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    General rules phases

    General rules phases

    Many of our users / voters have asked us to hurry up the various geographical and territorial phases of our political organization, because elections are imminent in their respective countries. We are certain of the need to create our own structures in the various countries, in the various states, and in other administrative subdivisions.

    However, we must put order, safety and organization of all the various phases first. We have never been in a hurry, for the very good of DirectDemocracyS, but above all, so as not to start doing things without the necessary rules, without having all the necessary precautions and safety measures ready, in case of unforeseen events.

    DirectDemocracyS. National phases. General rules, of the national phases.

    We talk about these topics, in detail, with various articles, and as always, we explain to you that many things we tell you are actually very complex, and at first glance, some of them might seem too complicated, in certain cases, you might even consider them useless, or, in the most extreme cases, you could judge our decisions to be wrong. Without going into details, we can guarantee you that each of our decisions has been proposed, discussed, selected, and finally voted on, by specialists (we have many experts with us, on every topic, even before making partially public, our project), and then, all of our work has been carried out by at least a few thousand, in some cases, tens of thousands of people. Many of our decisions, all the important ones, are taken together, by voting, in a free and democratic way. In many cases, the main decisions were voted by all our registered users, with percentages of over 75%, all people, with verified and guaranteed identities. So, trust us if we tell you that all of our rules and all of our methodology are fundamental to making our political organization "stand up" and function perfectly. We don't like wasting time, and we don't like useless controversies, because often, when we give even just some of our reasons to those who dispute us, we hear them say: you're right, it's the only way to obtain excellent results.

    In many cases, explaining a certain topic is more complicated than putting it into practice. In fact, our choices, always based on logic, common sense, intelligence, study, research and mutual respect for all people, are not easily understandable by those who do not have an intelligence superior to average. It is never, our intention to offend you, but from the outside, even if you are very intelligent, you cannot understand, with us, we work internally. Often, even for those with us, it takes time to fully understand how things work. For those who understand, we are happy, for those who don't, please trust us.

    The only way to understand, to learn, and to know how to do things, in the right way, is with practice, and by working together. You can try to register, and you will see that many things, which from the outside seem complicated to you, from the inside, in a short time, will seem normal and very simple, despite their complexity.

    The national phases.

    After the creation, and launch, of our international phases, and our continental phases, we decided to begin organizing the national, and subsequently local, phases of our political organization.

    The Phase Management Group created the National Phase Management Group, with management groups, from each country in the world.

    All our phases, and all our activities, begin gradually, always with great attention, and with great precision. We are not in the habit of starting to do certain things in a short time frame, or in too much haste, because this can cause us to make small mistakes.


    Based on the decisions of our users / voters, the general, international, continental rules are valid, exactly identical, and will be respected by everyone, in the national and local phases. We do not do it to impose our decisions from top to bottom, but simply and trivially, because it is right to use a fair, successful and infallible model in all our activities, at any level.

    Basic principles.

    All the values, all the principles, all the ideals, all the rules, all the methodologies, all the potentialities, and all the activities of the international and continental phases will be identical, and valid, for all the national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local. However, they will be activities carried out only by the people who actually live in a specific area, we will not have the "business" or local institutions managed by outsiders. A real and concrete autonomy, which makes us just, equitable, loyal, and allows us to prevent and resolve all possible conflicts.

    Statutes and rules.

    Regulations and statutes will be created and respected by all for all the various geographical and territorial phases.

    Moment 0 of the national phases.

    From moment 0, of our territorial phases, territorial claims and border changes will not be possible, in all geographical areas, without fair, loyal, and honest negotiation, and only with the approval of all parties involved, and only through popular will, without any political implications. This method will guarantee peace and serenity to all the people of the earth, forever.

    Local autonomy.

    While respecting all the right autotomies and local decisions, these structures must take into account and always obtain authorizations from our major territorial organizations, based on our rules and our methodology. This method prevents any possible further discussion. Let us never forget the principle of solidarity, between neighboring geographical areas, or which are inhabited by the same populations, of the various countries, on the principle of honest, loyal and fair collaboration.

    Unity, in diversity.

    The principle of unity, in diversity, must always be present, always being respected, and implemented, by anyone who joins DirectDemocracyS. Any attempt to stop, slow down, divide, split, or sabotage our organization will be foreseen and eradicated according to our rules and with our methodology. We are structured in such a way as to be indivisible, and incorruptible. Don't waste unnecessary time trying our prevention measures, you would be surprised.

    The decisions.

    Every person, who resides permanently, or who holds citizenship, has the power to decide, propose, discuss, vote, control, and manage all our organizations, in the geographical areas and territories of reference. Obviously, to do this, every person must be part of it, we do not accept orders, criticisms or advice from those outside us, for the simple reason that they have no right to do so.

    Nobody decides, in place of the population, of the various territories, but in the areas where DirectDemocracyS wins the elections, through members and users, our territorial organizations work in an organized way, respecting all the rules, and all our methodologies. Always in a connected way, and always collaborating directly.


    Each major territorial organization has the right to control, evaluate, reward, or punish all smaller territorial organizations, and all their respective users. Many people will not like this rule, but it is the only one that will allow us unity in diversity. Control does not mean directing, but verifying and making active compliance with our rules, our methodology, in all our activities.

    The national phases of DirectDemocracyS are fundamental, because they represent our presence, our activities, and our work, in each country of the world.

    As we often do, we add a short introduction, which answers some questions that many ask us.

    Is it right, fair, and fair to favor the first people to join us? And as a consequence of the previous question, another arises spontaneously: wouldn't it have been better to first make DirectDemocracyS known to all the people in the world, and start registering new users, all together, in order to truly be able to choose the best users, for roles of greater responsibility? Many of those reading who have not yet joined us will say: If I had known this before, I would have been among the first to start working with you.

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reconcile what you want, what is right and equitable, with the real conditions that technology, and your initial economic and financial resources, allow you to do.

    DirectDemocracyS was born with a very important task, to change and improve the world. To do this, it was necessary to grow our political organization, slowly but continuously, by carefully selecting the first people who joined DirectDemocracyS over time. And we will also do so, in the subsequent phases, trying to be as fair and equitable as possible in our rules and in our methodologies.

    We have often explained to you that we had to start our work, and all our activities, with very competent personalities, chosen with great care, among the best in the world, and that we necessarily had to start from our international phases, and then move on, to our continental phases, to the national ones, and then to the local ones. Anyone who has read all our informative articles, published from the beginning, knows the reasons.

    If we had started, directly from a small country, without having our continental and international structures, we would certainly have suddenly obtained a lot of fame, all over the world, and a very fast growth in the number of people who would have joined to us. But it would have been very difficult to handle, in a safe, orderly, and organized manner, such a success, all at once. As we always say, we are not interested in speed, but in arriving well, and without any problems, at our destination.

    Quality, not the number of users, in the early stages, was key, to be the best, and we are very proud, of our first users, and the decisions we all made together. We are also very proud of every single choice, made all together. This confirms, once again, that we were right. It is not presumption, but a simple observation of reality.

