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You feel represented

If you do not feel represented by any political force, and by any political representative, you are the right person to join us.

If you have been let down, betrayed, lied to, and robbed, by other political forces and their political representatives, you are the right person to join us.

If you believe that politics should solve all people's problems, and have a duty to change and improve the world, and you contribute to this change and improvement by working with us, you are the right person to join to us.

All the old politics, including some small groups of people, who try to copy us, with little success, are all completely wrong mentality.

DirectDemocracyS has never wanted to resemble other political forces, for the simple reason that having certain characteristics in common with others would not make us different and better.

Then, from the first second of life, we decided to innovate, becoming alternative to all the others.

We have always sought perfection, in each of our rules, in our method, in our instructions, in our style, and in our way of communicating.

We are so different that some consider us as a "religion", as a different and better way of life, as a different and better mentality.

We have often talked about the defects of others, and highlighted, in detail, our many qualities.

We have made you several times, a comparison, between us and them. Surely, every intelligent person understands that we are different, and better. It's not pride or vanity, it's a simple observation of the facts.

For us, politics has all the possibilities to change and improve the world, for us, now, immediately, and for future generations, afterwards.

In the first 3 sentences of this article, we told you a part of our essence. We have given you 3 good reasons to join us.

The first sentence, about being represented, is very important, because after the elections, the people who sit and "work" in the institutions should serve the interests of the entire population. We vote for them, and pay them, with our tax dollars, to solve all our problems. We vote for them, and we pay them, to decide for us. We vote them, and we pay them, to represent us in the institutions, making them work perfectly. We vote for them, and we pay them, to keep all the promises, and all the electoral programs, that they promise us to carry out. We, poor deluded voters, trust them, vote for them in elections, and then what?

They often struggle internally and externally for power, for control, for their own wealth and that of their "masters", who are not the voters (who would have every right to do so), but are finance, the economy, and the rich, powerful people, who influence, and direct, in one way or another, most of the old politics. Therefore, they sit in the institutions, but they don't always "work" for the population, they often have their own favorites, and we are certainly not referring to their electors (who only count for them on election day), but to social classes, well established, leaving other social classes in difficulty.

Our problems, very often, increase instead of being solved.

They rob us, all together, of the power to decide, giving us the illusion of counting for something, with our vote. After the elections, for many years, they take all our power, and keep it, and manage it, almost never even asking us for an opinion.

In many cases, they make institutions work, making them servants of the rich, and powerful, and not useful, to all people.

They make promises to us, and then they don't deliver on every agenda, that we trusted them with by voting for them. How many times have we felt betrayed by the old politics.

We always say it, democracy, has never been put into practice, because if the old politics did it, it could not behave, as it has always behaved.

And we voters, what do we do? We continue to defend ideals, antiquated, and all bankruptcy, just to not tell everyone a sentence, which we don't know how to pronounce: I was wrong, I believed in execrable ideals.

In these bankruptcy ideals, let's say everyone, there are no better or worse ideals, all have the sole purpose of dividing people, making everyone believe they are on the right side, even culturally better. Any divisive ideal is rotten and must be eradicated. We will write a detailed article on these somewhat “strong” statements, because there will be people, surprised and angry, by this realistic and direct method of communicating.

Let's move on to the political representatives and the corrupt political parties. We all know that what we see is "just the tip of the iceberg" of an old political system in which it is unlikely that a political force does not have people who, in one way or another, have not take advantage of your roles, to steal, or obtain favors of various kinds.

It is always wrong to generalize, some people may feel offended, but we do not accuse everyone, but unfortunately, there are very few who can be used as a positive example in other political forces.

We speak, in a general way, without mentioning names and surnames of political representatives, or political parties. We all know the names, and even in this case, there will be someone who says: those for whom I vote are perfect, they have never been wrong. Here, dear friends, deluded, that you are certain, that you know how to choose, and that yours are perfect, you can safely continue to vote, and give your power to your favourites.

DirectDemocracyS, has just been conceived, and is completely different, innovative, and alternative, to all the rest of politics. But what do we have that is so special about us?

We, in DirectDemocracyS, have an ideology, politically, ethically, and from a civic point of view, perfect. You just have to read all our articles, to realize, that we speak the truth.

