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Our official offices

DirectDemocracyS is innovative in every sense! Also in the way of managing one's offices.

Let's make a brief introduction.

Since the beginning of our creation, the first 5 "creators" had as headquarters, the houses and apartments of these 5 people, often in turn, set up improvised meeting rooms.

If a table and a few chairs are enough for 5 people, when various people from all over the world have been added, the famous 282 "creators", coming from different areas of work and study, it has become necessary to use the Internet to collaborate , and connect people.

DirectDemocracyS does not have a single office, but prefers to have various offices, in various countries, also based on the type of activity.

Our "physical" office is currently in Düsseldorf, Germany, because our web servers, where our data is stored, are located in this location. We have 5 security offices, which physically store all our data in real time, and they are: in the United States of America, in Mali, and in 3 other "physical" offices, in as many countries.

Our “technological” headquarters, where we develop our systems, and our Artificial Intelligence, are located in Bangladesh.

Our "fiscal" headquarters, administrative management, billing, communications, contacts, mail, and information office, is in Oradea, Romania.

We will also set up as many locations as needed, of all kinds, in various countries.

Our continental, national, state, regional, county, district, county, and local (down to neighborhood, and street block) headquarters are in the homes, and apartments, of our official representatives, in various geographic areas.

Having headquarters, where you physically work, costs money, creates energy waste, and with travel, creates pollution. Since politics, and many activities nowadays, can be carried out online, we prefer to use technology, based on our interests.

Congresses, meetings, and all activities, we carry them out only and exclusively on our official website.

In the event that it is necessary, or in the event that our working groups, on our website, wish to carry out "outdoor" or external activities, these will be requested, analysed, and possibly approved by the our external activity group, as needed.

Nobody forbids us to go out and work together.

Our working groups carry out all their activities directly on our website.

It is absolutely forbidden, and useless, to go to our offices, for activities, which we carry out online, because only the scheduled activities take place in our official offices.

For example, there have been people who believed that by introducing themselves in person, one of our collaborators could activate the personal profile, or verify the identity of our users.

With all our good will, we work in geographical phases: international (which is the main and determining phase above all others), continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, county, and local (up to the district, and street block).

The international phase works in groups, made up of people from all the countries of the world, and representing all the peoples of the earth.

In our offices, there are no administrators, with the ability, and the necessary authority, to activate new users, or even to be able to directly verify the identity of our users. These, like almost all of our activities, take place online, in the ways and times in which they have been managed. You cannot "skip the line", you do not get advantages, facilitations, or favoritism, by going in person to our offices.

So, save your time, and your money, and patiently wait your turn.

Our "office with the public" is only online, by our choice, we do not carry out "secret" meetings, or negotiations, with anyone. For us, everything takes place, only and exclusively, in a transparent way, on our website. Even our congresses, meetings, and our meetings are held according to special rules, which we specify, in many of our informative articles.

Warning: to contact us, use only the contact method specified in this article:

because there are people authorized to answer you, in the best way.

Do not come to ask for explanations, or information, in our offices, in person, because you would be rejected, and you will simply receive the link to the article, which contains the information necessary to contact us.

We save paper, just use our contact forms on our website.

If you don't know how to use new technologies, get someone to help you. Do not send envelopes, postcards, letters, do not send money (we receive donations, only online, and we never collect money physically), nor parcels, or gifts, as soon as they are received they would be thrown away, and we do not even open the envelopes, but we throw them in separate collection.

These methods of ours are not only for safety, but because we truly believe that there is an obligation for everyone to defend the environment.

With this article, we respond to the many, perhaps too many, who have been criticizing us for a long time by saying: you are the only political organization that has no headquarters.

Often, your criticisms are true, real, make sense, and are understandable.

For this reason, we like to explain, and always answer.

We do not hide anything from anyone, and all our activities are based on logic, common sense, science, and mutual respect of all people. We write it often, but not enough.

In everything we do, there is a logic, a detailed explanation, and we never make trivial choices.

DirectDemocracyS, in each activity, works in stages, whether they are geographical, political, user, group or individual.

We started directly, from the geographical, territorial and international phase. Also in this case, many criticized us, saying: you are crazy, start from all over the world together, instead of starting from a small country, to then make yourself known to the world. But no, this choice of ours, to start with the international phase, has been calculated, proposed, discussed, evaluated, and finally voted on, like everything we do.

We had to have the bases, the rules, the method, the instructions, the ideals, the values, the principles, all equal, and obligatory for everyone, leaving certain specific decisions to the continental and national phases (without distorting the international ones), and leaving to our local organizations certain choices, even more specific (without distorting the international, continental and national ones).

Furthermore, our first users were invited, and intentionally chosen, from every country in the world, even the first hundreds, in order to continue to evolve, based on which every decision, and our position, was calculated, proposed , discussed, evaluated, and finally voted on, like everything we do, by people who represent, first and foremost, every people on earth, and every country in the world. This choice allows us to be the expression of the will, of a complete representation, of the peoples.

For those who haven't figured it out yet, for us only and exclusively people count, in a spirit of equality and meritocracy.

Our offices have been chosen in this way, and we want to explain it to you, to make you understand our logic.

But first a very brief premise: people, even if they don't know all the information, complain about everything. If we had chosen, for example, a main and only headquarters in the United States, all the people in the world who for one reason or another cannot stand the United States would have said: you see, they are too (DirectDemocracyS ed ) slaves, of the capitalists, who rule the world. Exactly like when they accused us of not saying the exact name of whoever created all this, they created theories, conspiracies, meaningless, which really amused us, even though they were pure inventions. The imagination of many people has created, in some cases, progress, but in 99% of cases, they have been failures, and very bad figures.

