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    Why were we born?

    Why were we born

    In this article we will explain why we were born.

    You will understand why we have conceived and created all this.

    Many people, after reading our informative articles, our rules, and our news, ask us: why don't you tell us anything about your ideology?

    Even those who join us for the beautiful program and the perfect regulation often ask us: what political ideas do we have? Are we right, or left, republican or democratic, economically, are we for communist or capitalist systems, anti-system or subservient to the system?

    Ideologies, as some brilliant minds who created our whole project explain to us, were created for economic reasons.

    The way of thinking and reasoning has nothing to do with it.

    The "ideological clash", as many will tell you lying to you, did not happen in the first decades of the 1900s. Not even between 1600 and 1800, as always, some scholars believe wrongly.

    Because even before the French or American revolution, people weren't stupid.

    People had clear ideas, and they reasoned about things, even in prehistoric times.

    It is called evolution, progress, development, innovation.

    And think what a prefect world there would be now, if the facts we are talking about did not happen and continue to happen.

    Yes, dear friends, we have the habit, always speaking in a simple way, of taking apart entire books of political science.

    Centuries of hard work on how to manage society, and we are so bad that with a few sentences we dismantle them and make them useless.

    We do not ask you to take all the political treatises, and those of "political philosophy and ideology, and throw them on the fire, because they will have to remain with posterity, to document how easily manipulated the masses are, and also as a demonstration of how much men, even gifted with great intelligence, in reality they are not practical people.

    They will also have to remain, in order to show future generations, how much evil and how much cunning there is in the more or less organized "economic system".

    We could also call it, in a somewhat nasty but precise way, "organized criminal economic system".

    Many intellectuals, who are not open-minded, will accuse us of being "vain pundits".

    Others that we are conspiracy theorists, and believe in alternative realities, without historical basis.

    But you will judge everything if you read everything.

    No one is obliged to read as we think.

    But you have to decide, do you want to know how we feel about it or not?

    Because by explaining certain things, maybe some brilliant mind will start working differently.

    Before going into the details, we tell you immediately, in what brilliant way "those who have always guided the world", have manipulated and rendered powerless, the entire world population, throughout history.

    Brilliant, but also damn simple, the Latins said: divide et impera.

    They certainly did not invent it, because the Greeks and Latins first, and then the Romans, had the brilliant idea of taking what already exists, thinking, reasoning, creating, innovating, and making it better.

    The division of people creates the conditions to allow selfish and power-hungry people to be able to do their own interests, without the great mass of the population realizing what is happening.

    We know that many people reading this short article will feel stupid and manipulated.

    But don't worry, almost everyone is like that. At least now you will become aware of it and you will have woken up.

    Others will say, well, these DirectDemocracyS "political theorists", they know everything, but they don't bring us proof of what they write. The proofs are under your eyes, you just need to open them, and look around you.

    Others, and those are the worst, will accuse us that we are conspiracy theorists, and will question our every claim. We will never be in favor of nonsense theories, we are based only on facts, and on reality.

    Others whom we call "otherwise intelligent" will say that we have discovered something, which various books speak of, and that we copy the ideas of others.

    We talked to you shortly before the Romans, who took what already existed, and made it better and functional.

    Here, you have discovered us! We take many beautiful ideas, our originals, and the best the additional ones, from those who join us, we put them together, and we create a perfect project.

    We aim to make the world a better place. But just to be precise, we repeat it over and over, that we want to "change and improve the world".

    We will also do this by opening the empty heads of people who think they are intelligent.

    To those who ask us: do you have proof of all this? We reply: of course, there is evidence, and it has always been available to everyone.

    It is enough for you to read and analyze the whole history of humanity.

    The whole story is the concrete demonstration that there have been, and there are even now people, who have said and still say: they are different from us.

    Those who say this constantly make fun of you, and we will show you why.

    And you think about diversity, and not about the unity of all people.

    Unity and equality are our "only weapons", not against the "system", but in favor of ourselves, to be able to say: I tried, I really helped out, to many people in difficulty, I have truly given my contribution, to the change, and to the just and solidary evolution, of all humanity.

    Not only because this is right and ethically correct, but because there are only 2 ways in the world to divide and categorize people: good, who will join us, and bad, who will be immediately removed from us.

    To those who will tell us that we too divide people into good and bad, and we exclude bad people from our projects, we can only say: go and cure yourself, then maybe come back here, and read on.

    In this article we will not go into details, it would be for us and for you, a waste of time, we have the world to save together.

    As fascinating as it is to analyze the past, to create a different and better present, to have a perfect future, honestly, we don't have time to waste.

    In short, from the invention of the wheel until now, diversities have always been created, inventing divisions of various kinds, such as religions, cultural differences, languages, territorial divisions, to instill fear and create tension between people.

    One had to hate, or fear, those who were different.

    We can write about religions for years, to understand how much harm they have done, and are doing even now. We just tell you that they do it even now, just to be useful to the "system" from which they were invented.

