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    Instructions for contact formsOur contact forms, in the main contact menu item, on our website, are the only way to get in touch with us, with our work groups, and with all our activities.

    They are also the only way to obtain information, instructions, rules, excesses, appointments, and many other potentialities.

    They are subdivided, based on their use, and are visible, based on the type of people who use them.

    There are contact forms, visible to all people, therefore also to our visitors, other forms, however, are visible only after accessing our website, via the access form, using your username, and the own password. It is always advisable to log into our website to receive answers faster, and in a more detailed way.

    Finally, there are contact forms, visible according to the type of user, in this order: registered users, verified users, official members, official representatives, political representatives, administrators, and super administrators. Each role and each type of user has various potentials and different responsibilities.

    In general, each contact form has the same characteristics and similar rules, but different uses and purposes.

    We don't answer questions, or requests, about things we've already explained, and we don't engage in dialogue, with our visitors. If after having read, even several times, all of our information, instructions, rules, carefully studying each of our articles, you still have questions, use the most suitable form to receive the information that interests you. In some cases, we do not answer, in other cases we send you a link to find the necessary information, finally in other cases we answer you in the best possible way.

    There is information reserved for various types of users, or only for certain groups, therefore, you may not receive all the details.

    We do not use the contact forms to convince someone to join us, or to negotiate with personalities, or with ordinary people, their entry into our political organization.

    The purpose of the forms is very specific, so always do research before choosing the most suitable contact form, because from a specific form, you will receive answers faster, and more completely.

    All our contact forms can be used in all languages of the world, and you will receive answers in the language in which you contact us. There are also language modules, where you will have to use the specified language instead, or look for another similar one.

    There are modules reserved for various geographical areas, continents, countries, states, and other territorial subdivisions. In that case, you will need to be physically in those countries, or have citizenship of those countries, or reside in those certain areas, to get answers.

    There are modules reserved for certain groups, which can only be used by those who belong to those groups.

    Our contact forms are not used to know the positions taken by DirectDemocracyS, on various current events, various themes, or on various subjects. For the official positions taken, you will have to follow our press releases, in the manner and within the specified times.

    The press can only use confidential contacts, also on the basis of collaborations, with the various publishers, and with individual journalists.

    When you contact us, write correctly, without abbreviations, and without smiles, or jargon. If you write unclearly, incorrectly, disrespectfully, and not politely, you will not get a response.

    Each contact form is managed by more than 200 people, of all nationalities, and from every country in the world, but in some cases, thousands of our representatives are authorized to respond to each form.

    Some contact forms are managed automatically by our computer system. In these cases, no human being can see the content of your message, and replies are automatic, if your requests are exactly based on the specific rules, and instructions, of this type of contact form.

    Our system, and our official representatives, contact form management groups recognize capital letters, punctuation, and everything you write, please write correctly, and always check, with great care, that you have filled out each what, the right way.

    Each module has its own rules, and detailed instructions, but in general, they all look the same, only a few things change.

    Let's see how these contact forms are used, with some suggestions, in addition to the previous ones, to use them in the best possible way, safely, simply, in order, always obtaining all the necessary answers and information.

    In each contact form, fields with * are mandatory.

    First name. * Write your real name and surname, if you are a visitor, and your username (the one you use to log in, which can be anonymous if you have logged in to our website).

    E-mail. * You write your email address (always make sure you write it correctly). If you have accessed our website via the login form, your email address is entered automatically by our system. In this case, do not modify it, if you have not previously done so also in your personal profile, according to our rules.

    Object. * In a nutshell, write the title of the activity, or of the information, that you send us, or that you need.

    Message. * The information that you send us, or that you wish to receive, is written in detail, respecting all the rules and specific and general instructions. In some cases, you have to write information on each line.

    We advise everyone to always tick, by clicking on it with your finger (if you use a smartphone or a tablet), or with the left mouse button (if you use a PC), the small square, with the inscription: Send a copy to yourself. In this way, you will automatically receive, to your email address, a copy of the request, or of the message you send us. By having a copy of the contact form, you will be able to demonstrate that you have completed it, and you will also have confirmation that you have sent the form correctly.

    Prove that you are not a robot by writing the code you see in the field: Enter the security code captcha. If you do not recognize the writing that appears, click on it directly with your finger (if you use a smartphone or tablet), or with the left mouse button (if you use a PC), and the numbers and letters will change each time and thus, you will be able to distinguish them better.

    In certain cases, it is necessary to send documents, we advise you to convert them, in .pdf files, or other format, and to sign them digitally, if you have a digital signature, in this way they will be considered legalized, by you, and if necessary, or if is required, before, or after, have them legalized by those who are authorized. We advise you to insert them in an archive, in the format you prefer, compressing them, even several times, so that they are of the right size, within the maximum limit allowed, by each contact form, which allows the sending of files.

    In other cases, there are different fields, with the necessary rules and instructions, remember that the fields with an asterisk, *, are always mandatory.

    By clicking on it with your finger (if you are using a smartphone or tablet), or with the left mouse button (if you are using a PC), always check off the small square with the writing: Privacy policy * in this way, you can send us the completed form, and we will have the right to respond to you. If you don't do this, you do not authorize us to use the data you send us, and you do not authorize us to reply to you, therefore, what you send will not be valid, and you will not receive any reply.

    Finally, after checking everything, click on: Send email, to send us the contact form.

