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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Security measures

A fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

Working largely on the Internet, we have equipped ourselves with the best and most recent technologies.

We have also hired, with permanent contracts, and adequate salaries, a specialized staff, made up of true technology "wizards".

We have created a Special Security Group, with the task of coordinating all the protection activities of our projects, from external attacks, but also from internal sabotage.

Today we will teach you, how you might try, to stop DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects.

We haven't gone crazy, we're just explaining it to you, to make you understand, that every possible attempt of yours, we have foreseen it, and we have all the means to respond, and to make it impossible for anyone to slow us down, let alone stop.

First a brief introduction.

In 99% of people, there is the belief, and also the fear, that the Internet is not a safe place, many do not trust, for example, online voting, believing that it can be manipulated, in a small percentage of those interviewed, there is the fear, unfounded that technology can rebel against the human being, and control the world. Theories, conspiracies, legends, which in some cases technically have some well-founded basis, but rest assured that if you take the right precautions, the Internet is a safe place. To demonstrate the previous sentence, we ask you: do you know how much data there is on the net? Banks, financial companies, but also registry offices, with personal data, and in some countries online voting is a good and safe alternative to voting by post or at the polls.

With regard to votes, we ask those who don't trust them: if you go in person, to the polling station, and put your vote in the ballot box, what guarantees do you have that your vote will be counted? If instead of the Internet, you vote by mail, what are the chances that your vote doesn't end up in the ballot box, to be counted? Of the 3 variants, in person, by mail, or with computer systems, we guarantee that the safest is the Internet.

Almost all those who do not trust the Internet are people who do not understand anything about technology, who barely know how to turn the PC on and off, who also make mistakes in entering the password, to unlock the phone, or who even worse, do not use a complex password to lock their smartphone.

As in all things we don't understand, we make theories invented by our ignorant minds instead of studying and understanding the real situation. Even about DirectDemocracyS, they say things, nonsense, that would make you laugh, if not make you cry, for the stupidity of those who say them. We have already talked about it, and we will talk about it again, about how superficial and totally ignorant people see us.

Having ascertained that all our data is online, and that everyone could, in theory, know everything, with the right means and the right computer knowledge, we will explain a secret to you.

If you take the due precautions, and all the security measures, nobody discovers anything about your secrets, unless you give them the news.

Our Special Security Groups have many working groups, and are made up above all of experts, but each of our official members can join our groups, to verify, in the ways provided for by our rules, that everything takes place on a regular basis.

Technology helps us.

Having the best and most up-to-date technological means, and the best and most up-to-date operating systems, DirectDemocracyS guarantees everyone the protection and peace of mind of being able to work anonymously, while the identity of each of our users is verified.

Obviously, we do not publicly give you all the protection measures adopted, but only certain examples, not even complete ones, to make it clear, even to newbies, that the data and information are safe.

Lots of coordinated servers.

Everyone knows that a website has all the data on a server, and that a server is practically like a very powerful home PC that resides on a web farm. If you want to increase power, space and speed, you add a "PC" until you get the desired results, on the contrary if the power is too much, you can eliminate some servers to save energy.

Anyone who does a quick and easy online search will find that DirectDemocracyS is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. So, our physical "headquarters" is where our servers are located.

All of our visible work is therefore located in Europe.

What not everyone knows is that in the event of a cyber-attack, the old computer systems continued to function allowing access to data. Our server, on the other hand, "shuffles" the cards, encrypting the data in an ingenious way, making our "unwanted visitors" believe that they have found all our secrets, but guess what: they will know exactly what we want them to know, exactly nothing.

While you are reading, all our computer activities are saved, always encrypted on a backup server, which allows us to have an exact copy of all our data, on our servers, in Romania, which in turn, if attacked, behave exactly like our servers in Germany, and have a copy of all the work, in a web farm in the United States, and then in another web farm in Africa, and finally in another country that we will not disclose. Technically, 3 would have been enough, but we are sure that investing in safety is not money thrown away.

