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    democracyDemocracy means power to the people. A beautiful word, made up of important words. Power, to the people, has a clear meaning, and removes all doubts from anyone. Power must only belong to the entire population, which decides freely.

    Authentic democracy, and continues over time, and infinite freedom, which ends only, where another person's freedom begins, are the 2 most important words for our political organization. The first ones, which gave birth to us.

    We have analyzed in various articles, how important democracy and freedom are for the life of citizens, and to understand it better, it is enough for you to read, study, or participate in congresses, conferences, meetings, and debates, which speak of these 2 words, and how and how important it is, that they are put into practice.

    In this short article, we will focus on how we at DirectDemocracyS use them, and how we put them into practice, compared to everyone else. Words are important, their symbolism is strong, and so are subsequent manipulations by those who say they love them and must defend them.

    We know that there are dictatorships, oligarchies, and single parties, which have nothing in common with democracy, and in which freedom, equality, meritocracy, logic, common sense, and mutual respect are severely limited, of all people.

    Then, there are the countries which define themselves as democratic and free, but which are only oligarchic partyocracies, and we will see later, all the details of this "very strong", but sadly real, and undeniable affirmation.

    But first a brief introduction.

    An intelligent person, if he has to choose between false and partial democracy, however, with a limited and incomplete freedom, and the other two variants, currently present, in various countries of the world, i.e. the dictatorship, and the single party, should choose the first, and not the other 2. For the simple reason, that whoever is a loser, a failure, and an incompetent, in Western, capitalist democracies, does not transform by magic, into a lucky, rich and powerful type, and a true genius, in dictatorships, and where there are single parties, and in statist ones. He will still be exploited, but he won't even have the right to complain, and he won't even be able to contest power.

    We know that many citizens in Western countries believe that by "shuffling the cards" and changing the "regime" their problems will disappear. We are sorry to disappoint you, but this is absolutely not the case. Only "who deals the cards" changes, but the deck, and this time, is also stacked, and you can't even check the cards, to realize it.

    But we will talk later, and in other articles, about how certain revolutions and changes have not always had the expected results. Often, the situation has only changed, but not always, it has improved, and not always for a long time. And here we explain in a nutshell why we were born: to change and improve the world.

    We are not going to explain to you, not even the difference between capitalism and statism, to understand it better, you will have to look at the tragedies caused by communism, an ideology, born to give sacrosanct rights to workers, which is a real utopia, because it has generated, only very serious problems, without obtaining almost any concrete result. It has created social hatred, and has deluded millions of people, then making these fragile minds a real brainwashing, in schools, and by "unscrupulous" professors, often corrupt, and without an iota of culture. Who could communism and statism be appreciated by, if not by the least educated of the social classes? The working class of the late 1800s and early 1900s was made up of people without education. But then, they deluded the workers, and people in difficulty, that they were on the right side, through brainwashing, which did not create progress, but left the "communist" countries (they called themselves socialists), at least by 50 years old, compared to Western countries. Communism and statism created a falsely intellectual political class based on corruption and political favoritism. We could give you examples, for hundreds of pages, and we will do it on another occasion.

    The fascist and Nazi dictatorships have created racial hatred and the same degree of corruption as communism, with the addition of the aggravating circumstance and incitement to hatred, not social, but national and international. Nationalism, and loving one's people, disparagingly called populism, are not wrong, on the contrary, one must defend one's language, culture, and one's way of life, without ever discriminating against, hating, or hurting people "different".

    So, you will say, Western democracies are better, and freedoms? Compared to the other possibilities, they are undoubtedly better, albeit with problems, even serious ones, caused by savage capitalism, and by globalization, which also creates difficult social situations.

    Then, in addition to all these antiquated and often opposing possibilities, there is us at DirectDemocracyS. We are innovative, and alternative, to all the rest of politics.

    In the opposition between statism and capitalism, we believe in a "capitalism with a human face", and in a "meritocratic statism". Does it look like a utopian economic and financial program? Absolutely not, it's the only fair and just one. The motivation is simple, private property creates progress, innovation, and economic growth, but it also creates serious social inequalities. Excessive statism creates economic stagnation, corruption, and social inequalities themselves. A balance between the 2 methods, it is an equality always combined with meritocracy. Guaranteeing everyone the same opportunities, maintained over time, by combining meritocracy, which creates ideas, innovation, competition, in an honest and fair challenge to be the best.

    For Don Sturzo the State must act as the referee and not also as the player; if he takes the field to fill both roles, he ends up hurting both the referee and the player.

    But even savage capitalism and globalization must have limits to protect people in difficulty.

