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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Not all equally

Request. You often affirm that for you each person has the same value, that you are all equal, that there are no leaders, and you often repeat the motto: one for all, and all for one. Then, I read that you have various types of hierarchies, of various types of users, and I wonder, if it is true, that each person counts for you in the same way?

Reply. First of all, thank you for this good question, which allows us to explain some fundamental concepts. But first, a brief but fundamental premise.

We always say it, and we repeat it even now, each of our projects is based on logic, common sense, mutual respect for all people. Among our principles, there is equality of rights and duties, but also the simultaneous recognition of the merits of each person.

Now, the answer with a comparison, with family, and friendships.

Our creators have thought to create various types of users, mainly inspired by their families, and the various levels of friendship.

Being, initially, just 5 friends, who did politics (with each other, and with no experience), and business together.

Over time, but quite briefly, other relatives, friends and acquaintances of theirs joined, creating an enthusiastic and very united working group of 282 people, who for over 15 years, practically in secret, created the 99% of DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects. Conceiving, planning, experimenting, calculating, foreseeing, and then again, proposing, discussing, and voting, all of these innovative and alternative projects, with the declared aim of changing and improving the world. Everything, every detail, has been carefully calculated.

They rightly consider themselves as brothers, therefore close relatives.

After having conceived everything, each of them went back to their business, to their work, allowing some people chosen with great care to carry on their work. So from the user number, 283 onwards, what we call were added: close relatives, people who trust each other, and who have been working together for some years.

Over time, other people have joined, to whom tasks have been entrusted, based on their skills and degree of reliability. Consider yourself, second-degree relatives, therefore people, to whom a more or less direct blood bond binds us. They are our super administrators, the more direct ones, and our administrators, the less direct ones.

Other people have been appointed as official representatives, whom we consider, as if they were our best friends, people we trust, from all points of view.

Our friends, who we've known for a long time, are our official members.

Then there are registered users, who are people we know, whose identity we are sure of, and who we must evaluate, whether to accept them as our friends, or to keep them at the level of simple acquaintances.

Our registered users, up until the time of verification of their identity, are like people who know each other on the street, or on means of transport, but towards whom the degree of trust is rightly minimal.

The people who follow us on social networks, or our visitors, are complete strangers, who however inquire about us, wanting to get to know us.

Then there are those who, despite reading everything we do, don't trust us, often superficially, or who don't understand the enormous potential of our projects.

Finally, there is the rest of the world, which at the right moment will get to know us, and will be able to choose us, who are the only innovation, which is right, and which works, or the old system, both political, economic and financial.

Based on this method of trust, earned over time, which is the only one that allows us to be infallible, every person can go from being a simple stranger to becoming our brother. The previous sentence confirms one of our principles: that of equality. Only, with your work, together with all of us, with your behavior, and with respect for all our rules, in more or less short times, you can scale the various types of user, and our inevitable hierarchies. The previous sentence confirms our principle of meritocracy.

The rights, duties, and individual value, but also of the group, are identical (equality) for everyone, as are the rules, and the same possibilities, over time, to climb the steps of the "podium of power". But in a clear way, in the light of the sun, concretely evaluating the facts, and every activity carried out by each of our users, from the largest to the smallest, without favoritism, therefore on a meritocratic basis.

Before concluding this article, we want to give some data, which are not definitive but useful for understanding how our work is going.

From June 2021 to the end of 2022, the people we have excluded, from our projects, forever, and made personae non grata, are around ten, therefore around 0.001%, and the people currently blocked, due to inactivity, are around a hundred , therefore less than 0.01%. It's not us who are indulgent, but luckily, thanks to our working method, and to the various stages of registration, only the most patient, reliable, and above all compatible people with our innovation manage to join us.

We conclude, with the example of one of the 10 expelled people, who was convinced that some of our users, or official representatives, were plotting and organizing themselves to exclude him from our political organization.

Dear friends, if you join us, you must put it into your head that with our control and evaluation method, carried out by human beings, and by our computer system, therefore in a mutual collaboration and verification between man and machine, in which every activity is carefully monitored, no one can plot, and there are no, struggles for power, let alone plots, to exclude or exasperate someone, causing them to leave. It seems at first glance complicated, certainly strange, unusual, and certainly innovative, but it is our strength that makes us right, perfect, and practically infallible. Part of our secret is to evaluate people individually, and as a group, directly, and never what others possibly say about them.

Finally, the person asked us, perhaps hastily, to delete his profile. If you pronounce this sentence, with whom actually, is authorized to delete profiles, the deletion action is automatic and irreversible. This for 2 reasons, one practical, in the sense of making things fast and immediate, the other, is based on logic: things are not said, rashly, or just to try if it really works. To test the functioning of our system, we have many working groups, made up of hundreds of users, who even with called users: test followed by a number, carry out various tests, to ascertain if everything is according to our rules.

There are working groups, in which you can report people who, internally or externally, carry out activities against our rules, to boycott us, or our users, there are also groups, which evaluate the various complaints , and reports, severely punishing those who do not make them on a regular basis.

You must change your mentality, before joining us, and understand that we have no preference, we do not allow anyone to be smart, and that everyone has the same possibilities, because they are all valued, respected, loved, and treated with the same rules, and in the same way.

As far as hierarchies and the system of power that some unjustly believe exists, we ask you a question: do you trust a brother in the same way as a friend? Or a simpler, and perhaps clearer example: do you trust more a friend, who you've known for years, or someone you've just met? Here, this is the logic that we too follow. Even a person who has just met can become like a brother, over time, based on their behavior.

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