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    This article of ours, briefly explains the reasons for our birth, and the essence of our existence. DirectDemocracyS, is our international political organization, based on direct democracy, which obviously, albeit with the right local autonomies, will be the same, in all our geographical, territorial, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local. Same rules, same values, same ideals, same methods, based on common sense, and on meritocracy.

    We advise you to read it all, very carefully, even several times, to understand what it is about.

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    Democracy means power to the people.

    Using this word, democracy, which has the meaning, power to the people, they did not do us a favor, but they did, because it is logical, normal, and right, that it is. The population must hold, and always maintain, all power, and must decide the rules, therefore the laws, which it is then required to put into practice, and always respect. The old politics, on the other hand, has taken the power to decide, and uses it as it wants, for many years, after each election, without anyone being able to do anything about it, without asking any voters, which decision is the best. DirectDemocracyS, is our innovative policy, and it is the only one that can credibly pronounce the two words, which are, together with others, the basis of our existence, freedom, and democracy.

    Therefore, the basic concept, which gave us birth is composed of some questions, and related logical answers. If we ask you, in a democracy, who commands, who decides? Your answer will be: the one who holds the power, commands, and decides. And to better understand why we live in an unjust world, we ask you a question: who holds the power? And here, you are obliged to say, that in democracy: the population has power, but that it holds it, and exercises it, only when there are elections. Then, for many years, the political parties, and their political representatives, hold them, all the power. Nobody will ever deny this concept of ours.

    We asked ourselves the same questions, many years ago, and we sought, and found, all the solutions, to do justice, with the aim of creating true direct democracy, while starting our hard work, as a hybrid democracy. . For now, we are a hybrid democracy, in the sense that, in almost all countries of the world, in addition to dictatorships, oligarchies, single parties, there are forms of partial, and imperfect, democracy, the representative one. Not being able to immediately change the implementation of democracy, which is only partial, in the various countries, within our political organization, we immediately put into practice the only authentic democracy, the direct one, in which, our voters, official members, of our official website, own, and have total, absolute, and infinite control over all our activities. Absolute freedom and authentic democracy are the words with which we present ourselves to the world.

    The people must have the power to decide, but there is only one type of democracy, which really gives power to the people, and that is direct democracy. Always asking the population, what is the best way to go, for any choice to make, which laws to write, discuss, and approve, is an obligation for anyone involved in politics. The present, and the future, must be decided by all people, and not just by political parties, and their political representatives. If in ancient times, direct democracy was put into practice, only by a few cities, in ancient Greece, where people voted, on the main decisions to be taken, by putting a stone inside an urn to say yes, or in another urn to say no, currently, with the technology, and existing security measures, you can decide, at the international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local, city, neighborhood level , and even road blocks, all together, on every decision to be made. Just a few minutes a day, of political commitment, on the part of all of us, to change and improve the world, and to make sure that the laws are decided by those who are then obliged to submit to them. DirectDemocracyS also puts into practice propositive direct democracy, which allows anyone who is part of one of our groups, on our official website, to propose, discuss, and have their initiatives, ideas, and projects voted on. . We do not eliminate politics, but we increase the number of people, who will have the opportunity to do politics, in an active way, being a protagonist.

    Anyone who tells you, that you already live, in authentic democracy, lies to you, knowing that they are lying. We, even in countries that declare themselves democratic, live alone, in a partial democracy, in which, only in elections, for the short time to choose, and vote, for a political party, or to choose a political representative, we have the power in our hands. We decide who to give, power, fame, wealth, privileges, for many years, without being able to stop, change, or influence, the choices, and all the decisions, of the current old policy. They do it, using the worst lie: they will tell you, that through the vote, we choose, who has to choose for us. That with our vote, we delegate to others the task of making the laws, which we are obliged to put into practice, and consequently to respect.

    They will tell you, that representative democracy is true democracy, because with our vote, political parties and their political representatives, chosen by them, candidates always by them, are given the power to decide, in our name, of the voters. . They will also tell you that the winners of the elections represent the majority of the population, and that in a democracy, the majority decides, and the minority complies. Technically, however, if, for example, a political party, or a coalition of political parties, or even a political representative, takes 50% + one vote, it certainly does not represent the majority of the population, it only represents the majority of those who are went to vote. For example, in many countries, even very large percentages of voters, often from 10 to 40%, do not go to vote. Therefore, if only a percentage of the total voters votes, who wins does not represent the majority of the voters, but only the majority of those who physically presented themselves to the vote. Those who do not appear to vote, those who abstain, do so above all, because they do not recognize themselves in any political party, and in any candidate in the elections. DirectDemocracyS, in which anyone can recognize themselves, is a valid alternative to the old politics.

