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    Official message 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Mexico City

    Official message 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

    Global Forum, on Modern Direct Democracy, Mexico City 2023.

    Official message from DirectDemocracyS.

    To all the participants, and to all the organizers, of this important event, a warm greeting, on behalf of all the users, of our political organization, innovative and alternative to all the old politics.

    We wish you to do a good job, and to obtain concrete results, to change and improve the world. What you are doing is very useful for many people. So, from us, sincere appreciation, and our sincere congratulations, for all your activities.

    We wanted to send one of our official representatives directly to Mexico, who is physically present at your forum, as well as many of us being present via video conference.

    This message is also a video message, obviously translated, also in Spanish, and in other languages.

    We want to be brief, because we are sure, that you have a lot of work to do together.

    We spare you all the presentation of DirectDemocracyS, but we invite you to inform yourself, directly on our website. There are many details, in the public area, visible by everyone, absolutely free, and without any commitment, in a simple, fast way. All our articles, in the public area, are in English, but are automatically translated, with a simple click, into over 120 languages, by choosing your own language, instead of English, using the language selection form, present next to our logo. We also have a Blog, with many interesting articles, in the main 56 languages of the world, and we will add more soon. Please keep an open mind, and try to understand all of our information.

    Albert Paine said: "What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal."

    By participating in your important activity, for the first time in our short history, we are introducing ourselves to many leading democracy experts, with our own political organization, which is called DirectDemocracyS. Our name obviously means direct democracy. We have many articles, which explain the choice of our name. There is no better place to make our international debut. We have already made some short participations in some national events.

    The theme of this year's forum, “What protections and assistance does democracy, in its most direct form, require to survive and thrive?”.

    We are a bit presumptuous, but we believe we have almost all the solutions, because we have been working on it since January 2008, initially 5 people, and then, in a short time, a very united and professional group was formed of 282 people (from many countries, coming from many sectors of activity), who for about 2 hours a day, every day, proposed, discussed, tested, and voted, our rules, and our unique method in the world. A very hard job, but full of satisfactions. Currently, we are about 110,000 official members, and about 320,000 registered users, from all countries of the world, representing all populations. Soon, we will make ourselves known to all the people of the world with a truly innovative method.

    If 99% of our main features only took the first few months to design, for over 14 years, we have all worked together to make everything work perfectly.

    We are the example that beautiful ideas, the best projects, must be able to stand, and the enormous mechanism that is created is like a clock. Each gear must do its job perfectly, precisely, and completely, to obtain the best results.

    Briefly explaining who we are and what we do, we give you some of our answers to the precise questions of this year's forum.

    DirectDemocracyS, was born to change and improve the world, and to put into practice the only authentic democracy, the direct one. Our ultimate goal is to allow every citizen to decide on everything, directly from their PC, tablet or smartphone. This does not mean eliminating politics, but it will allow us to change and improve the world through politics. There would not be less politics, but better, more engaging, more collective, more just, and direct politics.

    But we also make representative democracy (present throughout the world), and also the partial, but limited direct democracy in Switzerland, more democratic, through a unique method in the world, in which our voters have total control over every activity, on every decision, of its political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections. On this aspect, of the control of one's electors, even after the elections, on one's political representatives, we could write for hours and whole days, but in short, we all know that all the old politics is full of defects, injustices, lies and especially corruption. Due in part to the control of finance and the economy over all the traditional political forces, and in part to the "theft of power", which occurs in all countries, with which political parties and their political representatives take away, after the elections, the citizens have the power to decide. They deny the word itself, democracy, to transform it into an oligarchic party system. After the elections, for many years, the political parties and their political representatives decide, and we, the population, put their decisions into practice, respecting all their laws. We, in our initial videos, were talking about political parties, and their political representatives, who are the puppeteers, and about us citizens, and voters, who are the puppets, who carry out every order we receive. DirectDemocracyS, for the first and only time in the world, reverses the roles. The voters become the puppeteers, and our political organization, and our political representatives, become the puppets, who put into practice every decision made by whoever gives them the power of representation. With a simple, unique and ingenious reversal of roles, we have made even the false and partial representative democracy become authentic democracy. Obviously, internally, we work in total freedom, with authentic direct democracy.