We could never please everyone by choosing glittering, grand venues around the world.

If we had done it in one place, they would have accused us, of not having done it in another, as we said, everyone likes to complain.

But let's see, to explain another secret to you.

As we have said, DirectDemocracyS, when compared to the life of a human being, is April 13, 2023, exactly, in the moment immediately following the cigarette that is smoked, after having sex.

Ours is just one example, smoking is bad for you, and we advise you not to start smoking, and if you do, to stop immediately.

We are immediately after the "conception", with the certainty that the sperm will fertilize the egg. Or, for conspiracy lovers, we are at the moment when life was created, in the test tube. For religious people, for astrologers, and for astrophysicists, we are at the "creation of our universe".

Both in terms of dimensions and times, we are exactly at conception or at creation.

But let's see, how we chose.

Each office, each entity we have created, such as the commercial company that manages all our activities, and "gives away" individual shares, to our members, and each of our official representatives, have at least 5 more in "reserve".

DirectDemocracyS, will change and improve the world, together with all those who will be part of it. For these reasons, many hate us, and many more will join in trying to slow us down. No one will ever be able to stop us, because in a presumptuous but realistic way, we are the evolution of politics, and evolution cannot be stopped. We know how to change and evolve, to always be up-to-date and modern.

5, is a sufficient number, to be sure, that they won't be able to slow us down, or even "eliminate" us.

The physical headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. We do not write the address, for security reasons, but like any self-respecting server farm, it is protected by armed security personnel. If, unfortunately for us, they destroy our headquarters in Düsseldorf, we have 5 other web farms in various countries around the world, with each one having an exact copy of all our IT capabilities, and of our entire website. So if one server goes down, we have 5 more ready to take over.

The same thing also applies to the registered office of our trading company, which manages all our activities, in Oradea, Romania. We have exactly 5 more, in various countries of the world, with a copy of each document, both physical and computerized. Then, 5 other commercial companies, exactly identical, able, in case of need, or force majeure, to take over from the main one. It is enough for us, on our website, to decide not to use one Registered Office anymore, but to use another, or to no longer use a commercial company, but to use another. All in a very simple, fast, safe and immediate way.

We use exactly the same method for our official members, and for our official representatives, with the difference, that the "reserve" roles have this algorithm: 1, 5, 25 etc. etc.

Always 5, for each member. Also in the continental, national, and local phases, always 1, 5, 25, 125, etc. etc.

With these safety measures, we prevent any attempt to slow us down, making any attempt to stop impossible.

We are sure that our first users, and our first members, will be happy that we use innovative methods, and highly advanced security measures. The very few criticisms and the many compliments we receive demonstrate this. Since we have published many details, people are informed, and the many questions have decreased, and the proposals have increased, to help make DirectDemocracyS, always bigger, and always better.

We briefly explain how we have made the current decisions.

We have created a site management group, with other branches, such as the physical site management group, the legal site management group, the technology site management group, and 2 other groups that you know at the right time. All of these groups, with other, ever more specific, and ever more detailed offshoots, are made up of people representing all the peoples of the earth and every country in the world.

As for our physical headquarters, where our web farm is located, at the beginning of our business, this was in the United States, then, without eliminating the previous one, we opened a new, more modern one in Romania, and, without eliminating the previous one, finally, we opened the office in Germany, with the most modern technologies, and all the necessary potential. The other 3 physical locations, are in various countries, and are mainly for backups.

The registered office was a more elaborate choice. In the selection group for the registered office, the proposals of our official members from all over the world were analysed, 156 were chosen, and all were made official, therefore, in case of need, immediately operational. First 31 were selected, then 6, and finally 1 main, official, and active office.

The office in Oradea, Romania was made available to a commercial company, owned by one of our first registered users, who later became an official member, and now an official representative, of DirectDemocracyS. The new commercial company, born in place of the old one, will be active shortly, and we will give you all the details. Obviously, the trading company was also chosen by the trading company's selection group, with a lengthy selection process.

Obviously for each of our offices, and for each of our activities, you will receive all the details, at the right time.

We send you a very useful link, which explains how to use our contact forms, in the right way, to be able to contact us, or to collaborate with us, in the right way.

We advise you to read each of our articles, with an open mind, even several times, trying to understand all our information, all our rules, and above all our motivations.

And finally an announcement, which will surprise you, about official headquarters.

DirectDemocracyS has its official headquarters wherever one of our official representatives is.

We have written, and will continue to write, many articles on the role of each type of user, from a simple visitor to our website to those who created all of this.

As you know, from our first article, our official representatives are appointed, among all our official members (in good standing with the payment of the annual fee, and with the relative individual, non-transferable, and cumulative share), on the basis of equality , and meritocracy, continues over time, for the management of all our activities, including our political organization.

They are official representatives, and perform specific actions, and like all our verified users, of all types, officially represent DirectDemocracyS, in the various activities, of their work with us.

Today, April 13, 2023, there are exactly 3125 people, which increases proportionally, with the increase of our registered users. So don't accuse us of lying, if in the next few days, you enter our website, and you find twice as many, the user evaluation group, and the nominations group, work every day, and often the official nominations are many, in short while.

Over time, you will better understand the mechanism, simple but at first sight complicated, which manages all our activities.

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