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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Youth politics

In some previous articles, we talked about our political organization, and how innovative we are, in the next articles we will go into the details, of our international political program, which must be respected, and integrated, by all our continental, national, state, organizations, regional, provincial, district, and local.

Dictating the guidelines, to be followed and respected, may seem to some, a dictatorial and centralized method, but as always, those who condemn us, will have to change their mind, because our basic rules, our values, and our ideals are all based on logic, common sense, mutual respect on the part of all, trust, and above all guaranteeing full local autonomy, on the way in which to put all our regulations into practice.

In this article we will talk about 2 serious problems, worldwide, which however are related. Abstentionism, and the disinterest of young people, towards politics.

As always, making the right premises, and analyzing the problems, and finding together, our solutions.

Throughout human history, there have always been people, usually powerful, and with great economic interests, who have guided and influenced political choices. These characters, which some call "strong powers", others "occult powers", we usually call them bad people.

They have always held power, dividing people, creating social tension, hatred, fear, and almost all wars. Divided people cannot create good, because they do not have the power to do so. United, however, the good people of the earth, they can truly be decisive, to create a wonderful, just, and clean world.

For bad people, it is essential to remain in control of all political decisions.

They have kept it in a very clever way, and useful for their own purposes, and we must give them credit for this, they are very intelligent, even if with a wickedness, and an indifference, really not worthy, on the part of human beings.

We will not do history lessons here, of many examples, and many facts, we have talked, in more or less detail, in our previous articles, but we will analyze together, some very interesting details.

We talked about how the first forms of direct democracy were eliminated in Ancient Greece to create a simpler to control, and corrupt, representative democracy.

When the choices were made, making all the people decide, putting a stone, in one urn for yes, and in another for no, to control the decisions made, bad people had to corrupt more than half of the population. .

With the fake, and unjust, representative democracy, it was enough to bribe, a few political representatives, to have all the power.

The previous sentence perhaps explains clearly why that contained in our political project is real, authentic, total democracy, while current world politics, in all countries of the world, is simply a scam, a fake, and only partial democracy.

Nobody can deny it, and who will tell you, that the representatives vote, that they decide on behalf of the people, you ask: in which, and on how many occasions, my representatives ask me for an opinion? And above all: on what occasions, and how many occasions, do they appeal to the entire population, without favoring just a few?

There will be people who, in a not very clever way, will prefer to entrust to political parties, or to political representatives, more or less prepared, more or less competent, more or less honest, the decisions that determine every aspect of their lives. We, and those who will join us, prefer to decide, in an informed way, rather than undergo the not always correct decisions of parties, and political representatives, often corrupt, and subordinate to the powerful, or to bad people.

So representative democracy, is it wrong, is it unjust, is it evil, and you make a political party, and you elect political representatives? Many will accuse us of not being consistent. But even if we are completely different, and certainly better, we cannot directly change, and improve the world, without obtaining popular support, and therefore winning the elections. We must follow, and respect, all the laws and traditions of the various countries, but we will do it by respecting our rules, which provide for total control, both before, during, and especially after the elections, by the population, therefore of our constituents, who will be our verified registered users, against their political representatives. We do not care, how other political parties are organized, by what rules, or by what method, they carry out their activities. With us, everything is, and will forever be, owned by all of our verified registered users.

We can define ourselves as a hybrid democracy, with internal rules based on freedom, meritocracy, competence, honesty, authentic direct democracy, but which will found a political party, in each continent, nation, state, region, district, province, city, nominating and electing our political representatives.

Our final aim is to make informed voters decide, by groups of specialists, on every decision to be taken, directly, without any party, or without political representatives, which, as we have seen in the old politics, can easily be corrupted, subdued, and influenced by those who control the economy.

So, in the not too distant future, we will eliminate 99% of world politics, making people decide, we repeat, fully informed, honestly, independently, and competently, on the best choices to make.

This method of ours will not eliminate the policy, in fact each of our verified registered users can, and will always be able to propose projects, topics, political activities, debates, which after the necessary discussions, and the necessary corrections, will be subjected to an internal vote in the various groups, which will represent the official position, of our political organization, on every subject.

Therefore, we will not create a world without politics, we will only create a better, freer, and above all truly democratic politics. We will just erase all the outdated ideologies, all of them bankruptcy, eliminating all the negative parts, and keeping from each, the few good ideas they have. These old ideologies, which create artificial divisions, and which generate the struggles between people, which do so much harm to the world, will be replaced by the ideologies of all, based on logic and common sense. Mutual respect, the basis of all our activities, will allow us to do everything, without making any mistakes.

Let's go back for a moment, to the theme of our article, the lack of participation of people in political activities, therefore abstention, especially by young people.

In Ancient Greece, taking advantage of the fact that young people were at war, the strong powers of those times, decided to have political activities carried out by the people who remained in the various cities: they were only women, and the old. Since all the women were busy with children, with agriculture, housekeeping, and daily activities, only the old were left to play politics. Being fragile people, they were best to use, for bad people, for their own purposes, control, and command. In fact, since the average duration of life in those times was low, in a short time, the more honest and valiant ones could be replaced with old ones, more and more corrupt, and submissive. If they did not die of old age, the powerful of the various eras took care of getting them out of the way, if they were unwilling, to follow the rules and commands that were imposed on them.

