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    Let's invest together

    Let s invest together

    © DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved. Like all our activities, all our projects, our rules, our methodology, and all our articles, are registered trademarks, and the exclusive property, of all our official members. Any use, publication or dissemination not expressly authorized is strictly prohibited and will be considered unfair competition and violation of copyright.

    Attention: this article presents a modern, innovative and alternative investment project. Investing money and time in similar projects can be dangerous and risky, therefore, do it only after having carefully studied all our information, and always after consulting a free and independent specialist. We write it, in large letters, both at the beginning and at the end of each of our articles that propose investments, because we are different from others in almost everything.

    DirectDemocracyS is a political organization, innovative and alternative to all other political forces.

    Everyone who visits our website, and has read all our articles, knows very well our activities, our rules, our mechanisms, our proposals, and above all our promises.

    Unlike almost all old politics, which often says one thing and does another, for us, everything we say, everything we write, everything we show you, must be the truth, and represents for us a commitment to respect and put into practice.

    Being realistic, sincere, and not chasing consensus, with political illusion tricks, is part of our unique style, which no one can deny us.

    We are many people, carrying out political activities, in a coordinated way, always putting all the people who join us first, and always working for the good of all, even those who do not join us.

    But we are also many people who have decided to change and improve the world, not only with the best, fairest, most equitable and most complete political project in the history of humanity, but also with financial activities, and economical.

    With our political organization, we have created a new path, to travel together with anyone who joins us.

    Now, let's create a finance and an economy that is equally innovative and completely alternative to the old financial and economic methodology, without destroying or fighting anything. As always, we forge new paths, based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect.

    As with our political activities, all those who feel threatened by our method will try to stop us, or slow us down, and will always achieve the same result, they will never be able to bother us. For the simple reason that we have foreseen everything, and nothing can surprise us or find us unprepared.

    Before explaining, in brief, what we are doing, a small introduction.

    Mixing politics, and the presence of our political representatives, in the institutions, to make laws, to favor our financial and economic activities, would be squalid, and would make us similar to the old political forces, which never forget where they receive from money, and power. Who can deny that finance and economics, the power lobbies of various sectors, control almost all old politics? None of those who are part of the old politics can declare that they are truly free and independent without lying. Therefore, to avoid possible malicious interpretations, we can assure you that we keep political activities clearly and completely separate from our business.

    Why do we do business together? Simple, we are a big family, of tens of thousands of people (continuously increasing), who have decided to organize themselves and work together. There will be criticism, there will be outraged people, who will tell us we are crazy. We would be crazy, and in bad faith, if we did it secretly, and without total transparency, which will allow every supervisory body to verify that we respect, and will always respect, every law, throughout the world.

    In every free and partially democratic country (you know that the only truly democratic and free ones are us), people can unite and do politics together, it's called "freedom and democracy". And in every country, the people who are part of it are free to make their own rules, which must be respected by everyone.

    Exactly the same way, in every free country, people can come together, and do business together, it is called “free enterprise, capitalism, finance, market economy”. Look, for example, at joint-stock companies and those listed on the stock exchange. And in every country, the people who are part of it are free to make their own rules, which must be respected by everyone.

    Someone will ask themselves, what does political strength have to do with financial and economic strength? We simply reply to look around, and you will see that things, even now, and in the past, have never been too distant, only that we do them in the right way, others do them, in ways that are certainly not clear, and not ethically correct.

    As for our political organization, also for our business, we put into practice, continuously over time, and always united, the 2 words, which are part of our vocabulary, equality, and meritocracy, continuous over time.

    We will explain everything to you, even in detail, without revealing too many secrets, because just as they try to copy us, in political activities, with negative, almost disastrous results, they will try to copy us, failing miserably, even in our financial and economic activities.

    In this brief presentation of ours, we tell you straight away that only those who are part of our political organization will be able to have all the details of our business together, and only those who are part of certain types of users, with their identities verified and guaranteed by our security groups, you will be able to join our financial and economic websites.

    You will have noticed, which we always want to clarify, financial and economic activities separately. In reality, according to our methodology, our financial and economic activities support each other and actively collaborate, even if, in certain cases, the various projects work on different websites.

    The name of all our activities is always DirectDemocracyS, but in certain cases, we will use some names, our registered trademarks, which you will soon know. Some of our websites are already ready and are working, others are being finalized and will be available at the right time.