    All religions are perhaps the smartest and most efficient way to brainwash people. Because they do it by exploiting people's fears, first of all the fear of death.

    At the risk of losing many "believers", we tell you clearly that it is all a scam.

    We are not telling you, that one God, or several Gods, do not exist.

    As much as science tries to dismantle all beliefs, there is no certainty that there are no higher beings.

    Indeed, technically, the probability that superior beings exist is much greater than their nonexistence.

    But if you read any "sacred" text you will realize that it is exactly functional, to a certain system, present in the historical period in which it was written.

    They always needed someone to keep their power and control over the population.

    Just think of the Popes, who crowned kings and emperors, receiving gifts and favors in exchange.

    Or the simple "sign of peace" that Christians in the world exchange, which was useful for helping various kings and emperors shake hands, obtaining advantages and facilities.

    But that the same kings and emperors, but also all faithful, were "obliged" to confess their sins to God, and to the religious, to give a strategic advantage and an incredible power of blackmail, obtained by deception by the church. In this regard, if God exists, and we are not sure of it, but we cannot even deny its existence, he listens to you and forgives you, even if you do not tell a religious first.

    But all religions, from first to last, are based on deception, and brainwashing.

    As children they teach us that our religion is the best, that others are different, inferior, because God or the Gods are on our side, not theirs.

    And we keep teaching our children, that diversity is bad, that humanity is different.

    And while we fight over who is better, they use us for all kinds of purposes, and they keep doing business, and making money on our fear and pain.

    Warning: we are not denying the existence of any God, and we are in many cases sure of the existence of various historical figures linked to religions.

    People who have often spent their lives to create a better world, just think of the Messiahs, Prophets, Saints, who really existed, and there is almost certain proof of their work.

    But we believe that if they had known that their teachings of peace and love would have been used to create divisions, with all the consequences we have seen in history, they would have preferred not to have taught anything to the world.

    Making those who have dedicated their lives to love suffer is cruel and ruthless.

    So, we respect all people, without discrimination whether they are believers, agnostics or atheists.

    But we will never, and for no reason whatsoever, allow any religion to interfere in our activities.

    Because to make sure they keep control of the masses, they invented war.

    Source of money and wealth, for those inserted in the "system", and very useful, many times to eliminate many brilliant minds.

    On war, one gains both for waging it and for rebuilding. Just find a reason to unleash it.

    The death of an emperor, the racial theme, the export of fake democracy, the dismissal of a bad dictator.

    Then if you really lack the reasons, you can always create them, all you need is a little inventiveness.

    Just make people believe your "own invention". Often based on theories, secret reports and modified realities.

    But with the wars, they have not only gained immediate benefits, but they have triggered a domino effect.

    Muslims remember the Crusades as a historical period of violence even against unarmed civilians.

    Shouting "Christ is with us", well-equipped, better trained soldiers attacked, destroyed, raped, plundered and stole the few riches of unarmed families.

    And the Christians, once they had conquered the Muslim lands and cities, settled their families, and went to live in the conquered lands.

    The Muslims, defeated but not completely eliminated, reorganized themselves, thinking back to the violence and pain suffered.

    And they responded to pain, with more pain. To wickedness with other wickedness.

    Triggering a vicious circle that continues today.

    Because hatred must always be fed, even by inventing many historical events.

    What was once handed down verbally, and was always enriched with new and often invented details, passing from word to mouth, has been written over time, with documentation of various kinds, often discordant with each other, with the complicity of selfish, greedy, and liar historians.

    After all, for sums of money, gifts, and power, history could be slightly altered, to give the right legitimacy to certain petty actions.

    It was the same manipulation, and brainwashing, that we too, in modern times, undergo by today's media.

    The smartest thing they used was that people in the future would want to know the truth.

    If "various truths" appeared, shuffling a little, or hiding the cards, the scholars would not have known how things really went. And they would have supported the "official thesis".

    Because in turn they would be corrupted and manipulated. The usual vicious circle.

    They used the lie, that if there is evidence, historical documents, things must have gone this way.

    In this way every action was justified, and every doubt or perplexity was denied.

    There are historical sources, so that's how it went. And it always continues like this.

    But how many times do we read the writing in the history books, the historical sources do not agree, or discoveries are made that distort our beliefs, and destroy our certainties.

    We believe that even in ancient times there was some honest historian, and perhaps in order not to die and be lived in vain, he wanted to leave the truth to posterity, hiding it well.

    Not to mention the cover-up, the burning and destruction of historical texts, crimes and violence, to hide the truth. How many parts of our history are not clear, or are not fully documented?

    Is it possible that what we believe to be certainties really are?

    And we finally arrive at the present day, in which the news is not only given, but is commented on, turned in one's favor.

    Because even a small insignificant change in the truth, a comment more or less, a guess, can make people believe, to read the truth. The only truth, which however always changes, based on the interests of those who tell it.

    That is why our relations with the press, radio, television, multimedia and information will never be easy.

