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    Free or paid political activityQuestion: DirectDemocracyS, was supposed to be an absolutely free political project, and without any commitment, on the part of those who join you. Instead, analyzing each of your articles, there are many advantages and facilities for your official members, therefore for those who pay you. Furthermore, those who join you are obligated to be present, and to carry out various activities, to help you. You are not consistent with your statements.

    Answer: first, thank you for contacting us, second, there is not a question, but only a final sentence, even before going to trial. But let's answer the same, once and for all, hoping to be clear, concise, and concrete. From the very first article we published, we have always said that we were born to change and improve politics, and therefore, through laws, the world. And from the first article, we said that for the first ones who will join us, there will rightly be many advantages and facilitations. Also from the first article, we said: DirectDemocracyS will be owned by all our official members. Also in the first article, we specified that we must change the world and improve it all together (it's not just us alone). We have always said that to register, therefore to join us, creating a personal profile, everything is, and will always be, absolutely free, and without any commitment, for anyone. And we have always confirmed it, in each of our official articles.

    And that's it, exactly like that, no one asks our visitors for a penny to register, to join us, and become our registered users. And no visitor, who joins us, is obligated to do anything to join us. To register, and to create a personal profile by joining us, he just needs to decide: a username (according to our specific rules), a password of at least 12 characters (made up of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and if want symbols), and a personal e-mail address. Nothing else is needed. They don't seem like exaggerated, expensive, complicated, or difficult to achieve requests.

    During registration, by joining us, by creating a personal profile, you accept our rules, and swear to respect them (it seems right, and normal, to demand the oath, and respect for all our rules). The obligations, and the rules, that everyone must respect, are few things. Within 15 days, if you have not done so during the registration phase (via electronic signature), anyone who joins us must have their identity verified by our Special Security Groups, in order to maintain our international political organization, our website, all our activities absolutely safe, for anyone who joins us, or for anyone who will collaborate with us. It seems logical to us, to verify the identity of anyone, before being able to allow them, to access our home (in the private areas of our website). To vote, in any election, real or virtual, the first mandatory thing to do is that you must prove your identity. The verification process is very simple, fast, and secure. It is done only once, even if, from time to time, our Special Security Groups can check again, the identity of anyone who joins us, for obvious reasons, including: preventing the use of front names, preventing creating multiple profiles, and checking the existence alive, of our users. All this, allowing each of our verified users to be able to carry out any activity with us, remaining completely anonymous and untraceable. We have very strict rules on respecting privacy, and our initial settings are very closed and strict, but each verified user can modify them independently, being able to decide, everything he wants to share, with whom to share it, when, how much, and for how long to share it. Furthermore, if he wishes, anyone can renounce anonymity at any time, making public the personal information (of his personal profile, registration), he wishes. We have tracking rules for users and devices that are among the most modern and least invasive, with the most modern and always up-to-date technologies. Even if we write, due to a legal obligation, that it is possible that certain information, if set incorrectly by the user, could end up with other people or entities, we will never give anyone any information about our verified users, without their permission. For this purpose, we use the international laws on extraterritoriality of our international political organization and of all our related projects.

    The obligation to be present, and work with us, for at least 20 minutes a day, or at least 2 hours a week, seems "bearable" to us, taking into account the fact that the world does not change, and does not improve by itself, and logically, we need the help, collaboration, commitment, and work of everyone, in the ways, and based on the abilities, of each of our verified users. It is not up to us to judge, or control, the wasted time, and the useless activities carried out by our users, in their free time, on social networks and other websites. Asking for some time, to work simply, effortlessly, carrying out interesting activities, meeting new people, with us, in a useful way for everyone, but also for yourself, for your relatives, friends, contacts, and for future generations, it seems to us a legitimate, logical, normal, and common-sense request.

    The fact that we expect our users to carry out their political activities exclusively with us on our website seems normal to us. Just think of how important mutual respect is between DirectDemocracyS and all its users, so we ask you to make politics, only on our website, and not to share, with anyone, in any way, without authorization, our information, and our common work together. For certain activities, after having requested and obtained the authorizations from the special groups, you will be able to share, on your social networks and other websites, our work together, or only the parts that you consider interesting. Freedom must not lead us to make mistakes, therefore, if possible, only things that can be mutually useful are shared, we repeat, requesting and obtaining authorizations for everything that is published. No one has been, and will ever be expelled, or blocked, for what they think, write, say, or show, as long as everything is done in the right ways, times and places, respecting all our rules. Individual and group freedom, if it does not endanger the unity of our political organization, or other of our users, is always guaranteed.