    DirectDemocracyS has been made public to a limited number of people, carefully selected, based on our needs, to have at their disposal, among the best specialists in the world, on every topic and every kind of activity. We have invited to join us only people with intelligence, above average, in every possible specialization, inviting each of them to invite other people, equally intelligent, useful, and compatible with our political organization. Out of respect for privacy, and the right to anonymity, which we guarantee, to anyone who joins us, we will not mention names and surnames, nor the inevitable "rankings". Many of them joined us, despite risking losing their jobs, and this demonstrates great courage, which will be rewarded over time. Our experts, in turn, invited equally reliable and competent people to join us, and we created, always calmly, with great attention, order, and security, our international and continental structures. This method of invitation, with the assumption of all responsibility, creating "chains" with infinite connected rings, is our strength. A political system, in a certain sense, pyramidal, but without the tip of the pyramid commanding or directing its base. A very difficult job, but one that will guarantee us stability and excellent concrete results. It is perhaps one of the few secrets, which we had not revealed to you, and which many will try to copy from us, always with terrible results, because good ideas alone are not enough, if they do not know how to put them into practice, and do not have the right people, in right roles to do so. But we'll talk more about all this...

    Not knowing our existence is not a fault, but it is not a merit either.

    After many years of very hard work, in a secret way, not to hide anything, but to be able to work calmly, without distractions, we have made our political organization partially public. In June 2021, we finally welcomed new members after many years, in addition to the first 282, who conceived, and created, DirectDemocracyS. We have created, our initial phases, international, and continental. In the year 2024, we have started to create, our national political organizations, also for various types of users. When we propose to someone, to start studying our proposals, and to get to know our political organization, and we ask: have you ever heard of DirectDemocracyS? The obvious answer from almost everyone is: no, we didn't know it existed. Almost everyone is pleasantly surprised, and immediately joins us. This aspect confirms the validity of our ideas, and obviously gives us enormous pleasure.

    Not knowing us shouldn't be a fault. But it must be an incentive to do so. Our over 100,000 registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities (as of March 2024), obviously have many advantages and facilities, the same ones that we proposed to the first courageous people who joined us in the initial phases. The same advantages and facilities that those who join us these days and those who will do so in the future have.

    Let's briefly look at the advantages.

    First, those who have been with us for a long time know our rules perfectly, and our methods of working together. By carrying out each activity, together with us, you obtain a score, based on your concrete results obtained, individually, or, collectively, on a meritocratic basis, in our groups.

    The scores go up, if you are an active user, on our website, or, in some cases, they go down, if you do not carry out activities, or, if you do not respect all our rules, and all our methodology.

    The points of each of our users represent the scientific and indisputable reliability of each of us, and guarantee us excellent results. It is normal that those who have worked with us for longer have a greater number of points, which in turn guarantees all of us greater trust in each other, and helps to occupy positions of greater prestige, and with greater responsibilities, compared to those who will join us in the future.

    Having practically completed our "foundations" with the international phases and the continental phases, we have decided to begin the national phases, also offering people who have recently joined us the possibility of requesting, and to obtain roles of greater responsibility, in our inevitable but useful hierarchy. Our hierarchy is in fact very useful for creating constant growth and healthy, honest and loyal competition, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, which continue over time.

    The geographical phases will not overturn all our work, and they will not change our rules and our method of working.

    Local autonomy, fair, and useful for everyone.

    While respecting all our rules, all our methodology, the unity and integrity of our political organization, DirectDemocracyS, guarantees that decisions and activities, in the geographical phases, take place in full freedom and internal democracy, in a free, independent way, respecting the right local autotomies, at all levels. We are talking about decisions, but also about the management of activities, about free and independent choice, about candidates for elections, about the management of funds received, indirectly, or, if received, from international structures, the control over their management takes place in direct way. In practice, our system provides that those who live in a specific territory (or if they live abroad, if they have the right to vote and be elected in each territory) are the protagonists of all our choices, and of the management of our territorial and geographical subdivisions, from the largest to the smallest. But also, the opposite, those who are part of each of our small structures directly, completely manage our larger territorial and geographical structures, together with anyone who is part of them. But even on this important aspect, we will make detailed articles, because many people struggle to understand how "minor" roles have the same "powers", and the same prerogatives, and the same potential, as minor roles. It is a complex discussion, in its simplicity. Not having a command structure, DirectDemocracyS has, ironically, the most complete and compact command and management structure made up of anyone who is part of it. We don't have a leader, or even a leadership, but we are all, integrated, determining, fundamental and decisive part of a single "great leader". This is one of the reasons for the "pyramidal" political system, or chains all connected by infinite rings. We'll explain better. If a single user of our shared leadership were a thief, or a liar, or a weakling, the "other rings" would make sure to never weaken our structure. Many links can be lost over time, for various reasons, from natural ones, such as: deaths and illnesses, or simply because a person decides not to want to continue, or is not suitable to be with us. In traditional political forces, this abandonment create weakness and can even cause a political party to fail, to the point of making it disappear. DirectDemocracyS, for one who leaves, finds another, often better, who enters. In many cases, for one person who leaves, we find 100 better ones who enter. Those who leave will never find a structure similar to ours, and a political force like ours, because it does not exist, and will never exist. Again, we tell you, we are not vain, but simply state the truth. We are the first, and will always be, the only ones in the world to work this way. And also on the previous sentence, a brief explanation. After having studied DirectDemocracyS, in each of its public articles, and having understood how fair, just, and well-structured we are, what sense would it make, building a false DirectDemocracyS, or a second DirectDemocracyS, when the first is already perfect, and thus infallible. We created it to be like this, unique, infallible, and perfect, and anyone who has joined us, and will do so in the future, has contributed and will contribute, only to improve it, not with criticism, or with selfishness, but with proposals, ideas and projects to be implemented all together. We know, we understand, the disappointment of some in realizing that we are right, and that ours is not vanity, but realism.

    Reliability of new users, and assumption of responsibilities.

    Before talking in detail about these fundamental aspects, which make us unique, infallible, therefore undoubtedly the best, a very brief introduction.

    One of the things that make the old politics "hateful" are the internal and external struggles of the various political forces. Entire political parties, and many of their political representatives, who accuse each other, and fight, to obtain consensus, votes, power, and therefore legitimacy, to decide. In DirectDemocracyS, this struggle does not exist, because we decide, all together, and each of our members, is the owner, of our entire political organization, of our website, with the right, at any time, to control, and manage, together to everyone, all our activities. In this way, for every possible problem, we can know who is responsible, but we can also reward our most deserving members.

    Reliability means being able to rely on each of our members (depending on the case, even each of our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identity), because over time, their good intentions have been concretely demonstrated.

    Responsibility, for us, means that each person who joins us is recommended by one of our official members (as the case may be, also each of our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identity), who assumes, personally, every responsibility, for the person who joined us, through his invitation.

    DirectDemocracyS, is in many aspects, innovative, and alternative, to all other political forces, in many things, and also, in a pyramidal political system. Don't be scared, unlike the financial system, where the pyramid method guarantees profits only at the tip of the pyramid (i.e. the first investors, who earn a lot), causing them to lose a lot of money at the base of the pyramid (i.e. the last ones, who join the investment), our pyramidal political system is based on the reliability and responsibility of those higher up, for every activity carried out by those "lower in the pyramid".

    Let's explain the pyramid concept better in our political organization.

    Based on the number of points, or, based on his type of user, on our website, each old user can take the responsibility of inviting other people to join us, always, and only, after they have informed yourself by carefully reading all our public articles.

    Invitations, with assumption of responsibility.

