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Our innovative system

In DirectDemocracyS, there are 3 main components.

People, who are our constituents and users at the same time.

At the center of all our activities, people are more important to us than all the other components, put together. We have decided, from the beginning, to give all power to whoever joins us. Anyone who contributes their work, and by paying an annual fee, becomes our official member, together with all our members, ownership of our entire political organization, our website, and everything we do. THE

Our computer system.

It's our website, which is the only place we work, and where all of our business takes place. Thanks to various potentialities, every action carried out by each of our users is transcribed, and allows us to evaluate each individual and group activity, to prevent any problem, to punish those who do not respect each of our rules, and to reward the best users.

Artificial intelligence.

Born from a group of users, with the intention of making all our work perfect. The various activities of each of our users, and of each of our groups, are published and calculated by our computer system, and are all controlled and evaluated by our artificial intelligence. After the control and evaluation, without the possibility of modifying the various activities, our artificial intelligence proposes to groups of people every type of action, such as: finding irregularities, punishing offenders, rewarding the best, and each other possible evaluation, and proposal. The final decision is always and only up to the group of people who manage and evaluate the artificial intelligence proposals.

Our motivations.

When we were a few hundred people, it was very easy for some of them to evaluate the behavior and activities of all the others. When we have become, over time, several tens of thousands of people, while leaving total control to people, we have decided to combine human work with artificial intelligence. The reasons are various, such as: speed, accuracy, incorruptibility, and lack of preferences, if not based on the results obtained. We human beings can easily be corrupted. We can choose, reward, punish, or prefer, based on personal beliefs, or family or school teachings, based on tradition, culture, or religion. All legitimate behaviors, but which are not suitable for our way of working. To be sure that we are evaluating only the facts, we rely on the advice and suggestions of our artificial intelligence. According to our rules, the final choice is made by groups of people, but each different choice, from the one suggested by the artificial intelligence, must be discussed, motivated, and voted on by a group of hundreds of people, representing all the peoples of the earth, and of every country. Without the motivations, and a vote, of these groups of people, the decision of artificial intelligence remains valid. This way, the best choices will always be made.

To some people, traditionalists, and not competent, it may seem strange, unusual, and complicated, however with time, and by reading our articles, you will understand, that it is the only way, to prevent any possible problem, to punish, and to reward, only those who truly deserve it.

We immediately want to explain that DirectDemocracyS is not guided, or managed, by "electronic components". Always and in any case, it is our users who decide, analyzing, discussing, and finally voting, the evaluations of all our components: people, the system, and artificial intelligence. The last word always belongs to human beings.

We decide everything internally, and only and exclusively, on our website.

Many people contact us to tell us that they have spoken to their friends, and many are hesitant, because they do not know our website. The Internet is full of scams, pitfalls, and dangers, and especially for the most technologically ignorant, the idea of trusting a website, and a political organization, practically unknown, scares them, especially at the beginning. We understand fears, never trust strangers.

However, at least a little time to read carefully, even several times, each of our articles, published in a public way, visible to all, completely free, safe, and without any commitment, they could find it. They would surely be surprised, and surely they would understand our huge potential. We have noticed that almost every person (the latest data says about 90%) who visits our website joins us.

Is our website secure?

We have said it, and demonstrated (through tests, with dozens of programs, dedicated to security), our website, is safe, both for our visitors and for our guests.

Do we give you too much information?

Be wary of projects, which in a nutshell explain things to you. Anyone who doesn't provide you with the details and explanations necessary to understand not only what they want to do, but also how they will get the promised results, is certainly not reliable.

Why don't we actively work on social networks with such a beautiful project?

Our presence on social networks is very limited, a few groups, and pages, and accounts, just to let people know that we exist. We have often talked about it, we have our website, which is our huge home, where we work in a free, independent, orderly and secure way. Of course, social networks would cost much less, and would allow us an unlimited number of users. But we would also risk being blocked, or canceled, if we don't say things the way others say them. We have never been, and never will be, submissive to anyone except those who join us. We decided, all together, to work only on our website, also to have a certain order, being able to concentrate on our work together, both individually and in groups. We were interested in having users, with their identity verified, while allowing everyone to work anonymously if they wish, and to set up their privacy as they wish. We are very attentive to security, and to the data that everyone shares, leaving it to the common sense and will of each of our users on the personal data that they share, both with those who share them and when they share them. We have also set rules, which eliminate all kinds of distractions, personal, useless, or superfluous posts are never accepted. None of us care if a user feels the need to say hello to everyone, or to tell us that it's snowing, or to post photos, with their pet. We are not interested in wishing each other religious holidays, or for the various traditions. We respect every religion, and every tradition, and each of our users can participate in all the religious and traditional activities they want, but externally, and without influencing, in any way, all our activities, without any exceptions. To express one's preferences, to greet, and to interact with anyone, there are traditional social networks, from which we certainly do not want to steal the work. In DirectDemocracyS, and in all our projects and related websites, each one carries out its own specific activities, without any need to be noticed. Obviously, in specific working groups, and in coordinated interactions, we greet each other, exchange comments, and even comic jokes, but we are polite and respectful. By working only on our website, we can also have real financial independence. For these reasons, we encourage verified registered users to become our official members, in good standing with an annual fee of 12 euros. It is not a large sum, even for the least developed countries, and for the poorest. But we have created a fund, in which whoever is richer can pay an annual fee to another user, even an unknown one. For safety reasons, in addition to one's next of kin, or a few friends, or cohabitants, a single person cannot pay too many dues. Beyond a certain number , anonymous donations can be made , in the fund to offer free annual installments, and services, to those in difficulty, which will remain forever anonymous, and untraceable, or connectable. We are happy to see so much solidarity, within us, to help those in difficulty. This shows that almost everyone has understood the noble spirit of solidarity, which is a positive sign for all of us.