    The first major problem of direct democracy is information. Having people choose, directly, assumes that every single citizen is an expert in everything, and has excellent knowledge, on every topic. Otherwise, wrong choices are made, and political work becomes completely harmful. Social networks, which are made up largely of incompetent people who speak and publish, even on subjects of which they do not have the minimum knowledge, are proof that ignorance and disinformation generate people, who they think they know, without knowing anything.

    DirectDemocracyS, has already created, and are active, on our website, thousands of groups of specialists, experts in every sector of activity, on every topic. These groups are free, independent, constantly verified, and composed, not only of university professors, but also expert people who work, in the various sectors, or promising students, and innovators, but also, retired people, who were professors, or who have worked, in every sector of activity. These groups were initially made up of a few expert people, then, with the start of our activity, partially and selectively public, from June 21, 2021 (when we made our existence known to other people, beyond the 282 initial people), we decided to include, in each group of specialists, also an expert, representative of each people of the earth, and also of each country of the world. You will have noticed that we have written peoples before countries. DirectDemocracyS considers peoples more important than individual countries, which are often made up of multiple peoples. Expert groups are essential to always make the best decisions, because these groups provide complete information on every choice to be made, letting all our users know all the various possibilities, and all the consequences, from them foreseen, of each choice. With informed people, in this way, our voters, who are also our members, will always choose, in an informed way, and make our political representatives (which they directly control, from our website), make the best Laws, in the interest of the entire population. The groups of experts are made up of all our users, based on the specializations of each of us. For those who want to learn, and be part of groups of specialists, not being an expert, our experts organize online courses, with related exams, to allow anyone who obtains the best results to be part of these groups (based on their specialization), which are fundamental, indeed vital, to DirectDemocracyS.

    To get the best results, we have decided to base each of our rules, each of our methods, each of our characteristics, on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people. It seems an obvious phrase, which all parties put into practice, but it is not always like this, otherwise we would all live in the earthly paradise, and not in the "hell" that we see, and in which we live.

    To be a credible political force, we needed a completely innovative political ideology, and based on the previous sentence (logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people), we decided, to create our own modern political mentality. We have taken the very few positive things of all the old politics, from antiquity to today, and we have eliminated every negative or bankruptcy part. Our ideology was born, which we presumptuously define as politically perfect. Obviously, this mix of ideologies makes us love, and at the same time hate, by anyone who reads all our articles. But in the end, good, intelligent people, which are 99% of the world's population, will understand that we are the best. It's not about being presumptuous, but realistic, and proud of our long and very hard work.

    But our characteristics, unique in the world, are many, starting with the property. Our entire political organization, our website (which is basically, the only place we work, to be free, safe, secure, peaceful, and independent), and all of our assets, are owned by all of our official members. Each of our official members receives a single share, individual, personal, non-cumulative, non-transferable, with which they are the master, together with all our members, of our entire political organization, of our entire website, and of all our activities. We have created, a commercial company, and we have registered our every idea, every rule, and all our innovative method, of which each of our member holds a single share. In this way, we will get many useful results. The first is to be original, and therefore by recording everything, we will prevent anyone from stealing our ideas. We will prevent anyone, even from using our method, or part of it, because only those who join us own it. Being all "members" of our political organization, which is united, in diversity, no one will ever attempt splits or divisions, for the simple reason, that they would lose all rights, and would be excluded. With individual, and collective, but unitary property, we also solve the worst problem of all the old politics. The struggle for power. Even if not, everyone admits it, internal struggles for power destroy all credibility of politics, only create waste of time, and do great harm to citizens. Personal pride, the spasmodic search for the power to decide, avarice and selfishness create many unpleasant situations. We put the motto into practice: one for all, all for one. We have no leader, and no leadership either. We are many people, who work individually, or in groups, in a coordinated way, based on our method, to put into practice and respect all our rules. It seems impossible, but with this method, we never fight, because we trust each other, and we decide anything, all together. Each of our official members has the right, and the possibility, to check all our activities, we are the first to verify that everything is working properly. We are the first, and careful controllers, of ourselves.