    Whoever invites is not the "boss" of those who are invited, but is simply responsible for every activity carried out by those who join us, based on their invitation. And those who are invited, in turn, invite other people, always reliable and compatible, assuming all responsibility, to join us. Being the inviter, directly responsible, for every invitation made, for every possible problem, or for every success of ours, we will always know who we have to "thank". Each invitation made, with assumption of responsibility, creates a new pyramid structure, from top to bottom, which also provides for the assumption of responsibility, which we call indirect, for all the parts created, of these "pyramid structures", all connected to each other. We will make a specific article to explain the exact rules, and all the information and reasons for this choice, unique in the world. We will also explain to you how we prevent and effectively resolve all the possible "small dangers" that this system could create, which are minimal when compared to the benefits that this method brings.

    The advantages are many, both for those who invite, who obtain important points, to be able to obtain important and more responsible roles in our inevitable hierarchies, and also for those who accept the invitation, because they will have avoided having to wait for the activation , of your personal profile, by our new user activation groups, furthermore, if the person who invites it, and takes responsibility for it, is of a minimum user type, our registered user with verified and guaranteed identity will automatically be considered a verified registered user, obtaining, upon request, the blue tick, which guarantees that he or she is an identified and therefore reliable person within us.

    The assumption of responsibilities provides for very simple, fast and secure documentation between the user who recommends and who assumes all responsibility for the identity and behavior of the new recommended and invited user. Through our website dedicated to digital signatures and the legalization of all our documents, a contract of assumption of responsibility and recommendation is essentially signed with the real personal data of both parties. The recommended and invited user will attach his copy, digitally signed by both, in a simple, fast, absolutely free way (on our website dedicated to digital signatures), and securely, when he registers on our website. This method may in some cases scare someone, many will ask themselves: how can I be able to trust and vouch for someone's behavior? Indeed, who would “put their hand in the fire” for anyone? We will answer you quickly and concretely. For example, the trust you have when you marry someone? Or that esteem and trust that is established after many years of friendship? We all have some, relatives, partners, friends, or acquaintances, whom we trust. DirectDemocracyS never asks anyone to guarantee and assume complete responsibility for a stranger, even if there are cases in which this happens, for example, when certain "personalities" bring with them other "personalities", they are enough the name of certain people, to have a guarantee of reliability.

    The invitations, without assumption of responsibility.

    Simple invitations can be made, in an unlimited way, by anyone (in the future, even by our visitors, if they wish), even without assumption of responsibility (which is only possible by our users with verified identities). Anyone can do it, inviting other people to inform themselves, and if compatible, to join us. But also trying to explain what DirectDemocracyS is, or, helping them in registering, in creating their personal profile, in self-activating this personal profile, but also in accessing the reserved areas and starting to work together with us. Anyone can give another person a "guided tour" within DirectDemocracyS.

    To do so, you must go to this link:

    enter the email address, or email addresses, separated by a comma (if multiple people are invited), adding a personal message, or leaving the default message. Soon, we will also allow invitation messages, via social networks, and messages, on all major applications. Please do not abuse this important component of invitations, and ask permission, both from us and from the person invited, before sending your invitations.

    Obviously, for the people who invite, nothing changes, but for the people invited, the same rules are envisaged, which have been used up to now, that is, the evaluation and activation of our new users, and for those who want to be able to vote, there is identity verification, by our security groups, through the identity verification groups. Without a verified and guaranteed identity, nothing can be voted on, and nothing can be decided, in our political organization. A short answer to those who ask us: can I trust DirectDemocracyS, and let complete strangers identify and track me? Dear friends, you have already done it, you already share all your data, with complete strangers, through any application, or even by owning a telephone, but also by sending a telex. With DirectDemocracyS, you just have the certainty that you know what we use them for, and how we do it. Furthermore, with us, you know exactly: who identified you, how they did it, and for what purpose. In some cases, many of you almost endear us. It seems you want to protect yourself from the only people who don't exploit you and don't exploit your data, while to those who actually exploit you and use your data to enrich themselves, you tell everything about yourself and your loved ones. Give all power of control to the wrong people, and then distrust the only ones you can trust, and on whom you can always count. Even in this case, as always, time will prove us right.

    Connections between various users.

    Every new user, with a verified and guaranteed identity, can request to also be part of our national phases. Obviously, anyone who joins us has the obligation to also be part of all our activities, on a continental and international (global) level. The connections between users, of the national phases, begin concretely, with the provisional appointments, decided by our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities, in the various countries of the world. There are provisional appointments (mandatory and fundamental, to begin the initial phases), and then there will be primary elections, online, closed, not only for the choice of our political representatives, but also for the management of all our activities. We keep the management roles of our activities separate and well delimited from the important role of political representation of citizens in the institutions. We are perhaps the only ones in the world to do so, in such a clear and evident way.

    These nominations will be voted on by everyone, based on their country of residence, but also, if resident abroad, provided they hold the citizenship of their country of origin and have the right to vote in elections in this country., and to be a candidate.

    Graphic scheme of the first appointments.

    First phase, we select and vote, 1 super administrator, 5 administrators, 25 +responsible+, 125 managers, 625 official representatives, 3125 official members, 15625 verified registered users are selected (according to our rules), voted for and appointed.

    These users will be allowed, again in the first phase: 78125 registered users, 390625 partially verified users, and 1953125 new users (also called login users).

    All these users, in the first national phase, will be connected to each other, based on our pyramid. In addition to the complete management and activities of each of our national organizations, the subsequent phases will begin to be organized. For example, the phases of each state, which for example, makes up the United States, or, each region, or, any other territorial and geographical subdivision, with the same scheme, for each of them.

    In the second national phase, each state, region, province, district, county, or any other geographical area, will have its own DirectDemocracyS, connected to all the higher ones and all the lower ones. In exactly the same way, all the various users and all the various “pyramids” will also be connected.

    Having the same rules and the same methods makes everything faster and simpler.

    At this point, many people will point out that not all countries in the world have a sufficient number of inhabitants to form a complete pyramid.

    Firstly, almost all countries in the world have at least the possibility of creating the first part of the scheme, which is that of the first national phase (with the exception, perhaps of the State, of the Vatican), that is: 1 super administrator, 5 administrators, 25 managers, 125 managers, 625 official representatives, 3125 official members, 15625 verified registered users.

    Also in the second national phase, there will be many users, who will rise in our inevitable hierarchy, and in that case, new pyramids will begin, with the same scheme, for an infinite number of phases, until we can allow the registration, potentially, of everyone the inhabitants of each country.

    There will perhaps be some users blocked, or expelled, or worse, declared persona non grata. With each elimination, there will be a further step up, for the entire underlying base of our scheme, and a further insertion of new users, at the base of each of our pyramids.

    There will be users who go down, or who go up, or others, who will be moved to another pyramid, with the same scheme. The connection is a mathematical structure, therefore exact and precise.

    Always with the same pyramid scheme, for countries with many inhabitants, many pyramids will be formed, exactly like the previous ones, but all connected to each other, based on the type of user.

    Managing all these schemes will be all our national administration groups, as for the continental phase, managing our schemes will be the various continental administration groups, and managing our international schemes will be our administration groups. In the subsequent phases, all these schemes will be managed by our administration groups, from each territorial subdivision, and from each of our local organizations. In cities, neighborhoods, and even in individual street blocks, the pyramid scheme will always be identical. Let's quickly answer the question: who can be part of these administrative groups, international, continental, national, and local ones? All those who live in that specific territory, and are at least our registered users with verified and guaranteed identities. So, you will have understood that everyone, on request, manages, controls and decides everything. But they do it, all together, thanks to our famous, and inimitable, shared leadership.

