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    Miscellaneous Information

    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While remaining open, and let anyone register, with considerable advantages, and facilities, for the first who join us. Not all people, with a normal IQ, can understand the enormous power of what we are doing. Already in the first seconds, after our initial idea, to create, and put into practice all this, our strength was putting the right people, in the right place, by contacting competent, honest, intelligent people with potential, and possibly without no chance of being blackmailed, or compromised, with politics, economics, and finance.

    A little of our history.

    Most of these "genius minds" were retired, and they came from every possible sector of activity. All contacted by our collaborators, and never communicated with those who conceived all this, and not even with each other, if not completely anonymously. A message was sent to everyone: do you want to help us, change, and improve the world? To such a message, and with methods of contact, quite disturbing, many of them, did not respond immediately, thinking of a joke, and many of us, would not respond immediately, exactly the same way. But on our second message, which contained a summary, of a few pages, of our projects, starting with politics, almost all the people contacted immediately joined us.

    Many of them had as their first task the obligation to report other people, very intelligent, to be contacted in the same way, with the guarantee, that they would never know, who had suggested them, and of course we, we would never have said. to those who suggested them, who had actually accepted our invitation.

    From the first minute, of our activities, we had to act as a "secret service", to protect the various identities, because over time, not only the elderly, retired, therefore given their advanced age, who were difficult to blackmail, joined to us. Indeed, many young, honest, competent, innovative, and modern, enthusiastically joined us.

    With our security systems, with total protection of anonymity, of the identity of each of our users, and of personal data, anyone who registers has the certainty of being able to work in an orderly, quiet, and safe manner. We have specialists, in special security groups, whose task is to "shuffle the cards", making it impossible to trace our activities and our sensitive data.

    We are certainly not a secret sect, but to protect ourselves, and those who join us, we had to prevent, and solve all kinds of problems.

    Many of our specialists are still in business and come from every country in the world and from every sector. If it were discovered that they collaborate with our political organization, and with our related projects (financial and economic), they would be immediately fired, and in some cases, they would risk their lives, and their loved ones, as relatives, friends and acquaintances. To whom it seems an exaggeration, you think what you want, but the safety of our users, for us, is like respecting our values, ideals, and rules, all based on logic and common sense.

    With anonymity, and with the privacy guaranteed to all, we have allowed, and also created, a very interesting rule, which together with almost all our innovations, makes us unique in the world. Having created a group dedicated, to meritocracy, and another group dedicated to giving each person the roles, and to create a hierarchy, based on the activities they carry out, and their behavior, we are sure that by analyzing only the results, and the behavior, without knowing the real identity of the person, the "rankings" of the best, and the ascent, or descent, of our hierarchies, with relative increase or decrease of "power", and with roles and responsibilities, more or less important, not based on the name, or the fame of each of our users. We could only rely on actual work, on the results achieved, and on behavior, to choose our "leaders" in each sector. Obviously, every role obtained, must be confirmed every day, and the advantages and facilities of joining us, before others, can be short-lived, if some new user comes, who carries out many activities, with better results, and always with impeccable behavior.

    Special guests.

    The rules are very simple.

    You can receive the invitation directly, you can be proposed directly by those who are already with us, and finally you can invite yourself.

    People can only be invited by our creators, and in certain specific cases, on the proposal of our super administrators. The invitation is created by our super administrator groups and sent by our special security groups to the various people, through different ways, according to the needs, and the various opportunities. Usually, only 2 contacts are used, the first is generally a few lines, with few details, and with all the security measures. The second contact, is very detailed, and contains all the various phases, often different from person to person, to be able to join us, and collaborate with other specialists, without ever mentioning names or hierarchies.

    Anyone who joins us, after a certain period, if he carries out a good activity, and has an impeccable behavior, can "recommend" an expert, equally good, because he believes, under his full responsibility, that he can be useful, to all our projects, based on skills.

    The fact of creating full responsibility for those who invite themselves, applies to all our users, even if they are not part of the specialist groups.

    The hierarchies, and the "pyramidal" management of responsibilities, with a collaboration, in "chains connected to several rings", even if at first sight it seems very complicated, and "like a film about Freemasonry", is the only way to guarantee, unity, always perfect results, collaboration, equality, meritocracy, and to be able to find, and “eliminate”, almost immediately, unwelcome elements, or possible saboteurs. Our "chains connected to several rings" guarantee, that even if there was a weak link, and even if it risked breaking, or broke directly, our structure would not be affected, it would always remain solid, and after replacing the weak link, with a stronger one, everything returns to normal. Obviously, the internal regulations of our innovative method of managing our organization, and all related projects, will always guarantee us excellent results, and will never allow, at any time, to anyone, to slow us down, sabotage us, weaken us, and stop us. .

    The last way, to join us, on a "fast track", allows anyone who considers himself a specialist, or expert in something, to invite himself. However, he will have to provide us with all the proofs of what he claims. With us, “having a passion for fishing” is not enough to be good fishermen. Therefore, only those who have obtained the best academic results, and with certain evidence on their specialized education, can make a request, to receive our invitation, to the evaluation group of requests for invitation. But also those who, with their work, have obtained important results, and great awards, can equally request our invitation. As you know, our political organization, and all our related projects, grows, even quickly, and continues, therefore, there is a good chance of receiving an invitation from us, for all kinds of specialists, from every sector of activities.