    As in our political organization, also in our financial and economic activities, there is a clear differentiation of the type of our users, based on reliability, demonstrated over time. An inevitable hierarchy is created, which if used in the right way, is useful for obtaining excellent results. Thanks to our clear rules and our methodology, we make, as always, fair and ethically perfect, all our activities.

    Before some people who love and spread conspiracy theories say it, we say it, we did not create DirectDemocracyS to make us earn a lot of money, even if it is right to reward those who work with us. DirectDemocracyS does politics, in the best way, for the good of all. We apply the same rules and methodologies to finance and economics.

    Let's see how our work works, even if for every sentence we write to you, it would take very long articles, with all the details, which perhaps are not of interest to all our readers / visitors. However , they may be of interest to those who are authorized to be part of DirectDemocracyS Finance and DirectDemocracyS Economy.

    Permissions to participate.

    The various types of users participate on a voluntary basis, in this chronological order: phase 1 our 282 creators, creators of all our projects. Phase 2 our Super administrators. Phase 3 our Administrators. The first 3 phases are used to organize all the activities, and to start creating all the various projects and the various working groups.

    Phase 4 will create all the different managers, who will have very important tasks. They will be able to participate in the creation of various groups, based on our needs. Phase 5 will also allow our official representatives to join the various projects.

    With phase 6, all our political representatives will be able to participate in our financial and economic activities. We need to explain some things to you. The fact that we allow all our political representatives to make investments with us should not surprise anyone. In old politics, lobbies, finance and the economy often finance electoral campaigns, and often entire parties, whoever knows it. The exact figures are not always available and attempts are often made to hide the help received. The difference between us, and the old politics, is that we are not hypocrites. We can guarantee you, and the facts will demonstrate it, as always, that our political representatives will not in any way favor our investments, of any type, and above all, they will not favor their own investments. Even if they wanted to, or if they tried, our political representatives follow all the orders, and are always controlled, by their voters, and if the latter noticed favors, or help, with laws and decrees, they would be the first to do so. immediately resign the political representative who serves his own interests. We have clear rules and mechanisms that do not allow anyone to be clever, and above all to look after their own interests. Therefore, we have rightly decided to allow our political representatives to make investments together with us, which they can take care of in their free time or entrust their affairs to family members or trusted people.

    From phase 7, all our official members will also be able to participate in the various groups of the various projects. From phase 8, all our registered users will be able to enter, with their identities verified and guaranteed by our security groups. The various phases have the right times to allow perfect organization.

    Our registered users without verified identities and our partially verified users will not be able to participate in our economic and financial activities, but they will still have many advantages and facilities.

    Our initial or access users will have some advantages and facilities.

    Finally, all citizens of the world will be able to have excellent services, offers and products at affordable prices.

    Nobody forbids anyone who wishes, after having informed themselves, to join us on our main website, dedicated to political activities, and to obtain, according to our rules, the type of user suited to their needs, which will allow them, if he wishes, to participate also in various economic and financial projects. There are no obligations, we always guarantee, only the possibility of choice.

    Obviously the times, all the rules, and our methodologies, for the transition from a lower type of user to a higher one, can vary from a few months to a few years. But we have already talked about it, in other articles, which we invite you to read carefully, to understand how you need to do it, to obtain all the results and all the potential you desire.

    Let's look at some simple rules.

    How do we access our financial and economic projects?

    Anyone who registers and creates a personal profile on our politics website will be able, based on their type of user, to access many of our websites dedicated to finance and economics. In many cases, you will use the same username and the same password (which you can then change or leave the same). On our other websites, they will be able to register by creating their personal profiles, linked to the personal profiles on our main website.

    Geographical phases.

    As in DirectDemocracyS, also in DirectDemocracyS Finance, and in DirectDemocracyS Economy, there are, and begin to work, international projects first, then continental ones, and then national, state, regional, provincial, county ones, and finally local ones . In large cities, there will be neighborhood projects, or street blocks. We always start from the geographical area and largest territorial subdivision, and then arrive after some time at the smaller ones. Those who are part of the groups in the upper areas will be able to participate in all the projects of the various lower territorial subdivisions.

    We invest in everything, we have already started, and we will continue, because we have excellent results.

    The main website, where all economic and financial activities are proposed, chosen, discussed, decided, voted and then carried out, is at this link: which can be accessed by everyone our authorized users, with their username, and password. If you have activated 2-factor authentication on our political website, you may need to reactivate it, with the right credentials. The website has reserved areas, groups, pages, events, and group video chats, just like our website, dedicated to our political organization. Use is simple, fast, tidy, organised, protected and safe.

