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Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Category: Fundamental questions 21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Trust us

Protection of personal data, privacy regulations, security of sent documents, guarantee of anonymity, and personal profile settings, to protect all our activities.

DirectDemocracyS, uses security measures, much higher than other websites, social networks, or compared to other organizations, and compared to other political forces.

The first and most important innovation is represented by our Special Safety Group, which guarantees every possible protection, also thanks to the combination of man and machine. A large part of the activities, of protection and control, are automated, encrypted, and therefore there are not too many interactions, of human beings. We are obviously referring to the registration and creation of one's own personal profile. But also, as regards the control, and the information, on the various activities carried out by all of us, almost all of them are managed, protected, and verified by our computer system. In fact, a computer system analyzes without any preference, and without favoring anyone, the activities of each user, to propose, to our administrators, the best ones, in a ranking based on merit, competence, compliance with our rules, and 'reliability. Machines don't take bribes, and ours don't want power.

It seems a somewhat "cold" method, which makes some imagine quite a few theories and conspiracies. We often hear people say: you let machines control you. They tell us that we are dangerous, because we make machines do politics, and they will take over. Others accuse us of wanting to eliminate the human race. Don't worry, all our computer systems are good, reliable, controlled, and help us choose, without preferences, but only on the basis of facts. Also, just push a button, and the man regains all control. Leave science fiction films, and evaluate our political project, with an open mind. There are other sectors, and projects, in which AI will be able to replace man, with other "powers", and with other purposes. We, at most, together with our IT systems, can defend you, if necessary.

So, we understood that we have good machines, the best on the market, always up to date.

But let's talk about men.

The real invasion of people, from all over the world, gives us enormous pleasure, but creates many problems for us. In many periods we will be forced to block free registrations, allowing only registration on the basis of invitations (to selected people, according to our needs). We have already talked about it, but we need it to introduce a very important topic.

Does DirectDemocracyS have a qualified and reliable staff?

When we were only 5, everything was decided in a simple way, and we could work together directly. But in a few months, seeing such innovative ideas, and evaluating our huge potential, we became 282 people, and we decided, that until the next stage, we would not accept anyone anymore. Not out of malice, nor out of selfishness. We simply had to work, with the right calm, and the necessary concentration, without having to waste time, with new members. New users must be welcomed in the best possible way, educated in a complete way, and their identity must always be verified. In addition to including them in the working groups, based on their qualifications, making the various appointments, and evaluating the various proposals. The design and testing phase lasted about 14 years, in which with a lot of work and endless tests, we created 99% of our rules and 99% of our working method. After completing the tests, we decided to carefully select each of our registered users, even in the next phase, in order to have the right people in the right place. We have allowed, in various periods, the registration of anyone, obtaining many new users, but also a lot of extra work. Many visitors ask us: why don't you hire new administrators? Are you poor? Do you have financial problems? Or does it bother you growing up? The super administrators, and the administrators, were registered users some time ago, and on the basis of their work, their behavior, their reliability, and their respect for all our rules, they were "promoted", and appointed, first verified registered users, then official members (paying the annual DirectDemocracyS member fee), always over time, and on the basis of their own merits, but also as a group, they have been "promoted" and appointed, official representatives, and then, administrators, and finally super admins. Promoting people, and appointing them, in more important roles, and with greater responsibilities, is a process that requires various phases, which cannot be skipped, for any reason. If everything takes place according to our rules, there will never be problems, unexpected events or slowdowns. We are not poor, and have no financial problems, thanks to your donations, and payment of membership dues. We have the necessary funds, for several years, and as the number of our members grows, so does the money coming in. But it's not about paying people, it's about choosing well.

We know these sentences, they don't answer your question, about our staff, but a little introduction was needed. Are we, or are we not, qualified and reliable?

Our answer is obviously that we are qualified, and reliable, but it is biased, therefore, to be completely honest, only time will show you if we have deserved your trust.

