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    Who's behind it conspiracies

    Whos behind it conspiracies

    Many science fiction books have inspired many inventors, giving them ideas, to develop modern technologies. Much progress, and almost every invention, is due to the insights, and brilliant ideas, of people who saw beyond what existed at that particular time.

    DirectDemocracyS, is political innovation, an alternative to all other political forces.

    We want to say it clearly, we were created by women and men, who wanted, want, and will always want, to change and improve the world, and we have been, we are in this moment, and we will always be, in continuous evolution, without ever distorting, the intelligent ideas, ideals, values, principles, which gave us birth, and without ever losing sight of our objectives.

    Some people ask us, what our goals are, beyond changing and improving the world.

    We have many objectives, and for each of them, we should write an article, with the motivations, the concrete way in which we will do it, and the related consequences.

    The first objective is to put our voters at the center of all our decisions.

    The second is a consequence of the first, restoring to the entire world population the dignity and right to be protagonists of their own destiny, truly engaging in politics, and not just being subjected to it by traditional political forces and their political representatives.

    The third is to ensure that our authentic democracy, and our total freedom, individual and group, is never again stolen from the various peoples of the earth. We will do so, remaining the only credible, fair, loyal and dignified means with which to express all our ideas, all our projects, and all our good intentions. Protecting freedom and democracy is a very important task for all of us.

    The fourth is to use politics to solve all the problems of all people, and not just as a management of institutions and wealth, to help a few.

    The fifth is to make politics available to every person, via PC, tablet, and smartphone, allowing every human being to decide, and always be the protagonist, at every level: international, continental, national, and local.

    We could continue the list, but it would become a well-intentioned article, and not an informative article. We will explain to you in detail, every single previous sentence.

    You know how we were born, why we were born, and what some of our objectives are, fundamental and useful for everyone.

    One thing you don't know, and perhaps will never know, is who had the brilliant idea of creating and making DirectDemocracyS concrete.

    For many people, it doesn't matter the incredible innovations that we bring to politics, at every level, it doesn't matter the good intentions, it doesn't matter our noble goals. They are interested in the names, and surnames, and possibly the addresses, of the people who had all these brilliant ideas, and made them possible, creating our political organization.

    Before we reveal anything to you, we'll ask you a few questions.

    Who is behind the traditional political forces, and behind the political representatives, that you support? Is it really you, with your vote, who gives them the ideas, the political programs, and is it always and only you who has a decisive influence on their decisions? Do you believe that traditional politics only serves your interests, or, in some cases, they only serve their interests, and those of lobbies, and rich and powerful people and commercial companies, which often influence their decisions in a negative way?

    But you don't want to know who finances and who is behind the traditional political forces, you are interested in knowing who invented, created and implemented DirectDemocracyS, the only hope of finally having a just policy, fair, honest, loyal, ethically and politically perfect, managed, controlled, and owned by its constituents.

    You are only interested in the who, not the why, and not the how.

    We guarantee you that what we write is documented by dozens, in some cases, hundreds of messages we receive.

    You expect us to tell you, perhaps the name of a famous, rich and powerful person, so you can say: you see, this person wants to control the world!

    Or, as people with limited intelligence always do, you will say that country x, or country y, wants to change the world, in order to be able to control it and dominate it better.

    Others, however, gifted with imagination, hypothesize things that have no connection with reality, but if it passes through their almost empty brain, even if they don't even have proof, it must necessarily be the truth. Then, if by chance they find another person who thinks like them, they believe they will find "confirmation and proof" of what they had guessed. As if more people who tell a lie automatically transform it into truth.

    The list of theories about us is very varied. You write to us all the time, and it's nice to laugh a little, among the death threats, for us, and for our families, among the insults, for no reason, and among the vulgarities of every kind, to find some innocent lie, we it's almost a pleasure.

    Those who define us as a dangerous sect, because we don't work in the "daylight" in a transparent manner, because we don't show, live, how we carry out our work. The reason: we like to work, only on our website, to be free and independent, and we like to tell you things, only after they are final, and not while we are doing them. We like to work, in an orderly way, in peace, in a protected and safe way, without wasting time, without distractions, without people trying to boycott us, to slow us down, therefore without giving anyone the possibility of trying to stop us. The only way to see how we work is to be part of our immense family, entering our big house, which is our website, and being admitted to our reserved areas. What's wrong with our behavior? Everything is absolutely, like everything we do, based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    Therefore, some define us as Satanists, and created by the Devil, to prepare the Apocalypse. If it were true, that the forces of evil loved us so much, to set us free, and to make us protagonists of our destiny, and masters of our political forces.

