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We and the Internet

DirectDemocracyS considers the Internet a means of transport, of our ideas, and a workplace, in which to develop all our activities.

Ever since we conceived our first ideas, when the Internet was not so well known, we decided that we would use the "global network" to spread our innovations and to put our methodology into practice.

For us, the internet must be free, independent, without preferences, and accessible to anyone.

DirectDemocracyS, from the first moment, was looked at with curiosity by the "giants of the web", and then, after some of our first informative articles, one of them contained our "blasphemy".

We allowed ourselves to write that according to our opinion, and according to our programs, in every place on earth, where we will have the honor and duty to govern, every activity carried out on the internet that generates profits, will pay the same taxes , which pays a worker, a pensioner, or a small or medium-sized enterprise.

Our "blasphemy" also specified that these taxes would be paid exactly, and in full, in the country where the profits were generated, or according to the cases where the people involved in the economic activities were located.

99.999999999% (the 9 key didn't get stuck, but it's the exact percentage), of all the people on earth, consider what we are going to do right and normal.

We wrote we will do, and not "we want to do", because unlike the old politics, we keep every promise, and every one of our programs.

Taking away all privileges, from those who have no right to them, is not wrong, and we will do it exactly in every sector of activity.

Ours is not a "revenge" caused by a feeling of envy and frustration, which unfortunately too many people, and too many entrepreneurs have, for the rich and famous.

DirectDemocracyS is not vengeful either, but unlike the old politics, it has no preferences, and the only interests we intend to defend are those of the entire world population, without any preferences or favoritism.

So, from the feeling of curiosity for our innovation, an alternative to everything that exists, we have become the enemies of the privileged "giants of the web".

We are not used to "weeping", for every rich, powerful, and famous person, for every political force, for every political representative, or for every commercial company, who hates us, and wants to destroy us.

We have foreseen everything, and every method they have of trying to slow us down, or stop us, will be thwarted, and instead of harming us, they will strengthen us.

Instead of wasting their precious time, boycotting us, and fighting us, they could just, make the right choice, and respect all people, all peoples, and all countries of the world. In the short term, they will lose some money, but they will be ethically correct, and in the end, they will make money over time.

Anyone who tries to harm us will do it to the good, intelligent people of the earth, which is the 99% (again the percentages are right).

Again, the harm you do to us will backfire, exactly like a boomerang. Ours is not a threat, but a simple forecast, based on concrete data.

Whoever behaves correctly with us will only have advantages, and whoever goes against us will receive an intelligent, ethically impeccable, but equally annoying, and in some cases painful answer.

With the time, work, and money wasted on "fighting," you could just partner, in mutually beneficial ways, with us.

DirectDemocracyS is the only credible political force, with just rules, with an infallible method, which gives all the power to voters informed by groups of experts, and not to the political parties and political representatives of the old politics.

In other articles, we have explained to you, and we will explain to you, how the various "entities", the various rich, powerful, and famous people, every political force, every political representative, every commercial company, of the old economy, and old finance. We don't like to advertise, on websites, social networks, and other businesses, but a short article will not refuse anyone. It seems right to us, let us know our opinion on their behavior.

We will continue to keep you informed, because their behaviors will soon go from being simply annoying, to being threatening, and violent. But don't worry about us, we had foreseen even these execrable things, and there will be no losses, on the right side of the "barricade".

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