    You can decide whether to invest only in financial assets, or also in economic activities, and vice versa.

    Financial activities are then divided into: banking, insurance, social activities, creation and management of joint-stock companies, internal and external virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, investments of all types, in our independent stock exchange.

    The economic activities are of various kinds: trade in all sectors, production of anything, information, communication, multimedia, radio, TV, sports, entertainment and leisure.

    Obviously, we will also create and manage one or more foundations.

    Does this seem like an overly ambitious project?

    Almost all the activities described are already active, or some of them will be active in a short time. Would you like to know what they are? The names, and the dedicated websites... You will know it at the right time, the first to be able to know certain things are the people who first trusted us, both in political, financial and economic activities. We won't reveal everything to you, also because, if everyone knew them, we would risk being sabotaged, or attacked, in various ways, by those who are afraid of change and improvement of the world, in addition to the bad habit that some have of trying to copy , all our activities, with disastrous results, and with unpleasant and long court proceedings, for unfair competition, and violation of copyright. We are original, we don't copy anyone, and we demand respect for our work.

    Security measures.

    The Internet, and old systems, are full of cheaters, trying to fool people, and scam them.

    To verify that any person has the right to speak on our behalf, outside of our projects, or to verify that an offer of goods, services, investments, and activities is made by commercial companies, or authorized persons, please contact us. just fill out a contact form at any time, in any language, at this link:

    enter your data, and explain in a detailed and clear manner the situation you find yourself in . Our administrators, from our special security group, will give you every support, to prevent any possible problems.

    No one, anywhere in the world, will have a problem, because of us, if before investing, buying, or having activities "connected" to our activities, they fill out a contact form and wait for our response.

    Real names, or anonymity?

    The choice, as always, is up to each user, we do not force anyone to be visible or invisible, but we will make sure that each person respects all our rules, all our methodologies, all international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, county, and local. Of course, we will make sure that even anonymous people pay every penny in taxes. You can earn a lot, even by being honest, and in good standing, with all the authorizations, respecting all the Laws. What we write for our investors also applies to all our activities, of any kind.

    What don't we invest in?

    For an ethical, painful choice, but voted for by the absolute majority of our users, we will never invest, for any reason, in illicit activities, or in the following categories: weapons of any kind, drugs of any kind, alcohol of any kind, betting, and online gambling. The only thing we allow ourselves, at the end of the year, is a lottery, with many prizes, for our users. Warning: we do not intend to judge and condemn those who own a weapon for self-defense, those who smoke a marijuana cigarette from time to time, those who drink a drink during meals or after work, or those who bet or gamble I gamble online, sporadically. Weapons are dangerous, vices, all create addictions, which can create enormous inconvenience, and cost a lot, in terms of lives, and money for the community. Being intelligent people means knowing how to choose the right thing, not abusing it and putting your own life or that of others at risk. We have preferred to avoid certain investments, which could create problems.

    Now let's answer the 2 most important questions, namely: how much should you invest? And above all: how much do I earn?

    To answer, let's make a brief introduction again. We will be brief, but everything is presented in detail, only for those who are seriously interested in participating. First, let's look at traditional finance and economics. This time, we ask you a question: are they fair, just, and do they create well-being for everyone? If you are honest, you already know the answer.

    We have created a perfect, infallible mechanism to allow everyone to earn, in an honest, loyal and ethically flawless way. To understand it, and to have absolute certainty that everything we write is true, you just need to see and check what we do in our political organization. The rules, mechanisms, values, ideals, and principles are exactly the same.

    Who owns the political organization DirectDemocracyS? Of their voters, registered on our website, who are the owners, together, of all our political activities, including the website. We have a shared leadership, made up of each of our users, in which everyone is the owner, with all the rights, and with continuous control, of all our activities, by everyone.

    Who owns DirectDemocracyS Economy, DirectDemocracyS Economy? Of its investors, registered on our website, who are the owners, all together, of all our economic and financial activities, including our websites, in which they are registered, based on the projects in which they participate. Obviously, each person is part of the activities they join, where shared leadership is created.

    Before continuing, we must make another brief introduction, about our methodology, regarding our work together.