    Then there are the exalted, and the religious fundamentalists, who tell us that we are inspired by God, or, by the Gods, we, who are perhaps the only political force, which does not accept any interference from religions, in our work, while respecting them all, in exactly the same way. We do not discriminate against those who believe, but we do not take lessons in morality and impositions from anyone, even if they allow themselves to speak in the name of God.

    Extraterrestrials have arrived on earth, and to take it over they created DirectDemocracyS. Great scenario, for a movie, but we have only one question, for the surprisingly many, who believe these things. Don't UFOs, who have the technology to reach our planet from similar distances, have better weapons to make us their slaves? Do they have to do us good, and give us all the power, to become our masters?

    Others tell us that we have come from the future, this time, to save the human race. This is a case, it is more pleasant for us and others, let's just hope, not to cause a change, which prevents our ancestors from meeting, and therefore makes it impossible, our birth in the future, and therefore, prevents us from going back over time, to create DirectDemocracyS.

    It couldn't be missing, because for many, it's a topic of conversation (even if they don't understand anything about it), but also a trend, who talks about Artificial Intelligence. According to them, we, and our entire project, were created by robots, who were in turn created by very rich and powerful human beings, to control the world. You have discovered us, many of our translation errors, or even banal spelling errors, for which we apologize publicly, we insert them, to appear human. Furthermore, the robots that created us are created by human beings, in turn created by extraterrestrials, in turn created by the Devil, in turn created by God. Many suspicions are created by our close and useful relationship with technologies, with progress, which is like natural evolution, cannot be stopped, or even slowed down. But for all these writers of science fiction books, we publicly declare: every word, sentence, of each of our articles is proposed, chosen, discussed, decided, and voted on by many people, and many groups of people. Often, many of our articles are voted on, and decided upon, by all of our members. We don't make machines do our work, but we exploit them, in ethically correct ways, to help us in many of our activities. But those who decide are people of flesh and blood, and when the last political force is controlled by robots, we at DirectDemocracyS will push the "off" button and give power back to the people. We will defend us, the human race. Those who fear technology are because they don't know it. If used in the right way, it can be truly useful, and always saying no to progress, for fear of what we don't know, is not synonymous with natural intelligence.

    We could write for hours, the names of rich and powerful people, and major business companies, who some believe are behind DirectDemocracyS. We won't write a single one, but we guarantee you that we would have already conquered the world if even just one of the characters, or companies you mention, were behind our political organization. Again, we must disappoint you, behind us, there are only, and exclusively, all the people, women and men, who have joined us over time, those who are joining in this moment, and those who they will do in the future. We are truly, exclusively and completely owned by each of our members, we have shared leadership, and we decide everything together, directly, freely, and authentically democratically. Each person, by joining us, brings with them their own ideas, their own projects, their own skills, and makes them available to everyone else.

    So, who is behind all this? All of us, we are both behind, and in front, and around DirectDemocracyS. We created it, and modified it, all together, to be the best, the most honest, the most just, the most equitable, the freest, and the most democratic political force in the world. We created it, politically perfect, taking every small positive part of the various political ideologies, putting the good of all humanity in every decision. We do not make decisions just for our own interests, but we think of the good of everyone, including the good of those who threaten us, those who offend us, and those who do not understand us. Whoever joins us knows the truth.

    We have a question for all of you. How many negative reviews has DirectDemocracyS gotten? How many people can speak badly of us, having concrete reasons? Who's to say, I contacted them, and they didn't respond? Obviously, within the times, and in the ways, that our rules, our methodologies, and our free time impose on us, we always answer all your questions. No one will ever be able to speak badly of us, and if they do, they will never have concrete, real reasons. We demand respect from everyone for all the rules that we ourselves have decided. Before you join us, don't just ask yourself, if you like our political organization, ask yourself these questions: Am I right for DirectDemocracyS? Will I be able to respect every rule, every methodology, every instruction, forever? Will I have respect for the work of those who preceded me, and will I bring with me all my ideas and all my projects to be realized together? Only then, if the answers are all: yes, join us. Otherwise, study it better, and after doing so, ask yourself all the previous questions again. If the answers are all: yes, join us. Otherwise, continue to support and help traditional political forces.

    We also talk about anonymity and privacy protection.