    To avoid the power struggle, for the first time in the world, we have completely divided the roles of managing the political organization, reserved for our official representatives, from the roles of political representation, reserved for our political representatives, chosen through a mechanism, very detailed, and rigid, of primary elections, closed online. The political organization, together with all our users, support, help, direct, and control, all the work of our political representatives. We have many articles explaining this whole unique and fair method of selecting our candidates. We just tell you that anyone can apply, if they follow our every rule.

    Anyone who seeks only personal advantages from politics will be disappointed, we are all together, a single, immense leader who decides and controls all our activities.

    By avoiding the struggle for power, we all work, efficiently, and useful for all.

    We have many rules, which seem rigid, but whoever joins us, over time, understands who we are, the freest and most democratic in the entire history of politics. We do not exclude anyone for their ideas, on the contrary we ask everyone for a contribution, in ideas, projects, and with a coordinated work, and decided together, to enlarge, and make even better, all our activities.

    We do not and will never make electoral agreements, coalitions, and collaborations with other political forces. Not because we are closed, but because we have people of every ideology and every political party within us. Thus, we have all the possible political ideas needed, without any need, to collaborate with others. The policy of compromise is bankruptcy, because it forces those who make agreements to give up part of their ideas, and always puts at risk the possibility of realizing their programs, for fear that a political force, of the coalition, votes against our decisions. If we win, and we will certainly win everywhere, with our political project, we will govern in the best possible way, putting all our rules and all our promises into practice. In this regard, one of our fundamental rules is: always help first people and businesses that are in difficulty, and then help everyone else. If we lose the elections, which is very difficult, we will vote in favor of any Law, which will be deemed useful, by our only masters, who are our official members, who are all our voters. Instead, we will vote against any law that our voters consider harmful. We will therefore, a healthy, honest, and loyal opposition.

    DirectDemocracyS, was not born against the old politics, we are not against anyone. We create a new road, to be traveled together with anyone who joins us.

    At this point, many will ask, if you are so perfect, why are you here?

    We are here to introduce ourselves to you, and through you, officially introduce ourselves to the world.

    We are here, to invite you to get to know us, and if you like our proposal, we invite you to join us.

    Finally, we are here to offer you our experience, obviously we do not give anyone the right to use our rules, our method, and our features, because they are owned by all our members. But we want you to know that there are solutions, just put them into practice all together. We are doing it one registered user at a time.

    Anyone who copies our ideas, even partially, as well as being a thief, and committing a copyright crime, thanks to our registration, of each of our ideas, in the name of our "cooperative" commercial company, also commits the serious crime of unfair competition.

    We know very well that intelligent people will always prefer the original, to those who copy, other people's ideas.

    Only those who are our members, and are actively part of our enormous mechanism, can change and improve the world, together with us.

    The theme of this year's forum, “What protections and assistance does democracy, in its most direct form, require to survive and thrive?”.

    It seems to us that we have answered, in brief, the interesting topic. We have given, with a small part of our ideas, which you find on our website, or by searching for DirectDemocracyS, on some social networks.

    We have given you our solutions, the result of long and hard work. And we invite you, to join us, to work all together. We are sure that when all the people of the earth will be able to choose between the old politics and our completely alternative innovation, they will all choose DirectDemocracyS, because we are the only ones who give correctly informed people the power to choose and decide. The only ones, in which each person is the master, and the protagonist.

    We thank you for your attention, we renew the invitation to get to know us, and we wish you a good job.

    With much esteem and infinite respect, we send you our best regards.

    DirectDemocracyS, your innovative and alternative policy, truly in every sense!

    © 2023 DirectDemocracyS. All Rights Reserved.

    Let's change and improve the world together.

    We are the first, and the only ones in the world, to with these rules and these methods.

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