    Political parties, and their political representatives, of the old and antiquated political class, make themselves legitimate, and legal, through the vote, with which we give them representation.

    Anyone of you who approves of this behavior, stop reading immediately, go away, and never be seen again in these parts. Are we bad? We don't, you yes, because you, you are the accomplices, of the greatest fraud, and of the greatest theft, in the history of man.

    The old politics, with those who belong to it, with representative democracy, will never be just, nor even legitimate (as their laws technically are not), because each person, with his own vote, does not give up the power to decide, but it makes some politicians their own representatives in the institutions. DirectDemocracyS, with the obligation of its political representatives, to always request, before deciding something, a binding opinion, to those who have given politicians the power of representation, automatically makes the representative democracy. Every so often, even today, popular referendums are organized, often on non-fundamental issues, and every now and then with complicated questions, to give the people the right to express themselves. But do you realize? They give to people what the word itself, democracy, means, and it should always be complete, and continuous over time. DirectDemocracyS, foresees, and puts into practice internally, and also hopes externally, a continuous referendum, on every topic, putting authentic democracy into practice.

    In many of our articles, we highlight, and denounce, this fundamental concept, this theft of democracy, this immense fraud, which gives us all, the illusion of deciding, the mirage of power. Instead, it is only the old political parties and their political representatives who decide. We like to make things clear, to make everyone understand them, and then each of you will decide if we are right, or if we are wrong, and the world situation, that's okay.

    For once, in one of our articles, we get directly to the initial part, to the important part.

    Our final purpose is to allow all people, therefore the entire world population, to decide, propose, discuss, vote, write, put into practice, and enforce, all the rules (laws), helped, informed in a way honest, free, independent, and compete with specialist groups. Basing all our rules, all our activities, on common sense, meritocracy, mutual respect, and legality. So in this way, we can all live, truly free, and in authentic democracy. The technology, and the security measures, to ensure the perfect functioning of all our activities, is already active, and is present on each of our websites. Each of our special groups is made up of all our members, who guarantee total compliance by all of our rules.

    Already the fact that political parties decide who to candidate, and do not ask, except in rare cases (with the primary elections), to their supporters, is an execrable fact. The primary, and the choices of who to nominate, are never really decided by all party members, but primary candidates are chosen by the leadership of political parties, often influenced by financial, economic, and power powers. If you noticed, they give you a list of names, but they don't let you know, how the candidates were chosen, based on what, should we trust one, or the other? Here, in DirectDemocracyS, the selection of candidates is practically public, and is entrusted to a selection group of candidates, made up of our official members. Anyone can apply, or can be a candidate, from the members of the various geographical or numerical groups (which are our great innovation). In the primary elections, a ranking is shown, and consulted to those who have to vote, based on the results obtained, by each candidate, on the selection of candidates, by the candidate selection groups, to allow those who vote, to choose the best candidates in an informed manner.

    Anyone who joins DirectDemocracyS is not just our member, or supporter, but is the owner, along with each of our verified registered users, of our entire political organization. Ownership guarantees total and continuous control by our official members over every activity we carry out. Being the owner, each of our users has the interest that all activities are carried out in compliance with all our rules.

    So, the difference between us (the innovative politics), and theirs (the old politics), is immense.

    But the very fact of considering democracy, representative democracy, is a scam. Representative democracy allows political parties, and political representatives, to decide on everything, for many years, without asking any opinion, to those who, with their vote, have delegated the power to decide to the old politics.

    To know if the reader of this article is suitable to join us, just follow, very carefully, the reasoning that follows, on the power of representation, which we give with our vote.

    If with our vote, we give, or rather, we give, to those who represent us, the power to decide in our place, then don't join us, because you are incompatible with our innovative policy. It means that you are in agreement, to give in, and therefore to give, to the old politics, all your power to decide.

    If with our vote, we give, to those who represent us, only the power to represent us, in the institutions, to put our decisions into practice, read our articles carefully, and join us, because you are compatible, with all our activities.

