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    Who's in charge here?

    Whos in charge here

    One of the key things for everyone who visits our website is to know who is in charge within our international political organization.

    It is normal and legitimate to ask for it, for people accustomed to "traditional" parties who nominate or elect a leader, and other mini leaders are flanked by this leader.

    Therefore they govern the parties, as nations have always governed, with a pyramid scheme.

    As always, let's make a premise.

    In the United States there is a President, with great powers, limited only by the Laws.

    In other countries there is the monarchy, which in some countries is constitutional, in others it is authoritarian. In both cases they appoint a Premier, and often have the power to dissolve Parliaments.

    In Italy, there is a Republic in which power "would be" in the hands of the people, who elect a Parliament of their own political representatives (threaded by political parties and occasionally elected on a choice of names by the population).

    We are not here to analyze the various countries, we will do it in other articles in the future, because we have to answer, to those who ask us rightly, and a little naively: who is in charge of us?

    Would you like to know after a few lines?

    And instead, as always, we will tell you towards the end, inserting the answer in an analysis, which in addition to making you understand what our choices are, will also show you why we decided to make a certain choice, also confirming why we are the best. to the world, in every sense.

    The best political innovation in the history of mankind was born to change and improve the world.

    In every political party, in every more or less spontaneous movement, someone takes "power" in various ways: elected, appointed, acclaimed.

    As soon as he has obtained power, instead of concentrating and dedicating himself to the supreme good of all people, instead of committing himself to the unity of the party, instead of having as his objective the fulfillment of promises, he must continually defend himself against envious people, who are under him, in the pyramid of power.

    Those who are below, in turn, must defend themselves against the attacks of those who are still below.

    And so on, up to the bottom, but beyond.

    Because as if the internal attacks were not enough, there are the external ones, in which, like the fans at the stadium, we make fun of ourselves, scream, and sometimes we get to verbal violence, to personal attacks, by all legitimate means and illegal, such as press, radio, TV, newspapers, multimedia, social networks, and others on the web. Every now and then there is a fight physically, and it also happens that there are injured or dead.

    The struggle for political power also causes deaths, and you just need to follow the news, and watch the media, which we have said are often malicious and false, but that they write and talk a lot about the dead to capture attention.

    During all these struggles, hardly anyone has the time, to do the fundamental thing in good politics.

    Take care of the good of the entire population.

    Leaders often resign, or fail to keep their promises, also due to the betrayal of the trust of those who should support them. Often even their most trusted collaborators. Trust and control, remember these two words well, are fundamental to having a just world.

    All this occurs because they are all from the first to the last, "climbers of the peaks of power", even passing over the heads and bodies of innocent people.

    And if by chance you do not get the power, the leading role, often brilliant minds, they abandon their parties, and the people who trusted them, and go to other political parties, or they found others of their own. . Just to hold: the power, the control, the power to decide.

    And even in the new political parties, instead of looking after the good of the people, other "internal wars" begin. Sometimes they cause them, sometimes they suffer them.

    The whole struggle for power wastes precious time for political representatives, who have to defend themselves both from external attacks and above all from internal attacks.

    As always, it is the fair and clean policy that loses credibility altogether.

    It would be no problem, if all this did not create serious problems for the population, who instead of being helped to solve all the serious problems that torment them, assist helplessly, in clashes that make no sense.

    Some people with reduced mental abilities will tell us it's called politics.

    And that we want to be smarter.

    To these people, we want to say two things: the first is that politics must not be a struggle for power, but a struggle to do only and exclusively, the good of and defend the interests of the entire population. The second is that after so many years, we can say with certainty: we are sure we are smarter.

    And we defend people's rights and freedoms, we do them, and we will always do them, with some innovative means and techniques.

    First of all, we eliminate the internal conflict, having no leader, and no mini leader, but giving all the political power, to those who must have it by right: that is, to all our registered users.

    Yes friends, you got it right, we all decide, everyone commands, based on clear rules, made in everyone's interest, and which everyone must respect.

    Some will call it anarchy, but it's not because we have clear and very strict, but fair rules.

    With all our ideals and common sense values. This result is achieved with an oath, and a clear contract, with all our registered users verified.

    Secondly, by eliminating politics, from the management of political parties. We are not crazy, no political representative will be elected by our political parties.

    Some will say that by eliminating internal strife, we eliminate politics. That we are dictators.

    We eliminate the rotten part of politics, leaving freedom of discussion, debate, confrontation, even access, but certainly not with divisions for power, but with divisions on the fastest, safest, and most useful way, to obtain the good of all. the population.

    But our political parties, will only give the support, and will do all the control, of how the politicians voted by the people, respect 100% all the promises made and all the programs established always and exclusively by the people.

    The first to control our politicians are ourselves. In fact, even our official representatives, who manage our political parties, are always people chosen by us, with clear regulations. In fact, each of our registered users can propose, or they are proposed, to carry out the task of verification and control, of how all our activities are carried out.

    It sounds complicated, but if you read all of our rules, everything is absolutely fair, safe, and working.

    You don't understand just for one simple reason, no one ever before us managed politics, but also business, or our media, or all of our activities, with so much attention and care for every detail.

    Many consider us vain, because we often say that we have conceived and created the best innovation in the history of mankind.

    Ours is not just vanity, but awareness of the enormous potential of this invention of ours.

    But we are sure, and we understand you, if you are envious, and every sentence you read on our websites says: I could have had these beautiful ideas.

    As simple as they seem, for everything to work perfectly, we need and will only need brilliant minds, truly intelligent people, to join us in managing all of this.

    Always remember that strict rules and continuous checks are not because we do not trust the people we propose, on the contrary we are sure that our political representatives will be like us, the best in the world.

    But seeing what has happened in human history, we prefer to be sure to always express the best, and have no risk of failing all our goals.

    In the next articles, we will explain how the various activities are carried out, how we appoint our official representatives, how they choose the best candidates as political representatives, and many other interesting and useful rules and articles.

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