    You will receive a confirmation that your message has been sent correctly, or our system will highlight the things you have done wrong, and that you can correct, and try to send again.

    We advise you not to rush, and to do everything with the utmost attention, respecting all our rules and instructions.

    We advise you to explain clearly, in detail, what interests you, or what you send, and if you wish, you can also send us the request, digitally signed, or legalized, and digitally signed, in this way you will receive information faster, and your message will get more attention from our managers.

    If you simply need to send us a message, or you need to send us information, or various materials, and a response from us is not required, the confirmation after sending your contact form, that you have sent it, also confirms that we have received it. We don't like answering unnecessarily, our computer system will take care of it, to immediately confirm that you have done everything, in the right way.

    It is practically impossible for a message sent, or received correctly, to get lost.

    If you are waiting for our reply, please wait, patiently, without sending other similar contact forms, or, if it is not necessary, do not send too many forms together, in a short time, even for different activities.

    If we do not respond within 14 days, you can request a response from us again, although we usually respond within 10 days. For more complex questions, longer times may be needed, but in these cases, we try to communicate to you, the times in which we expect to respond to you.

    If we don't answer, even after your second message, in which you ask for our answer, it means that what you ask us is already explained in our articles, so we advise you to do a search, in our articles.

    In other cases, your question may not be answered because you are not authorized to know certain information. In these cases, you can request, as official members, to join working groups in which the activities that interest you are carried out, if you have the skills and abilities.

    We always try to answer everyone, in a reasonable time, in the best way.

    Some things to avoid.

    Never complain, for any reason, about the answers you receive. Based on what you ask, and your type of user, each of our official representatives would answer you the same way. Never, for any reason, use the phrase, "I want an answer from someone else."

    Never send 2 or more identical or slightly modified requests. Replies received will not change, and we may opt-out of receiving messages from you.

    Don't insist, and don't ask for more speed. The times are always established by our system, in order, without any preference.

    Never try to get information and answers in other ways by annoying groups or other users. The only official, and valid, responses are through these specific contact forms.

    Never send us, and for any reason, direct emails, but always and only use our contact forms. They were created, with the purpose of solving every problem, and they are the only method. If in our answer, or in our regulation, or in the instructions, you are requested, or if you are allowed, you can reply to our messages, directly from your email address, but always in response to the message previously received from us, and never directly. Once a communication has been resolved or concluded, do not use to communicate with us again, and do not give our email addresses to others. If you have new needs, use a contact form.

    Our working methodology, as far as communications are concerned, does not allow anyone to reply to direct emails, because the management of correspondence and messages received must be solely and exclusively through the contact forms. These modules are not managed directly by our web message server, but by components, and extensions, managed directly by our computer system, and by our official authorized representatives. We repeat, our server does not respond to direct messages, if they are not initiated, with our contact forms, present only on our official website.

    Do not send us junk emails, SPAM, collaboration requests, business proposals, advertisements, and other useless things.

    Security measures.

    Both after sending the contact form and as regards our possible replies, always check your inbox, and also your SPAM folder (junk mail). Due to the huge number of emails sent from our computer system, many email managers, and many filters, consider our emails to be junk mail. Obviously, they are all safe, but we advise you to always verify the sender. All of our email addresses, and every message, must be sent from official email addresses, ending with Even if our official name, which is DirectDemocracyS, appears in the header of our presumed message, check carefully that it is actually sent from one of our official email addresses, ending

    Only emails sent by us are safe, and the links they contain are absolutely safe. If the message you receive is not exactly sent from an email address, with a termination like:, even if a single letter changes, do not open the messages received, and never click, and for any reason, on the links that other people send you.

    The header of the messages is very simple to verify, and helps you to use the messages, without any risk for you, and for your privacy.

    Safety, always first. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious email to both your email managers and our Special Security Group. You can check, at any time, if we have sent an email by contacting us directly, via this contact form:

    entering all the details.

    We remind you that we will never ask you, and for any reason, by email, to communicate your password, we use the contact forms and access forms, only and exclusively, on our official website, and never by email.

    Messages with sensitive data, and everything you enter in the forms, on our website, are encrypted, with the best and most modern technologies, are fully automated, and are invisible to human beings.

    We will never ask you, and for any reason, by email, for any personal data, real name and surname, address, telephone number, date of birth, or document numbers, photos of documents, or your photos. Certain data are loaded only and exclusively, with our forms, with maximum security.

    We will never, for any reason, ask you for your credit card number, credit card activation number, your bank account information, or credit card or bank numbers. We use, for payments, or for donations, the best, and safest, international payment services, through their official forms, via their websites.

    Always check, when you browse our website, that you are actually on our website, by checking the URL, and the various links, which must all start with: or in some cases, without www, but with another name: always with, obviously followed by the specific URL, based on the page.

    With a little attention, even on your part, we can prevent any possible problem.

    As far as we are concerned, we are always up-to-date, we use the best, most modern and safest technologies to allow you safe, orderly, enjoyable and useful navigation on our website for everyone.

    For our official members, up to date with the payment of the annual fee, we also have other more direct, immediate, fast and professional methods of contact. It seems right to always reward, in every way, those who actively and directly contribute to the development and growth of ours and theirs, a political organization called DirectDemocracyS.

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    a. To accept full responsibility for the comment that you submit.
    b. To use this function only for lawful purposes.
    c. Not to post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
    d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
    e. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

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