    Who works with us? DirectDemocracyS, in all its activities, requires people to make a direct, personal, free commitment, based on their skills and abilities, which in politics is around 20 minutes a day, even with various shorter daily accesses, or, alternatively , at least 120 minutes a week, on several days, or on a single day. With the "excuse" (which is true), that the world doesn't change, and doesn't improve on its own, we make everyone work, and make everyone protagonists, for free. The same thing also happens in our economic and financial activities, same minutes, same rules on times. So, to explain better, each person works for free, voluntarily, for the policy 20 minutes a day (with the exception of the first 2 types of users, who have no obligation to be present or to actually work). Each person works for free, voluntarily, for our economic and financial projects, 20 minutes a day (with the exception of the first 2 types of users, who have no obligation to be present or to actually work). For those who want to participate, both in the project concerning political activity and in our economic and financial projects, the total minimum time to dedicate to our activities together, free of charge, and without any immediate gain, is 40 minutes per day. day, or, alternatively, 240 minutes per week. For those who are not present on our websites every day, but on weekends, we have allowed a “discount” of a few minutes, but it is more of a tradition, which started from the first days, more exactly from the “conception” of DirectDemocracyS. There were people who, not being able to participate every day, worked on weekends, or on days off, usually a few minutes less. There are also some technical reasons for this choice, which we will explain in the future, but which are easy to deduce for technology experts.

    Let's see now, how DirectDemocracyS hires staff.

    Those who work with us, in addition to voluntary and free time, are initially employed with a fixed-term employment contract. Usually, based on projects to be done, in the various groups. In other cases, we hire part-timers, students, pensioners, housewives, who receive salaries at medium-high levels, but with reduced working hours. However, when we hire people, full time, and with a permanent employment contract, we do it in a perfect way, with fair rules, which are mutually beneficial.

    We are writing to you some brief rules on hiring, which are valid throughout the world, for any type of job.

    The employment contract of each person who works with us must be at least at the level of the average salary for the work carried out in the country of residence. The hourly wage, when expected, must be equal (preferably higher) to the average hourly wage of the country of residence.

    At the end of each year of work, or, after at least one year of work (if it does not start on the first day of the year), each of our salaries increases automatically, taking into account all the various economic factors, we mention a few: increase inflation, increased cost of living, devaluation of the currency of the country of residence, increase or decrease in interest rates, and other fiscal, financial, and economic aspects. Therefore, every year, based on the macroeconomic data of your country, or state, or region of residence, we harmonize and make perfect all the salaries of those who work with us. You will have noticed that we do not work "for us", but only together with us. They seem similar sentences, but they are not the same thing! After one year from hiring, you can receive bonuses, advantages and benefits, which in some cases can exceed the actual salary received. Do you remember our concepts of equality and meritocracy, continuous over time, well, we like to generously reward the best, therefore those who obtain excellent concrete results from their activities.

    As you have understood from the previous sentences, those who work with us never lose purchasing power.

    The previous premise serves to make you understand how we work, with what rules.

    And just like those who work with us do not lose purchasing power, anyone who invests with us will not lose all the money invested, but will obtain, if intelligent, excellent profits.

    But let's get to the investments, which can be made together with us, and the related earnings.

    First of all, you inform yourself well, you join us by registering, creating a personal profile, and you access the official website, dedicated to politics, where you are asked to participate, to financial and economic activities, which have a website different, but unified web, regarding financial and economic activities, completely separate, from our political activities.

    On the official website, dedicated to financial and economic activities, in the various groups, all decisions are made, with the same methodologies as our political website.

    We need to explain something fundamental to you before continuing.

    If we often refer to our political website, and to our rules, and to our mechanisms, which are more or less always the same, in economic and financial activities, it is not because we did not have the desire, or the time, to write other rules, and create other methods, but simply, because having worked hard on them, many years, to make them perfect, and above all right, it made no sense to change the rules, and the methods, which for political organisation, work perfectly. They simply had to be adapted.

    Each website will have specific activities, but the general rules, at each level, are more or less the same.

    We work, like all our activities, on the basis of projects, proposed by all those who are part of it (who invest in the preliminary capital), decided, discussed, and chosen, through voting, by all the participants, in the groups in which they work. The voting rules are identical to those of the political groups.

    For each type of activity, management groups are created on the centralized website, and obviously, specific websites are created, where the activities become concrete and real. For security reasons, the management of all our projects takes place on a single centralized site, while the concrete activities take place on the specific websites.

    The actual sites of the various projects may be used, even by external people, as customers, or as collaborators, or beneficiaries, of the various services or products offered.

    Each person will be able to participate in an unlimited number of projects and invest capital, based on our detailed rules.

