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A year of shame

Since February 24, 2022, the world is no longer the same. A year of pain, for the whole world.

What was supposed to be, a rapid (there was talk of a few hours, a couple of days) and a cowardly invasion (a strong country attacking a weaker country), by the Russians, to favor a coup d'état, and change the partially democratic Ukrainian regime, by putting a pro-Russian government, certainly dictatorial and authoritarian, at the helm of Ukraine, has transformed itself into an even more tragic conflict, in which various countries have entered.

The resistance of the proud and courageous Ukrainian people has displaced everyone, especially the Russians, but also the United States, and the West, who already believed they had to let the Ukrainian President flee from Kiev.

Volodymyr Zelensky remained the President of Ukraine, and his government (with some changes) remained firmly and courageously in power. A modern, and tragic, David against Goliath.

In our recent article on foreign policy, in the final part, we spoke again about the difficult situation in Ukraine. We invite you to read it, at this link:

We talked about it, to make people understand, the falsehood, and the ability of some political representatives, without any value, not to respect the agreements. We are obviously referring to the main culprit of all this death and destruction. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has not respected the Budapest Memorandum, already in 2014, with the invasion of Crimea, with the United States and the West, which have not lifted a finger to help Ukraine. In a completely self-defeating way, the whole world, including the UN, limited themselves to condemning the invasion, without any more courageous measure of condemnation. Even those, who in exchange for Ukraine's renunciation of over 1900 nuclear warheads, given (ironically) to the Russians, to be "decommissioned", had guaranteed, for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, together to Russia, i.e., the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. But we don't want to repeat the same things, so we send you the links of some of our articles on the sad story, we advise you to read them carefully:

and we have talked about it, in other interviews, dedicated articles, and official positions, and we are sure that you will find a lot of interesting information.

The world of foreign policy works like this, the strongest countries that control the world are mainly 3, in order, the United States, Russia, and China. The only ones, partially democratic, therefore the "best" in terms of freedom and rights, are the United States. The others are dictatorships, oligarchic Russia, oligarchic and "communist", China.

Therefore, dear friends "fans" of Putin, or subjects of the rising sun, if one has to choose who to be subjugated by, whoever chooses the United States lives better and is freer than Russia and China (if not admit you are false, and liars). It is always advisable to be on the side of freedom and partial democracy, always preferable to the absolute lack of freedom and guaranteed dictatorship. Unfortunately, the world is full of ignorant people, who are unable to distinguish partial good from total evil, above all out of frustration, anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism, only partially motivated. But we have already talked about these issues as well.

These 3 countries decide who governs, in the various countries, they decide the program of the various submissive governments. Everyone must respect the orders received, favor certain commercial companies, buy and market weapons. They are called spheres of influence. You have to decide which side to take, and who to side with.

But the 3 leaders of the world, every now and then, try to "steal" one country from another, as in a tragic game of Risk.

We have already explained to you how the vote and the decisions of the people, of any people, count for nothing. All over the world, there is an oligarchic party system, even in democratic countries. We have also told you that the old politics has almost always been subjugated to financial and economic powers.

The aspect, which we will address today, one year after the beginning, of the senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine, is how the politics, endowed with power, and strength (financial, economic, and military), or super politics, of United States, Russia, and China, decide the fate of all other countries. The world is all theirs.

Official treaties, international laws, and "official" diplomacy count for nothing, they are just a facade, and nobody fully respects them. Some of these international laws are also sensible, to try to predict and prevent conflicts. But applying them, with all the propaganda, falsehoods, and futile motives of the 3 superheroes of world politics (United States, Russia, and China), is practically impossible.

The United States does not hesitate to create false evidence, together with the United Kingdom, France, and other allies, in order to export, unsolicited by anyone, their false, and partial "democracy". They make the "liberated" populations hate the noble word, never put into practice by them, "democracy". All the countries attacked by the West wonder if "democracy" foresees bombings, even of civilians, of hospitals, and many dead, wounded, pain, suffering and fear, and changed regimes, with other weak and submissive ones, distorting and often making the lives of entire populations worse. We too ask ourselves, if the Japanese (who were the first in history to experience 2 atomic bombs in 2 densely populated cities) ask, if North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, in Libya, in Iraq, and in many other states in the world, where anyone who was not submissive, with good manners, was subdued, or with ruthless sanctions (inhuman and cruel), which reduced to hunger and made entire peoples suffer , or with bombings, and military invasions, with dead, wounded, and immense fear, and pain. So "Western" politics cannot give anyone lessons in morality and humanity. Sanctions, and reducing peoples to hunger and despair, in order to carry out coups d'état, by the population, or by the military, is shameful, as is any violence, any "intelligent" bombing. But do you realize? They call them the "smart" bombs, these cunning, greedy, selfish, and savage, demented liars. Not to mention, mass graves, in some cases invented, atomic arsenals, declared, and never found. No one would ever attack a country that actually has the atomic bomb, as demonstrated by Iran (which having oil and gas is attractive, but dangerous, due to its proximity to Israel, a US ally), and recently by North Korea (who has no wealth, and nobody cares). Anything goes, just to drop bombs, and carry out air raids. After all, oil, natural wealth, the strategic positions of certain countries, are of interest to everyone, as it is to everyone, to control entire countries, and to control trafficking of all kinds, even illegal, unethical, and morally reprehensible. Not to mention the military invasions, which consume weapons, which will then be replaced with more expensive ones. With wars, you earn, with weapons (whoever produces them, and sells them, pays well, large commissions, to everyone), both in destroying entire countries and in rebuilding what has been destroyed.

