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    Implementation rules

    Implementation rules


    National phases.

    Invitations, for the national phases, of each country.

    First part.

    Steps outside our website.

    Phase 1. First contacts and invitations to get information.

    Our super administrators, and administrators, as our official representatives, outside of our website, can invite information, one person at a time, for each country in the world, with our information messages. The invitation is decided individually, and on the basis of personal choices. Whoever has the right to invite is not obliged to give any explanation, all information is received only on our website, according to these rules:

    None of our users are authorized to negotiate, in any way, the membership of anyone to our political organization.

    All our rules apply to all people, and there are no exceptions or favoritism.

    After a few private messages, we will move on to phase 2.

    Step 2. Username in DirectDemocracyS, of the person who invites, and speaks externally, on our behalf.

    Those who accept will receive further information and instructions.

    You will receive the following data, from the person who invites you.

    The username of the person inviting it, in DirectDemocracyS.

    Whoever refuses will no longer be disturbed. You will be able to register in the future, according to our rules.

    Anyone who does not respond within a reasonable time will be put on hold, possibly being admitted only to a lower user category and with less important roles.

    Step 3. Request form, personal invitation.

    After having thoroughly informed themselves by reading all the information published on our website, each invited person, if they want to join us, must fill out this form: 

    In the form, you can write the username, in DirectDemocracyS, of the person who invites you, if you want to continue with the person who contacted you, or another username, again in DirectDemocracyS, to continue with another person, the various phases.

    After the request, to receive the invitation, all information, and instructions, will be transmitted, via direct email messages only, between the invitation group, the person inviting, and each invitee.

    After this invitation request form, the unique invitation code will be formed, consisting of the identification number, in DirectDemocracyS of the person inviting, - personal number of invitations made, which increases by one, every time you contact someone, the name in English of the country of residence, and the form submission code, linked to the invited person, which increases by one, with each new form submitted, according to our rules.

    Second part.

    Phases via correspondence, via email.

    Phase 4.

    Via email, there will be all the following phases. Always check your junk mail folder, because some of our messages, although safe and encrypted, end up in the +SPAM+ folder. This happens because our mail server sends many messages, and certain email providers consider them as unwanted messages.

    Verification of authorization, to make invitations. Each invited person must do this to verify the authorization of the person who initially contacted them. The person inviting you will send via email your DirectDemocracyS username, your DirectDemocracyS identification number, your user type, your personal email address, and in some cases other data.

    The invited person will go to this link:

    you will enter your real name and surname, your email address, in +Subject *+ you will write: verify authorization to make invitations. As a message, +Message *+ will write the personal data received from the inviter, and if desired, how they were contacted, where they were contacted, and other useful details.

    By replying to the contact form, the special security group, through the authorization verification subgroup, and the invitation verification subgroup, will send an affirmative response, via email to the inviter, and to the person who has been invited, or if the inviter, is not authorized, the email will say not to continue with the next phase, and to stop any unauthorized activity.

    For information on our security measures, read these articles:

    Step 5. Verification of the identity of the invited person by our representative, who manages the invitation.

    Verification of identity, by the person inviting, for each person invited, with related declaration, verifying identity, and assumption of all responsibility.

    This phase will take place according to the regulation, for the verification of identities, which are explained in this informative article:

    The procedures of the parties regarding invitations will be followed. After identity verification, you will automatically receive, again via email, a permission to continue with phase 6. At the end of the identity verification, you will obtain a .png type file, with the identity verification code, which will be sent, from the special security group, identity verification code subgroup, verified identity file creation subgroup.

    Phase 6. Official invitation, which will be made by our official representative, with the data about and of the person invited.

    Official invitation, with guarantee of identity, and assumption of all responsibility. Our user authorized to make the invitation will access our website for the digital signature, at this link:

    After logging in, you will go to this link:

    You will enter the password to access the form that you will have received from the special security group, subgroup of web page management, subgroup of passwords for forms.

    You will enter all the required data in the form, sign the invitation form, and save a .pdf file with the invitation.

    Will send a copy of the invitation to the person invited.

