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    Why in all the world?

    Why in all the worldA very interesting question from one of our official members regarding our political strategy.

    Request. DirectDemocracyS is without a doubt, the only innovation, alternative, and better than all the old politics. I joined you a few months ago and am part of the Political Strategy Group. My question is: wouldn't it have been better to start our activities, in individual countries, where direct democracy would be easier to achieve, and we could put our rules into practice, directly and in a simpler way, and our method? I am referring, perhaps, to a small town. It would be enough to make ourselves known, perhaps by participating in, and certainly winning, the elections in a single country, to create the "snowball and avalanche" effect. Thank you.

    Answer. To answer such a simple but well-articulated question, dozens of articles would be needed, explaining all the reasons well. We will try to summarize them in a few lines, and then maybe we will make very detailed articles.

    DirectDemocracyS is an international, innovative, and alternative political organization to all the old politics, born to change and improve the world. It is not a slogan, nor is it our motto. It is the only motivation, for which we were born.

    We are not anti-politics, we were not born against something, against someone, but to offer: innovation, an alternative, to create new paths, to be traveled all together.

    Basing every activity, every rule, and our method, on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people, is fundamental, to be perfect and infallible.

    After these premises, which we repeat often, to remind everyone who we are and how we work, we come to the answers.

    On the basis of the premises, anyone can understand our motivations of political strategy.

    DirectDemocracyS, has various phases, studied in over 14 years of hard work, by many experts, and to the initial ideas, which are the basis, ideas, contents, and projects of all kinds are added every day.

    If we had started, in a very small country, little effort was enough for us, and good publicity, by word of mouth, and we would have won the elections. From that small country, in a few minutes, not hours, or days, there would have been a real invasion of our website. It wouldn't have been a technical problem, in a few hours, we would have simply added more web servers, and our system would have been up and running again (and besides, we have other methods, to deal with invasions, that all our members know about).

    The problems would have been political and internal organization.

    To welcome, in the best way, billions of people, all together, without therefore growing gradually, you need a perfect internal organization, and you need the foundations of development, functioning, and well established.

    In short, the invasion of new users would not slow down our website with blocks, if not for a few hours, at various times, necessary to add new servers (gradually increasing space, power, and speed). Technically it grows, and everything resolves quickly.

    But we would miss all the required capabilities, such as Control Groups, and administrators, who would supervise, and help, all the various new users.

    Also, from the point of view of safety and peace of mind, we would be unable to use our slow but infallible working methods in the best possible way.

    Despite having all the basics, practically ready, we would find ourselves in great difficulty. We should perhaps improvise; we should give important and decisive roles to incompetent and above all unreliable people.

    Serious mistakes would be made, which we cannot afford. The world doesn't change, and improves, with improvisation, and with chaos.

    We are sure that by reading these few lines, many will accuse us of fearing "success" and of being afraid of "becoming famous".

    People's consent is safe and guaranteed, because we are the only credible and functioning alternative to all the old politics. And when the time is right, we are "doomed to electoral victory", all over the world.

    Obviously, it won't be an immediate success, and we know very well that there will be countries where we win the elections sooner, and others where it will take longer.

    We also respond to those who ask us: why, are you sure, that you can win everywhere? Our answer is always the same. Read all of our articles carefully several times. You will understand all our motivations. Every word, every sentence is put into practice by us, without compromise, without favoritism, and without preferences.

    We are first and foremost an international political organization, with clear laws, which we all respect. And our rules are the same for everyone, at every stage, and in every geographical area.

    In this way, each of our decisions is taken in the interest, and for the good, of the entire world population, in its entirety, without any preference. And it is a rule that we have imposed on ourselves: there are no more important countries, and other less important ones, and above all, there are no preferred populations.

    Every people, every group of people, and every single individual, are in the first place for us, respected, helped, and above all loved, in the same way.

    Our innovative mentality is not to favor anyone, not to prefer anyone, putting into practice equality, the same possibilities, for everyone, and then basing everything on meritocracy. Many tell us that it is enough to give everyone the same starting possibilities, and then choose the best ones. It is not so; equality is not only valid at the "starting line". With us, for the first time in the world, equality is continuous, always and immediately united with meritocracy.

    We are sure of winning everywhere, even for a logical reason, not only for our perfection.

    Unlike all the old politics, and every existing "innovative political" group, we do not take power, for ourselves, or for a few people, and for a few groups of power. We will win, and we will have immense success, because we take power, and give it exactly, to the population. Many mistake our security, based on logic, for conceit.

    DirectDemocracyS will take power, all over the world, winning all the elections, with results never seen before, thanks to all our rules, and our working method, which are perfect, and infallible. If we win, whoever votes for us wins, and finally, the whole world wins. Also, because, not many people know, that every decision we make is made in everyone's interest, not just for the interest of those who vote for us. To better understand this mechanism, and its functioning, one must be an official member of DirectDemocracyS, because certain things, we keep them to ourselves, are not a secret, but if one has to decide, if it is the right time to join us, it is enough for him to read, the first article, on our front page, on our website.

    The fundamental difference between us and all of the old politics is in the use of power, and in who holds it. In the old politics, the political parties hold it, and their political representatives, in DirectDemocracyS, for the first time in the world, hold it, and use it, continuously over time, by our voters, and therefore, by the whole population.

    We conclude this brief response with a fundamental theme, which not everyone has yet understood, and which only our official members know.

    Sooner or later, every good person on earth will join DirectDemocracyS, it's normal, almost physiological. Because the alternative is just the old politics. The secret, which everyone must understand, is that to do so, one must change and improve one's mentality, one's values, one's ideals, one's principles, and one's behavior. And it is very difficult to improve, in order to be admitted, and to be able to work with us.

    For the first time in the world, it is not the voters who choose whether one political force is better or worse than another. It is the political force itself, which must accept the elector, internally, if it deems him ready.

    If those who are already with us evaluate, on the basis of precise rules, that a person is ready to join us, the person will be accepted. Otherwise, you will have to demonstrate that you deserve, over time, with your own behavior, that you deserve to be admitted. It seems, at first glance, presumptuous behavior, and certainly different, from the rest of politics, but it is logic.

    The fundamental question is not whether all the population of the world will join us, but the question is: when, each individual will be ready to be accepted.

    The question is not easy to explain, but we will talk about it in the next articles.

    For now, it's enough to know that the world doesn't change, and it improves, if you don't put all the right people, in the right place, above all, at the right time, in which they are ready, to be able to work with us, in the best way.

    Back to our member's question. We are sure that our inevitable success will not materialize in all the countries of the world at the same time, and it is almost certain that it will start earlier, in one or more countries, perhaps smaller ones. But our predictions, based on facts, show us that good, intelligent people will be able to choose DirectDemocracyS first. The superficial ones, and with the wrong mentality, will join us later. And finally, having no alternatives, and with a changed and improved mentality, even bad, selfish, greedy and power-hungry people will join us. And they will, in exactly that order, because that's the only one allowed.

    We are sure of it. Time will prove us right.

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