    We also claim to be the only political force you work with, because by getting on 2 horses at the same time, you risk falling between the 2 horses and being trampled on, and we also demand a certain continuity. Or as they say: put your feet in 2 different pairs of shoes. Obviously, you are free to request at any time, the elimination of your personal profile, and therefore abandon us, to go elsewhere, love does not exist, with force, but remember, that to always change, there is no we earn. Our grandmothers used to say: those who leave the old road for the new one knows what they are losing and do not know what they find.

    Our "preferences", for those who have been joining us for the longest time, are very right, to reward, with advantages and facilities, the first visitors, who have trusted us, and registered, among the first. Also, because, the first ones who joined us, have all been working hard together, for a long time, to grow and improve all our activities. Even in the world of work, seniority and the best results are rewarded. So, it's true, those who work well, and have been working with us for longer, have many advantages and facilities, which they must confirm every day, through the concrete results of their work, their behavior, and compliance with all our rules (we monitor every activity carried out, not only to check, but to be able to reward the best). Without this method of rewarding the best, while offering similar starting points, therefore equality, we would not be able to grow continuously. So, we are proud to have chosen this method, and we are sure that the results will prove it. A healthy, loyal, honest, and meritocratic competition, based on individual abilities, but also of the various work groups, makes our method practically perfect. Furthermore, the advantages and facilities are the same for all our registered users, not only for those who, like our official members, pay an annual fee. We repeat: exactly identical, so we don't prefer, or we only favor those who pay. In this regard, it is normal to hope to have more official members, who as such, it is right to obtain some important services, and potential, to obtain which, they pay the annual fee.

    All our rules apply to everyone who joins us in exactly the same way, including: identity verification, payment of the annual fee, to be an official member, or 20 minutes of work per day, or 2 minimum hours per week, whether registering is an unemployed homeless person, or the President of the United States, or His Holiness Pope Francis. As for the Russian President Putin, our Special Legality Group, which evaluates, and approves, each of our verified users, due to our "Minute 0" (officially started, from 00.00, on June 20, 2021), would not be allowed, as it would be considered a "criminal against humanity". Likewise, anyone who orders military strikes, from any country, without any preference. Let us briefly explain our “Minute 0”. From the official moment, in which we created our website (then made our projects public to a few selected people), there is a News Analysis Group, which carefully analyzes everything that happens in the world, and anyone who takes an action violence, starting from that date (our Minute 0), towards another human being, which has caused death, or permanent physical damage, to another person, or anyone who orders, or physically carries out, military attacks (the excuse having to follow orders, with us, is not a valid reason, each person must refuse to cause pain, to other people), against other countries, terrorist attacks, or violent actions, but also, those who commit crimes against our planet , or against animals, and nature in general, will be carefully evaluated, and even if registered user verified (accepted by the Special Administration Group, and verified by our Special Security Group), if the Group Special Legality, will not approve, your registration (obviously, motivating your decision), will never, receive, the possibility to join us, being automatically declared, persona non grata. Attention: the 3 special groups must all approve, if only one group denies access, the user does not enter our projects. Furthermore, even after having been approved, any of the 3 special groups can, giving reasons for its decision, to the other 2 special groups, block and eliminate anyone from our projects, even making them persona non grata. Whatever role the respective person has within our organization. And at any time, not just in the first period. This rule will be explained in detail, with all the reasons, in one of our future articles. We can guarantee you that our special groups will always be attentive, and committed to preventing 1% of bad people from being able to join us, or to stay with us, if by chance they are already with us.