In addition to giving our "kind" visitors false, encrypted, and above all mixed data, we have foreseen attacks, to make us lose our real data, for which we use the 4 additional servers, which in real time, save, encrypting them, all our data, which can then be put back online, practically, without our users, or visitors, being aware of it. Attention, you could lose the last word, or at most the last written sentence, at the exact moment of the server change. So, we invite you, to always save, in a safe place, your important activities, which you do on our website.

Each server practically increases management costs, but we produce clean energy, in various countries of the world, so we use 99% renewable sources. We could have written 100% renewable, but we have diesel backup generators in the event of a power failure. So, for years, we do not consume, and we do not pollute anything, with the exception of electronic components, which unfortunately, to be produced, pollute, and are often used, to extract the raw materials of these components, child labor, and indecent working conditions.

One of our users, at a meeting, asked us how we can be sure that in our votes, the data is not altered. Technically, our groups almost always vote, openly. So, everyone knows what they vote for, because it seems right to us not to be ashamed of their ideas, also because no one will ever be excluded from our projects, for what they think, write, say, or show on video, obviously if they do in the ways, in the places, and within the times established by our rules. If someone starts writing his ideas in places where it is not allowed, after some warning, but also without warning, we block him, and if he repeats his crimes, we eliminate him from our projects, and make him persona non grata.

The easiest way to verify that our votes are correct is to apply to join our Special Security Groups, which are open to anyone who wants to join, based on detailed rules. By accessing our groups, it will be possible to verify for yourself that every vote is automated, therefore without any possible human intervention. And we can guarantee you that our computer system doesn't care who wins the closed online primary elections, or if they buy a new brand of coffee in the secretariat. The only human intervention is at the moment of the vote, in which each person expresses his opinion, our system limits itself to counting the results in real time. In the case of open voting, each user can personally verify if his vote is still the same and has not been changed. So, it seems clear to us, that there is no possibility of error, or changes.

Movies and TV series don't help you understand.

If one watches a film, or a TV series, about espionage, or with scenes of cyber-attacks, one must understand that it is fiction. First of all, government institutions do not use the normal Internet network, but if they did, it would not be immediate (as seen in the movies), and simple, to enter restricted areas. First, because they don't use, at least we hope so, passwords like "password", or "1234", or the name of President Joe Biden's dog. Secondly, because every computer system is like a credit card in an ATM, after a number of failed attempts, it blocks access, from a specific position, and triggers very specific and very effective security measures. Anyone who has done at least an hour of a computer course, considers spy films as comedies, and at the phrase "I'm inside", or "I'm... entered", they smile, and believe they are watching a pornographic film.

You are our masters, control us.

All our official members, in good standing with the payment of the annual dues, are our owners, therefore they can request, on a voluntary basis, to be part of the Special Security Groups. At this point, many will think we're crazy. It often happens, reading the details of our working methods. In fact, if anyone can join the Security Groups, a person with bad intentions just registers on the website, pays 12 Euros, then becomes an official member, and applies to join the Special Security Groups. In this way anyone can access sensitive data. We are sorry to disappoint you, but it is not possible for anyone to sabotage us. For different reasons. First, because the steps to become an official member are not immediate, it can take weeks, or months, to have your personal profile activated, to be a registered user. It may take another few weeks to become a verified registered user. At this point, it is not enough to pay 12 Euros to become an official member, one must be accepted, based on the work done, and on the basis of one's behavior. It takes months, in some cases years, to become an official member. Let's assume that year’s pass, the malicious person will be able to request, and no one will be able to prevent him, from joining our Special Security Groups. First, we know exactly all the real data of each of our users, and therefore the official members have all been verified. Furthermore, our computer system keeps track of every activity carried out by each of our users, from a simple like, on a post, to an attempt to enter where it is not allowed. He would not have time to think of accessing it, which would be blocked, deleted, and rendered persona non grata. But not only that, it would be reported to the competent Authorities, not only as sabotage, but since we are also a company of shareholders, therefore a commercial company (each of our users receives only one share, which cannot be transferred), in addition to moral damages, he will have to pay, to each of our shareholders, material damage. The same method, used by us, against those who would like to use our ideas, our rules, and our methods, which are all registered trademarks, not in the name of an NGO, but of a commercial company, limited by shares. So, whoever steals ideas, be careful, that in addition to moral damages and copyright infringement, even taking only small, tiny parts of our projects, will have to pay each of our shareholder material damages, even for the very serious crime of unfair competition. We have thought of all of them, to prevent people's behaviors, which are not correct. In conclusion, by entering the Special Security Groups, you can check all our activities, and their regular performance, but obviously, for privacy reasons, and to be able to maintain the anonymity of our users, they will see all the encrypted activities, without being able to intervene, but only, to be able to report any, almost impossible, irregularities.