    The steps to receive the invitation.

    Step 1. Contact, the special security group, through the contact form, present on our website, with a written message, even with some attachment certifying the real qualification, and competence, and a photograph of your identity document , but above all with its own presentation as an official massage, of request, to obtain the invitation, to join us, with your personal data, your qualifications, and a brief motivation, why, you want to get our invitation. You must specify how many things you specialize in, and what would be the mutual benefits, to motivate an invitation from us. It will also send the activation request form, downloaded from our website, and completed in its entirety. All documentation must be converted into .pdf files, and if the applicant has a digital signature, he will sign each document with his own electronic signature, always checking that the signature is valid. The entire documentation must be archived, and compressed, in a single file of the type: .zip or .rar, and attached to the message, in which it asks us for an invitation.

    Phase 2. The security group will verify the information, and if the contact is real, and sincere, eliminating any reference to the real name, and personal data, of the applicant, will ask for an opinion from the selection group of specialists. Who will have to specify, in a short time, that entry, upon immediate invitation, into our political organization, and our related projects, would be opportune, and mutually beneficial. Or, it may decide that it is appropriate to postpone the invitation, to a certain period. Finally, you can decline the invitation to join us.

    Phase 3. The security group sends a response, based on what has been decided and communicated by the selection group of specialists, and may request other evidence, and documents, of what the user has written, based on requests, and evaluations, by the selection group of specialists. If no further proof is needed, however, it will send a message, with the exact rules, of the invitation procedure from us, which we specify in step 4.

    Step 4. Invitation procedure by us, at the request of the user.

    "We are pleased to invite you, to join us, and we communicate that we have created a personal profile, with the username, and the temporary password, which we recommend that you change, with one of your choice, containing at least 12 characters, with lowercase and uppercase letters (possibly not consecutive), and numbers (possibly not consecutive), and some symbols or punctuation. Simply enter your username and temporary password to access our website and receive further information and other instructions. Thanks for joining us. Welcome to DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, truly in every sense! ”.

    It will always be specified that the applicant had signed, with his / her electronic signature, all the documentation sent to us, it will automatically be considered a verified registered user, otherwise, he will be considered a registered user, he will have to follow the procedure for verifying his / her identity. , through the request for identity verification, within 15 days from the activation of your profile, on our part.

    In some cases, the invitation may instead be to register, as a normal user, and reply to the first e-mail message, received from our system, immediately after clicking the activation link. In the reply message, by the user, to our first message, it must contain a unique code, sent by our security group, in the reply message, to the request to obtain the invitation.

    If the unique code corresponds to the email address, our administrators will immediately activate (without requesting further data), the personal profile, which according to the cases, will be considered a registered user (who will have to follow the procedure for verifying the identity of the our users, but with precedence over others), or will receive the immediate qualification of verified registered user, and the relative “blue sticker” which guarantees, both the identity and the reliability, of our users.

    In some special cases, if the documentation has been signed, with your electronic signature, and the user has paid the annual fee (valid for one year from the moment of payment), the invited person will automatically receive the status of official member, which is much more important in our hierarchy than a verified registered user.

    At first glance, it may seem complicated as a procedure, but it is very simple, fast, safe, and guarantees a "fast track", to the best specialists, for the good of all.

    If you do not receive the invitation, or you are not accepted, through this procedure, you can always register, with the "normal" procedure, a little longer, in terms of duration, but which guarantees the same protections, and the same possibility, of this modality by invitation.

    In certain cases, in certain periods, for various reasons, the registration of users may be suspended, but the procedure, by invitation, may still be active.

    Only in cases of force majeure, we could suspend, both the “normal” procedure and the one based on self-invitations, always remaining valid, the procedure in which we directly invite the specialists to join us.

    We do not discriminate against anyone, except on the basis of skills, merits, sincerity, reliability, needs, and opportunity, whether a person joins us, sooner or later. We don't like to be misunderstood, nor do we like to make subjective rankings, but necessary for the good of all. We are sure that 99% of the earth's population will join us as soon as they know our projects, because they want to change, and improve the world, because they are good people. But it is the 1%, very bad, and powerful, that we have to keep out of all our activities. Preventing their entry, and if by chance they manage to log in, delete them immediately, and make them persona non grata. So, there is room for everyone, in our huge family, and in our huge home. But, as we always say, not all at once. Both for technical reasons and for reasons of order, and to be able to guarantee everyone the best assistance, and the right consideration, which is expected of us.

    The first words, with which we welcome everyone, after the welcome message, and the first instructions, are: patience, collaboration, logic, common sense, sincerity, reliability, opportunity, competence, equality (in the sense of giving everyone the same opportunities) , competence, respect for all rules, and mutual respect, of all people. We also repeat these messages of ours to anyone who reads them.

    We are sorry, if many world-renowned experts, or very famous specialists, or great experts from all sectors, were not invited, either because we were not sure we could count on them, or because in some cases we consider them too compromised, with the current political, financial, economic system, and there were not the right guarantees for us. Nobody prevents you from joining us, requesting a personalized invitation, if you are “judged” reliable, and useful to us. We do not want to offend anyone, and we assure you, the utmost consideration, and we offer anyone, at any time, roles based on merit.

    PS For various reasons, we have not explained all the details, and the methods of the people, whom we directly invite, who will receive, in person, all the information, and the personalized instructions.

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