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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then?

Power and then

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Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

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Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

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Who believes all this

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Who's in charge here?

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Why were we born?

Why were we born

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

World Peoples Organization


Each of our informative articles is created by the collaboration of various groups of specialists. According to the skills, each group, and each of our official members, makes their own individual or collective contribution to the realization of our communications. Everything we write, although long, is made up of many documents, and articles, all verified and put together by various groups, and is made by several people. We have decided to make politics simple, and understandable to as many people as possible, so if we often give simplistic examples, it is for clarity, certainly not for lack of skills. We have never published, false things, and every historical and current source is carefully verified.

Often in our articles we criticize the UN, the United Nations Organization, as we consider it to be completely reformed, and above all to be transferred, to a third country, and it must not have its headquarters in a superpower. Even if it enjoys extraterritoriality, the headquarters in New York makes the representatives of the countries too subject to a certain type of politics.

We have already explained our motives, and we will not repeat them, but let's ask ourselves all together, has the UN ever been able to prevent a war, a crisis, or violent actions? They will tell you that it has interposition forces, operating in difficult areas of the world, but our question is another, does it prevent violence in the world or not?

But for once let's do less philosophy, and let's move on to our proposal. The World Peoples Organization. With representatives of each population, in the various territories, who are directly elected by the various populations, in the various countries in which they live. It will be based exclusively on the mutual respect of all people, without favoring anyone, and without more important populations, and other less important ones.

The current UN is made up of representatives appointed by the various Governments, generally ambassadors, who warm up the seats, paid in an exaggerated way, to serve the interests of the various States, and of the various Governments.

Now let us ask ourselves, in a philosophical way, is the state the citizens? Absolutely no. The State, even in the partial Western democracies, with minimal freedoms, is not the populations, but the political parties, and their representatives, who “steal” the power to decide, from who should hold it by right. Not to mention dictatorships, oligarchies, or states, in which politics is represented by a single political force. Representative "democracy", we have often said, is the biggest theft, and the biggest cheat in the history of mankind. A big lie, which with the excuse of representing the population, deprives the same population, for long years, the power to decide. Who will tell you, that parties and people are voted to represent us, should ask themselves: and if at a certain point, the population no longer felt represented by a party or a politician, and wanted to change them, or force them, as representatives to do exactly what they are ordered, the people who have the honor to serve and represent. Some experts will tell us that to change, it is enough to wait for the next elections, then whole years, or a coup d'état can be organized. But what if there was a peaceful and direct method of making the voters decide, not politicians and parties? We have found it, and it is practically perfect. Because it does justice, and we are the only ones in the world, to have the right to pronounce the word democracy, freedom, justice, and legality, without abusing it. Are we presumptuous? Of course, but we certainly have every reason to be.

Returning to our proposal, which we are already creating internally, the World Peoples Organization, unlike the UN, does not represent parties, politicians, governments, and countries, but will represent all the peoples of the earth. Often the borders of the various states have been artificially drawn on the basis of economic, financial, and political interests, and certainly not on the basis of the populations that live there. In other cases, entire populations have been deported, again for the same interests of the previous line, witnessing real ethnic cleansing, but also normal mass migrations. Our political organization wants these representatives of the peoples to be elected, and that they use our innovative method of controlling political representatives, because only in this way will the peoples be among themselves, and not the States (parties and politicians), to talk, meet, and decide together, what is right or wrong. Basing every activity, on mutual respect, of all the people of the earth. Utopia? No, it's called justice, and it should be normal.

The advantages for peace and stability would be enormous, because all kinds of violence would be eliminated immediately, in a simple, quick and safe way. How many lives do you save, how many fewer injured and maimed, how much fear and destruction do you avoid? To enrich arms manufacturers, and almost all of the old world politics, which is often controlled and managed by these criminals, too many innocent people are dying and suffering.

In words, all the parties, and all their representatives, are against the war, but in fact, instead, they make bad choices. Ordinary people, even if less educated, often have more common sense, and use logic better, than the many crafty and despicable characters, who dishonor them. Who will say that not all the old parties and their political representatives are equally responsible, let's say: they are almost all the same, if they do not oppose all these cruelties, by all possible means, they are at least complicit in the difficult situation, which we have to suffer and see, in various parts of the world.

In 2021, DirectDemocracyS, was made public, to a limited number of selected people, and inserted in various groups of specialists, but also in administrative and security roles. We will be accused by some, of being too selective, and of discriminating against people by choosing our members. You are absolutely right, but ours is a fair selection, which discriminates only on the basis of the merits, skills, honesty, and reliability of each person. We have often said that all those who want to join us, over time, will be accepted, but in the initial stages, for us, and for the good of all, we had to choose trained people, with a great culture, and above all not compromised, in the present or in the past, with the financial, economic, and political system, with respect to which we, we, with all our projects, are completely different and alternative.

One of our groups of specialists is working to monitor every crisis situation in the world. Each activity is carefully monitored, and at the right time, the antisocial behaviors, and the crimes of each, will be ascertained, judged, and punished. This is not a threat, it is a promise, and rest assured, we keep every promise.

In addition to creating the World Peoples Organization, we intend to make international laws fairer, clearer, simpler, and safer. We have a lot of ideas to change and improve the world. All of them can be put into practice immediately, safely, easily, and in the interest of all. But to do this, you must have DirectDemocracyS, in every country in the world, you must change, and improve the mentality of people, you must understand that decisions must always belong to the people, who also have the right to be informed, at best. of the ways, that the interest of all, must always be placed before the interest of a few.

But we will talk about all this in another article.

PS We know that the Organization of Nations and Unrepresented Peoples exists, it is an international democratic non-governmental organization. Its members are indigenous peoples, occupied nations, minorities, and states, or independent territories, which lack international diplomatic representation.

Our World Peoples Organization, will have more powers than the UN, with members directly elected by all populations, and will have to prevent all kinds of violence in the world, through direct collaboration, and mutual respect, of all the peoples of the earth. .

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