Stop us, or boycott us, as important users, administrators.

In certain periods, our system, seeing many registrations all together, decides to block them, making it possible to register, only on the basis of invitations, by only some types of users, usually administrators. Many get angry, but it's part of our security measures. Some will think, to invite whoever I want, and to favor my relatives, friends, or contacts, I could become an administrator, and do what I want. To those who think of "cheating" us, by becoming administrators, not to repeat ourselves, read the previous details, on the official members, who would enter the Special Security Groups. Here, if to become an official member, it takes a lot of time, many days, weeks, even months, to be appointed directors, it takes many months, even many years. Therefore, in addition to the time spent, the work performed, the behavior, we do not give our administrators only a few limited "powers" in certain sectors, areas or groups, often only in certain geographical areas. Without forgetting that we know anyone's identity, and our system stores every action, from likes to behavior, so any attempt to favor someone, or to have undeserved advantages, is impossible. We also have a world exclusive, an algorithm, which allows our system, to evaluate, cause, and effect. For each action carried out, the consequence of each of them is analyzed automatically, but also manually, humanly. Each nomination, each promotion of a user is analyzed, and it is calculated how it was made, by whom, with what consequences. By analyzing the past, immediate and future predictions are created. In this way, any attempt to obtain, or to obtain undeserved advantages, is foreseen and stopped in advance. Therefore, a malicious administrator has no chance to slow us down, or to boycott our work. Our advice, for everyone, is: instead of trying to cheat us, instead of trying to be smart, why don't you try to gain wealth, fame, power, in a lawful and above all ethically correct way? It takes a little time, and even a little effort, but at least you're sure you never risk losing everything. We have created a system, through a dualism of man and machine, to make any illegality impossible. What's the point of trying, with time and effort, to do things against the regulation, you would get many more advantages, and facilitations, by respecting our rules. We are severe in punishing, and whoever is expelled has practically no chance of returning.

Slow down, or stop, with so many users.

A legend, or a theory, which concerns us, and which is already circulating, and in the future will be a method to discredit us is: to win the closed online primary elections, in DirectDemocracyS it is enough to have many users, who vote for a specific candidate. You are right, 100%. With us, whoever gets the most votes are elected. So, an influencer, with millions of fans, could ask his followers, to join DirectDemocracyS end masse, and at the right time, to vote end masse for him. So, in theory, could a famous person, an actor, a soldier, but also a rich and powerful person, by receiving many votes, become President of the United States of America? Exactly, but just read the list of Presidents, and you will find, only and exclusively, famous people, but not after becoming the President, they were even before. We'll talk about the falsehood of the American dream, and the wrong idea that anyone can be the President, or about equal opportunities for everyone, but also about meritocracy, and even about the ages of certain Presidents, in another article.

DirectDemocracyS, unlike the old policy, or other similar attempts, all unsuccessful, does not allow an incapable person to obtain important roles, of any kind, because we always combine meritocracy with equality. But let's go back to the famous person, with many followers, who registers together with his followers, and runs in our closed online primary elections.

