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Category: Fundamental questions12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Power and then
Category: Fundamental questions13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

keep calm
Category: Fundamental questions02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Who believes all this
Category: Fundamental questions01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Business Group
Category: Fundamental questions21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Whos in charge here
Category: Fundamental questions01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Why were we born
Category: Fundamental questions01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Work for others
Category: Fundamental questions02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...


Principles are the moral foundations on which the concepts and norms are based, which an individual or a community are inspired by, and try to adhere to, or on which they regulate their behavior.

Having sound principles is a moral obligation, a style of work that we at DirectDemocracyS have given ourselves from the first minute.

To be the innovative political force that every voter expected and sought, without ever getting caught up in the obsessive and sick search for consensus by any means.

Create an ideal, and a political program, which takes every little positive part, eliminating every negative part, of the programs of the old politics, and of the old ideologies. Unite them all, in diversity, and make them useful for the entire world population.

Becoming politically perfect right from the start, by preventing, avoiding and learning from the grave mistakes of the old policy.

Put the collective interest first, and never the personal one, in all our decisions.

Being fundamental for the conquest, and subsequent maintenance, of the authentic and only democracy, the direct one.

Basing each of our decisions on logic, common sense, mutual respect, of all people, on rules, values, and ideals, which through a new mentality, and the clear distinction between good and evil, always choosing the well, let us change, and improve the world, and the life of every person.

Giving everyone the same opportunities, putting into practice equality, always combined with meritocracy, the development of all individual and group skills, creating growth, both material and moral. Create healthy, fair and useful competition, always rewarding the best, never forgetting to leave no one behind.

Create an alternative and better politics than anything that has existed in the course of history, without any kind of confrontation, but without ever making agreements, alliances, and any kind of coalitions, with any other political force, or with the representatives of the "old" politics, which together with the voters, which this reflects, have allowed us to live in an unjust world.

Always start helping, improving the living conditions, material and moral, of the weakest, the defenseless, the most fragile, the poor, the sick, and those who have greater need and urgency, without ever taking anything away from those who are rich, if he has obtained his wealth, in an ethically correct way, with merit, innovation, and winning ideas, respecting people, and our planet.

Not to be dominated, directed, influenced and coordinated by the old finance and the old economy, but to create credible, innovative and just alternatives, while maintaining a clear autonomy, even from one's own financial and economic projects.

While respecting and supporting them all in the same way, do not allow any religion, and any of the representatives, of the various beliefs, to influence, advise, or expect anything from our projects, and from all our users. Faith in one or more Divinities is forever bound, and determined, by individual choices, which must have no interaction, with political, financial, and economic choices.

Do not favor any social class, preventing and resolving any possible social conflict.

Not just criticizing, but offering credible and functional alternatives and solutions to every type of problem.

Don't lie, don't promise things, or make plans, unfeasible, for the sole purpose of winning the elections.

Having, and putting into practice, the ideal of truth, based on science and documented evidence, avoiding unfounded assumptions, expecting that all the answers to all questions are always sought and found.

To improve the material and moral living conditions of the entire world population, always starting with those who are in difficulty, and then helping everyone.

Ensuring growth and economic development, in the interest of all, allowing anyone to live in dignity, working, and making themselves useful for society.

Use an innovative method, which allows our voters, absolute, complete, and continuous control of every choice, proposal, or activity, of our political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections .

Always respect, enforce, and put into practice, by all those who join us, always, each of our rules.

Modify, improve, every Law, at every level, to make it useful to the entire population, preventing, and making it impossible, for some people, to take advantage, in an illicit and unethical way, of badly written Laws.

Prevent the wrong actions of the smart ones, also by creating new opportunities for the honest, deserving, and competent people.

Eliminate forever, from every country on earth, any type of war, terrorism, clashes, and violence, putting into practice mutual respect for all people, respect for minorities, just local autonomies, without ever changing or modifying borders, but eliminating artificial barriers, to allow everyone to live in peace.

Find, accuse, try, and convict, for crimes against humanity, any person who orders, or carries out orders, to harm other human beings.

Insert, in the oaths of all soldiers, the phrase: I swear to defend the life, values, and interests of the entire world population, of legality, freedom, democracy, defending my country, without ever attacking, for no reason, no other country.

Use all the armies, to help, and to collaborate, with the forces of order, to contrast all types of crime, and to ensure, and enforce, compliance with all laws.

Defending legality, contrasting and eliminating all kinds of crime, and any incorrect action, offering those involved in criminal activities the possibility of obtaining similar gains, but in a completely legal way.

Defend, concretely helping, women, young people, the elderly, the most fragile, sexual minorities, preventing and preventing any kind of discrimination.

To consider love, in all its legal forms, as the most powerful force in the universe, eliminating all kinds of violence, physical, verbal, or moral.

Always be united in diversity.

To expect from anyone who joins us, an active presence, continuous work, and a concrete commitment, to help us change and improve our world all together.

Create, operate, and always keep active, a perfect mechanism, which allows us to put all our rules into practice, realizing as soon as possible, and in the best possible way, each of our ideals, each of our values, each of our principles , every sentence, every single point, written in this article, and in all our articles, past, and future.

Those presented in this short but detailed article are a part of our principles, which we know may seem, at first glance, unfeasible, but we all have the duty to try, and the task of succeeding together.

Join us to change and improve our world together.

You just need to use a little of your free time to help others, and consequently yourself, and the next generations.

Making utopias a concrete reality seems impossible: but simple things, everyone can do them, difficult and complicated things, only the best can do.

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