    As you will have understood, in all our phases, the various types of users are decisive, based on this scheme:

    1 super administrator, 5 administrators, 25 -responsible- (responsible-), 125 managers, 625 official representatives, 3125 official members, 15625 verified registered users. Based on the new users joining us, 78125 registered users, 390625 partially verified users, and 1953125 new users (also called login users) will be created for each individual scheme. For the international and continental phases, the following numbers are added to the scheme: +9765625 +48828125 +244140625 +1220703125 +6103515625 + all over the world. To understand the previous numbers, we will make a detailed article, with the explanation of the various groups, in the various chronological, numerical, geographical phases, and any new types of users that will be created in the future. We will talk about it briefly, about all our groups, again in this article of ours, to help understand some basic concepts, but for all the details we will also make one or more articles, for each type of user.

    The various types of users.

    Login users, or new users, can register, free of charge, without any obligation to be present, and without any obligation to carry out activities with us. They can do this forever. Their activation requires a longer period of time, is a little more complicated, and their potential is limited. In order to be activated, when registering and creating their personal profile, they will send an image, visible, of their photographic identity document, an identity card, or a passport. They will also have to self-activate their personal profile by clicking on the activation link, which our system automatically sends to the email address declared by each new user during registration and the creation of their personal profile. They can also, alternatively, copy and insert the self-activation link string into any browser, and by accessing the URL they will automatically activate their personal profile. At this moment, the "delicate" phase begins, which involves activation by one of our members of the new user activation group. Each applicant must demonstrate to DirectDemocracyS that they are compatible with our activities and deserve to be accepted into our big family. Even in this activity, we are completely innovative, and different. The other political forces accept anyone, at any time, we accept, anyone, but at the right time. If in the early stages we had accepted anyone with our type of project, we would have already failed. Saboteurs and useless characters would have joined us, who would only have created disorder. Or worse, they would have taken control of our political organization. DirectDemocracyS must be and remain everyone's. Rich and powerful lobbies, people and commercial companies, through fake users, will try, without any success, to influence and boycott our work. When the time is right, and we have an organization present, in every territory, literally all the people on earth who wish to join us will be able to join us, because all those who have joined us previously will have occupied the positions delicate, and of greater responsibility, making useless any possible attempt to misuse our beloved, and initially delicate, and fragile, political organization.

    Partially verified users, i.e. those who, according to our rules, will send, during the registration phase, an image, with their face visible, and nearby, always clearly visible, their identity document with photograph, have some potential in more. First, they contribute to our activities, with a minimal annual fee of a few dollars per year. In exchange, they can carry out activities, in many groups, with greater responsibilities, as they have identities, partially verified, and with many advantages. However, they remain, without any obligation to be present, and without any obligation, to carry out activities with us. This second type of user is useful for those who want to contribute to our freedom, to our neutrality, thanks to financial independence, but do not want to be "forced" to be present and work together with us. But in the future, he might want to do it, and therefore he will be able to decide to move on to the next type of user.

    Registered users have the same obligations as our partially verified users (i.e. those who, according to our rules, will send an image, with their face visible, and nearby, always clearly visible, their identity document with photograph), the same potential as our partially verified users, but they contribute a few dollars more per year than our partially verified users, but they have the obligation to be present, at least 20 minutes a day, even in various daily accesses, or at least 120 minutes a week, divided into one or more days, which in turn are divided into one or more daily accesses. Practically, they are one step below, our users with verified and guaranteed identities. They work in many more groups, and can propose their own ideas, but also discuss those of others. They are a type of user, very useful, for those who want to start understanding how many of our activities work, and our mechanism, which, although it seems complicated, is very simple, but very detailed.

    Users with verified and guaranteed identities are reliable users, as their identity is verified and guaranteed, according to our rules. Their personal profiles have a blue check, which guarantees their identity. They are the first type of user, who in addition to discussing and proposing, also have the right to vote, both for our decisions and in our online primary elections, to choose our candidates in the real elections.

    Our official members, together, are the sole owners of our entire political organization, our entire website, and our entire business. They contribute, with an annual fee of approximately 1 dollar per month, to ensure the financial resources, to always remain free, independent, and incorruptible, thanks to our self-financing. They have all the potential reserved for this type of user, such as exclusive access to our reserved area, called community.

    Political representatives. The name explains their role in detail. We have talked about it, in some articles, with all the details.

    Official representatives. They manage our entire political organization and represent us, even externally.

    Managers. They manage and control all our activities, they have very important roles, in the administration groups.

    Responsible. They have responsibilities for various of our activities, based on their specializations.

    Administrators. They are very important, due to their continuous work of verifying all our activities, they check that all our rules and our methodology are respected, at any time, and by everyone.

    Super Administrators. They monitor the activities of all our administrators. Checking who has the task of checking seems useless and banal, but it is essential to be able to prevent any possible problem and to guarantee excellent results.

    At any time, we may decide to create other types of users, or modify existing ones, according to our needs. We may also decide to delete one or more types of users, always based on our needs.

    We always say, this inevitable hierarchy does not discriminate against anyone, anyone can move up or down this ranking of ours, but only for their faults, or for their merits. Remember: equality and meritocracy, always united, and guaranteed to all, forever. You will never find a single person who will complain that they didn't get exactly what they deserved. Furthermore, only healthy, loyal and honest competition creates continuous progress, for the good of all.

    It is logical that in our smaller territorial organizations, such as our neighborhood organizations, not all types of users will be present, especially in the initial first phases. In many cases, the entire neighborhood or street block organization will be managed by some of our official members, and for each of them, at least 5 registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities. The national and local geographical phases, in the initial phases, will not be allowed for the types of initial users; over time, we may decide to allow participation also for other types of users.

    We also talk about our “founding members”.

    Guarantors. They are the first 282 members, who had the first ideas, proposals, discussions, and who decided to create DirectDemocracyS. They do not take part directly in management activities, and do not run as political representatives, even if they are free to do so by resigning early from the role of guarantors. Likewise, they can intervene, if they decide, or, if they are asked, with an official request, to express: an opinion, or a vote, which would be binding. Furthermore, they have the right of veto, and can block decisions, or appointments, if they do not consider them compliant with all our rules, and with our values, ideals, principles, with the motives, purposes, and objectives, which have given us made to create, DirectDemocracyS.

    We repeat it, to avoid subsequent protests.

    New user types will be created at any time, based on our needs, by our user type management group, via the user type creation group.

    All user types will be modified at any time, according to our needs, by our user type management group, via the user type modification group.

    Some types of users will be eliminated, at any time, based on our needs, from our user type management group, via the user type elimination group.

    The various phases.

    As we have said, the various phases in which our activities take place are of different types and specificities.

    The most "famous" are the geographical ones, which began with the global phases, which we call international. Continental phases followed. And then, the national ones will follow, and finally, based on the geographical and electoral subdivisions, always starting from the largest geographical area, up to the neighborhood, or, as the case may be, road block. Our local phases will follow (state, regional, provincial, district) in a precise order, and often, based on the needs of our territorial organizations. One of our users / voters, for example from any neighborhood, in a large city, will be able to propose, discuss, and will vote, in our political organization, for their own street block, their own neighborhood, city, county, district, state, country, the continent, and finally, our global organization. Each person, of a type of authorized user, is the protagonist, in each of our geographical phases. The type of user, official member, in addition to the potential of each of our registered users with a verified and guaranteed identity, will also have, together with all our official members, the right of ownership, management and control of all our activities, of all our territorial organizations, at every level, of our website, and of everything we do in common, in which he will participate. Everything will be yours too, and all our members.