Since then, throughout history, the same methods have always been used.

With a small difference, which appeared over time, which provided that if some young, innovator, had some good idea, for the good of the whole population, they could be eliminated, with various methods, to make other servile politicians take the place, usually older, who would have helped a few powerful people, and not all the people. This is one of the reasons why we respect the anonymity and privacy of all our registered users.

At this point, those who read this article will be even more reluctant to participate in political life.

But no, dear friends, especially young people, we propose innovation, and change, and the improvement of the situation.

In fact, at DirectDemocracyS, we will forever prevent bad people from managing politics, and therefore our lives.

And we can do it, only with the help, collaboration, and direct involvement of all the young people of the world.

The old politics, towards young people, fills the mouth with beautiful words. They always say: young people are our future, young people must be helped, young people must be stimulated, and often they will give you money, bonuses, and facilities.

And guess what they do?

That's right: they do it just to keep you quiet, and good. Since you are the only ones who can really change and improve the world, they give you gifts, they promise you everything, even, in some countries, to stay at home, taking little money, so as not to make you understand an essential thing.

Participation in political life is a civic duty. Do not run away, we know very well, how much you like to follow the rules, especially if they are imposed. The old politics, knows how to give you illusions, knows how to make fun of you, they have been doing it for millennia. We, on the other hand, give you tasks to perform, and goals to achieve, all together.

We do not give you, and we do not promise you anything, because we know that you are too intelligent to be bribed.

Participation in political life is important, because it is politics that writes the laws, therefore that dictates the rules of our life.

Who reads this article, will ask, from what age, at what age, are you young? And above all, why favor young people so much? And the elderly, experienced, competent, and above all honest, what role do they have? There are many very right questions, to which we will answer briefly.

People, for us, are only divided into 2 categories. Good, who can join us, and are 99% of the world population, or bad, who cannot join us, who are 1% of the world population, who have so much power, and who have made the world a place so destroyed, and divided.

We believe that age certainly does not represent a way to discriminate, or to choose people.

We do not favor anyone, but we prefer to rejuvenate the entire world political class.

Because current politics often puts very elderly people in roles of power, who, however experienced, are often manipulated, and, as they are poor in health, both physical and above all mental, can represent a real danger. , for their country, and even for humanity.

The active politics, and the presence in the various institutions, as our official representatives, in the name of our political organization, must be assured, and guaranteed, always, and only, to the best, and the most honest, of all our verified registered users. .

Even if there are exceptional cases, in which elderly people are more modern, and more innovative, and certainly we will take these cases into account, with the same honesty and skills, we will always choose the youngest, because it will allow us greater incisiveness, and better results. With the risk of losing, the support and registration, on the part of the elderly, who will take it out on us, and will feel, slightly discriminated against, we repeat, with equal individual qualities, we will be favored, as political representatives , always the youngest. The older, more experienced, we prefer that they give a hand, and useful advice, from the groups of experts, or as official representatives, which are a new management role of our geographic groups, created exclusively by our political organization. For the roles of support, specialists, or official representation, we prefer instead, people who are older in years, also in this case, with the due exceptions, we prefer to have our political geographical groups manage, to those who demonstrate common sense, and logic. We are confident that for the elderly, the protection, help, and advice of our young political representatives will be considered important, and above all sensible.

So, in short, we will go to the institutions, to represent the people, always those chosen by the people, therefore by our registered verified users, on the basis of skills, and honesty, with our "advice", to always vote, for our youngest candidates, with equal individual qualities. We repeat, we will do everything, with the due exceptions. The older ones have a moral obligation to help and favor the young, treating them with the love and respect that one has for one's grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

Young people do not like current politics, as they do not even love it, those who do not show up to vote, because they do not feel represented by any party, or political representative, of the old policy, which we can define as traditional. We can only agree with you, it is difficult to choose, when you see so much corruption, so much incompetence, so much wickedness. But by not voting, you certainly do not solve the problem, on the contrary, favor the usual people, who have made your life hell.

With a few minutes a day of direct political activity on our website, which is our immense home, together with us, who are a big family, united, you can truly change, and improve the world.

You will be able to direct, by positively influencing, all the choices of the people you vote for, to represent yourself in the various institutions, both before, during and especially after the elections.

Our innovative policy will make the political agenda, together with its informed voters.

The world in which parties and their politicians decide everything will end forever. They decide on the political program, on the people to nominate, and on all the choices to be made. Our voters decide with us, directly on our official website, all together.

We will end the lies, the broken promises, the cheating, the corruption, the violence, and any mockery of all the voters.

We say to young people: try to dream together with us, and to fight together with us, to put into practice, and to concretely implement all our programs, respecting every promise.