While guaranteeing everyone, the possibility of remaining completely anonymous, with the exception of our political representatives, who in order to run, in our closed online primary elections, on our website, will receive a political profile, in which real personal data are used, such as name, surname, date of birth, country, state, region, province, district, city, and neighborhood of residence, educational qualifications, work activity, and the results of the selection, of our political candidates, based on the score obtained (for allow all our users to choose the best candidate, knowing the scores). Also in these cases, there is no lack of criticism against us, because some visitors accuse us of violating the secret of candidate selections, and of influencing the results of the vote, by publishing the detailed rankings. To these people, we answer with a question: aren't you tired of voting, without knowing the person, and without having a ranking, based on precise and detailed scores, in order to always be able to choose the best candidate? We, as a political organization, and all our voters, are convinced that having a ranking, and more possibilities, to know the potential, of each candidate, with innovative methods (including group video calls, with voters, and other special modalities), it can allow us to express the best political representatives, and therefore to do good, of the entire population. In addition, to make us win every election, with important percentages.

Even in the selection of candidates, we let technology help us. But in the end, they choose, and they decide only the people, in geographical groups, in the various territorial subdivisions, starting from the smallest to the largest.

We talk about trust.

We assure you, that our super administrators, our administrators, our official representatives, and our political representatives, are qualified, and reliable people, as they have been with us, for quite some time. Even all our official members, up to date with the payment of annual dues, are reliable and competent people who have been with us for at least a year. Our verified registered users, we know for sure who they are (we have verified their identity), and therefore we know their personal data, in order to be able to penalize them, and report them, if they behave badly, but also reward them, if they behave well.

For this reason, with us, each registered user has 14 days to request to have their identity verified by our administrators.

We won't tell you again, all the reasons, for identity check. They are logical, based on common sense, and are based on mutual respect, of all people. There are no unverified users who carry out decisive and responsible activities. Until their identity is verified, they can't do many things, but they can get started, learning, and experiencing, how our work is done.

At this moment, all those who criticize us, for the very long times, both for the activation of personal profiles and for the verification of the identity of our users, will understand our reasons, and perhaps they will understand, the importance of these basic steps.

Not everyone trusts to fill out an activation request form, with real personal data, and to take a photo of their identity document (preferably fairy together with the face of the holder of the document), and send them to our administrators. Many tell us: are you crazy? And then they declare: I won't send you my documents and my real data, I'm not sure if I can trust them. Others even tell us, in a threatening tone: it is not Legal, to request this real data, and the photograph.

We reply, telling you that we are not crazy, but this is the only way to enter here. To vote in any election, the first thing you need to do is have your identity verified, and then you can cast your vote. After verification, of your personal data, for a long time, you will have every facility, and every opportunity to work with us with us. Do you know why? Because, if you do activities against our rules, or against the Law, we know who you are, and we can punish you, blocking you, or eliminating you. If we decide to make you persona non grata, knowing your identity, you will never be able to join us again, for example by creating a new personal profile. But we don't just do it to punish you, but also to reward you, we have to be sure, of your identity. We do not nominate, and we do not place in decisive working groups, and with important roles, people who are not verified.

Can we trust? Certainly, because whoever verifies your documents, in addition to our infallible and encrypted computer system, is a person, whose personal data, in turn, have been verified and guaranteed, who has been with us for many years, has a role as an administrator, and that working with us, if he makes a mistake, he pays, in every sense. Not only losing your job, but also suffering all the legal consequences, for the economic damage, and for the damage to our image. If by chance, due to the disclosure of data, there will be people who suffer, injured, or killed, the person who discloses the data will be immediately reported by us to the Competent Authorities, becoming a criminal case.

For any damage to the image, or for unfair competition, or for material damage, the person who is guilty of it will be denounced by DirectDemocracyS, and by each of our users, therefore it becomes a collective cause, against whoever is wrong. We can assure you that we have a Juridical Group, with very good lawyers, who will know how to make every offender repent bitterly. Are we too bad? We are simply sure that each person will respect all our rules, with good manners, or with bad manners. Too often, beautiful projects fail, for lack of rigid rules, respected by all. Anyone thinking they're being smart should avoid joining us.