    The chronological phases, the name explains them very well, are the phases, in the various periods, of our activity, initial phases, second phase, third phase, and so on. The territorial phases, based on our organizations, on a geographical basis, will begin their respective activities, in identical ways, but at different times, based on the decisions made, including at national and local level. In short, the times will not always be identical, but there may be variations, decided in a coordinated manner with our continental and international phases.

    The phases, by type of user, are: both chronological and territorial, for example, certain continental phases were started, in different chronological phases, first by our Super Administrators (with the creation of groups, presentation pages, and of many preliminary activities), compared to the types of users, with fewer responsibilities, less reliable, and located "lower" in our inevitable hierarchy. The national phases, for example, for some types of "superior" users, such as Super Administrators, Administrators, and other members, began on July 28, 2023, but for other types of users, they began later. This method allows us to "lay the foundations before building the house". It doesn't mean preferring certain people to others, but it means putting the right people in the right place, creating the necessary potential for everyone to do an excellent job together.

    The numerical phases, which anyone who has read, all our informative articles, knows and appreciates, are unique to us. The fact of working, even in one of the 5 numerical groups, in which our users are automatically inserted, based on the last identification number, of the chronological and consecutive number, assigned automatically, at the time of their registration, on our website, has allowed us to be united, and to make our users, populations, and countries, who are, or were in conflict, or who did not respect each other, respect each other. From the first minute, in DirectDemocracyS, people of all religions, cultures, and traditions, of all political ideologies, of all peoples work together, honestly, loyally, and respectfully, for example: Irish and English, Chinese and Taiwanese, Romanians and Hungarians, Greeks and Turks, Palestinians and Israelis, Russians and Ukrainians, but also people from various tribes from all continents who have had, or are having, even violent clashes. Our numerical method, drawn based on fate, our rules, and our methods, respected by all, "forced" them to get to know each other and work together, helping and respecting each other, mutually. And it wasn't easy to do...

    There are many other phases, all important, innovative, and they will be explained to you, at the right time, in time for you to organize yourself. Writing them all in this article would make it excessively long, would be useless, and could create confusion.

    We always work, and only, on our official website.

    All our activities, all the phases, and all our territorial organizations, will be present, and will work, only, and exclusively, on our main website. We will not have national sites, but we will always work together. We have all the technologies, safety measures and potential necessary to allow everyone to do an excellent job, which will allow us to always obtain the best results. Not only that, but we do this for safety reasons, but also to always guarantee unity and absolute respect in diversity. Likewise, we also do it so that we can all have continuous and mutual control over all the activities of anyone who joins us. In order to be always able to reward those who obtain excellent concrete results, respecting all our rules and all our methodologies, but also to be able to identify and punish in a severe but fair way any person who does not behave appropriately. We say it clearly, we will use any means necessary, to ensure security, order, unity, and perfect organization, in DirectDemocracyS. We will not allow anyone to obtain advantages and facilities, wealth and power that are not absolutely deserved, always guaranteeing equality, in addition to merit, over time. Furthermore, we will not allow anyone to divide us, to organize splits, or to try to boycott us. Internal or even external struggles will not be tolerated. We don't care what others do, nor do we care about starting or continuing useless controversies. We express an opinion, without allowing ourselves to want to teach anything, to anyone. However, we have nothing to learn from the old politics, and we do not accept that someone judges us, without knowing us, or criticizes us, without having studied every single word and sentence we have written. We do not accept moral lessons from anyone, nor unsolicited advice or teachings. Anyone who wants to suggest something to us, or who wants to show us that they could do better than us, join us, and start working together with all of us. From the outside, without knowing anything, it is easy to give advice.

    We also talk about the various presentation pages of our activities on our website.

    Each of our activities will have private pages, reserved pages, and public pages, in which we will present the activities that we decide to make public. These pages are important for making many of our activities known, but they do not oblige our groups to manage them and publish everything they do. This aspect of ours made us consider ourselves, especially at the beginning, as a "dangerous sect", but it is only a necessity, to protect our work, the right to confidentiality, and the right to anonymity, which we guarantee, from first minute, forever, to each of our users / voters. Nobody doesn't like that every activity they carry out is made public, especially before it has been finished, therefore, nobody can claim to know everything about every single activity that takes place in DirectDemocracyS, neither of those who are part of it, nor what he does, at any time. Those who are within us, in order to know and verify all our activities, must request, in a polite manner, and respecting every rule, to participate in the activities that intrigue them, having the ability and skills to carry out and verify.

    Reserved areas.

    Social reserved area, and, for our official members, the community reserved area.

    At first glance, anyone who enters our reserved areas, in which we work, might think that we carry out very few activities, it might seem like we are in "a desert" to the point that many of our users, especially at the beginning, believed that we were very few people, and we did very few things together. Nothing could be more wrong, as always, appearances are deceiving. In fact, many, indeed, almost all of our groups, pages, events, surveys, discussions, entire blogs, individual and group chats, are and will remain reserved for the people who are part of them, and will be made public, only partially, and only if those directly interested so wish. The reasons are logical, we have often talked about it. The fact that we only see "the tip of the iceberg" does not mean that there is nothing else that is not visible. In our case, 99.99% of our activities remain visible only to those who are part of it. To make it clear to the first curious users, in the initial stages, we created groups, pages, events, and all types of activities, visible only to these "network detectives". They saw that it was like this, only those who were part of it could see and carry out certain activities. At this point, there will be "the usual protesters", for whom nothing ever goes well, and always look for defects, even where there are none, who will accuse us: you have many things to hide. The answer is, in addition to the obvious ones, to protect our interests, the personal data, and the right to anonymity, of every person who joins us. Do you want to have access to reserved areas? Register, create a personal profile, work with us continuously, respecting all our rules, pay the annual fee, become our official member, and then ask the various groups to access, and if you have authorization, you will be able to learn directly about the various activities. DirectDemocracyS, is based on the skills, and on the fact, that each person must carry out activities in which they can give maximum performance, for the good of each user, and for the good of our political organization. There is no shortage of examples of people who know how to do everything, just look, in traditional social networks. Especially in the initial stages, there were people who wanted access to the groups of specialists who are fundamental to our organization. Only those who demonstrate that they have an excellent specialization, with verified and guaranteed documentation that demonstrates this, can enter these groups. Therefore, they can be our specialists, university professors, but also brilliant students, or people who work directly in the various areas of expertise. For those who are simply passionate about certain topics, the only way to access specialist groups is to study in one of the courses organized and recognized by our groups and pass the relevant exams with excellent grades. Only then will you be able to request access to these groups of ours and, if accepted, you will be part of them.

    We know that there is a lot of curiosity, and everyone would like to know everything about everyone, but not in DirectDemocracyS, where everyone helps and makes their own contribution, but where everyone respects the work and skills of others.

    The reserved areas, and our work areas, are only, and exclusively, on our website, and are mainly 2, the social area (which is partially public), and the community area, reserved only for our official members. Others may be created, at any time, with specific rules, based on our needs, by the reserved areas management group, and by the reserved areas creation group.

    Let's talk briefly about our groups.

    As with our types of users, our groups also work in various phases, with a well-defined scheme. The most "famous" phases of the groups are the geographical ones, but there are also the chronological, numerical ones, by type of user, and many others, which will be explained to you in detailed articles.