We say to the elderly: make yourselves useful, help the younger ones, to fulfill themselves in life. You have a moral debt to them. Because you have not been able to leave them a perfect world, but you have allowed, with your helplessness, and with your bad choices, that it comes to this point. To the point where: the planet is polluted, where States have enormous debts, where a peaceful future, comparable to your past, for today's young people, will certainly not be possible. For an antiquated politics, full of waste, of all wealth, which for better or for worse, the old generations have created, but very badly exploited. You made debts, and bad choices, with the certainty that you would certainly not be paying.

In conclusion, to make everyone understand, our methodology, no political representative, will not be able to stand for election, in the online elections, and consequently in the real elections, if at the time of the selection of the candidates, for our online elections, he has already completed the age of 60.

Our 2 political figures, who are chosen, always on a merit-based basis, based on competence, honesty, and political ability, will respect very clear rules.
Political representatives, who carry out political activities representing our verified registered users, and who will be candidates in the real elections, after being nominated as candidates, or after having self-candidates, and after having participated in the selection of candidates, and in online elections , according to very detailed rules, they are voted, in online elections by members of our groups, and in real elections by anyone who has the right to vote, it is the politicians who represent our users and their constituents.
The official representatives are those who manage our political organization, geographically, numerically, and are selected on the basis of merits, skills, honesty, and skills, to also manage all our international, continental, political parties. national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local. They can be nominated after being recommended, or self-nominated, or selected through a competition.
We are the only political organization in the world that rejuvenates politics, and we are proud to do so, because too often, elderly people, often with health problems, manage entire countries, or hold important roles, with often disastrous results.
At this point, older people, over the age of 60, will wonder if they have been excluded, or are they useful for our project. No one will ever be excluded, or even discriminated against, the over 60 years old, they will have a decisive role in our projects, but in the groups of specialists, in the management of our organizations and political parties at all levels, and in very important special groups, for the control, or for the selection of the best candidates, but also in administrative roles. They will be able to do political activity, but without the ability to manage, or represent DirectDemocracyS, and our users in institutions. Having an age limit is not discriminating, but doing justice. People close to retirement cannot keep up with the changing times, with modernity, and with innovation. It is often said that young people do not want to know about politics. Perhaps the old politics, which had no role for them, and which did not make them feel sufficiently represented. Our innovative policy, which considers the elderly as a resource, for experience, and for support, to be given to the youngest.

As we often say, in various articles, with 2 distinct political figures (political representatives and official representatives), we will forever eliminate both the internal struggle for "power" and all conflicts of interest. Because those who deal with political representation do not have the problem of managing the party they come from, and they will never have to fight against people from their party who do not allow them to work for the good of the community. With a unique method of preventing internal struggles, even our official representatives will manage our political parties with serenity, always helping and supporting our political representatives, and all our verified registered users.

In addition to the direct report, verification, and direct control, by our verified registered users, of our political representatives, before, during, and after the elections, support, control, and verification will also be guaranteed by of our official representatives. This is because in the history of politics, politicians and parties too often have had the opportunity to do only their own interests, voluntarily forgetting their voters, so double checking is essential.

For those who, until now, could not find a political party, or a political representative, who could represent them, we are sure to be the best solution. Each person will find other reliable people, and if they want, they can apply personally, according to very clear, simple rules, based on quality, merit, competence, and honesty. So don't vote, that's certainly not the solution. It is more comfortable, and above all you do not take any responsibility. But are we sure, that letting others decide, who should represent us, is the solution? To give our future to others is not a good idea. And if, on the other hand, we do politics all together, for the good of all, isn't it better for everyone?

"One of the punishments you are entitled to for not participating in politics is being ruled by inferiors." Plato said so. So we choose the best ones together, even by applying ourselves if necessary.

So we turn first, to those who are not satisfied with the current policy, and to those who did not vote, because they did not find the right candidates.

Even those who have found parties or representatives almost acceptable, but want to be the real protagonist, can join us.

And finally, whoever voted for others, and has been betrayed, or has been betrayed, often lied to, or cheated by the old politics, can register and join us.

DirectDemocracyS, with its angels, young and old, all united, certainly can never do worse than the old, bankruptcy, and only partially democratic politics.

We will always remain young, and innovative, because we have it in our DNA, as well as having it in our rules.

So don't hate politics, but change it, and improve it, along with all of us.

Be you, the protagonists, for the good of all!

We are waiting for you, and if you like, share with as many people as possible.

With infinite respect, love, friendship, and with the certainty, that you have understood the meaning, and the purpose, of our political organization.

DirectDemocracyS, your policy, in every sense!

PS The first meeting, via video conference, of our first official representatives, from all the countries of the world, together with our administrators, official representatives, and special and international groups, was held on Monday 18 July 2022, with proposals, discussions, and decisions, very important. The complete program has already been sent, together with the modalities and rules for participation. If you want to become our official representatives, in your countries, just register, and create a personal profile, on our welcome website. You will need to have access to our official website, and fill out a simple application form. Obviously, as always, the best will be chosen, also through various tests, and with a competition, according to our rules.

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