    In fact, it is essential to understand, if we want to decide ourselves, on our present, and on our future, being all together the real protagonists, informed, and updated, or we want to do, as in the past, and give others the task of deciding for we. Or, if we prefer, do not take any responsibility, and we do not want to waste time, to propose, discuss, and vote, the laws that govern our lives. Many will say: if we pay the political parties, and the political representatives, to decide, and to do their job, why should we waste precious time, to decide ourselves, all together, in their place? The answer is simple, and we answer you, with some of our questions, for anyone who reads. Do you trust the political parties, and the political representatives, the old politics? Are you sure that the old policy keeps every promise made during the election campaign? Do political parties carry out any part of their political programs? If your answers to the above questions are no, join us immediately, and let's change, and improve, world politics at every level. But we have other questions for you. Have you heard of political parties, or political representatives, who have been corrupt, who have lied, who have used their political power for personal purposes, or about friends, or financial and economic institutions? Have you heard of political parties, or political representatives, who have favored, with their decisions, only a certain social class, and who have not made the laws, in the interest of all citizens? Do you think there is a struggle, both external and internal, for political power? Do you believe that these struggles for power and to maintain their prestige are harmful and prevent political parties or political representatives from carrying out their representative tasks in a useful way for all? Again, if your answers are all yes this time, join us immediately, and let's change, and improve forever, world politics, at every level.

    DirectDemocracyS, has found a very simple and effective way to change, and improve world politics, and therefore, to change, and improve the lives of all people. With our rules, with our values, with our ideals, all put into practice, of whoever joins us, we will force our political representatives, all over the world, in every geographic area, at all levels, to ask a binding opinion, to those who gave them the power of representation, that is, their constituents, who are all members of our political organization. We cannot force anyone to change and innovate, and certainly the old policy does not have the interest, and the strength, to give up their power in favor of the population. The people, for the old policy, only count on election day, and as you all know well, they would do anything to get the consensus, and consequently, to keep their privileges.

    For us, in the first place, in every decision, there is the good of the whole community. It seems a foregone conclusion, but not all political parties have in their regulations the phrase: we will do every activity, with the aim of helping all people, always starting with those most in difficulty. We will analyze, in our other articles, the final part of the previous sentence. But before someone accuses us of welfare, and of asking the poor for votes, we tell you, that we do not give anything to anyone, but we will never allow, that there is only one person in difficulty, really, without receiving our help. , to create a decent life. It is not in our style, and never will be, the fact of "buying" the vote, and the consensus, promising things that are not real, or cheating the population, to get us to vote. Certain governments, and certain political parties, after having governed, and taken from the pockets of the population 100, to be reconfirmed, before the elections, promise aid, and favors, to win the elections again. So just before the vote, they give you back 20, of the 100 they had "stolen" from you. And all the less brilliant minds reconfirm those who "robbed" them. And history repeats itself indefinitely. Maybe with different protagonists.

    For us, all the political ideals, of all the old politics, are bankruptcy, antiquated, inefficient, and the few things of common sense, that every ideal has, in minimal percentages, we "steal" them, uniting them, to create the political ideal perfect, and modern, based on common sense, on meritocracy, on respect for all laws (by everyone), on mutual respect, of all people, on knowing how to distinguish good from evil, on education, on research, on 'fair and reliable information on culture, respect for all traditions, respect for all religions, but without allowing bad people to join us.

    For us, and for anyone who joins us, communism, fascism, Nazism, socialism, democrats, republicans, labor, or conservatives, right or left, center parties, dictatorships, oligarchies, single parties, statism, savage capitalism, and all those who represent them, and support them, are all responsible, and accomplices, of the world of shit, in which we live. The same is true for all anti-system movements, or those who engage in politics against someone, who have no political adversaries, but genuine enemies, they are all incompatible with our innovation. We do not make politics, against someone, we are not anti-system, but we do politics in favor of everyone, and we create, and manage all together, internally, of all our countless projects, a new system, political, financial, and economic, which is not an enemy, but an alternative to the old systems.

    Many consider us anti-politics, anti-system, because we point out to everyone, and criticize, the enormous defects of all politics, and of the financial, economic, and social system. But these are superficial evaluations, on the part of those who do not know us. Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to making criticisms, we have the solutions for the various critical issues. And then, the truth is known by everyone, and only those who do not want to see pretend that the enormous problems do not exist.

