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    Stay calm be patient

    keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

    We receive many messages, and we need to clarify some very important concepts.

    The first words of this article are an appeal addressed to all of you, esteemed visitors, and they are: always be patient, calm, reason, inform yourself, contact us, and insist.

    This advice applies to everything you do in your life, especially if after having fully informed yourself, you wish to join us.

    To register, and join us, you will need to create a personal profile on our website.

    From 1 December 2022, only, and exclusively, on our official website, you will receive all our information, instructions, and you can contact us, only, and exclusively, through the official contact forms, according to your needs (please always use the appropriate form, based on your questions), present in the Main Menu.

    We only answer questions, the answers to which are not present in our articles. This method, rude at first sight, is not due to lack of availability or collaboration, but for the simple reason that we have a lot of very important work to do, and we prefer to anticipate every question, with our articles, which often contain answers to the questions of our visitors. We have received, and still receive, many compliments, and many questions, even proposals, and criticisms, often constructive. Some offense, which we don't believe we deserve, and some threats, which don't scare us in the slightest, but show that we are annoying, and that we are on the right track.

    Before asking us any question, carefully read all our articles, based on the type of topic that interests you, or for which you have some doubts. You will find all the answers by yourself, and you will discover our project, in many interesting aspects.

    You can find all our articles, divided into various categories, in an orderly manner, in the Main Menu, under the menu item: Law.

    Our representatives, on social networks, can communicate with you, but they will never be able to answer you, advise you, and help you, like our official representatives, and administrators, directly from our official website.

    We remind you that we use social networks, and other websites, only to present, from time to time, some of our news, or some announcements.

    From the beginning, we have not carried out, and will never carry out, any type of political, financial, or economic activity, on social networks, and on other sites, with the exception of each of our official websites.

    The reasons are simple, we like them: freedom, independence, autonomy, security, order, and speed.


    Although, at first glance, it seems very complicated, selective, exclusive, and difficult, the registration process, with all its stages, can be very simple, fast, and suitable for everyone.

    Even the time, which passes from being a simple visitor to being a verified registered user, varies, from 5 minutes (if you have an electronic signature, everything is practically immediate), up to about 45 days (if we verify your identity, via a video call) the time varies, based on the number of requests, and the number of administrators available.

    We specify immediately, that while allowing people, practically always, to join us, our political organization, DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, have not yet been made public to all.

    We still have some work to do, to make our political organization known to the whole world, and to give the possibility to all the good people of the earth, to join DirectDemocracyS. We want to be ready, to welcome everyone, in the best possible way.

    We have to specify this, because many people might think that in this preliminary stage, we are too selective, and that we choose, too carefully, whoever requests to join us.

    You are right, we have to be very careful, because whoever registers, enters our home (which is our website), and comes into contact with our immense family (which is made up of all our members).

    In order to respect all our rules, and make the enormous mechanism of DirectDemocracyS and all related projects work perfectly, we must choose all our users with care and maximum attention. By placing every right person, in the right role, in our inevitable hierarchies.

    We thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all those who have signed up, and all those who will continue to do so.

    We also thank those who intend to register, and unfortunately will find, in certain periods, a message, which will warn them that registrations are blocked, suspended, or closed.

    In other periods, the activations of new profiles by our administrators, with very few exceptions, may last longer than 45 days, due to the large number of people who join us.

    Your recordings, numerous and continuous, give us enormous pleasure.

    It means you love our political project. Let it be clear, we are enthusiastic about it, and your compliments make us proud of our work.

    Invitations, personalized.

    In certain periods, you may be able to enter, only on the basis of personalized invitations, made by our official and authorized members. From our admins.

    In other periods, we can completely block each new registration for a few days or weeks.

    All these interruptions are necessary, to allow us to be able to welcome, each person, who joins us, with respect, the right attention, and consideration, from many of our collaborators, who will do everything necessary, to make them feel, always protagonists, and of course, offering all the necessary information.

    We must always bring into the various working groups, and in the various roles, on a basis of equality of opportunity, but always meritocratic, all the people already registered, and with verified identities, before being able to welcome many new users.

    We have foreseen various phases, which cannot be skipped, because respect for all the rules, safety and order must always come first.

    We are sorry if some of you feel neglected, or worse, teased, for taking the long time to join us.

    We assure you; it is not our intention to disrespect anyone. On the contrary, it is precisely to give due importance to everyone that we must work in this way.

    Many will surely lose patience and give up joining us, we are sorry, and we consider a defeat, every person who wants to join us, with the best intentions, and then gives up, for too long, necessary, the various stages of registration.

    Our appeal is to be patient, both to register (just come back and try again, perhaps after a few days, or a couple of weeks), and for activation by our administrators.

    After entering, you will have a new universe of projects, all of them useful and interesting. You will also be able to present yourself, your projects, of all kinds, and carry them out together with our other members.

    If you always respect all our rules, and all our instructions, no one will block you, and no one will exclude you.

    You will enjoy all our consideration, all our respect, all our esteem, and all our trust.

    If, on the other hand, you betray our trust, believe yourself to be clever, or behave unethically and against our rules, you will be warned, blocked, excluded, and made persona non grata, as the case may be.

    The same goes for those who register, and remain a spectator, after a couple of warning messages, we will block them, and subsequently, we will exclude them by making them persona non grata.

    Anyone who registers, and then cancels their profile, or does not request to become a verified user, within 15 days from the moment in which their personal profile is activated by one of our administrators, wastes some (very little) time us, but he loses a lot of it, uselessly himself, because he will be excluded forever, and made persona non grata.

    But we will talk about it in detail, in our article on safety, and on the various disciplinary sanctions.

    Follow all the instructions carefully, in the manner and within the times required. Respect all our rules, and always have an exemplary behavior, and you will be able, in the shortest time, to also have very important roles and great satisfactions. Obviously, every role must be deserved, and maintained, continuously, with one's work, and with one's behavior.

    We always say, sooner or later, anyone who is a good person will be able to join us. And he can stay with us, as long as he continues to be a good person.

    We conclude with a brief answer to the question you often ask us: why don't you allow registration, through your own profile, from the main social networks?

    Our computer system, to allow anyone to register, requires only: a personal, individual email address and personal choice, a username (based on specific rules), and a password consisting of at least 12 characters (preferably composed of numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and various characters).

    Obviously, we have to verify the identity of each of our registered users in an automatic, safe, simple and fast way, for those who have an electronic signature, and in a slightly more complex way, through a video call, for those who do not have, the electronic signature.

    Practically nothing is needed, but obviously, to pass from a verified registered user to an official member, you must be up to date with the payment of the annual fee.

    But we have already talked about the financial aspect, which is fundamental both for us and for the future of DirectDemocracyS, and we will talk about it in detail in the future.

    Thanks for your understanding. We guarantee you that all of us are doing a very difficult and very tiring job to keep everything functional, safe, and tidy. 

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