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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then?

Power and then

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Some information


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Stay calm be patient

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Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

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Why were we born?

Why were we born

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Political revolution

Politics, for DirectDemocracyS, means: to change and improve the world.

We do this by putting into practice our rules and our method, which are innovative and alternative to all the old politics.

After explaining, in detail, why we were born, what we are doing, also explaining the reasons why we make certain choices, now let's talk about politics.

But first, as always, let's make a little introduction.

In history, almost every revolution has brought about changes, and often it has brought about improvements.

Unfortunately for us, revolutions have had enormous costs, due to the violence, even physical, with which they have taken place, and the improvements have often been short-lived.

As always, we will return to all of our statements, perhaps in the future, with further details and explanations. We will also try not to be too technical, and to make everyone understand our positions.

DirectDemocracyS, is it revolutionary?

For some, we are not enough, because for the backward-minded, understanding our political organization is practically impossible. For those who reason based on what exists, or on what has existed, it is not easy to understand the enormous potential we have. Anyone who does not know the meaning of the word revolution can look it up and understand its meaning. For us, revolution means change. And we, the word change, always connect it to the word improve. Changing and improving the world is not enough, it must be done in a concrete and definitive way, useful for the entire population.

Unlike all previous revolutions, we create no pain, for all good people, and for anyone who lives their life, respecting other people. We will give a lot of trouble, to the old political system, to the old financial system, and to the old economic system.

Create, change, improve, without deleting anything.

Anyone who joins us considers the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy to be completely unjust, because they do not allow everyone to live a dignified, safe, and worry-free life.

Our regulation, and our method, allow us to change and improve everything, without physical or even verbal confrontations. We simply create alternatives, starting to work within the current political, financial, and economic systems, using our own style of work, respecting every Law, and changing, over time, all the unfair rules. But unlike other "revolutions", we do it peacefully, intelligently, without destroying anything that already exists. We do this by creating for everyone our new, innovative ways, allowing the choice: old, or new. Old-fashioned, or modern.

Basing all our activities on logic, common sense and mutual respect of all people, it will not be difficult to make us prefer.

We started the change and improvement of the old system, obviously from politics, to then develop our financial and economic alternatives in every sector of activity.

A peaceful revolution, without direct confrontation, which would be difficult for us to "fight" and complicated to "win". This way of acting allows us to work legally, implementing our projects simultaneously, with continuous but controlled growth. We disappoint a little those who expect immediate results from us, choosing instead lasting results.

We have spoken in other articles about the stupid and useless habit of discussing and protesting online, on social networks, against the old systems. It is useless to complain, and we often consider the Internet, education, and information, useful for our purposes, but also "weapons of distraction" of the masses. Let off steam, often "vomiting" hatred, resentment, envy, towards the old systems, without ever doing anything concrete, helps many to feel good. Once upon a time, dissatisfied people let off steam in the squares, even with violent actions. One of our useful tips, for those who don't want to join us, is to play sports. Vent your anger by doing something that is (with few exceptions) good for your health.

We prefer to act, and work concretely, to obtain results, certainly not to let off steam.

Being alternative, and innovative, would be useless if we weren't even better.

Anyone who reads each of our projects cannot find faults, if not superficial.

Because by working logically, using education, science, and history, to create something, practically perfect, in every area, we will make the choice, for people, truly simple, and final.

Speaking of politics, many people ask us for our positions on various issues, and we simply say: use logic, common sense, mutual respect, of all people, and you will know how we think.

To give you an example, let's talk about our special groups. Currently there are 5: 01 administration, 02 security, 03 Law, 04 equality and meritocracy (which always go together with us), 05 logic, common sense, and mutual respect (which is essential to determine our every choice). Our every decision, rule, method, and activity is handled by these special working groups.

In addition to the special groups, there are other fundamental working groups, which are: 06 specialists (with experts in every sector), 07 geographical (with all the territorial subdivisions, and with the right local autonomy), 08 numerical (one of our specific innovations ), 09 projects, divided into: 090 Politics. 091 Finance. 092 Bank. 093 Currency. 094 Economy. 095 Radios. 096 TV. 097 Information. 098 Leisure. 099 Other projects.

All these working groups of ours all use the same rules. But each group also works autonomously, independently, freely, while maintaining unity, which is fundamental, in order to function.

We have already talked about how history is full of divisions, all functional, and false, useful only to favor a certain type of society, in which people are always different, and often creating hatred, intolerance, to lead, in some cases in violence, in struggles for power. The old system is based on division, our system is based on unity, in diversity.

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