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Success pleases everyone, and in politics, it means being appreciated, and certainly voted for by the voters.

DirectDemocracyS innovative, and alternative, to all the old politics, our aim is to change, and improve the world.

From a few friends, with ideas, rules, methodologies, and political projects, we have become many friends who do the same things together. Thanks to everyone who has joined us, and will in the future, we are always evolving.

If in 2022, the number of registered users in a day averaged around 2000, in the last period, we have exceeded 6000 new registered users in a single day. Since the number of administrators, which we can dedicate to new activations, is just over 200, it becomes difficult to continue working at this pace. The activations of new users, with great attention, and with a selection based on our needs, are fundamental, to make our entire enormous mechanism work perfectly.

Anyone who joins us must be welcomed with professionalism, and since for us, each person is important, and deserves to receive the best information, we must suspend free registrations, in order not to increase the activation time of new users too much. From a few days of waiting, we have reached about 60 days. We cannot change the methodology for checking the identity and qualities of the people who join us. Safety, order, respect for all our rules must be maintained, to prevent and avoid possible problems. We cannot appoint many new administrators, for the simple reason, that trust is earned over time, through your work with us, and the behavior of each of our new users.

Thanks to your free and voluntary donations, and thanks to the fact that many of our users (over 33% on average request to become an official member), we have enough funds to guarantee a powerful, fast, and with sufficient space, computer system, for everyone, and to have financial independence, which allows us to work free from any bond or obligation. The only obligation we have is towards our users, who will be our future voters, while respecting and also working for the good of those who will not join us, or will never vote for us.

As we announced, we are forced to limit the registrations of new users, only allowing registrations based on invitations, or reserved registrations, for those who show that they are serious about working with us. Therefore, for those who invest a minimum amount, to obtain the advantages and facilities offered to our future official members.

We have also inserted a rule, which provides for a guarantee fee, to be paid for each new user, which can be recovered after one year of work with us. This tax will allow us to prevent various people, unscrupulous political, economic and financial forces from trying to control our political organization by registering many people at the same time.

Guarantee, by registration.

In certain cases, or in certain periods, guarantees are required from new users. The guarantee provides for a voluntary donation of 12 euros, and with the transition code, and the payment date, allows those who register to create their own personal profile, and receive activation more quickly, compared to the method traditional.

After a year, or even earlier, from the moment of activation of the new personal profile, if the user wishes, he can use the donation and the guarantee to purchase the right to become an official member. In this case you will not have to pay the annual fee.

After a year, or even earlier, from the moment of activation of the new personal profile, if the user wishes, he can use the donation and the guarantee to purchase a personalized email address. In this case you will not have to pay the annual fee.

After at least one year, if you wish, you can pay the annual fee for another user, be it a family member, a friend, or a random user in financial difficulty.

After at least one year, you can request the return of the amount paid, except for the return fee (bank charges and other expenses). You will receive at least 80% of the guarantee amount back.

The guarantee, over time, and from 20 June 2023, will become mandatory, for each new personal profile created, for security reasons, and to prevent any attempt, to control DirectDemocracyS, and the choices of our groups, through the registration, of many users simultaneously.

If a user does not comply with all our rules, all our methodology, all our instructions, and if he does not behave flawlessly, he loses the right to recover the guarantee.

If a user does not participate in our activities, working with us, in the times, and in the ways specified, he loses the right to recover the guarantee.

If a user is blocked, the guarantee is extended for the entire period in which he was blocked.

If a user is expelled, and the profile is deleted, he loses any right to receive the guarantee back.

Obviously, with so many new users, people who were simply curious or who had no intention of carrying out activities with us also entered.

The world doesn't change, and it doesn't improve by itself, but we need the direct commitment of anyone who joins us.

Each of our users must work, individually, or, in some of our groups, both in the management of our activities, and in groups of specialists, according to their knowledge.

We know how much hurry some are, who can't wait, to prove their worth, and the value of our political organization. But there are times to be respected, to prevent, and avoid, any possible problem. We must select each of our new users with the utmost care, to create the various connections, and the necessary appointments, to put each of our rules into practice.

To join us, or to request invitations, read the article that explains how to do it.

We do not know if, and when, we will allow free registrations again. Avoid criticizing our choice, because like all our rules, all our methodology, and all our decisions, they are based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people.

We have to welcome many new users, create an international, continental and national structure, management, control, specialist and territorial groups. In this period, it is necessary to work calmly, to obtain the best results, for the good of all. We are sure that all intelligent people will understand our motivations.

We assure you, great esteem, and infinite respect, and we wish you to join us, at the right time, to work together, in the best possible way, to carry out each of our projects together.

DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, alternative, truly in every sense!

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