    Since we are just born, no one can accuse us of having said, written, some things, and then done different things, not keeping all our promises. It will never happen that we say one thing and do another. No person can contest our statements, and our methods, studied, designed, and put into practice, in many years of hard work. However, we take away, from all our supporters, the power to criticize, our political organization, and our political representatives, because we do, and will always do the interests of those who support us, executing and immediately putting into practice, every "order" received , from our members. So by criticizing our representatives, they will practically criticize themselves.

    Unlike the old politics, DirectDemocracyS, decides the programs, and makes the electoral promises, at all levels, in working groups, composed of all our official, international, continental, national, and local members, with the help of special groups of administration, security, and guarantors, and with the fundamental collaboration, of groups of specialists, free, independent, competent, composed of our users, who will guarantee us, with their work, every success. By deciding all together, on the basis of individual proposals, everyone will be able to discuss, and then vote, every idea of common sense, and useful, for the entire population.

    We put into practice, true local autonomy, in all geographical groups, it is decided all together, having at the base, all the rules, all the values, all the ideals, and the same methods, of our international organization. To propose, discuss, decide, and vote, will be our members, in the geographical groups, of the various territorial subdivisions, composed entirely of people who live in each geographical area.

    DirectDemocracyS, has no intention, of forcing the old politics, the old financial, economic, and social system, to change, and become like us, as we are not interested in a confrontation, against them, and against, the current ideologies. But if we are attacked, or if we try to slow down, or worse, stop, we will be able to respond intelligently, but firmly.

    We are, and will always be, against all forms of violence, against all war, against all forms of terrorism, against all criminal activity, and against anyone who does not practice, and does not respect, all laws. Peace, legality, ideas, and innovative programs, in every sector, will allow us, in a short time, to change and improve the world.

    All this immense and difficult work, however, will be done calmly, carefully calculating, and evaluating every detail, and respecting all, all our rules, without any exception, and without ever making any compromises. We will do it one user at a time, selecting with great attention, especially our first users. We cannot fail, because we always put the right people in the right roles to express their potential, obtaining the best, mutually beneficial results.

    We know very well, that there is only one thing, which is really difficult, to change, and improve, the mentality of all the people of the earth. This does not mean taking away their ideas from people, nor does it mean eliminating politics. We are to make a better policy, on contents, and on ideals, which focus on all people, with all their needs, and all their aspirations. Without ever favoring someone, taking something away from others. We are against any social struggle, because we have as a rule the help, concrete, immediate, and effective, first, from those in difficulty, and then all the others. So there is no question of choosing who to help first, that is, who is most in difficulty.

    By eliminating the old ideologies, and the political "cheering", we will all be able to concentrate on the fundamental things, which must all be achieved together. We have already created a real "political laboratory", which has always had within it, people from all political backgrounds, but who wanted to give up their ideas, antiquated and bankrupt, to create political perfection, which is ours ideal.

    In addition to the mentality, to change and improve, it will be really difficult, to make everyone understand our projects, because they are often difficult to understand, due to our innovation.

    But with time, everyone will understand, that there is only one hope, for a change, and an improvement, of all our lives, and it is called DirectDemocracyS, which with politics, will have the difficult task of changing, and improving. , all laws, always in the interest of the whole population, is a rule that we swear to you, which will never be transgressed. Every law, every rule, must be, to help everyone, as always, starting with those who are most in difficulty. We have written it 4 times in this article, and we repeat it, and we will repeat it often, but it must be clear to everyone, we are not like the old policy, we practice, and keep every promise. And to do so, we will not seek the consent of our constituents, but we will deserve the consent of all people.

    To many, it may seem like a beautiful utopia, but DirectDemocracyS, is real, and has already been working, for quite some time, without too much publicity. Many tell us, that people are crafty, sometimes bad, and that we will have to clash with the old politics, with the old finance, with the old economy, which despite being all bankruptcy, or doomed to failure, will do everything to slow us down. , or worse stop us. As for clever people, or bad people, we will be able to prevent any kind of activity, which is contrary to our rules. In fact, we have a very complicated system, and a long time, to allow someone to join us. Each activity, of each user, is carefully evaluated, and unsuitable users are blocked or eliminated, making them persona non grata. As for the old politics, the old finance, the old economy, they are in such bad shape, and they have so many problems, that they won't waste time fighting us. Indeed, for them we will be useful, to give a way out, for them, and for their failed ideas. Because we do not reject anyone, and we create development opportunities for everyone, obviously with our methods, and with our rules. Whether or not they are able to integrate into our innovation will be essential for their "survival".