    Every political force in the world has its own official members, who have greater "powers" than simple voters. We know of no political forces that do not require an annual tax, even a symbolic one. Ours is currently 12 euros, and has a duration of one year from the moment in which the sum arrives in our current account. Warning: in some cases, we delay the entry into force of the qualification of official member, from the exact moment in which the person pays, to the moment in which he is officially appointed, being able to use the new type of user. This is a huge advantage, because often days can pass between the payment and the arrival of money in our current accounts. Furthermore, for the appointments, and to be admitted to the reserved areas, to those who pay the fee, which gives many advantages and facilities, it can take days, or weeks, in some cases months. Starting the year of validity from the right moment seems right to us, and mandatory. With the possibility of paying for one or more additional members who are in financial difficulty, we help those who do not have the possibility to pay, but who deserve to be our official member. The money we receive is spent to improve and expand our technologies, but also to reward our best collaborators (with money, goods, or services), but also with fixed-term or permanent contracts. An international political organization, which does not have economic resources, and funds, to be able to survive independently (without financial problems), and to be able to work in a decent way, would risk, and this is certainly not our case, to make it depend on, and influence, from finance, or from traditional economics (as often happens to the old politics). We are innovative in this field as well, having already created financial, economic, and all kinds of projects, reserved only for our official members, who help our political organization without asking anything in return. Besides doing politics together, we do business, and we invest together, and there's nothing wrong with that if the various businesses keep separate. In this way, those involved in the political representation of our voters in the institutions, at the end of their political representation activity, will be able to continue working with us, even doing business, having a guaranteed future with us. In this way we will avoid, even by controlling them in every possible way, that they are tempted to be corrupted, or to steal, public or private funds (as the old politic often does). We guarantee you that we carry out all the necessary checks, and there will never be any problems, because we are very careful, strict, but fair. Thanks to all the concrete activities that we do together, and to the various contributions received from our members, we have guaranteed a peaceful future, from an economic point of view. We have sums, including security sums, to allow us to prevent all types of crises, even for the next few years.

    One thing, which may bothersome, is that in various articles, we have said that it seems right to us to reward the first 5 members who have had the idea, and above all the first 282 members, who have worked for over 15 years, still work, and have created, and made concrete, from nothing, all our projects. We have jokingly said that they will, rightly, become “filthy rich”. To those who will tell us that it is not right, let us ask a question: the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy are disgustingly rich, having reduced our planet to the conditions it is in, and stealing democracy from the peoples, to give it to political parties and political representatives, who have not always been honest, sincere, and respectful of their promises, made to their electors. If we give something to those who, on the other hand, have helped to change and improve the world, we don't feel like we are stealing anything from anyone. Because all of us, together with those who were with us from the beginning, those who will join now, and those who will join later, have all the skills and potential to create a different and better world. Therefore, we can reward those who created all this, not only with work, and by investing their own money, but by risking their own lives. First, because we use our own money, and secondly, because it won't be exaggerated sums, and that all our members, through the various special groups, will be able to verify exactly, every sum that enters, or that goes out. Anyone who does not agree can always continue to live in the old party system, oligarchy, and in finance, and in the economy, in which not everyone always has the same opportunities, and in which meritocracy is almost never present. It is not mandatory to join us, and live in total freedom, in authentic democracy, and in fair, ethically correct financial and economic projects that reward initiative, good ideas, winning projects, and whoever deserves it. All while giving everyone the same opportunities.

    Each of our verified registered users can carry out any activity reserved for this type of user. You can work with us, individually, and in working groups, and vote, in our closed online primary elections, in geographical groups, in number groups, and in working groups, for verified registered users. To run, in our closed online primary elections (and later, if you perform well in the real elections), to manage special groups, to own, all political organization, our website, and all our businesses, one must be an official member, in good standing, with the payment of annual dues. A simple verified registered user cannot run as a political representative, for various reasons, especially related to the fact that in order to run, you must have a personal political profile (created individually, by our special groups), with real data, therefore separate, and not connectable, to the registration, and to the initial personal profile. This personal political profile is created, linked to a personalized e-mail address, ending, which will allow anyone who candidates to have all the necessary support from all of us. Obviously, to apply, you must abandon all activities in groups, and management activities of DirectDemocracyS, and give management, all your activities, to a trusted person, together with your activities, in our financial and economic projects, connected. This is to allow our political representatives to carry out their political representation activities in the best possible way. Until the end of one's political representation activity, it will not be possible to return to the respective management, or financial, and economic activities. But once every political task of representation has been completed, he will be able to go back to managing the same activities, together with us.

    We hope we have been clear, and also be consistent. There are many other articles, which explain many details to you, which we have summarized in this answer. We invite you to continue to criticize us, even in a slightly superficial way, as in this case, because you allow us to clarify things. We like to explain everything from the beginning, so as never to find ourselves wasting time in useless, annoying and childish discussions. We have rules based on logic, common sense, and a method that works perfectly. We hope that whoever joins us will enjoy all our endless innovations.

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