    DirectDemocracyS, since it was conceived, has always allowed anyone who joined us to remain completely anonymous and to be able to work with us safely. This methodology is guaranteed to anyone, from the first 5, to the first 282, of the first years, and from 283 onwards, for anyone who has joined us. And we will guarantee anonymity, forever, to anyone who joins us in the future. In addition to the logical reasons, anonymity protects our members, and their families, in countries where opposition to dictatorial regimes is not permitted. But even in countries that declare themselves "free and democratic", our innovative methods are very annoying to rich and powerful people, and equally rich and powerful commercial companies. Many of them, especially at the beginning, wanted to "buy" our ideas, and many of them will try to steal them from us, and then use them for their own benefit. Many bad people are trying to copy us, and they will make a bad impression.

    Some people, however, do not know that anonymity is permitted to everyone, and not just to our "creators". So, whoever joins us, chooses a username, and starts working with that. Many important personalities, very competent, in all topics, have joined us, having guaranteed anonymity, so as not to lose their jobs, in retaliation, for joining us.

    However, what not everyone knows, even if we have always said it, is that all those who decide to carry out representative political activities must have a personal profile, with their real name and surname, qualifications, and the result obtained, in our selections of our possible candidates. Therefore, real data is used to participate, as political representatives, in our selections, for this type of user, and if selected, they will receive a new personal profile, which will allow them to participate as candidates in our online primary elections closed, and in case of excellent results, they will become our candidates in the real elections. You don't vote, anonymous people.

    Some, at this point, will accuse us of verifying the identity of anyone who joins us. It is partly true, for some types of users, you must have your identity verified and guaranteed. Who among you doesn't want to know the identity of those you welcome into your home and family? Furthermore, the identification occurs in a totally privacy-respecting way, which consists of encrypting and codifying the identity verification and all the various documents. Through a very detailed methodology and a simple, fast and safe procedure, no one will ever be able to connect the username to the identity of the person who really "hides" behind each of our personal profiles. The previous part, obviously, does not concern invitations, in which the inviter knows the identity of the guest, for whose behavior he is responsible, where the relationship between the two is based on trust and mutual respect. To vote in elections, every citizen must first be identified. We do the same thing, to vote on our every decision, in shared leadership, we want to be sure of the identity of every person who joins us, having the right to vote.

    Privacy rules are, for some, a complex, and rightly important, topic. Many ask us, why do you want to know so much about me, and I know nothing about you? We care about few things about our users. We only need their identity if they want to be able to vote in our decisions. Otherwise, they can decide to have a type of user, which is forever: free, with no obligation to be present, and without any obligation to carry out activities with us. The type of initial user, called the login user. Those who join us, in this type of user, will however have to upload the image of their identity document with photograph, we accept the identity card, or the passport.

    We don't think we're asking too much from people who already share all their personal data, with dozens, in some cases hundreds of applications, who often use them for different purposes, sometimes sharing them with others, sometimes selling the data personal data collected. DirectDemocracyS, although declaring it can do so, does not share the personal data of its users with anyone, and will never make this personal data public, for any reason, with the exception of justified judicial actions. For example, if one of our users defamed us, or if he did not respect all our rules, which are based on common sense, logic, respect for all people. Therefore, many who believe they are protecting their personal data by not joining us have already shared almost all their data, knowingly, and in some cases unwarily, with many people, entities, or even commercial companies, and we don't see anything strange in it, above all, if these people shared part of this data with us, who make limited use of it, and in an ethically correct way.

    The relationship of DirectDemocracyS, with all its members, with all its users, and with all its voters, is based on mutual trust, on the continuous demonstration of reliability.

    We only have one flaw, which many cannot stand.

    It's not presumption, that doesn't exist, it's just an observation of reality, we're just aware and proud of our excellent work. Our only flaw is that we take away from those who join us the "perverse pleasure" of being able to blame politics for all their failures. Those who join us know that if things go well, it is also thanks to them, if there are things that go wrong, it will also be their fault.

    Let's talk briefly about some aspects of our national phases.