    Do not consider us too ambitious, or too proud, or worse, presumptuous, without first having read all our information, which in some cases is a bit repetitive, but it is essential to repeat some basic concepts, to make them understood by everyone.

    Often, you will find some tiny differences, in certain non-essential concepts, or in some rules, which we have slightly modified, making them better. Never, on concepts, and basic regulations, usually on some superficial things, between old, and new articles, there could be minimal inconsistencies, of which we apologize, but we assure you that they are all made with the aim of improving. The articles, the definitive rules, and even the physiognomy of our website, which might seem a bit chaotic, are being prepared, and voting, in the definitive variant, and will all be published as soon as possible. Therefore, we do not hesitate to talk to you about some of our defects, marginal, but the essential things are always the same.

    We advise you, to inform yourself, and to deepen, the various topics, reading all the public parts, on our official website, and then, if you like what we offer, and you will feel compatible, with our rules, our values , our ideals, and our working methods, you can join us, registering, and creating a personal profile, on our welcome website, following our every rule. After all, it is quite simple, although the times to join us can vary.

    We have explained to you the reasons, and in short our considerations, and even more briefly our methods, to change and improve politics, with our innovation.

    As always, we answer some of your questions in our various articles, as soon as possible, we will gather them in an article, of questions and answers, which we will publish, with the possibility of easily finding the answers, to your legitimate questions.

    Question 1. DirectDemocracyS, in many articles, has a very critical position, towards religions, of almost all countries. Do you have religions that you consider closer to you, and others that are more distant?

    Answer 1. In none of our articles, have we been critical, hostile, or rude, against a deity, because no matter how much science has improved, it cannot clearly and definitively prove to us that there is no God, or more Gods. We have simply stated, that in our opinion, and according to many scholars, many religions, like many cultures, languages, and traditions, were invented to divide people. Always for reasons of power, financial, and economic. We respect religious beliefs, all in the same way, and we will never allow ourselves to rank the ones we prefer, for the simple reason that among our users, we have people from all countries of the world, of all religions , from all cultures, from all traditions, and who speak all languages. Almost all religions have the purpose of converting people, believing themselves to be the best, the closest to divinities, and this over time has created conflicts and violence of all kinds (wars and terrorism). But we have never blamed religions, but on people, who used, and still use, religions, and divinities, as a pretext, to carry out all kinds of violence. And always for reasons, which have nothing in common with the gods. All religions, seem right, preach love, but they are all outdated, and their leaders, and their faithful, should ask their divinities, with a new message of love, also for a message of renewal. Also, we encourage them to be tolerant of, and respectful, of other people's ideas. With us, however, people of any religion can access, as long as they never try, to convert other users, and never mix religion, into our activities. Those who work with us must put mutual respect at the top of their values. For now, no religion has sided against us, and we hope that all religions understand the importance, for everyone, of our work, that our every rule is for the good of all people, without any discrimination. Tolerance and respect must be mutual, between us and them.

    Question 2. And traditions of certain countries, are they linked to political systems, which for example provide for monarchies, DirectDemocracyS, is it compatible with a monarchy?

    Answer 2. Traditions, cultures, religions, languages, but also art, which provide for democracy, freedom, and mutual respect, are all compatible with all our activities, and are all respected by us at the same way. For us, all traditions, cultures, religions, languages, art are considered a wealth for the various populations, and represent national identity. If a country has a monarchical system, it is not our job to change, or modify, this system. We are perfectly compatible, with the monarchies, as long as they are not authoritarian, and do not carry out activities, against us, or against our users. We do not believe that a political force should be influenced by who is the symbol of a people, such as an emperor, king, duke, with their female variants, etc. etc. Furthermore, in almost all countries, there are constitutional monarchies, with parliaments, and governments, independent of the sovereigns, which only perform representative roles. Therefore, sovereigns almost never make direct political decisions, but it is the governments that play the political role. We will never allow ourselves to impose on free populations what national or local symbols they have.

    Question 3. I have read many of your articles, but besides the criticism, right, of what is happening, I do not see many articles on the setting, of your political organization, of what kind of people you are looking for, and above all on the programs, when you think to tell us something?

