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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Power and then

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Our relationship with religions

I will stop believing and hoping, in the existence of One, or more Divine Higher Beings, when science will prove to me, with certainty, without a shadow of a doubt, and not with theories, or probabilities, that these Divinities do not exist.
This sentence contains in a few lines the obligation we give to anyone who joins us.
The convinced atheist cannot be a good scientist, researcher, philosopher, or writer, for the simple reason that if you question, excluding it entirely, even the slightest probability, you are not tempted to research, and discover the truth.
To believe, or not to believe?
We could write hundreds of pages, but we don't have time to waste, so let's briefly tell you how we think.
A person who affirms, with absolute certainty: God, or the Divinities, do not exist, for us he is an imbecile. And being a fool, we advise him to vote for our candidates, but not to join us, unless he has all the correct and precise answers, to all the questions.
If instead he affirms: I believe that God, or the Deities, do not exist, then we consider him a person, with an opinion of him, but who has no proof, that what he affirms is the truth. It is a conviction that he has the same right to have, as does those who believe in God, or in various divinities.
As we have always said, we respect all traditions, and therefore also all religions, even if we consider them almost all: old-fashioned, with many false and not demonstrable parts, based on people's interests, and on transcripts "falsified" by men.
Regarding, however, the Deities, we believe they exist, and therefore we respect, only the good ones, evil is only in people, and was invented by men, to frighten people, and communities, and to subdue them. And if there are also bad Divinities, we could not respect them anyway, or follow them, it would not be logical.
Having said that, and not wanting to go into too much detail, we can say with absolute certainty that we are not better believers, or non-believers, but we trust more, in those who believe, even if we do not choose on the basis of believing or not to believe, and not discriminating against anyone. Believing is one more point, because whoever believes in one or more Higher Beings, fears the Divine Judgment, and is generally led to be more reliable and human.
Atheists, who consider believers to be less intelligent, should be humble, and learn to respect people based on how they behave, and not based on whether they are believers.
The same mutual respect, which for us is an ideal and a fundamental value, must be guaranteed, even to those who do not believe.
We could do articles, and whole books, on how wrong certain religions are, but for the moment we stop here, hoping to have made it clear to everyone, our respect for everyone, but even with respect for everyone, no religion will ever be able to afford. , to give us advice, to judge us, to influence us, and whoever joins us. This applies to all choices, and to all our users, from every country in the world.
Unlike religions, which have often allowed bad people to cause wars, death, violence, destruction, and a great deal of pain, we at DirectDemocracyS have not caused, and will never cause, any problems for anyone. We are for peace, and for the protection, of all people.
For this reason, we will never accept people who are too ideologized, fanatics, or religious fundamentalists, but also politically. As we will never accept, no morality, no advice, or imposition, from hypocritical people, who have created many divisions among people, for the interest, certainly not of God or of the ideas, but only of greedy, selfish people, and with a great thirst for power.

We have our only religion, the one that focuses on people, their good, their projection, through unity and certainly not with divisions, as all religions have done.

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