everyone else, but above all because it's right to be like this.

    We know that at first glance, many things we write can annoy some, perhaps many, but honestly, we don't care to make everyone happy, the important thing for us is always to be consistent, and on the right side, using logic, common sense, and mutual respect, for everyone.

    We want to conclude, with a brief explanation.

    We are, and will always be, on the side of the peoples, of all populations, of all the countries of the world, esteeming and respecting everyone in exactly the same way. We are quite clear in our statements, and Russian citizens, and all other populations, know very well that we have no preferences. In this case, we are on the side of Ukraine, because Russia betrayed a commitment, in Crimea in 2014, since that moment, any justification, any statement, by the current Russian politic, for us, has no more value. When one swears to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a country, and then goes back on one's words, inventing excuses, which do not stand, such as denazification, of a country, all credibility is lost. The only truly Nazi behavior is that of Russian politics, of President Putin and his collaborators, who are not only oligarchic dictators, but are people who do not respect their commitments. President Putin, a few days before invading Ukraine, guaranteed the whole world that it was a matter of military maneuvers, within his own borders, and he would not invade Ukraine.

    We ask ourselves: how does the Russian people still believe the enormous lies of the fake nationalist Putin?

    How can they trust, who sent to fight, and to die, or be injured, so many innocent young people of their own people?

    How can they tolerate, words of challenge to the whole world, from people without a minimum of credibility, that we do not name, in order not to give them the importance, that they do not deserve, who threaten to use atomic weapons, despite knowing, that they Would an order for a nuclear strike be a condemnation to Putin and all his collaborators to lose all power, implemented immediately, not only by their country's military leaders, but by almost all good Russian citizens?

    President Putin should never again trust those who had guaranteed him a simple and quick victory in a few days, and a coup d'état, to easily overthrow the Ukrainian country, albeit corrupt.

    A country, and a people, whatever it may be, has the right to decide which type of economy to have, how to manage its wealth, independently, and to choose which financial, economic, and military alliance to join, without any external interference. It is called sovereignty, and freedom. There must not exist, and with us there will no longer exist, countries of series A, and countries of series B.

    No country that possesses atomic weapons will ever be invaded, because no one should be foolish enough to do so. The previous sentence does not encourage all countries to acquire atomic weapons, but it is an observation: those who have atomic weapons are less vulnerable than those who do not possess them.

    A question, to the many geopolitical "experts" and too many military "experts". Do you believe the nonsense you say and write? Would a Ukraine in NATO represent a danger to Russia's security?

    Does a country with 7,700 nuclear warheads fear being invaded or bombed? From who? Do you really believe that everyone in this world is stupid and believes in such theories? No one would attack Russia, and no one is angry with Russia. But the whole civilized world, and all people, endowed with logic, intelligence, and common sense, must be against the Russian politic, which is very reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi politic, and the inability of the civilized world to react in a united way at the invasion of Poland in 1939.

    By not reacting, the civilized world allowed a world war, with tens of millions of innocent deaths. Crazy people, criminals, and liars, like Hitler, Putin himself, and many other dictators, and all dictatorships, and single parties, which deny democracy, but also all countries falsely declared democratic, such as the Western ones, will know DirectDemocracyS , who takes power, to share it, everything and always, with whoever has to hold it, everything and always, that is, the population, and their electors, who with their vote, do not let us win the elections, but the population wins them itself, with our authentically democratic method of shared power management, and a shared leadership, by each of our constituents, and official members, who are also, the owner of our political organization, our website, and every activity.

    Don't tell us that we are not consistent with our rules, with our political programs, and with our positions. We have many expert people who work to be the only credible political force which keeps every promise and which, unlike all the other political forces, does not ask for power for itself or for its leaders, but obtains and shares all power, with those who support us, with those who vote for us, and join us.

    In our history, we will also be able to make very small and irrelevant mistakes, due to the selfishness, avarice, and thirst for power and wealth of some of our unworthy members. But we assure you, that it won't be the others, or the control bodies, who will discover them, but we will always be ourselves, who will discover and report any incorrect behavior.

    Let us not take lessons in morality from those who have committed and continue to commit so many mistakes, always causing harm and suffering to so many innocent people.

    Don't tell people that our political project is not feasible, and that we are a beautiful utopia.

    Every sentence, and every word we say, and write, for all of us, is a real, concrete commitment to our constituents, and our sentences and all our words, we put them into practice every day. And it will be like this forever, thanks to every good person who joins us.

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