    Because we already know, that sooner or later they will tell you that we are manipulating people, we are the ones who tell falsehoods, and interpret history in our favor.

    So, we will create our communication channels. And they will be the exclusive property of all the people who join us, with our rules, our ideals and our common-sense values.

    We must also say something about culture.

    They make us believe that different cultures and traditions derive from religions, and it is true, but the fact of considering one's own as the best creates other divisions. We are the best, and they are the worst. They are different, they live in different places, they speak different languages, they have different traditions.

    Even the geographical, cultural and linguistic divisions have all been created to keep the world population divided, into more or less numerous groups, easily controlled and manipulated.

    Here too we could write for hours, but as we told you, we don't have much time.

    Suffice it to say that as soon as someone tried to expand, to create hegemony, they were destroyed.

    And to justify this too, they lied to us or often only partially told us the truth.

    Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, Napoleon, the Nazi and Fascist regimes, communism, were attempts to unify the world, all also made by intelligent people, even if in almost all cases through wars, shameful crimes against humanity, hunger, poverty, corruption, suffering of all kinds, violence of all kinds and many deaths.

    Intelligence is not always synonymous with humanity.

    But they were all useful to the system, and behind every historical period, there were economic and power systems, which were plotting.

    Wars have never been fought by those who created them, or even by those who triggered them.

    And even if often in wars, conspiracies, and revolutions, sometimes also emperors, kings, heads of state, nobles, generals, the real responsible plotted from behind.

    Because whoever has the enormous power to generate cruel events, functional to their needs, is usually just an insecure coward.

    After all, in the war, on the front line, there are young people, exalted, manipulated, lied to, and despicably charged, who believe in diversity, and that their own diversity is the best.

    Direct democracy itself, in Ancient Greece, was destroyed by corruption followed by manipulation. In fact, guaranteeing people to decide together about their future made them difficult to control. The corrupters, to have the decisions in their favor, would have had to bribe continuously, more than half of the population.

    People are 99% average to very intelligent.

    And when they had to decide, inserting a stone in one urn for yes, and in another for no, they almost always decided in the better world. Always in the general interests of the community.

    But these right decisions, in everyone's interest, were not helpful to greedy and selfish people. So, the "system" then invented, perhaps the biggest rip-off in the world.

    The smartest and most functional to the system, a form of deciding, almost worse than dictatorships (because at least these clearly declare their intentions).

    Yes, dear friends, you have guessed what we are talking about. You all understand what we are referring to.

    They invented representative democracy.

    For the rich and powerful of those times, it was easier to control, manipulate, subdue and corrupt the "chosen" few than it was to corrupt the whole population, or the majority of it.

    And the same thing has continued to this day. And false democracies continue to be in place and functioning.

    Obviously in history there have been the various monarchies, royal families, and all the rest, which were and are currently, puppets in the hands of bankers (and on banks we will do a whole chapter), and rich and powerful characters (and on the economy we will do another whole chapter), which with the excuse of the king or emperor, who is such by divine will, justified everything. So again, the religions got mixed up.

    So, with the representative "democracy", what previously decided all together, was decided in a few "elected", closed in more or less secret rooms. To spend even less, in the control of political representatives, they have put into practice another deception. They invented the secret ballot, a sign of freedom. In this way they could have corrupted a few undecideds, and he would have won.

    If one has nothing to hide, if he believes in his own ideas, why does he not have the courage to let everyone know what he has decided? Why is he never obliged to motivate his choices?

    For years they have made people believe that they count for something in politics.

    That your vote had a value. Instead, everything was always in the hands of a few.

    And all this for what?

    To allow a few to dominate, have power, and become rich, basing their fortunes, on death, violence of all kinds, blackmail, lying, illusion, manipulation, brainwashing, and on indoctrination.

    At this point many of you will stupidly say: we deserve extinction.

    To these people with reduced mental abilities, we answer: no, we deserve a better world, for us, and for future generations.

    Because the world is full of good people, with a kind heart, who accept diversity, who help the weakest, who also work for others, who help people to fulfill themselves, who base their entire existence on the common good of all humanity, who use part of their time to help others, who put the mutual respect of all people first in their lives ...

    Ah no, sorry, to achieve all this we need our "brainwashing", and our work all together.

    Yes, because we will be accused of wanting to replace one system with another.

    And again, whoever accuses us is absolutely right, we really want to replace a bad system with a good system as soon as possible.

    An unfair system based on differences, with a just system based on equality.

    An undemocratic political system, with the true and only democracy.

    Our direct democracy, which puts all power in the hands of all people, who decide for their own good, all together fully informed, honestly and independently.

    And we are already doing it, one user at a time, calmly, but relentlessly.

    This article is titled: why were we born?

    If after reading this whole article, you haven't come to it yourself, it means that either you can't understand, or you don't want to understand.

    In the second case, it is much more serious.

    In the next articles, which we will publish in the next few days, we will analyze other ideas, and we will anticipate some of our concrete proposals, to make sure that everything changes and improves, faster.

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