Why are we practically unobtainable on search engines and on the net?

We are not unobtainable, those who look for us find us, but we are not among the first results in search engines, because it is not our habit to pay (you pay for everything) to be famous, and to be in the first results, in research case. We have preferred to invest our money, in our technologies, and in our systems, to be free, independent, and self-sufficient.

Why don't newspapers, radios, TVs and traditional media talk about us?

At the beginning of our activity, when we were a few thousand people, our members of DirectDemocracyS Italia sent a press release, number 1, to some Italian media, to make known our existence, and some characteristics that make us unique and inimitable. Guess how many have released, and made public, our press release? You guessed it, nobody. They didn't trust us, they didn't know us, and they already feared us. In a sense, we have them to thank, because they have shown us that we are on the right track. Furthermore, if they had made DirectDemocracyS known to the Italian population, we would already be the main Italian political force, but we would have 99% of Italian users, and less than 1% of the rest of the world. Furthermore, too rapid growth would put us in difficulty, from many points of view. The "test of press release n.1", has shown us that information will try to ignore us, because we are capable of changing and improving the world, and many means of communication, often not free, and subjected to the old politics, to the old economy, and the old finance, will find themselves out of work, and with no one to follow them, with our arrival. Press release no. 2 will be sent, at the right time, to the entire world press, and whoever disseminates it will be our media partner, whoever does not will receive the same treatment from us. It will be completely and definitively ignored by us.

Our presence, and that of our political representatives, on the traditional means of communication will be practically non-existent. Our official representatives, who together with our users, and our members, manage all our activities, are too busy, with their work. Our political representatives will be present on the media, the bare essentials to respect the various traditions, such as for example the "television challenges", without ever being too present. The motivations? Certain political experts have also asked us, telling us that a presence in the media brings electoral support, money, and votes. Our answer left them speechless: with such a political project, with such political programmes, and with the political representatives who will be candidates, there is no need to advertise ourselves, and to appear. Our political representatives will always be speaking to their constituents almost around the clock on our website. They will do exactly everything, and will always implement, every decision, of their constituents, before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections. We have planned to allow almost every voter (within the time limit possible) to communicate with their political representative. In fact, one of the main evaluations, to be paid, and according to the cases rewarded, is the number of voters with whom he has spoken directly. Also with regard to any re-nominations, the data on the number of voters with whom each of our political representatives spoke during his activity will be presented and evaluated. Does it seem strange to you? How many times would each of us have wanted to say something to our own political representative? We make it possible, in fact, we have a mandatory programme, with timetables and specific rules, in which each political representative speaks, both individually and in groups, with his or her supporters. Do you like our innovation? Obviously, without interfering with political activities, institutional activities, each of our political representatives will dialogue with their supporters. At this point you will tell us: yes, a nice direct method of dialogue, but without always being on the public means of communication, you will not get new consensus, new votes, and new supporters. To those who ask us , we repeat the usual phrase: with such a political project, with similar political programmes, and with the political representatives who will be candidates, there is no need to advertise too much, and to appear. The voters are almost all good, intelligent people, and they will be able to choose between us and all the others, even without always having to convince and attract them, often with false promises or useless polemics. We will also create dedicated spaces, in which our political representatives will be available to speak directly, with groups, or directly with those who are not with us, therefore also with the few opponents, which we will certainly have. We are sure that many of them will immediately join us, seeing how available we are. So, dear experts, don't worry about us, our rules, and our innovative methods. We communicate differently, better, and certainly more directly than any other political force.

The DirectDemocracyS system is truly innovative, an alternative to all other political forces, it is based on logic, common sense, science, and mutual respect for all people.

We advise everyone to get fully informed, with an open mind, and to join us, helping us to make our activities known to as many people as possible.

Let's change, and improve the world, all together.

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