    DirectDemocracyS, makes politics, for the entire population, putting the interests of all people at the center of every decision, without any preference, but also without hatred, without any envy, and without creating social struggles, of the rich against poor type, which they do not create anything good.

    Unlike other political forces, we have written in our regulation that in all our activities, we will always help first and foremost the people and companies most in difficulty. It is not a catchphrase, or to gain consensus, but it is the most correct and human way of behaving.

    The State, i.e. people, must intervene in situations of real emergency, or unforeseen ones, to protect the entire population. But the interventions must be temporary, and limited to the defense of collective interests, without ever competing with private individuals. It can be done, in a simple way, by really making the population decide.

    Speaking of the state, of institutions, we ask anyone reading this article if they really feel represented by the old political forces, in the old state institutions, or do we need a change and an improvement?

    The only change, and improvement, that can work, and that can create a just and equitable world is us at DirectDemocracyS.

    The reason is simple, because we have rules, instructions, and methods that we all respect, and that for the first time in the world, a political organization was born to unite, and not to divide, the entire population.

    With all love, and all due respect, to all other political organizations, and even groups on social networks, that engage in politics, and promise change, you are doomed to failure. Even if you often have partially shared ideas, almost all of these groups play politics against something.

    We believe that politics should be done in favor and not against something or against someone. We don't want to eliminate the other political forces, but we create an alternative that every person will be able to appreciate. We give all people the possibility to choose, us or others.

    The old politics has accustomed you to helplessly witness their decisions. We, on the other hand, expect from each of our voters the commitment and work to decide all together. By becoming our user, each of our voters makes a democratic, direct politic, which is the best compared to representative "democracy".

    Does democracy mean power to the people, or power to political parties and their political representatives?

    There are countries that declare themselves democratic, lying, and knowing they are lying.

    There are no exceptions, there are no completely democratic countries, where the people decide continuously, on every choice to make. Not even Switzerland is not completely democratic, even if, in certain cases, it allows citizens to decide directly, with many limitations and obligations. In the "ranking" of partial democracy, Switzerland is slightly better than other Western countries, or countries that implement representative "democracy". We have talked about it several times, even in detail. The only real, authentic democracy is direct democracy, which continues over time.

    In Switzerland, and in partially democratic countries, the people hold power only when there are elections, and some referendums, often on irrelevant issues. For the rest of the time, power is held by political parties, and by political representatives, who manage it, on the basis of interests, which I am not sure of the entire population. So, dear friends, we live in an oligarchic party system, which has nothing in common with democracy. But that's okay too, for some lazy people, who prefer that others decide for them, so that they can then blame politics for their own failures, and for their own problems.

    The old politics has divided us, based on the type of ideology, and has deluded us that we are all on the right side. It made us live in mutual hatred, in defense of incomplete, bankruptcy, unjust and wrong values.

    DirectDemocracyS unites people who want to be personally involved in all decisions, creating an ideal that is politically perfect and infallible, thanks to innovative, fair, just and successful rules and methods. We are the only ones in the world who can pronounce the word democracy, because we are the only ones to implement it.

    Always making people decide, on everything, is our goal, because it is the very essence of democracy. But a limitation that everyone rightly attributes to direct democracy is that the population does not have the necessary knowledge to be able to decide on the various topics. The population is considered incompetent by the detractors of direct democracy. They are right, not everyone is an expert in everything, so it is better to let the political parties and their political representatives decide, who are often more incompetent than the "normal" citizens themselves. How much stupidity, and how many interests there are, in making politics choose what is right or wrong, and what should be done and what shouldn't be done.

    With the old politics, this decides, and the population puts into practice all the decisions, respecting and legitimizing their laws.

    With DirectDemocracyS, the population decides, and our political representatives put into practice every decision taken by the population, by our voters.

    Have you understood the big difference between us, who are those of direct democracy, DirectDemocracyS, and all the others?

    Let's go back to skills, we choose intelligent and educated people for the roles of political representatives, and they, the old politics, choose people who bring votes, and therefore electoral consensus. It doesn't matter if they are reliable people, and if they have merits, the important thing is to win the elections.

    For DirectDemocracyS, the important thing is to implement the decisions of those who join us, before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections.

