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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Public and private sector

The state must only be an arbiter and not, at the same time, a player.

A logical and common-sense phrase that does not appeal to those who consider the state, or their country, as a guarantee that there will be no social injustices.

Partly, it is true, but as we have always said, the best form, and the truth "lies in the middle".

According to our ideology, it takes a capitalism "with a human face", and a statism, meritocratic.

In an article, we talked about how we chose our perfect ideology, choosing the positive parts, of all the various existing possibilities. A mixture of ideas, connected, and made achievable, and functional, with years of hard work.

Let us briefly analyze some advantages of private property, and of our capitalism "with a human face".

First, economic growth, which with statism can only be, artificial, and short-lived, with the exception of totalitarian regimes, which deny freedom (in this case to build economic enterprises).

Secondly, meritocracy, which in a statist system, cannot be put into practice, for reasons that we will analyze together.

Thirdly, innovation, and the development of ideas, which is not possible, if not in a small part, in a "flat and gray" statism.

The fourth motivation is particularly important to us, because it concerns the individual and collective freedom of a person, or groups of people, to unite, and work, to build their own activities.

And many other small advantages, for everyone.

Let's briefly analyze some advantages of public ownership, and of our meritocratic statism.

Divide, and share wealth, among the entire population, not allowing, as in capitalism, to a few people to accumulate large capital, and to many people to live in pitiful conditions.

The state, public property, guarantees an apparent "social justice", but in detail, and in practice, over time it becomes bankrupt.

To give all people the same starting conditions, in public schools, and with the same opportunities for education, research, and work.

In some cases, very rare, to allow a political turnover, allowing even the poor, for example, to reach political and state positions and hierarchies.

And many other small advantages, for everyone.

Our innovative ideology takes the "good" parts, and eliminates the negative parts.

Private property must be guaranteed, protected, financed, and always helped, to stimulate ideas, innovation, and economic growth, putting true meritocracy into practice. But also, allowing everyone, the equality of possibilities, first of all the possibility of educating oneself. So, give everyone the same chance to go to the best schools (public or private), putting equality into practice. We consider school, and education, fundamental to creating wealth, and social justice. And the fact that, until a few years ago, and in some countries, even "democratic" also happens today, only rich people, or from "important" and powerful families, could go to certain schools, is one of the so many shameful things that we "human" beings have created. And a few scholarships are not enough for the deserving ones, because not only with school results, we see the potential of each person. We need to strengthen an innovative system, a real "researcher" of potential, with programs and specialized personnel, in every type of activity, which together with our specialists, we have already created, and made it work, internally, putting it into practice. Searching for potential brilliant people, and helping them, in every way, to realize their ideas, is a moral obligation, and can represent a good economic gain, beneficial for everyone.

Choosing people, based on income, is a truly horrible thing. Attending powerless is not possible, you have to invest to make everyone equally favorites. Without economic discrimination, and with selections based on potential, which then, over time, will always be confirmed. Making people feel poor, "guilty", for their own economic situation, is execrable, and for this reason, we have decided to make the various countries invest, in a public but also private way, in young people, important resources, to give all the same chances, and even the same chances of building a better future.

Let's make a parenthesis, what we write, are not just articles, but everything we say or write, makes up our rules, and is a public commitment made, towards all the voters, without ever favoring only our voters. Each of our territorial organizations has the obligation to share, and put into practice, implement, and possibly strengthen, all our rules, and all our declarations, and all our articles.

But also, to consider students, or researchers, or workers, but also managers, all equal, not only does not put meritocracy into practice, but paradoxically creates a real social injustice. Injustice towards the best, whether they are rich or poor, must be eliminated, because seeing incompetent people, and without honesty, entering institutions, representing the population, and deciding for everyone, determines who undertakes to study, to say: I went through all this effort, all these sacrifices, and someone unprepared, or dishonest, takes my place.

Therefore, the same possibilities for everyone, but afterwards, merit-based support, only for the best, always trying to protect and help, without ever leaving alone, and abandoned, those with less capacity. We have a lot of programs, methods, and rules on these core activities, which we will present in other articles.

We will never prevent those who have winning ideas, those who are innovative, from becoming very rich, if these riches are done in an ethical way, without stealing, lying, or cheating, without exploiting, those who work with them, without ever discriminating, and without creating damage to the environment. It seems impossible? We guarantee that it can be done. Because we are convinced that whoever creates wealth, for himself, for his family, for his friends, also creates wealth for everyone, even for those who have no direct contact with the entrepreneur.

We consider envy, and social hatred, stupid, and not just dangerous, and deeply unjust.

But also, for "doing business" and financial and economic activities, the State, the public, which helps the private sector, are needed. How? With capital, and for those who say: public and private, they can hardly coexist, you are wrong. The State, the public sector, public banks (where they do not exist, they will be made), and not only private banks, must act as a "springboard", creating, as private individuals do, not only the capital to invest, but also the Laws, which help individuals to create wealth. It is a very complex speech, which we summarize, but which we will explain in detail in other financial and economic articles. Just think that the state, if it helps to create successful companies, will collect a lot of taxes, and therefore better services for everyone, but we will talk about it in the detailed articles, on administration, of public institutions.

Create a collaboration between the state and private individuals for joint investments, but also direct interventions in the public sector to create, manage and then resell economic activities to private individuals. In addition, of course, to strategic bailouts, based on clear rules, of important companies, to then give them back to private individuals. Without ever witnessing, as often happens, real "endless wells", in which public money is thrown, there are convenient activities, and others unfortunately destined for closure. And the state must not throw money away, it must invest and earn like private individuals.

They are not ideas, just to write an article, we have already ready, many ideas, and some projects that we are starting, and others that will start soon.

Public and private together, in strategic assets, always making people gain money, of the various territories, never forgetting solidarity, at all levels, because wealth must be for everyone, rewarding the best, and even the most fortunate, without never forget those, less fortunate.

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