    Phase 7. Link for registration, and creation of personal profile.

    Registration and creation of a personal profile by the invitee, using the activation link of the person who made the invitation.

    The user authorized to invite, after logging in to our website, will go to this link:

    Where it says: Invite friends via URL

    You can share the link below to invite your friends to register on the site to start accumulating points! It will copy the code starting with: and a string, which is its unique code, to make official invitations. You can copy and paste it, or, more simply, click on Copy to Clipboard, +Copy+to Clipboard+. You will paste and send the code to register in your name, only to the person you intend to invite, and only via email message of which you must keep a copy. Do not circulate your code to unauthorized contacts, because you could be blocked on our website if many unauthorized people try to register in your name. By typing into a browser, or clicking on the registration link, the invited person will be able to join us, register, and create a personal profile.

    Phase 8. Registration and creation of a personal profile.

    The registration form must be completed with all the required details, and all fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

    What do you need to join us?

    1 personal email address, protected by a password.

    1 username chosen according to our rules.

    To choose the best username, based on our rules, carefully read the article at this link:  

    1 password of at least 12 letters (uppercase and lowercase, not forming words), numbers (non-consecutive), and special characters (of any type).

    In the mandatory field, where you are asked to upload the file of your identity document, you will directly upload the .png file, with the identity verification code, which will allow you to request and obtain the blue tick, after the subsequent phases, after activation.

    In the non-mandatory field, in which you are asked to upload the invitation, you will upload the .pdf file with the invitation, received from our official representative, created according to phase 6 of this regulation, which will make fast, secure, and simple, activation by our new user activation group.

    You click on send, +Submit+, and if everything has been done correctly, our system confirms that the registration has been done correctly. However, if something has not been compiled in the right way, any errors must be searched for and resolved.

    For more information, read these articles:

    Phase 9. Self-activation of the personal profile.

    After completing the registration form, our system sends a self-activation link to the email address specified in the form. This link must be clicked and accessed to demonstrate to our system that the personal email address is owned by our user. The link can also be copied, pasted and activated, in any browser. The message upon accessing the link will confirm that everything has worked perfectly, and that the personal profile will be activated by our new user activation group.

    Phase 10. Checks and instructions by the new user activation group.

    Some checks may be made, and further information requested, via email, and the new user is obliged to follow the instructions received. Finally, the personal profile is activated, and the new user receives a message via email informing him that it has been activated and that he can access our website by entering the username and password chosen during registration. and the creation of your personal profile.

    Part Three.

    Phases that take place on our website.

    Phase 11. Authorization of the new registration and activation of the personal profile of the new user.

    After activation, any communication will take place, only with direct message, in the social area of our website. You will be inserted into pages and groups, automatically, and you will be able to continue with the next phase.

    Phase 12. Phases following activation.

    Phases following activation, which are carried out in the social area of our website.

    These are mandatory steps for all our new users, of any type of user.

    Step 13. 2-factor authentication.

    When you first log in to our website (by entering your username and password in the login form), you will first need to activate 2-factor authentication (to make your profile secure and inaccessible to others). personal data, and your personal data), at this link:  

    For information on 2-factor authentication, read this article carefully:    

    Step 14. Personal data, privacy settings, and choice of notifications.

    Also check your personal data very carefully at this link: 

    You will have to set all the privacy rules in detail, at this link: 

    and you will have to decide the type of notifications you want to receive, at this link: 

    Obviously, you can change your mind, and make the changes you deem necessary, according to your will, respecting all our rules, and if you want, also based on our suggestions.

    Phase 15. Choice and payment of the annual fee.

