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    Respect for all religions

    Respect for religions

    This article is about respecting DirectDemocracyS, and all its users/voters, for all religions, for all traditions, and for all cultures.

    At every religious holiday, in some public areas of our website, as well as private ones, we publish a short message, for our visitors, and for our users, for religious holidays, and for various traditions.

    Some visitors, who do not know our rules and our habits, criticize us, saying: you are liars, you have always written, several times, that you are not influenced by any religion, and then wish those who celebrate a happy birthday.

    First, we are not liars, nor are we hypocrites.

    When you read our rules, you must read them completely, with great attention, even several times, to avoid asking us for unnecessary explanations.

    DirectDemocracyS, is based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    Greetings, without any preference, on the occasion of the main religious activities, is a way to demonstrate our respect and our esteem, not only for all religions, but for our users.

    Furthermore, sending good wishes does not mean having our activities influenced by the various religions, which must stay outside DirectDemocracyS.

    Today, in the world, there are more than 30,000 religions, doctrines, beliefs, sects and tribal cults.

    In the groups of various peoples and various geographical areas, the best wishes are sent to all over 30,000, without any discrimination. Obviously, we don't do it all the time, in all public areas, and not with everyone together, it would be very complicated, but we assure you that we respect everyone.

    Even if they are not religions, the statistics also include atheists and agnostics (considered non-religious, approximately 16% of humanity in 2005), whom we respect in the same way as believers of various religions.

    Since our inception, we have always asked all 30,000 religions, doctrines, beliefs, sects and tribal cults to give us an opinion on our political organization.

    None of these, until the publication of this article, have told us that their believers should not join us. Indeed, some of them encourage us to continue, because they appreciate our work.

    We hope to have clarified any doubts of those who asked us for these explanations and the related reasons.

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