    In short, all our groups, which number a few thousand (and continue to increase), at an international level, have an identical counterpart in our continental phases, in each continent, which in turn will have a connected group, at a national level, and then at a local level.

    All these groups are created in a pre-established order, and therefore, in chronological order, at the exact moment in which they must be used.

    Our groups have numbers and codes, and are also created according to our numerical phases.

    All the groups are created first, for the types of users, "higher up", in our inevitable and useful hierarchy. We always start with the types of Super Administrators and administrators, and then create the respective groups, for each type of user, in the various periods.

    This simple but efficient methodology allows us not to have too large groups, in terms of numbers of people who compose them, except geographically based groups, which inevitably have many members. We will briefly explain this fundamental but simple concept in its complexity.

    At the beginning, in DirectDemocracyS, there were less than 300 people, and it was relatively simple to all communicate and collaborate together, but in a short time, we had to create the first working groups, specific on various topics, for example: administration, security, regulations, but also groups of experts, to find all the solutions to every possible problem. The first problem was the fact that as the number of people who joined us increased, the problems also increased. Sorry, our pun.

    At this point, new, increasingly specialized working groups were needed to solve all the new problems caused by the too fast and uncontrolled increase in the number of our users.

    But one of the fundamental problems was that, in a given group, at a certain point, there were too many people, and not everyone could express themselves, and work, in the best way. We were forced to decide to limit the number of people present, for example, in a single group of specialists. So, in a short time, we limited the maximum number of users in each group to 3125 people. Then, the number was updated, to 15625.

    Currently, we have changed the rules, in a simple way: each group decides independently the number of people who can be part of it, as long as it starts from 1 person (who is the group manager) and is a multiple of 5 (which is the minimum number to be considered a group). At this point, the usual critics will tell us: you are not pluralists, you do not allow competent people to do their job. We have to disappoint you, this time too, it's not about excluding competent people, but about creating new groups, with the same specialization, but which allow everyone to be protagonists. The 2, but also 3, or more groups will vote, separately, but also at the same time together, on everything, in this way, excellent, indisputable results will be obtained. It seems, as always, a slow and complicated mechanism, but it is very simple and very fast. Creating various groups, for the same topic, was simply brilliant, because it allowed us to divide tasks, but nothing prevented us from creating voting groups, both separate and united, to have a specific but also general opinion.

    For national groups, being at a geographical and territorial level, for the same country, there are groups, based on each type of user, all connected, in addition to a common group, in which all our users / voters, of every country in the world. In these last groups, not many activities take place, but they are very useful for us to know the exact number of people who join us from each geographical area. The actual work is carried out based on the types of users, and the same method is also used for voting.

    Every type of user votes on any topic, and in our closed online primary elections, in groups, based on their type of user. At the end of the voting, each type of user expresses its results. The majority obtained, in more than half, of the types of users, determines the final result of each vote. This method of ours, which may be considered, at first sight, by some superficial and incompetent people, as less democratic than universal suffrage (in which everyone votes together, in a single vote), is the true guarantee that DirectDemocracyS will always remain free, independent, democratic, autonomous, and will always choose, in the best way, for the good of all. It will also allow us to present the best possible candidates in the real elections. It will allow us to prevent any attempt by anyone to take control, in unfair ways, of our decisions. To all this, we must add the open vote, which obliges each of our users to clearly declare their preferences. Some people believe that it would have been right to leave them free to hide their preferences. We ask these people: why should anyone be ashamed of what they believe, or of their preferences? Not only the open vote, but also the obligation to give a very detailed reason for one's choices, makes DirectDemocracyS the only place in the world where people talk openly, discuss, perhaps argue, but “play your cards on the table”. No one has ever been excluded, for their ideas, and for what they decided, and it will never happen. Each of our users / voters must be free to express themselves, without any fear, if they do so in the right places, ways and times. The right places, if they do not exist, will be created, with working groups and presentation pages, to allow anyone to make their projects known and developed. The right ways, means, using a style and a way of expressing yourself that respects all other people, you can even be slightly vulgar, if you don't offend anyone. The right times mean that the general interest must be taken into account, and not one's own preferences. For example: no one forbids anyone from studying and analyzing the shape of our planet, but no one can force everyone else to express their opinion on the sphericity, slightly flattened at the poles, of the earth, unless there is an emergency, or to take a test, but for the latter, there are specific rules. We believe that the world would be a better place if there were no state secrets, and if everyone could express themselves, without fear of being judged, and without the fear of declaring their preferences.

    Let's talk briefly about the possible dangers that could exist for us, or that we could represent for current society.

    We have explained it several times, that the most serious danger, in addition to other less dangerous problems, that there could be for us, was that an immense number of people would all register together and influence, negatively, and based on interests, of a few rich and powerful people, our decisions. If we decided incorrectly, or if, thanks to the votes of fake users, we presented incompetent people as candidates, we would become exactly like almost all old politics. With this method of voting, by type of user, we make it impossible for the financial system, the economic system, other political forces, or people and commercial companies to control us, in some way. Our "system" will never suffer any negative influence from anyone. While all the other political forces continue to fight for power, we will think of the common good, going our own way.

    For the good people of the earth, DirectDemocracyS will be very useful, to see their lives improve. For us, doing politics means solving all people's problems together. For the old politics, however, it means deciding in place of others, based on the interests of a few. For them, politics is the management of institutions and wealth based on the interests of a few masters. For DirectDemocracyS, the only masters are: all the good people of the earth, who by joining us, always decide, having everyone's interests at their core, and not just ours. Not only do we have many "masters" who literally own us, but our choices must always be in the interest and for the good of everyone. It seems complicated, and even obvious, but we never say it enough. Every decision we make must be useful to everyone, even if it is decided only by those who join us. And we also want to be clear on this concept: we don't trust anyone outside, because only our rules and our mechanism can work and allow us to obtain excellent results. Those who join us choose to act, respecting logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people, and therefore work for the common good. Those who are on the outside do not allow us to check all together that their activities are for the public benefit.

    Separate votes, based on the types of users, to perfectly prevent any attempt to influence us negatively.

    Super Administrators, administrators, -responsible-, managers, official representatives, political representatives, official members, and registered users with verified and guaranteed identity, are the types of user, who vote in separate groups, and who, in the event of a tie (if the number of types of users will be equal), they will be able to ask for a definitive opinion from our guarantors, who are the first 282 members, who had the idea, and created, with their long and hard work, our political organization. If in the future, we create new types of users, and therefore they will be in odd numbers, it will not be necessary, in the event of a tie, to ask our guarantors for their opinion, who also have other, very important roles, as it should be. We can guarantee you that there will hardly be any major differences in our votes, because we have taken all the necessary security measures to guarantee justice and pluralism. The open vote, and having to publicly justify each one's choices in a credible way, helps a lot in this sense. Only our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities, vote, because it is essential that only reliable people can express themselves, of whose identity we are sure, and for whom we can guarantee. Even in real elections, the first thing to do, before being able to vote, is to identify yourself. These identifications of ours, which are carried out, by our security groups, and by the group called: identity verification group, are carried out only once, but with possible further checks, as an additional security measure. New identifications may be requested periodically, or without prior notice, even from people already identified, by our periodic identity check team. This procedure requires little time for each of our users, but guarantees us reliability over time and effectively prevents many possible problems. To some, it may seem excessive, but we can assure you that many bad people will try in every way to slow us down, or to boycott our activities. Obviously, thanks to our continuous checks, they will have no chance of creating problems, furthermore, everyone likes to work, with the certainty of being able to trust, those who have the classic "blue check". Subsequent identity checks are useful, have no cost, and are resolved in a few minutes.

