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Profile properties


Law Special Group.

Regulation Group.

Personal Profiles group.

The personal profile, created through registration, is the exclusive, unique and non-transferable property of each of our users.

The profile of official representative, and management of our political organization, is the collective property of DirectDemocracyS. It is given in use, according to specific rules, to our users.

The profile of a political representative, with the real data of each user, who dedicates himself to political activity, is the property of each of our official members, who decides to carry out political activity, of political representation.

Using your profile, on our website, and in our political organization.

The use of your profile is governed by our Official Regulations, and by the specific implementing rules.

Disciplinary measures.

In some cases, certain profiles will be blocked, in other cases, profiles can be deleted.

Personal profile lock.

The Special Security Group, and each group that deals with the management of our profiles, can block any profile, at any time, even without any notice, on the basis of observations, or on the basis of reports. The Profile Blocking Group, the Profile Unblocking Group, the Communication Group, the Profile Reporting Group, and many other groups, are involved in profile management activities.

Reasons for blocking.

The main reasons for blocking a profile are many, even different from each other: inactivity, non-payment of the annual fee, infringements of our rules, infringements of our instructions, infringements of our methodology , but also at the request of the user himself.


If a user does not show up on the website, in the manner and time required, or does not carry out activities with us, his profile is blocked, and over time it can be deleted, also making, according to the case, the user ungrateful person.

Failure to pay the annual fee.

Contributing economically, to the independence, and to the financial and economic security of DirectDemocracyS, is an obligation of each of our users. If you are not up-to-date with payments, your profile is blocked, and over time it can be cancelled, also making the user persona non grata, depending on the case.

Breaking our rules, breaking our instructions, breaking our methodology.

These are the least serious infractions, which can cause temporary or permanent blocks of your profile.

At your request.

In certain cases, the user can request the blocking of his personal profile, based on specific rules. For example, a temporary block can be requested, to take a break from political activities, for certain periods. Or, you can request that your profile be blocked if you notice suspicious activity and believe that your profile has been used by others. After these periods, and after the necessary checks, the profiles can be unlocked, based on the specific request of each user.

Blocking a personal profile means that the user will not be able to access the website, and his profile, and the activities carried out, will no longer be visible to others, and not even to himself.

In certain cases, it may be decided to block a user's profile, while making the profile, and also its activities, carried out on our website visible. To unlock your profile, you need an unlock password, with the subsequent obligation to change your password again by entering your own.

The contact forms, to unlock your personal profile, are available, based on your needs, and the type of block, at this link:

you must fill out according to our rules, the appropriate form for your situation.

Final provisions.

The use of the profile is individual, personal, and non-transferable.


At any time, our special security groups can verify, live, the identity of any user. Anyone who does not have their identity verified, at the very moment in which verification is requested, will have their profile blocked, and in case of recidivism, it will be deleted, and the person in charge will be rendered persona non grata.

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Profile properties

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