We have users, literally from every country, and territory of the world, and for now, not even a single personal data has left us, and no identity has been revealed. We guarantee you that it will always stay that way.

To those who ask us if it is Legal, we guarantee that it is Legal, verify the identity of its users, we can collect personal data, and unlike others, we will never give, to anyone, the data of our users, except, of those who do not respect our rules, and the Laws, for the related civil complaints, or according to the criminal cases.

To those who complain about our obligation to verify identity, we can guarantee that others do it too, and you yourself, you have already given your data to many organizations and people you don't even know. The only difference between us, and them, is that we, will never give them to anyone else (in fact, we, after verification, delete them, and user connections, with real data, are kept, encrypted and secure, in external servers), on the other hand, many other websites exchange documents and personal data of their users, even for money.

This method also explains why, from time to time, we have to block everything (preventing registration and the creation of new personal profiles), to check the many requests, already received, without adding others, and unfortunately such blocks, there will be many, and for periods, even quite long, even in the future. Blocking, to verify, is necessary, and we haven't gone crazy, we like consensus, and the continuous and incredible growth of our political organization is the demonstration that everyone likes our project. But an invasion creates disorder, chaos, and can slow us down, creating many problems, so, at the risk of making some lose their patience, we must preserve order, and discipline. We ask you to be patient, and to respect all our rules, and all our instructions.

Let me be clear, we don't want to try to convince anyone, we know that trust is always difficult, and above all that the Internet is full of scams, and companies, and bad people. For these reasons, we always ask you to carefully read all our information, even several times, and then, only after answering the questions: can I trust DirectDemocracyS? Can I trust who designed this whole project?

We are well aware that our project is too good to be true, therefore the real problem is never whether you like it or not (just read the few lines on the first page to understand that it is wonderful, and has enormous potential). The only problem, in your head, is: can I trust it, or not.

I can send my personal data, to these administrators, or not.

While we hope you trust us, we can only guarantee that we will do everything we can to prevent any problems, even testing all of our administrators frequently and thoroughly to see if we can trust them. With these checks, it doesn't mean that we don't trust them, we are 100% sure that there will never be any problems.

But in the event that we find people who are not worthy of our trust, we will be the first to report them. It may seem strange. Unlike the old politics, which often tries to hide its scandals, in order not to lose consensus, but inexorably losing, the trust of its voters, we at DirectDemocracyS, are our most attentive controllers, to prevent, and avoid, any possible problem.

The same is true for our computer systems, we invest time and money to always be safe, up-to-date and modern.

Then, concluding, if you write your personal data, and send us a photo, with your identity document, we certainly cannot harm you, we certainly do not take your bank details, and for the payment of the annual fee, we only use the safest means of payment. And then, if we were scammers, do you really think we would do it for 12 euros per person? After the first 10-20 scammed users, the network will fill up with people who report us. They could appear, people who complain, even paid by others, or just to try to hurt us. We only ask you to check for yourself and report any situations in which we are spoken ill of us. Because if they are right, we and our users will apologize, and we will pay the consequences, in every way, but if they say even one false sentence, to denigrate us, all of us, we will report them, asking for all moral and material damages. The truth never bothers us, but lies and fake news must be fought.

We guarantee you that we will respect all our rules, putting them into practice. So, inform yourself, reading everything several times, trying to understand each of our rules. Everything we write, whether officially, publicly or privately, is a commitment we make to everyone who joins us, and to our supporters.

We are sure that you will make the right choice. Perhaps, with this opportunity, also check all the data you have shared, and share, even without knowing it, with others. At least with us, you know well, how all the activities take place. Also, thanks to articles, which are a bit long, but hopefully never banal.

And at least we, together with you, want to change and improve the world. And we will succeed, because we know how to do it.

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