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    The name name that unites us

    The name name that unites usWhy are you called DirectDemocracyS? Why don't you have a name, translated, in every language? Many do not know how to pronounce it?

    There are questions, which seem to be asked, to look for a flaw, or to try to accuse us of wanting to "monopolize" politics, even through the name. Almost as if we did not give due importance to the culture, language, traditions and religions of each country and each people.

    Indeed, they accuse us of not respecting the linguistic specificity of the word direct democracy. But also, of not wanting to give, the right local, regional, provincial and local autonomy.

    The name DirectDemocracyS, as we have explained in some articles, is not a name born by chance, with the exception of the final S.

    To superficial people, we only answer with one sentence: the world, the political system, the financial system, the economic system, and all the bad people, throughout history, have always tried to divide, all people, in order to control them, with disastrous existences, which we all know.

    Our name, our logo, our project, our political organization, any related projects, our website, our rules, our methods, and everything we do, were all born, and will live on forever, for unite all good people.

    By choosing the name DirectDemocracyS, we have all our essence inside, and the final S gives us security, simplicity, but also social protection, and a touch of sympathy.

    Obviously, if we had chosen various names, in various languages, those who wanted to, even the various dialects, would have come to complain. We would never have made everyone happy. With our choices, we would never respect everyone.

    Instead, forever, our name will be DirectDemocracyS, or if you don't know it, or want to pronounce it in English, call us DDS. Not only because the name has been decided, discussed, and voted on by all of us, but also because anyone who complains about the name might want to do so, as well as to criticize us superficially, also to create divisions, to try to slow us down , or worse to stop us.

    We do not believe that the world population is made up entirely of nationalists, or of people so superficial and stupid that they would not vote for our candidates or for our political organization because it has a name that is too "English" or "Anglo-Saxon". Let's be serious, we look at the contents, we look at the people, and at the proposals, not just the name or the logo. The only importance they have is to be able to recognize us from other political forces.

    Furthermore, the choice of English is for various reasons, all very specific: the first is that it is a very widespread language, known by practically everyone, the second, because the language of the Internet, on which we are all who accuses us of being too Anglo-Saxon), is the English.

    For us, the logo, which has its own meaning, and the name, are exactly like all our rules, and our method, unique, innovative, alternative, and all together they are part of our essence.

    We repeat, they have been proposed, decided, discussed, and voted on, and every change, here, is made without distorting, or changing, what preceded the new proposal.

    If you don't like them, we're sorry, but these will remain.

    As you already know, the geographical or territorial name, from largest to smallest (always specifying the largest), or the name of the language, or the flag (all territorial flags, from largest to smallest), or the name of the population (of all populations). In some cases various things, all together. Everything, united, in diversity.

    We will talk again about these issues, the motivations, and the right local autonomy, the specificities. We remind you that the general, international rules apply to everyone, in compliance with the right freedoms. We will also talk about those who do not understand that rigidity and respect by all of our rules does not mean lack of freedom, anyone who has joined us, smiles, reading messages, of people who accuse us , not to allow anyone to think, or to express themselves. We are the only ones to put authentic democracy into practice, and total freedom, respecting, and we repeat, all our rules.

    Calmly re-read all our articles, even several times, with the right mental openness, and you will understand that we do not tell lies.

    Then, if we lose some superficial person, who won't vote for us, because of our "ugly" name, or because of our "ugly" logo, we are sorry, but we are sure that intelligence always prevails over stupidity . And 99% of the people on earth are intelligent people who will certainly be able to choose, analyzing and evaluating who we propose and what we promise to do in depth.

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