    The choices of our voters will be infallible, thanks to the groups of specialists, experts on every possible subject, who will present all the possibilities, and all the expected consequences, for each choice. They will always advise, comprehensively, presenting the various options, and the exact forecasts. They are groups of experts, made up of our users, therefore of our constituents, who work independently, freely, on the basis of competence and equality. Each of our users is obliged to be part of one or more groups of specialists, based on their specializations, education, or the work activity they carry out, or have carried out. But they are an active part of these groups, also students of each topic, with brilliant and innovative minds. Equality and meritocracy, two words that we always put into practice, combined with the logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    So we have made our direct democracy infallible, and with absolute and complete control by our electors over our political representatives, we have also made representative democracy authentically democratic. We have taken every little positive part of the old ideologies to create, in the interest of the community, our politically perfect ideal. But we are not satisfied with having found all the best solutions, we must also prevent one of the worst things, which exist in all the old politics. The constant external, and often internal, struggles for power, for control, and for decisions. We did it, as we always do, in an ingenious way, completely dividing the management of our political organization from the political activity of representation. In this way, our political organization will continuously help our political representatives, who will not have to worry about internal opposition and struggles for power. It seems like a simple thing, but it is essential to get the best results.

    To make sure we don't have internal struggles, and waste of time, we have created, for the first time in the world, a leadership, in which everyone has equal power, and in which all our members are the owners of all our political organization, and of all our activities. Each member receives an individual, personal, non-transferable, and non-cumulative fee, which certifies that DirectDemocracyS is owned by him and all other members. This also ensures that each of our members has every interest in making our entire political organization work perfectly and always remain united.

    We are all one big, immense leader, in which each of us has the right to propose, choose, discuss and decide on all of our activities. But we all have the right, and the duty, to check everything, and to report every possible problem, to prevent any activity that is not ethically and legally correct.

    Our rules, our instructions, and our methodology make us unique and inimitable. They will try in every way, to stop us, or to slow us down, those who feel in danger, with our presence.

    We don't care, we do our job, and we think about putting each of our goals into practice. Let's not make "war" with the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy, which are bankrupt, and will destroy themselves, certainly not because of us, but because of their inability to innovate, and because of unjust rules, by which they are run, based on greed, selfishness, and lies.

    Speaking of lies, history is full of clear demonstrations that the old politics is managed by financial and economic interests. Rich and powerful people and companies influence political decisions. They use every means, to lie, and to control, almost all information, almost all websites, almost all social networks.

    The Internet is a very powerful means of communication, we ourselves carry out almost all of our activities, taking advantage of all the new and modern technologies. But unlike the old politics, we have only one master, all of our members, who act for the collective good.

    DirectDemocracyS, has a single website, where we carry out all our activities, in a safe, secure, and orderly manner. We do not do any activity, except for a little information, on other websites, or on social networks. We prefer to be free, independent, and neutral. Certainly not for lack of transparency, but we do not feel obliged to be continuously present in other means of communication. We have ours.

    We conclude by telling everyone that you can choose whether to engage in politics directly with us, in a useful way for everyone, only and exclusively on our website, or continue to complain, and vent your frustrations, on social networks, which in our opinion, they were also created, to make you feel satisfied. With us, you will have to work personally, assuming all responsibility, or you will be able to remain faithful to the old politic, continuing to believe that you are free, and deluding yourself that you count for something.

    For us you are always important, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    For all the other political forces, you are important, only on election days, and a few referendums.

    You can live in the great deception, and be accomplices in the "theft" of democracy, oligarchic party politics, or live in our unique, authentic, and complete DirectDemocracyS.

    Before joining us, please read carefully all our public information, in English, or using our translation form, in all languages of the world.

    We also have a Blog, with thousands of articles, in 56 languages.

    We like to inform you, in a complete way, and above all, always telling you the whole truth. Even if it may seem like a complicated, demanding and very selective political organization, everything is easier to do than to explain, our few pretensions are logical and common sense, and the selection of the first users is essential to put the right people, in the right place.

    The work to be done all together is a lot, but in a short time, one user at a time, every good person on earth, will join us, and give his contribution, to change and improve the world, for the current, and future generations.

    With this article, we briefly explain who we are, why we were born, and what we are actually doing. If you are willing to change, and improve your mindset, if you have the intelligence, to understand the enormous potential, that we all have together, join us immediately, and share, with as many people as possible, our informative articles.

    We are DirectDemocracyS, an international political organization, based on direct democracy, with all continental, national, state, regional, district, and local subdivisions, with shared ideals, values, and principles. We are people who work together, in a coordinated way, individually or in groups, with clear rules and methodologies, which allow us to be innovative and alternative to all other political forces. Logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people, education, science, culture, information, in democracy, and freedom, with continuous equality and meritocracy over time. Research and dissemination of the truth, independent, and absolute control of citizens, on political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections. The only ones in the world who put authentic democracy into practice. Because we are the only ones who really and continuously give power to the people.

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