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Good or evil right or wrong

In the life of every human being, there have always been 2 forces, a positive one, which we call good, and a negative one, which we call evil. The only discrimination of DirectDemocracyS is to select, and want within itself, only people who always choose the good, and always repudiate the evil. We are not referring only to the religious or spiritual part, but above all to the right or wrong mentality.

At this point, many will ask us, who decides what is right or wrong? Indeed, what is right for some may not be right for others.

We have solved this situation, of having to always and continuously choose for the good of all people, for a change, with some ingenious rules.

To tell us what is right, and what is not, are logic, common sense, mutual respect, of all people.

But we tell you more, study, science, research, education, truth, information, must always be a priority, in every one of our choices.

You will say that we are presumptuous, and that we believe we have all the answers, to all the questions. Obviously, this is not the case, but we are content to always be more just, fairer, more empathetic, and in any case better, than all the other political forces, and to always put into practice equality and meritocracy, continuous over time. Plus, thanks to our users, we get way more answers than anyone else.

To do a good job, our political organization puts the well-being and happiness of all people at the center of every decision, instead of the interests of a few people. In the previous sentence, there is a fundamental part of our work, because the old political forces do not have this ability, this freedom, and this independence, because they are linked to the interests of a few, and not all.

One of our characteristics, you will have noticed by reading our articles, and that we do not try to please anyone. We are not interested in attracting people by writing, saying and showing only positive things. We don't show you a mirage, and we don't make false promises. Everything we write, and everything we promise, for all those who have joined us, and for those who will join us in the future, represents a commitment, and a promise to be kept, by putting it into practice in the best possible way.

Will we be able to make mistakes? Certainly, it is part of human nature to be imperfect, but thanks to our unity, diversity, and our working methodology, we will undoubtedly make very few, and irrelevant, mistakes. Furthermore, thanks to a leadership, in which each of our members is the owner, and has the right to control, our every activity, we will discover any possible error, before anyone else, with a profit, and an enormous advantage, compared to anyone else. In fact, if the other political forces, for whatever reason, were to change their mind, or change something, in some activity, they would find themselves in internal power struggles, and external accusations and struggles. In DirectDemocracyS, we all decide together, so if we decide to "change our minds", even on important things, no one can condemn us, because every choice we make is collective and shared.

Obviously, we don't change, and we don't modify, our rules, our method, our ideals, our principles, and our values. The important things, which make us unique, do not change, so as not to lose our strengths. We never will. How we will never forget, where, and how we started. We must always look to the present, and to the future, without forgetting the past, learning from difficulties and mistakes.

For each line of this short article, we should write many articles, to explain to everyone, exactly, what we are referring to, and to give all the necessary information. Summing it all up, in a nutshell, only people with above average intelligence, partially understand our potential.

At first glance, anyone who reads our proposals, or starts studying us, thinks of beautiful utopias. He thinks we are too good to be true. The more suspicious, they try to find deceptions, absurd theories, and conspiracies. Then there is a very powerful minority, which instead fears us, and knows that in a short time, we will give all power to the population, and not to the usual political forces, which act in the interests of a few people, and commercial and financial companies. DirectDemocracyS, acts to change, and improve the world forever. And we are not satisfied with this, but all together, we will guarantee, forever, that no one will ever be able to choose, in the name of the population.

How are we going to do it? Simple, with our direct, collectively owned, and above all informed democracy.

We have already talked about it often, and we will talk about it again, about what we will give back to all people, that is authentic democracy, and total freedom, which must be for everyone, always, and continuous, and must become normality, and not an exceptionality, limited, during the elections.

To do all this, we have created a special group, the 05, Special Group Logic Common Sense Mutual Respect, which is made up of our members and users, and which guarantees us that every choice we make, every decision we make, is based on logic, common sense, and on mutual respect, of all people.

Briefly, the special groups are: 01 Special Administration Group, with various subgroups, which deals with management, communication, and various administrative activities.