    We have talked about the security measures, which guarantee the regularity of our votes to everyone, and that no one can interfere with our decisions, but it is useful to remind everyone that the perfect system does not exist. For example, those against online voting say it can be tampered with. Many tell us that we are very attractive, but if they think that we decide everything together, but online, they don't trust it, because we could be subjected to interference, or we could tamper with the voting system, or even that we could publish false results. Almost all those who say this do not understand anything about technology, and absolutely all do not know our methods, which allow anyone who is our official member, complete and continuous control of our every activity. To those who will ask us: why can only your official members verify everything for you, and not anyone? For the simple reason, that each political force is free to control itself, and to allow only those who are part of it, and those who contribute to the various activities, to verify the methodology. This method is called respect for freedom of association. We will talk about this fundamental concept, to explain to everyone that we are free to make our innovations in this way, and whoever joins us knows, even before joining us, how they will have to behave, and no one can stop us, to work as we decide. Furthermore, allowing strangers to enter restricted areas would be self-harming for us. Anyone who wants to control us, joins us, respects all our rules, and "accompanied" by our other members, will be able to verify for themselves the regularity of each of our votes, and the impossibility for anyone to alter the results. Anyone who doesn't believe what we say is free to try. It has not yet happened that a single person has accused us of lying, or of writing and promising one thing, and doing another. And we advise you, if you want to do so, to have all the proof, to avoid being immediately sued for defamation.

    Other people consider votes by post to be easily altered, just make the envelopes with the votes disappear, or just not let them arrive at their destination, or delay their delivery...

    But for those who only believe in voting at the polling station, with their preferences placed directly, with their hand in the ballot box, let's say that even if they were present in person at the counting of every single vote, they would never have the certainty of count them all, and that in all polling stations, these are counted correctly. Finally, he would never know if the final results were exactly those expressed by the population, or if there had been fraud.

    We have written all this, to make you understand that mathematical and complete certainty are often only apparent, and that it is not the method with which you vote that guarantees correctness, but the loyalty and honesty of those who delivery, of those who count them, and of those who calculate them, to be able to give us some more guarantees. We cannot guarantee for others, but as far as we are concerned, we have taken, from the first minute, all the necessary safety measures to prevent any problems. You may ask: how? For example, investing about 30% of every money we receive in security measures and technology. Secondly, we control ourselves precisely and continuously to prevent any possible problem.

    Technology, operating systems, artificial intelligence, DirectDemocracyS has always used and exploited them to do an excellent job. How much do the things we don't know scare us? For example, some accuse us of being too technological and using artificial intelligence to analyze the activities of anyone who joins us. We do not use classic systems, but we have created, with our experts, our systems and our artificial intelligence, which guarantee us all the necessary security measures. Our artificial intelligence, for example, serves us to analyze an incredible amount of data, generated by our IT system and by our users / voters, in a continuous, fast and precise way, and to free up human resources for less difficult roles, and less complicated. Our systems have no preferences compared to human beings, who tend, even involuntarily, too often favor those who do not deserve it, interpreting many data in their own favor, based on their own interests. Often, those who talk about technology have limited themselves to watching some science fiction films, believing themselves to be informed on extremely technical concepts. Everyone's great fear: machines will take over and rebel against humans. Or worse, some say: the machines will destroy us. You see dear friends, machines are not like us human beings, they do not have our weaknesses, our deviations "from the right path", they do not have feelings, and if they had them, they would not have selfishness, greed, and cruelty, as many human beings. Machines only do, and exclusively, what they are programmed to do. What the programmers tell them to do. Let's leave science fiction films and conspiracy theories to those who have nothing more useful to do in life. DirectDemocracyS, however, wants to assure everyone that human machine control is also the opposite, that is, the human being controls the machine, and that the button: start, or stop the system, we, human beings, have it, in hand. And we will have it forever. Finally, a reassurance, for the conspiracy theorists, when all the traditional political forces, and the whole of humanity, will be dominated by machines, we will always remain, with human beings, who dominate and decide, and the machines, who execute, all the orders of human beings, and always in the interests of all. We will save humanity, if necessary...

    Being against technology is stupid, and impossible to achieve. It would be like being against evolution, against natural forces, or, against progress, you can only try to mitigate its harmful effects, certainly not stop them, and certainly not definitively. Like all living beings, we humans too know how to adapt to new things. With new technologies, study, research and new discoveries, the average lifespan of a human being has gone from around 21 years 2000 years ago to 80 now. The only ones who fear evolution are the incapable and the ignorant, who are afraid of everything they don't know, and therefore give vent to their theories and their imagination. There is nothing wrong, but you make a fool of yourself, and you always make an unpleasant existence for yourself. If you are so afraid of everything, educate yourself, and join us, to try to find the problems, and solve them concretely. Talking about it, only by confirming the theories, does not help you, you must act concretely, and the best weapon is knowledge. Evolution continues, and we must exploit it, for the good of humanity. Furthermore, it is hypocritical to criticize technology by using it. With the latest generation phones in their hands, they criticize new technologies and social networks, on the very same social networks that you hate so much. You would be quicker to buy a horse to go to work and use a carrier pigeon to send a message. The world was once simply different, and not always better. More information creates the illusion in weak minds that they are surrounded only by evil. And so, it happens that some people, with few functioning neurons, wish for our extinction. So, billions of innocent people, should die, because of a few bad people. For the wish, of people without empathy? There are people who have a selective rejection of new things, based on their beliefs. All legitimate, but at least be consistent with your beliefs and avoid criticizing, or worse, judging others. Some people, with the wrong mentality, should continue to support other political forces that are more suitable for them. DirectDemocracyS carefully selects its supporters, and especially in the initial stages, does not welcome just anyone.

    We conclude this long, informative article of ours with one last very useful piece of information to understand how we work. In the national phases, a lot of direct information will be created, very short, simple, but numerous, in a menu reserved for the various types of users, and visible only to these people directly interested in the information contained. Articles will therefore be published, visible only to our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities. Obviously, there will be menus, full of categories and subcategories, with all the information, and above all the necessary instructions, so as not to make any mistakes.

    Our long articles, on a general level, will continue to be accessible to anyone, but for those who are our users, many new activities will be possible, visible only after logging in to our website. We believe that public information will be represented by some articles, published sometimes. With the start of our international activities, and subsequently with our continental activities, we have enhanced our Blogs, with linguistic categories, in 56 main languages, always on our website. These linguistic blogs will be implemented until we have all public and private posts, in all the languages of the world, but also for every territorial subdivision and for every geographical area of the world. Presentation pages will also be created on our website, not only in all the languages of the world, but also reserved and managed by all the populations of the earth, in the various territories, and with presentation pages for each country, of the world, and subsequently, for each territory. In these spaces, only specific activities will take place, focused on their typologies.

