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Albert Paine said: "What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal."
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Welcome to the DirectDemocracyS website.

DirectDemocracyS was born to change and improve the world by putting into practice authentic democracy and true freedom.

Even in Western countries, democracy is only partial, voters count and decide only on election day, then, for many years, only the political parties and their political representatives make every decision.

Therefore, it is an oligarchic party system, in which the population holds practically no power.

Currently, the old policy decides, and the population respects every Law. We reverse the roles, the population decides, and our innovative and alternative politics puts all the decisions of the people into practice.

For the first time in the world, voters hold all the power, choose and direct every activity of their political representatives before, during, and above all after the elections. They are called representatives, because they represent the interests of their constituents, not because they can steal power from people.

In order to always be able to choose the best solution to all problems, we have groups of experts, made up only of our users. These groups of specialists, free, independent, honest, and competent, in which they work, only: university professors, people employed in every activity, highly prepared students, in every sector, and on every subject, who explain, and inform, on every possible choice, and the possible consequences of each decision. With informed users, we will always choose, for the good of all.

An international political organization, with geographical subdivisions, and just local autonomies, created by many people, from various countries, who have worked, for many years, to have detailed, rigid, but fair rules (respected by all), and to find a method that works perfectly, which allows people to be protagonists, and not politics.

DirectDemocracyS does not have a single leader, but only many people, who carry out various activities, individually or in groups, in a coordinated manner. Each of our members receives an individual, non-cumulative and non-transferable share, which makes them the owner, together with anyone who joins us, of our entire political organization.

All of our work takes place only on our website, in a safe, simple, fast, free, independent way, and with the only commitment, for each of our users, of having to actively participate in the various choices, managing, and controlling, everything we do.

DirectDemocracyS, is your policy, innovative, and alternative, truly in every sense!

Our website has a public area, where there is all the information, which can be read, for free, in a secure way, and without invasive advertising. If a registration or access form appears when you arrive on the website, just click outside the rectangle, and it disappears for the entire session. The public information is in English, but near our logo, going down, there is the language selection form, by clicking on English, in the drop-down menu, you can set your language by clicking on it. For tablets and smartphones, the main menu can be accessed by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines next to our logo. We advise you to read carefully, even several times, all our information, and if you like it, you can register, creating a personal profile, and start working with us. Please share, and help other people get to know us, and join us. Thank you. 

Enjoy the reading.

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