    Each user must activate, in a mandatory manner, an affiliation with DirectDemocracyS, which based on the type of user will be: definitive and free, for our new users (also called access users), or, with a validity of one year, from the moment of payment, for other types of users. With the exception of our new users, called access users (who will be able to choose the free type, forever, without any obligation to be present, and without any obligation to carry out activities with us), all other types of users will have to pay, own annual fee, based on age, and the type of user chosen, at this link:  

    The annual fees are forever, therefore of unlimited duration, the free ones, and the paid ones, are annual, from the moment of payment until the following year. If you move up to a higher user type, you pay the annual fee for the new user type (at the time of appointment) which will always be valid for one year, starting from the day on which the membership expires. previous annual fee. Thus, for each subsequent higher type, while in the case of demotion, in a lower type, or in the free one, there will be no refund of the annual fees paid, but they will expire on the scheduled day, having to be renewed, with a lower payment, or, with the free one, for an indefinite period. For detailed information, read this article:

    Phase 16. The blue check, guarantee of verified identity and reliability.

    This rule is only for our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identities, and for our official members.

    To request the blue check, as a registered user, with a verified and guaranteed identity, after having completed all the previous steps, you must go to this link:  

    just send a request, which contains as a message, the number of the document, which nominates the user, in an official way, as a registered user, with verified and guaranteed identity, or as the case may be, with the nomination of an official member. In a very short time, the blue check will be active on your personal profile, and visible to you and everyone.

    The nominations group checks the documents, and communicates your situation to the blue ticks group, and then assigns the blue ticks, according to our rules, to the profiles based on the request of each authorized user.

    Step 17. Always check whether you can or cannot do each activity before doing it.

    There are internal rules, which are important, to keep all our activities safe, tidy, organized, and clean.

    You don't write in public areas, you don't comment, and you don't like or smile.

    You do not attempt to access pages and groups, events and activities, which you are not authorized to access.

    We do not make friend requests, we do not accept similar requests, and we do not disturb other users.

    They don't like pages, and they don't do activities in groups, without having permission, or just to accumulate points.

    No advertising is carried out, products and services are not sold, scams are not organized, and materials (audio, video, images, documents, external or internal links) are not uploaded without obtaining authorizations.

    In groups, pages, events and other activities, you do not write publicly, but only in the reserved areas for each activity. Always ask first, to avoid making mistakes.

    Even if it seems like a strict regulation, it was decided, and voted, to make everything perfect.

    Each person will have many opportunities to present ideas, projects, proposals, in the areas where it is permitted.

    In DirectDemocracyS, freedom is complete, but does not mean disorder, just as democracy is authentic, but does not mean there is anarchy.

    To check if you are authorized to do something, before doing it, you must use this contact form, always after logging in to our website:

    Phase 18. Our national groups.

    Invitations, to access national groups. They must be requested, via the form, to access the national groups, present on our website, in the public area. You search for your national group, and request access.

    Phase 19. Our national groups. Elections, types of users, roles, and appointments.

    After accessing the private group of each country, selections and voting for the most important roles will be organized.

    After the voting, the various national groups, and the public pages, and all the activities, and the subsequent phases will be organized.

    Phase 20. Invitations, to access the special, numerical groups of specialists.

    They must be requested, using the appropriate form, to access the special, numerical groups of specialists present on our website.

    For information, read this article:

    Phase 21. Activities to do together, and internal rules.

    In the first private groups, and public, private, and secret pages, all the information, methodologies, instructions, and motivations will be provided for all the activities to be done together, and the respective internal rules.

    We remind you, again, that as always, all our methodologies are more difficult to explain than to do, and that with a little attention, everything can be started and finished in a few minutes. Everything is absolutely safe, because every activity on our websites is encrypted and protected with the best and most recent technologies. Everything at this stage is absolutely free (including the digital signature, on all the necessary forms, on our legalization website), and without any obligation. Do not ask, and do not receive money, to obtain invitations, you risk losing your money, and being made persona non grata, in addition to criminal charges, with requests for moral and material damages, and related requests for compensation.

    If you have any doubts, about anything, before proceeding, do not hesitate to contact our special security group, via a contact form, at this link:  

    and proceed only after the confirmation you will receive at your email address.

    You can write to us, in any of our contact forms, in any language, and you will receive every response, in the same language in which you wrote to us.

    For each individual phase, all the information, instructions and motivations for each individual activity will be sent.


    Every new user must respect all our rules and all our methodology.

