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URL relocation

Having a simple, fast, secure, accurate, and functional website is very important.

If at the beginning, it was very easy to find information, instructions, and exploit all our potential, over time, the contents have increased, and it has become necessary to make some changes, to make it easier to use our site web, which is our unique, immense home, where we all carry out all our activities.

Our URLs (which are the writings that appear in browsers, at the top, in our address bars) are very clear, and our links (which are the links that take you to each page), are all functional, only if it is used in the Main Menu, or the secondary menus, or the various modules.

Often, in older articles, certain links, which are links that take you to a particular page, give you an error, as certain pages have been moved, inevitably changing the URL.

We rarely delete something, and if we do, it's only to replace the deleted part, to better clarify some concepts, or to improve our functionality.

DirectDemocracyS always evolves, renews itself, and changes continuously, also thanks to all our new users, who generously offer us new rules, methodologies, projects, and ideas, to add to the old ones, without ever twist them.

Every person who joins us can, and must, propose ideas, projects and activities, to be carried out all together.

In this article, we tell you that we do countless, and continuous checks, to ensure a reduced number of error pages. But even with all our attention, the contents and links are many, and we are not always able to update them all, in real time.

But let's see what happens, in case of an error: simple, you can go back to the previous page, or go back to the home page, and search the desired page in the Main Menu, or in the secondary menus. Don't give up, and don't be discouraged, the time lost in finding what you are looking for, if you do it in the right way, is very little.

DirectDemocracyS, has millions of pages, and over time, will become billions of pages, and our URLs, and links, with errors, can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

We are repositioning, and will continue to do so, a lot of information, modules, components, extensions, always trying to make the use of our website better, more complete, safer, faster and easier.

Do not ask us to have a definitive version, or a final version, because it is practically impossible to satisfy you. But to help you, we created menu item management groups, URL management groups, and link management groups. These groups, made up of hundreds, then thousands, then millions, of people work to fix mistakes, and improve appearance.

We apologize, in this article, if you will find, from time to time, some outdated links, which will give you an error message. Usually, because the URL you are looking for has been moved, or has been modified. The error messages aren't dangerous, they aren't numerous, but they are rightly so, a bit annoying, and they waste your time. We're sorry, but we guarantee our commitment to making them increasingly rare.

Thank you all for your understanding, and for your patience.

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