    A message for the traditional media and press. If you receive our official messages and press releases, you can do 2 things, ignore them, or you can decide to publish them immediately. If you ignore our first message, you are unlikely to receive any others. Ignoring us in the initial stages will, for many of you, turn out to be a boomerang. In fact, those who are not loyal to us, and ignore us, will receive exactly the same treatment from us. It is convenient for anyone to receive the news like everyone else, and perhaps get some previews, or some exclusives. Even the very few interviews by our candidates will be possible, only for those who respected us from the first moment, and certainly not for those who hindered us. We are not vindictive, but we don't let anyone make fun of us, and we will be able to respond intelligently to any type of behavior. There are many cases in which information, the press, radio, television channels, and new technologies influence, or even direct, the choices of traditional political parties and individual political representatives. We are absolutely innovative, even in this aspect, in fact, we create our own means of communication, thanks to our projects, of all types, which all require them to be carried out, always being owned, by all those who carry out the various activities. A new system, political, but also economic, financial, information, all owned, by anyone who works there, and by anyone who joins us. With the same rules, of our political force, and with the same fairness, honesty, justice, based on equality and meritocracy, continuous and always united over time. But our media may or may not collaborate in mutually beneficial ways with all the rest of the information. And this choice of ours is determined solely and exclusively by the way we are treated by others, even in the initial stages. You will have noticed that we do not make any compromises, in politics, in business, and in our collaborations, it is always us, we do not change out of interest, because our only interest is the good of all good people. Our only goal is to change and improve the world, and we will do it, one user at a time, without any rush.

    We have started some important collaborations some time ago, with the best universities in the world, even in this kind of collaborations, there are universities, which have staff, who understand our potential, and who want to collaborate with us immediately, and others, who perhaps consider us "poor fools", with our very fair rules, and our original and "cheeky" way of relating to others. Don't worry, you're not the only ones. For many years, in our early stages, in which we were really just a few people, with a dream, we have contacted the best minds on earth, let's talk about the top 10, for every single topic, or sector of activity. Of them, very few have joined us, perhaps for fear of losing prestige, or for fear of retaliation. Perhaps, simply because we are "too good to be true", or, because they don't believe in our potential. We don't believe that there is a single person in the world who can honestly say: I don't like what you are doing. Many of them were invited to join us, many years ago, only once, and then we never asked them again. Anyone who didn't accept immediately will never receive any invitation from us again and will never have any important role. For different reasons. The first is that one must never want to eat from the dish into which one has spat.

    The second is that many of the top 10, in their respective sectors, but also in the top 20, are completely compromised, with the old systems. Many of them are under the thumb, and also easily blackmailed, by rich and powerful lobbies, people and commercial companies, and are therefore incompatible with our methodology. Thanks to their refusal, we founded DirectDemocracyS, and each of our connected projects, with over 50 of the top 100, in the world for each sector. The number is not always synonymous with quality, but 50 excellent and innovative brains, with the desire to emerge, are always better, and more useful for us, than just 10, even if they are geniuses. We have found many people, with the right desire to innovate, in a courageous way, and with a small dose of "madness" in the good sense, which will allow us to always be the best. So, we don't mind if certain "professors" don't want to "get their hands dirty" with us, for now we are few compared to other political forces, but give us some time, and we'll talk again, also about the numbers and consensus. We will also talk about the votes that our political representatives will receive in the various elections. And as always, time will prove us right.

    This long article of ours has made you understand many things about us, with a simple, clear and sincere, 360-degree speech, in which we could not address every single topic in a complete way, but we have given you many reasons, of our choices, and perhaps we have clarified many doubts. Maybe someone even had the idea of copying us. Avoid both the terrible impression you would surely make in trying to steal other people's ideas and your failure, which is guaranteed, not only because of our complaints, for theft of intellectual property and unfair competition. You would fail, because, despite knowing much of our method, you would not know how to apply it, and above all, because you do not have our initial members, and all the good people who have joined us over time, who ensure us credibility, respect for every rule, and competence. Furthermore, everyone will prefer the working original to a fake, unsuccessful and ineffective one. There is only one legal, fair, just, and ethically correct way to use our ideas. Join us, and start "exploiting" our enormous potential together with all of us. We will never allow anyone to obtain personal, undeserved advantages by exploiting our projects.

    Someone, however, will think of joining us. Don't do it if you haven't studied, with great attention, everything we publish. If you don't have the right mentality, and you don't adapt to this new way of ours of doing politics together, it's better that you don't waste your time, and don't let us waste any of it.

    We hope to have clarified, even some concepts, which despite our long and numerous articles, do not enter the heads, or, more precisely, the brains, of many people. Certain things, and a large part of our method, can only work as they were designed, because for many years, we have worked on effective solutions to prevent all types of problems. Even if everyone has their own ideas, often, logic and common sense must be respected, and not only that, one's own preferences. Even many experts continue to offer us their beliefs and ideas. Let's make it clear right away: if you do it from the outside, we don't take them into consideration, practically, from the beginning. If you do it from within, you have all the means to propose them, discuss them, choose them, and, if they don't overturn our previous rules, you could put them to the vote, and implement them, making them concrete. Any good idea, or constructive criticism, if made according to our rules, is accepted and useful. Criticisms, without solutions, are of no interest to us. And then, as is often said: the fox, who does not reach the grapes, says that they are unripe.

    Our continuous innovation, and our unstoppable, yet controlled, orderly, safe, and impeccably organized growth will surprise you, pleasantly. If we compare DirectDemocracyS to the life of a human being, we are like "cigarette after having sex" (we know that smoking is bad for you, but that's just to give an example). Until recently, we were in the midst of conception. The pregnancy will be long, but the fetus is healthy and strong, genetically it is perfect, because it is a mixture of many races, which will make it very resistant to diseases. We will be able to say that we have been born only when every person on earth knows that we exist, and has read at least one short article published on our website. That will be our date of birth, and it will also be our birthday. Everyone must know that there is an innovation, an alternative, to everything else in politics.

    Finally, thanking those who have had the patience to read everything up to this point, a simple observation.

    With the word-of-mouth method, with invitations, and with the assumption of responsibility, which avoids us having to waste time on too many checks, our growth can be speeded up. If we tell each of our users to bring at least one other person, we double it, in a few minutes, and with this method, to be known worldwide, it will not take years, but a few months. And don't rely on the fact that only people with above-average intelligence are able to understand our enormous potential. Anyone, reading even one of our articles, even the shortest, understands the enormous difference between DirectDemocracyS and all the other political forces. And guess who they will vote for in the next elections, anywhere in the world? Obviously, for their political representatives, who swear to always be available to put into practice every order received from those who gave them, with their vote, the power to represent them in the institutions. We are the only ones who make authentic democracy, even representative democracy, which was born unjust and antidemocratic from its origins. Before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    These are not dreams, nor are they utopias, we have the effective rules, and the method that works, which are the 2 fundamental things, to keep DirectDemocracyS standing. Calmly, in the ways and at the times decided by us, all the good people who understand the difference between good and evil will also arrive. Trust me, almost everyone knows that we are and will always remain the best. Because we are fair, just, honest, and incorruptible. Obviously, there will be those who will join us immediately, because they do not recognize themselves, and do not feel represented, by other political forces and other political representatives. Anyone who abstains, and does not feel represented by anyone, will join us, first, immediately, and then, over time, almost all the people will participate in politics together with us. A true, real, complete, 360-degree policy, owned by everyone!

    In the next public article, we will give you the new detailed instructions so you can join us and start the national phases in the best way.

    We will explain to you, in a dedicated article, the main changes, and above all, the possible tiny inconveniences, which may occur, but which will not influence, in any way, our work together, thanks to our prevention measures.

    Thanks for your attention. If you like what we are doing, share.

    With great esteem and infinite respect.

    DirectDemocracyS, your politics, truly in every sense, innovation, alternative, to all other political forces.

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