    To understand better, read this message carefully:

    Further information, instructions, methodologies and motivations, all useful, can be found at these links:

    For a complete list of our articles, go to these links:

    click on the arrow on the right of each article to read its entire content.

    Click on the left arrow to share each article on your social networks and to share them with others.

    Some useful tips.

    I advise you not to trust projects that are too simple, and where there are no safety procedures. Our political organization, at first glance, may seem complicated, and in some respects slow, but it is for everyone's good to prevent any possible problem.

    The annual fees are a few dollars a year, fundamental to guarantee our financial independence, and necessary to make all our activities work. We also offer free activities for various types of users, always trying to help everyone, for equality and meritocracy. We all pay the annual fee, even the people who will be hired, and who will work with us, with average salaries, based on the country of residence. To hire someone, with an employment contract, we must first see all their concrete results, and their behavior, for at least a year, deciding on the basis of merit. As I said before, in DirectDemocracyS, first you give, and then you receive.

    The invitations that we make in these phases are a free choice, mine and those of some of our official representatives. We, we are not an information office, we can invite you to inform yourself, and if you like what we do, how we do it, we can invite you, to join us. But I repeat, we have no obligation to answer questions. There is all the necessary information on our website. If you have further questions, ask according to our rules, to those who can answer you, in a professional manner.

    Like all political forces, we have methods of self-financing, in various ways. Annual dues of all our members (based on age, and the economic and financial conditions of the country of residence), donations, non-invasive advertising, in our activities, and in certain countries, State funding, or private funding.

    Each of our members, in order to join us, and to be part of our groups on our website, will have to pay an annual fee. Without any exceptions. Those under 31 pay half, and those who live in poorer countries pay 1 annual fee, its duration is not one year, but 2 years, if they demonstrate that they do not have adequate financial resources, to pay a fee whole.

    Let it be clear, before continuing, in DirectDemocracyS first you work, obtaining concrete results, and then you obtain earnings, such as monthly salary, bonuses, in money, goods and services. With us, first we give, and then we receive.

    To answer your question, every sum that comes into DirectDemocracyS will be used as follows: one third for security measures, and for our infrastructure, one third for the activities of our organizations, and one third to reward our best users, with concrete results.

    The national organizations will receive all necessary funding, on the basis of concrete projects, with all the necessary checks.

    We don't steal, and we don't cheat, but we don't let anyone cheat us either.

    Other useful tips:

    To join us, you must be informed, completely.

    Again, some very important information.

    Art. 1. What do you need to join us?

    1 personal email address, protected by a password.

    1 username chosen according to our rules.

    To choose the best username, based on our rules, carefully read the article at this link: 

    1 password of at least 12 letters (uppercase and lowercase, not forming words), numbers (non-consecutive), and special characters (of any type).

    1 invitation request, digitally signed, in a secure, encrypted and free way, on our website, dedicated to the legalization of documents, and digital signatures, which every person must do to DirectDemocracyS, with at least one reason, which convinces us to accept you into our political organization.

    Art. 2. An important choice.

    You must choose, individually, which type of user you want to have, among those available. You can change your mind at any time, and move up or down in our ranking, also based on your behavior and the concrete results you will obtain by working together with us.

    You can find the various types of users, with all the information, obligations and potential, explained in detail in these articles at these links:

    and also at this link: 

    We advise you to read them carefully, to choose, in an informed and conscious way, the type of user best suited to your needs.

    Art. 3. Creation of the file, with your own identity.

    After choosing the type of user, you will have to create an image file, based on these simple rules.

    If you want to be new users, also called login users.

    You will need to take a photograph and a photo ID (we accept ID cards or passports).

    If you want to be partially verified users, or, registered users, or, registered users with verified and guaranteed identity, or, our official members.

    You will have to take a photograph, in your face, with a photographic identity document nearby and clearly visible (we accept identity cards or passports).

    Now that you have everything ready: your personal email address is adequately protected, you have chosen your username according to our rules, you have chosen a secure password according to our rules, you have chosen which type of user you want to start with, and you have the file with your identity (with or without a face, based on the type of user you have chosen), you can request to join us, and receive an invitation.

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