    We have received many unsolicited geography and political geography lessons that simply make us smile. We are taught, for example, that Tibet is not a country, not a sovereign state, but an autonomous region of China. Others accuse us of having national and local groups of states such as: Palestine, Transnistria, Northern Cyprus, and other regions, which are not recognized by all the countries of the world. We even took the liberty of giving groups reserved for the Kurds, who are over 30 million people, who do not have a country, but their territory is divided into at least 5 different countries. And many other criticisms, which make no sense, but he knows us, and he knows how we think. To understand how we think, and how all the good people in the world should think, take the time to read, even several times, trying to understand everything well, from beginning to end, all our articles, and all our information public. For us, in first place, in terms of importance, are the people, with their languages, their traditions, their cultures, their religions (which however must not influence our decisions), and their freedoms. The countries they belong to must guarantee: democracy and freedom, and the right local autonomies, to all their citizens, without any discrimination. For DirectDemocracyS, the land, with all its riches, is owned by everyone, and everyone is the master, and owner, in the territory in which he lives, works, studies, prays, and carries out his activities. We defend individual and collective property. This method of ours allows us not to have any preference for a continent, a country, a state, a region, a province, a district, a city, but rather allows us to respect all people, wherever they live. For these reasons, we began our activities, starting from our international phases, uniting everyone, in diversity, and in mutual respect, and making people from every continent, country, state, region, ethnicity, nationality work together from the first minute., citizenship, language, skin color, education, culture, religion, sex, sexual orientation, of any age, and any other type of diversity. We divide people only into 2 categories, good or bad. The good ones, which are the 99%, can join us immediately. The bad ones will be able to join us only if they change and become good, or they will be able to join us, last, after they have entered, all the good people, who will prevent them, with their presence and their work, to try to cause problems.

    The national phases, various groups, even for the same country, based on logical choices, common sense, and respect for everyone, for everyone.

    At the country level, we unite all our users into one large national group.

    Obviously, to be able to vote, or to run for office with us, they must have the right to do so in their respective country. In many countries, for example, voting abroad is permitted, so citizens residing outside the various countries, who have the right to vote, and in some cases to run for office, have the same right, even in DirectDemocracyS. To put the previous sentence into practice, groups will be created specifically to allow only people who have the right to vote.

    However, there are cases in which citizens with a different citizenship or of a different nationality reside in various countries. For these people, who live legally in certain countries, it seems right to us to create separate groups, in which they can speak their language, and in which they can work in an organized way, all together. Therefore, they will be present both in national groups and in groups for minorities. If these people have the right to vote in their respective countries, or, in certain cases, to run for office, they will also be able to do so in DirectDemocracyS. We must respect all the rules of individual countries, and in certain cases of individual territories.

    But we also have our rules, based on logic, common sense, and respect for all people, which must be mutual. We consider that territorial claims, and requests for border changes, are very often dangerous, and can cause clashes, and many problems. To prevent them, we ask that in every country, in addition to total freedom and authentic democracy, all rights and fundamental duties are guaranteed to all people, guaranteeing the right local autonomies. But there must be a moment 0, in which we stop having claims, and put into practice behaviors that guarantee peace, recognition, and mutual respect, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and that for every territorial claim, let the various peoples, and not the old politics, negotiate directly.

    For DirectDemocracyS, all territorial entities are recognized, based on the will of the people who live there, and we work in compliance with international treaties, basing everything on diplomacy and negotiations.

    We will create all the necessary groups, and all the connected presentation pages, and the necessary ones, as well as all the events, and all the activities we need, to do a great job.

    In our political organization, people speak to each other, whether they live in the same country, whether they are in neighboring territories, or even if they live far away.

    Each of our users can vote for their political representatives, and apply to be voted for, in all countries where they have this right. Not only that, but also all people living legally, in every territory, can help in the management of our political organizations, and can express proposals, participate in discussions, and even vote, if there are authorizations, from the various groups of national management. We leave maximum local autonomy, at all levels, but encourage everyone to use logic, common sense, and mutual respect, listening to everyone's opinion.

    If a person has 2, or 3, or more citizenships he can vote, and can run for office, in each country. But not only that, for us, every person must have the right to express themselves, based on our rules, and their type of user, in the local, national, continental and international phases, being part of the various geographical, administrative and territorial.

    Concretely, based on the decisions of our continental and national groups, groups are created, on an ethnic and linguistic basis, of which all the people who have the right to belong are part. From these groups, our inevitable hierarchies are formed, all decided locally, based on negotiations, based on common rules, and methodologies.

    But we have already spoken, and we will speak again, in many of our articles, about our methodology, unique in the world, and about our innovative, alternative work to all other political forces. Continue to follow us.

    This is DirectDemocracyS, owned by anyone who joins and we, becoming our official member, unity, in diversity, politically perfect, inimitable, unique and indivisible. You will never find something fairer, just, ethically correct, free, independent, and better than us.

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