Russia does exactly the same thing as the US, with a more ruthless twist. It attacks, bombs, kills, wounds, rapes, starves, even its own allies. Its own sister countries, which were part of the huge, bankrupt, utopian Communist Empire. Its neighbors, such as Finland, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, and lately Ukraine, and we believe soon Moldova, know well how traitors, cruel, and wicked Russian "comrades" are (we always refer to Russian politics, and never to the glorious, submissive, exploited and betrayed Russian people). They are in the worst way, lying (with propaganda, and historical revisionism), giving a damn, of the various treaties, of any agreement, and betraying the former allies. Therefore, the same discourse also applies to them, with the aggravating circumstance of the oligarchic dictatorship, the killing of many opponents, and prison, even for those who pronounce the word "war". Technically, they are right, there is no declaration of war, their "special military operation", is one of the most shameful, cruel, and senseless, in the entire history of mankind. Having Russians as friends and neighbors is never pleasant, because they are quite unpredictable. All the countries that are around Russia are trying in every way to join NATO or alliances to avoid being attacked by those who have sworn to defend them.

The United States, at least attacked dictatorships, often ruthless, and often, even with partially understandable, and partially true (although always highly politicized) motivations. We will always protest, and we will always be on the side of those who are attacked and defend themselves, and we will never be on the side of those who attack.

For now, China prefers to bribe politicians, buying what it needs, at 10% of the value. Slowly, slowly, one country at a time, we are "buying" an entire continent, Africa. In addition to having bought almost a third of the public debt of the United States and other countries from the "free market", in order to be able to work in the world without being disturbed by anyone. We'll see what they do in Taiwan, because it seems to us that they have bad intentions. Let's hope we're wrong.

We have presented you, in a nutshell, the 3 protagonists of world politics who count for something.

We would like to have invented something, we would like to tell you: it was all a lie, nothing of what we wrote is true. Unfortunately for everyone, we never lie, and everything we write is the truth, because we are: independent, free, and completely alternative to the cruelties and falsehoods to which almost all the old politics has accustomed you. Many things, which we have written, are known by many people. Obviously, everyone only tells you the parts that suit them, it's called propaganda, and political interest. Others tell you only part of the truth, because they receive wire transfers, in tax havens. Politicians, journalists and famous personalities who take sides on one side or the other, without telling the whole truth, are often corrupt and have political interests. Many of these subjects would sell their own mother, for a little fame, power, or for a little wealth. Let's hope for them that they aren't so stupid and ignorant that they don't recognize right from wrong. No one, cannot dispute, not even a word of what we write, in each of our articles. Unlike those who write out of interest, we look at everything, at 360°, and we have reliable documented sources, and experts, whom we blindly trust.

The various motivations, which may justify, for some sick minds, an invasion, such as the Russian one, such as the precarious situation of ethnic minorities in Ukraine (not only the Russian one), or other senseless reasons, are only attempts to motivate the absolute evil. An immense pain, which thanks to the criminal foreign policies of these 3 countries: United States, Russia, and China, feel above all, the civilian populations, and the military who die to defend their country. Unfortunately for them, the families of the dead and the invaders also suffer. But if those who defend their country, their sovereignty, their land, and above all their freedom with their lives, are heroes, those who attack, invade, and die are just one less villain.

Wars and violence of all kinds are always organized by the powerful, on the life and pain of innocent people.

History cannot be invented, and international treaties must be respected, always and by everyone.

We conclude, with a message, and with information, that we have never given you.

DirectDemocracyS doesn't enjoy criticizing the old, corrupt, and failed politics. We feel no pleasure, and it is not thanks to criticism, that soon, all the intelligent, good people of the earth will join us, and vote for our candidates. We say things, to make you understand what others are doing, and to tell you how we will do it. We guarantee you, and we swear to you, that we will definitely be different, and better, than all the old politics. You will have noticed that we will make very little effort to do better than them. It is literally impossible to do worse than them.

Read, with an open mind, everything we publish, and if you feel suitable, and compatible, with our proposals, and with our ideas, and you feel ready, to change, and improve the world, join us, and let's do it, all together. Humanity will win, we, united, will make it win.

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