We have worked, for many years, with many brilliant minds, from all over the old politics, telling them to create, the perfect political ideal, taking, and putting together, all the very few positive parts, of all the old politics, eliminating some everything, every negative part. So, from this point of view, we are not afraid of any comparison, and we are not afraid to compare ourselves with anyone, to demonstrate that we are politically perfect. Bringing people together, never to divide them again. Does it seem strange to you? Does it seem dangerous to you? Does this seem like a dictatorship, or "single thought"? DirectDemocracyS bases each of its activities, and each of its choices, on logic, common sense, science, and mutual respect of all people. The good of all, for us, is more important than the good of a few. Throughout our short history, but also in the future, there will never be a person excluded from DirectDemocracyS, for what he thinks, says, writes, or shows (within the limits of decency), if he does it in the ways , in the right times, and in the right places, respecting each of our rules, each of our instructions, and each of our methodology. We respect everyone, and we are united, in diversity. This too is our strong point.

DirectDemocracyS, the only political force that unites, and does not divide.

The old politic had this bad habit of favoring only certain segments of society, preferring to create divisions. The voters are divided, also to be distinguishable, because otherwise all the old political parties, and all their political representatives, would be almost identical. We prefer to address everyone, and in each of our choices, we use the logic, common sense, science, and mutual respect of all people. For us, every decision must be made, involving all our constituents, who are also our users, on our website.

DirectDemocracyS, the only political force, which reverses the roles.

Currently, even in "democratic" countries, the population counts for something, only on election day, and in a few referendums, often on trivial things. With us, in DirectDemocracyS, the voters, and therefore the population, hold power, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

We are an authentic democracy, the only real one, and continuous over time.

In our political organization, each person finds many reasons to love us, and just as many to hate us. But you hate us, only until we explain our reasons, and then, after understanding our reasoning, anyone who agrees with us. We have chosen, always based on common sense, and logic.

At DirectDemocracyS, all our members own everything.

It seems a strange idea, but it is not the first, nor even the only rule, which at first glance, superficially, seems strange. It's not weird, it's just different, innovative, alternative, and better. There was no better way of creating and inducing all to unity than to give each of our official members, up to date with the payment of a small annual fee, a single share of ownership, individual, non-cumulative, and not transmissible. Making people owners, equally, and without any favoritism, also creates a single immense leader, eliminating altogether, any kind of internal struggle. Which voter can recognize himself, being the owner, with a lot of ownership share, in every sense, of his own political force?

Unified leadership.

DirectDemocracyS is the only political organization that eliminates internal "battles" to obtain important roles, or to have advantages and facilities. Each of our members has the same rights, the same duties, the same possibilities, without any preferences, and with no one playing smart. Everything is decided together, in groups, very numerous in number, and also in users, who are part of it. It seems like a dream? No, it's the reality, from the first minute, in which we have created all this.

DirectDemocracyS, is innovative, and is a valid alternative to the whole political world.

We are therefore very useful, for those who want to do politics, having control, of every aspect, being able to do any political activity, and having ownership, together with all our members, of both our political organization and our website.

Each of our voters, who are also our users, is the real protagonist.

Each person who joins us carries out individual activities, and in groups, in a coordinated manner, based on their preferences, their skills, their merits, and their reliability. Over time, each of our members can decide to carry out political management activity, as our official representative, or political activity, of political representation, participating in the selection of candidates, and in our closed online primary elections. We decided, from the first minute of our creation, to keep the two possible political activities completely separate. Whoever manages the political organization can apply, or be a candidate, for the selection of our political representatives, only after having first abandoned any management role, to take care of the political representation of our voters.

At the end of their political representation activity, each of our members will be able to continue with political roles, of management of our political organization.

We are perhaps the only political force in the world which, by keeping the two "careers" distinct and therefore completely separate, prevents any type of internal struggle.

The political organization offers all the support, protection, and loyal collaboration to each of our political representatives, for the entire duration of his activity.

The political representative, throughout his activity, will have to play only, and exclusively, his fundamental role, of representing our users, in the institutions, and will be able to count on all the support, and loyal help, of our political organization, without worrying about “internal struggles”.

Not only that, those who do not feel represented by any political force, and by any political party, can join us.

Also, any person disappointed by the rest of politics, or by their political party, or by the political representative they support, or have supported, can choose to join our political innovation, an alternative to everything else.

Finally, anyone who wants to change and improve the world can join us, together with DirectDemocracyS.

Therefore, everyone can, in the right times and in the right ways, join us, if they concretely want to work, individually or in various groups, together with all of us.

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