    Answer 3. Ours is not just a criticism, but the sad observation of the reality in which we live. Where the gap between rich and poor has increased enormously. DirectDemocracyS, does not have, and does not tolerate, any kind of social hatred, or envy, towards those who have a lot of wealth, power, or fame, if they have obtained them with merit, in an honest, loyal way, without exploiting their employees , and without polluting the planet. But we find it unfair, that in difficult times, for all of us, those who are rich, become much richer, while those who are poor become poorer and poorer, and struggle to survive in a decent way. Furthermore, almost all over the world, we are witnessing the disappearance of the middle class, which was the real "backbone" of the economic fabric. As for the type of people we are looking for, they must be: intelligent people, with common sense, with absolute respect for the rules, and the laws, honest, sincere, trustworthy, who distinguish what is right, what is wrong, the true, from false, and that they have at least one competence (that they are specialists), at least, in a certain activity. Our political programs are present in all our articles, but also, in informative articles, in the programs section, of our main menu. We have concentrated on various aspects of our programs, including: foreign policy, economic policy, our youth policies, and many others. Just look for them, and they are found, they are not detailed, but they are clear enough, the fundamental concepts, and our innovations. Obviously, other information will be published, on all our programs, not only international, but taking into account, and inserting each of our international programs, our rules, our ideals, and our values, our international organization, continental programs will be made, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local. These political programs will always be proposed, discussed, and voted on by those who live in a specific territory, and always with just local autonomy.

    Question 4. I have read some articles, in which you define your political representatives, puppets, in the hands of the puppeteers, who are your verified registered users, don't you think you are diminishing, and making useless, the work of politicians? Don't you risk having few candidates?

    Answer 4. The example of the puppet, and the puppeteer, gives a very good idea of the differences between old politics, in which the political parties, and their political representatives, are the puppeteers, who decide, without consulting, with whom their power of representation, and the poor puppets, who are the voters, who must carry out every order, respecting their rules, laws, decided, and written, without ever asking the people for an opinion. DirectDemocracyS, reverses the roles, for the first time in the world, putting into practice, internally, authentic democracy, and total freedom. The thing that makes us brilliant is exactly this, we do justice, and remedy the wrongs suffered, by the populations of the whole world, from which every form of power, and of proposal, or discussion, to give it to political parties, and their political representatives. For many years, after the elections, the voters cannot do anything about it, and they watch helplessly, in decisions, which are often made only for private interests, of a few, and not for the good of the entire population. Political representatives, while respecting all our rules, and our method, have all the time, and the ways, to do politics, with proposals, discussions, and decisions, to share, with their constituents, who will have, as is right that it is in democracy, the last, and final word. Therefore, anyone who loves true democracy will join us, and we will have many candidates, who will be honored, and proud, to represent their constituents in the institutions, always asking for a binding opinion, before making any decision.

    Question 5. I would like to address with you a philosophical, economic issue at an international level. Whose wealth is the earth? Ownership types, and economic model, of DirectDemocracyS. How do you respond?

    Answer 5. To answer you, we would need many articles, but we can try to simplify together. The wealth of the earth belongs to the entire population of our planet, which after having ensured, to every inhabitant of the earth, a decent standard of living (which we explain in many of our articles), divides the enormous remaining part, into parts, into proportion, of meritocracy, honesty, inventiveness, intelligence, and skills, of each inhabitant, creating for all the same opportunities, and the same possibilities, to obtain wealth, power, and fame. The wealth of each geographical area must belong to the people who live in a specific area, from the smallest to the largest, and must be exploited, creating benefits, first of all for the local population. To understand how this is achieved, it is necessary to carefully read our information on our economic programs. As for the types of properties, they are generally 3, public, private, and mixed public private. Our economic model, to envisage a social capitalist economy, or a meritocratic socialism. We like to call ourselves capitalists with a human face, or statist communists, meritocrats. Private property, capitalism, creates competition, progress, innovation, research, and growth, if it does not become wild capitalism, and without clear rules, respected by all. Statism, and communism, in general, gives political parties, or party members, the power to put people, often incompetent (in order not to lose their acquired power), corrupt, thieves, to manage important economic resources, creating damage , both economic and social. The State must intervene in the economy, only in moments of serious difficulty, or in cases of corruption, tax evasion, or clear managerial inability, and these interventions must be limited in time, but effective in applying the law. We are in favor, in some cases, in economic and financial assets of vital importance, or strategic, in partnerships with the State, and private individuals. Both capitalism and statism can lead to oligarchies which allow undeserving people to obtain wealth to which they have no right. We consider all the oligarchies, enemies of the morally healthy population of the various countries, because obtaining wealth, without having the right, or without merits, is not ethically correct, but is called theft. A fundamental thing, on which our economic model is based, is to put the right people in the right place. Only by inserting deserving people into important roles can important results be obtained.