Group 02 is a Special Security Group, which monitors all our activities, each person, and guarantees the safety and protection of all of us.

Group 03 is our Special Law Group, which decides every rule, and checks that every one of our decisions, and every one of our activities, is taken and carried out on the basis of our rules. It is also the group that decides on various legal activities, and on punishments for various infractions.

Group 04 is the Equality and Meritocracy Special Group. To make everyone understand how important the same opportunities are to us, and the continuous recognition of individual and group merits over time. The two words must be active at the same time, to allow us to always guarantee them to each of our users.

And as we said, group 05, Special Group Logic Common Sense Mutual Respect.

Then follow the 06 groups, who are our experts, specialists in every sector, and on every topic.

Then there are the groups, 07 Geographical Groups. With the various territorial subdivisions of our political organization, 071 International Groups. 072 Continental Groups. 073 National Groups. 074 State Groups. 076 Regional Groups. 077 Provincial Groups. 078 District Groups. 079 Local Groups. 0791 City Groups. 07911 Neighborhood groups. 079111 Road Block Groups. To make you understand how essential a presence in every small geographical area is for us. With equal rules for everyone, but protecting the specificities of each area, and guaranteeing a just, legal, essential, and respectful local autonomy.

Groups 08 are our Numerical Groups. One of our specificities, which we will discuss in the dedicated article.

The 09 Project groups are all our projects, of all kinds.

Each group has dozens, often hundreds, but even thousands, of subgroups. And they are all, created and managed, by representatives of every population on earth, and of every country in the world, also on the basis of geographical phases. Then the same groups, and codes that we use for the international stages, will be used for the continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local stages.

Each of our users is obliged by our regulation to be part of at least one special group, and to carry out various control activities, but also of proposals, discussions and votes. Our official members can be part of all 5 special groups, and of the various sub-groups.

The same is true for groups of specialists, with the difference that to access them, users must have the necessary qualifications and skills. They must be experts, and not passionate about certain topics, to ensure maximum professionalism.

For geographical groups, you can access, based on your residence, citizenship, or the right to vote, and be voted.

The numerical groups are random, based on the unique identification number of each of our users, automatically assigned by our system at the time of registration.

On the other hand, connected projects of all kinds are accessed only on the basis of one's own will, and willingness to work also in certain sectors, in addition to our political organization.

Sounds too complicated? We assure you that it is very simple, as often happens, it is easier to do than to explain.

Of course, to join us, you need to have the right mental openness towards our innovation, which is, and will remain forever, an alternative to the old policy.

Of course, there are many other activities as well, which allow us to choose good, not evil, and to make right choices, not wrong ones.

Each of us, and even those who read this article, know the difference between good and evil, between what is right and wrong, but life often forces us to make compromises, or to do our own interests.

Well, this doesn't exist for us. You can join us only if you put the good of all before your own. In every choice, in every decision, in every activity, we take into account the common good.

Attention, we have a very detailed selection and voting methodology. For example, the first 3 votes, for any of our decisions, are by the majority of those who have the right to do so. If there were 100 people in a group, the first 3 votes (but also the first if you get the majority of those with the right to vote), then you only win, if you get at least 51 valid votes. From the fourth vote, it is sufficient to get one more vote, to half of those who actually vote. These rules are made to allow choices, with an effective majority, and not a virtual one.

For internal, online, closed primary elections, a candidate who gets 50%, + one vote, of whoever has the right to vote, wins the election, even in these cases with specific rules, which for example oblige the winner, to have as main collaborator, who comes second, third, fourth, and even fifth. This choice also allows the "internal opposition" to be represented. All takes place with very strict rules, to guarantee the unity of DirectDemocracyS, and the pluralism of ideas, based on a direct, fair, and ethically correct confrontation.

Collective decisions, which guarantee us the best results.

But we will talk about it again. Choose according to your intelligence, to join us, to be part of this strange, unique, inimitable, and above all just political organization. We are waiting for you!

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