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    20230516 messqageDirectDemocracyS, Special Administration Group, External Communication Group, Social Network Representation Group and other websites.

    Dear friends, usually, we do not publish messages or articles on our website, which we publish on social networks and other websites.

    But among the many new features, there is also a menu item, on our main website, dedicated to our messages, on the social networks where we are present.

    Our presence on social networks is limited, on a voluntary basis.

    Likewise, our collaboration with other websites is limited.

    In a specific article, we explained to you that we and the "Internet Giants" do not have an idyllic relationship.

    Instead, we do the opposite, that is, after a certain period, we publish our information, published in preview, on our website on social networks and other websites.

    The reasons are clear, logical, and common sense. We engage in politics, and carry out our activities, only and exclusively on our website, which is our home, welcoming, tidy, safe, free, and independent.

    Much of our information is public, and also visible to our visitors, free of charge, and without any obligation to register, or without any commitment on the part of those who visit us.

    But let's make a premise.

    Our website is in English, but with a translation module, present at the top near our logo, you can translate any of our parts written in English into one of over 100 languages available. Virtually all existing languages are usable.

    Unfortunately, not all of our friends, who follow us on social networks and other websites, trust and are afraid to visit our website, despite our reassurances, and the photographs that prove, that we are a site safe, and reliable web.

    Others believe that by visiting our website, we earn with clicks, and based on visits, which always increase. We don't have any kind of income, so if you visit us, or don't visit us, for us, economically, nothing changes. We have preferred not to advertise our website in the early stages, although in the future, we will place some advertisements, internationally, continentally, nationally, and locally.

    With everything you hear around, you do well not to trust them, but if you want, do a search, and you will see that our links, and our website, are safe, and reliable. The methods for verifying the reliability and safety of websites can be found online. You can take each of our links, and check it before visiting.

    But we often ask ourselves, if you are afraid of us, who are the best in security, and data protection, why do you trust everyone else? They are mysteries, which we will never understand, you literally share your data with anyone, and do not trust those who fight only to change and improve the world.

    You will not find even in traditional search engines, many results, on DirectDemocracyS. And it's a well-defined and motivated choice, we don't care about advertising too much, so as not to be invaded by too many people all at once. We are pleased with the visits, taking into account the fact that those who visit us usually join us. Although we are very selective, we have reopened the registrations, for our new users.

    We are intentionally little known, not to save money in advertising, but because we have innovative methods to finance ourselves, which do not involve investment in advertising.

    After all, anyone who reads even just our introductory article, in a few basic concepts, understands our innovation, which is an alternative to all the old politics.

    Our potential is enormous, which is why it is useless to invest in advertising, which would make us grow uncontrollably, and in some cases too rapid growth could be counterproductive. When the time is right, we'll let everyone know we exist. In this regard, we remind you of some innovations in our methodology.

    From time to time, we will inform you, with a rather long article, our latest news, and with a brief summary, of the various articles, so, whoever is interested in a certain topic, clicks on the link, and reads the article, directly on our website.

    We have started phase 10, of registering our users. They change and improve both the speed and simplicity of registration, while maintaining security and order. We have included quotas to pay, to guarantee us financial independence and economic tranquility. Furthermore, thanks to these quotas, we will always be sure that those who join us do not do it to see what it is like, to waste precious time, or to try to sabotage us, slow us down, or stop us.

    We have also published, our first short article, on our positions, on the protection of our planet.

    our environmental policies, are very detailed, and are managed by groups of experts, who will soon provide more details.

    In an article, however, we talked about the right to criticize, which we all have, on the basis of freedom, which is fundamental for us, and must always be defended. We also explain how we grow and improve ourselves, also by exploiting the often superficial but sometimes constructive criticisms we receive.

    many accuse us that we are not humble, but it doesn't seem appropriate, with a project like ours, being humble would be hypocritical on our part.

    We have published an important article on the rules of our profiles, and on the reasons that may force us to block some of our users.

    fortunately, thanks to our selections, the blocked profiles are a few hundred, therefore less than 0.1%.

    Those canceled are a few dozen.

    An article that has caused much discussion, for which we have received many messages, pearl in a fairly detailed way, of our system, and of our methodology. We also speak superficially, of our computer system, and of our Artificial Intelligence, which scares some so much.

    we will soon be doing various articles, detailed, on almost every sentence, of this article, because conspiracy theories, have increased, thanks to our article, which simply explains how our "system" works, in short. You have a lot of imagination, but we advise you to use it constructively, and not to issue sentences, without proof, based on what you think.

    An important and political article to analyze a fundamental question: do you feel represented by the old traditional political forces? We advise you to read it, even several times.

    A short article, which explains that due to our "continuous evolution", some links could change, and over time could give you some error pages, above all, if they are old and not renewed articles and links.

    Another political article, in which we explain in detail why our political representatives are not disadvantaged compared to those of other political forces. Not to be missed.

    To know where to find us, we tell you about our various international offices.

    To find out in a nutshell, our relationship with the Internet, we advise you to read this article:

    and to find out why we are not on Wikipedia, read this very short article:

    To find out how our 9th phase ended, of the registration of new users, and some results, provisional, no longer current, because they have increased.

    To find out why, and how much you pay for some services, and the various guarantees, read this article:

    To find out why we don't join for free, and why we expect financial support from anyone who joins us, read this article carefully:

    To find out how to fill out a contact form, which is the only way to communicate with us, read this article:

    To find out who copies us, and to learn why anyone who tries will have to suffer the consequences, read this article:

    To find out how we finance ourselves, and how we use the money, we advise you to read this article:

    For our new homepage, with our official aphorism, read this article:

    To listen to our brief presentation in the main languages, visit this link:

    choose your language, and enjoy listening.

    To see our brief presentation in the main languages, visit this link:

    choose your language, and good vision.

    Please read, very carefully, our rules, for registering, and creating your personal profile, to be able to join us, and to start working with us. It's a bit long, but detailed, and we guarantee you that the various phases are easier to do than to explain.

    there are many new features, and some important changes.

    To know how you should behave after joining us, please read this article carefully:

    We will present the other innovations, and they are many, later.

    You may have noticed that we are very active, and we explain in detail what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

    Our public articles are visible for free, and do not require registration. You just get off. Under our logo, and next to it, you will find lots of information, and lots of ways to interact with us. If you like, you can share our links with your relatives, friends and contacts.

    Happy reading, good vision, and good listening.

    Start studying what we do, because the choice is only one, either with DirectDemocracyS, or with any of the old political forces. To you the choice. We will respect it, whatever it is.

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