With millions of fans, practically, could even an incompetent, even famous character become our leader? Surely not. First, because there are no leaders, or bosses, but it is collective management, in which one is truly worth one. Here, at this point, could millions of fans of the famous character make him a candidate as our political representative? Absolutely no. Unless it's a person, who deserves to get the role he's applying for. Let's try to be brief. For a person to apply, it is enough for him to be our official member, in compliance with the annual fee, to make a request, in the geographical group in which to vote, with subsequent creation, by our Special Groups (Security, Administration, Legality, Experts and Politicians) of a personal political profile, with real name and surname, real personal data, a CV with all his school and work results (verified by our Special Groups). He can then apply for himself, or receive a request from one or more users, accepted by himself, to apply. In geographical groups, a maximum number of candidates is decided (usually there are no limits), but the minimum number of candidates, for each role, is at least 3 people. After having established the number of candidates, the candidate selection process begins, with the authorizations from the Special Groups (Security, Administration, Legality, Experts and Politicians) who usually do not pose impediments, and continues with certified drug tests, physical, psychological examination, by our authorized experts (the results of the psychophysical tests will remain confidential). A compulsory test of general knowledge. A specific test, on the role to be filled, in case of victory. The results, and the ranking, of the general knowledge test, and of the test on the role to be filled, will be made public, as soon as they are available, in the geographical group in which you vote. The last step is crucial, because it consists of an individual assessment of each applicant by the candidate selection team, which is part of the group of political experts. The evaluations of the candidate selection group will also be made public, in the group in which the vote is taken. After the publication of the admitted candidates, and the relative disputes, the date, or the period, in which the vote will be held is published. For each election, the various types of users will have the right to vote, in identical geographical groups. In the first round, in each group, the candidate who obtains 50% + 1 vote of the electors entitled to vote wins. If no candidate does not obtain 50% + 1 vote in the first round, only the 2 candidates with the highest number of votes qualify for the ballot. In the ballots, for the first 3 votes, to win, you must obtain at least 50% + 1 vote of the voters entitled to vote. On the fourth ballot, it will be enough to have 50% + 1 vote of the voters who vote. The same procedure is used in identical geographical groups, based on the type of user: verified user, official member, official representative, administrator, super administrator. To be elected, a candidate must achieve victory in at least 3 out of 5 geographical groups, identical in terms of geographical area, by type of user. In this way, after the resolution of all possible disputes, only the best candidates will be able to win the elections and become our official representatives in the real elections. With this method of ours, if the famous person wins, it means that he is truly the best candidate. We hope it is clear to everyone, there are no things we have not taken into account. We have worked on it for many years, many people, to find the right solutions to every possible problem.

Now, every person who has read this article of ours can be sure that our innovation is also safe, reliable, and does not allow anyone to obtain advantages, if they do not deserve them. If they tell you: don't join them, it's all controlled, and you'll lose your data, tell them to watch less pornographic films, and to start studying, getting informed correctly. Thinking of one thing, making a conspiracy, can be a good mental exercise, but a theory does not always correspond to reality. At least, not in our case. Because with us, everything written has already been a reality for a long time.

These are just some of our general security measures. We will publish the specific ones, for each aspect, in detail, in the groups, and in our reserved areas, to then make them public, if deemed necessary.

We remind you that our Special Security Groups offer guides, information, and instructions on how to keep all your activities safe, both with us and on the Internet in general. Always follow all our advice, it helps you to prevent all kinds of problems. Obviously, we cannot answer for your mistakes, or for your wrong settings, but if you are our users, you can always ask, an opinion, and advice, when you need it, from our specialists, and also our system, which will they can tell, if you are safe.

Putting everyone's safety first is vital, to make our entire huge mechanism work perfectly, of which anyone who joins us is a part. Your reports are essential to help us keep everything clean and safe, for everyone's good. 

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