    After one year of activity for each project, or at the end of the year, the profits will be distributed based on the shares held by each investor.

    Does this sound the same, more or less, as how joint-stock companies work? The real innovation is not in the general rules, but in the specific ones. Our working method, and the small and large differences, will guarantee everyone excellent earnings, always based on their intelligence.

    And if the financial activities will not create profits? In the event of a tie, no profits will be divided, but it will be possible to decide to invest in other activities, if there is no possibility of obtaining a profit, in the year, or in subsequent years.

    What if there will be financial losses? We have already created, and it is active from the first minute, a loss coverage system, which almost entirely covers all possible losses. An internal insurance, which allowed the creation of a guarantee fund, sufficient to allow us to overcome any possible financial crisis or economic loss.

    A rule, which is fundamental for every person who invests with us, is: the only loss allowed are the bank commissions, and the guarantee funds, of the various transfers of money, which if they occur with our bank, will be figures negligible, when compared to the advantages we offer, and the earning possibilities.

    Let's look briefly at some differences between us and others.


    They call those who invest in the stock market, players, who play and bet.

    We call them partners, collaborators, investors, and shareholders.

    Communication method.

    They use every means to attract and convince potential investors, often lying about the risks, and occasionally cheating, defrauding and robbing the people who trust them. They sell "junk" securities, often in collaboration with, or financed by, those who market these investment funds.

    We decide, all together, with a financial and economic democracy. We always tell only the truth. Every investment is guaranteed, only the bank commissions, the various capital transfers, and the guarantee fees, which are negligible, can be lost.

    Method of choosing investment plans.

    They use their specialists, and often propose wrong investments, in "junk securities".

    We, offer specialists, who are our own investors, who have the qualifications, and experience to advise, in the best way.

    Boards of directors.

    They have managers, often paid a lot, to obtain modest results, and often, with a huge loss of capital.

    We vote for some "financial representatives" and "economic representatives", who, as the name suggests, represent all savers, and not just the major shareholders. Furthermore, anyone who is part of the group, of each investment, in addition to ownership of company shares, will have the right to control, every single expense, and every single income, with the control groups, according to our rules.

    Who is responsible for losses.

    They are few managers, and paid excessively, even in the event of economic and financial losses. If things go wrong, they enjoy themselves alone, for a job done badly.

    There are many of us, and we are paid well, but based on the results obtained, if the project is not managed well, our representatives can be changed, making them accountable, even economically, for their work. The first to lose money are those responsible for management, if they have not done their job well.

    Who earns.

    The traditional investment methodology provides that only people who hold large amounts of capital can afford to keep a lot of money and then earn money. So, as a direct consequence, the rich become richer and richer, and the poor remain poor. While understanding that the profit must be proportionate to the shares owned by each person, to the courage to invest, and to the brilliant ideas, and to the inspirations, in choosing well where to invest, DirectDemocracyS, through a detailed mechanism, which we will explain to those who are interested, it will allow even those with less money not only to invest, but also to earn. In this way, even those with fewer resources will be able to have the right opportunities.

    How investments are proposed, decided, chosen, voted and developed, we will explain in detail to our users authorized to invest. How to invest, with the various percentages, and all the other information, are part of our detailed regulation, and above all of our equally detailed mechanism, which provides for every single, even tiny, detail.

    As with our political organization, we make public, therefore visible to all, only the necessary information, which we consider important, because it seems right to us. Logic, common sense, and mutual respect, to change and improve the world.

    Again as for our political organization, also for finance and for the economy, we will have the best projects in the world, always innovative and alternative, perfect in every detail, fair, just, loyal and honest.

    And finally, as with our political organization, if you don't like it, or don't trust all of us, you can always continue to support, and vote for, the traditional political forces. We are just an alternative, the best that could ever exist, and every person, equipped with at least 2 functioning neurons, will be able to choose in the best way.

    So, in conclusion, if you don't like how we invest, go ahead and use traditional investment methods.

    Attention: this article presents a modern, innovative and alternative investment project. Investing money and time in similar projects can be dangerous and risky, therefore, do it only after having carefully studied all our information, and always after consulting a free and independent specialist. We write it, in large letters, both at the beginning and at the end of each of our articles that propose investments, because we are different from others in almost everything.

    © DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved. Like all our activities, all our projects, our rules, our methodology, and all our articles, are registered trademarks, and the exclusive property, of all our official members. Any use, publication or dissemination not expressly authorized is strictly prohibited and will be considered unfair competition and violation of copyright.

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