    Question 6. Congratulations on all your projects, but my fear is that you will not be able to put them into practice, due to the wickedness, the need for power, and the selfishness of many men. Not to mention the old politics, finance, and economics, hence the current system, which surely feel threatened by your innovations. I'm right?

    Answer 6. Thank you for the compliments, and for your legitimate concerns. The human being always has a small dose of wickedness, selfishness, and everyone likes power, but fortunately, only a small percentage of people have very large doses of these negative, if not well addressed, aspects of psychology. Human. So most people are good, and it is for them that we do all this. As for the current system (political, economic and financial), which we do not intend to fight, but to leave, which self-destructs, alone in a short time, we know very well that it will never dare, wanting to fight a "war" against us, which would be lost by them from the start. We have taken all precautionary measures to prevent, face, and eliminate all kinds of threats to our users and our activities. As for bad people, the registration, the creation of a personal profile, the verification of our users, and the first activities, certainly not fundamental, and vital for us, that people are obliged to do, to prove that we deserve to being able to join us, along with our special security groups, protects us from any attempted infiltration by bad people. Furthermore, the fact that anyone who starts doing certain activities here must do it first for free, and without many advantages, discourages many unsuitable people from joining us. While the political, economic, and financial powers that make up the current system will be too busy looking for solutions to their own collapse. From our predictions, they will try to change, to look more like us, so as not to succumb. We already see that, especially on social networks, projects similar to ours are starting to be created by people who hope to be able to copy us. The fact of working on social networks will prevent them from being free and independent. As soon as they publish something that is not accepted by someone, they will be blocked, or canceled, and all their work will be lost, and their project has no future. They believe our job is to just publish articles, information, and critiques. Visitors to our website see only the tip of the iceberg, a small, insignificant part of our immense work. Not everyone knows, that since 2008, we have not only written articles, we have been doing that since 2021, but above all we try to find all the possible problems that can appear, in political, economic and financial projects, which we have conceived, so complex. Once the problems have been found, we also find all the solutions, to prevent them, and to overcome them. In the first months, we were a few people, and we created all our projects, putting all our ideas together, and in the following years, we found a way, to make everything work perfectly. Closing this article, we also reveal some "secrets", which not everyone knows, such as our immense infrastructure, and how we have chosen, worldwide, in the first phase, our first approximately 100,000 users. In this way, those who want to copy us, if they are minimally intelligent, will understand that they do not even have a small chance to be like us. When we say, that our strength, our wealth, and our security are all our official members, it is true, but not everyone knows, that for many years, we have selected the best minds, and greatest specialists. , in all sectors of activity, and we have put them, in the right roles, to express their potential. Many brilliant minds, university professors, scientists, researchers, great innovators, politicians, experts in finance, economics, politics, journalists, communication and information experts, but also some specialists with extraordinary ideas and projects. Some members of these categories, will feel offended, for not yet being contacted, but for us, it was not important to have the number one, or the first "in the rankings" of each category, because they are often subjected to the current system, and compromised morally, even if very good, and very competent. We preferred equally good people, often even better, who, however, due to the unhealthy struggle for power, wealth, and fame, which exists in every business, were not considered the number 1. And not even the first 10 numbers. The selection we made has made us find wonderful, intelligent, competent, and honest people, but with a "healthy and authentic" desire to change and improve the world. The first words, with which they were contacted, after a photo, which explains the situation, were: do you want to change, and improve the world? Followed by a brief explanation, with the reasons for our choice. The selection still continues, and will go on forever, because whoever is inserted in a certain role must confirm every day that they deserve their place of "power", which in DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is never individual, but collective. Our structure is gigantic, and so united, and reliable, that there is no fear that the entry of some saboteurs, or unreliable people, could slow us down in the slightest. Furthermore, not only people, but our implementing regulation, of our general rules, has allowed us to have a method, which not only works, but eliminates the struggle for power. With the ownership of our official members, anyone can apply, for any role, following our procedures, which are based on meritocracy, honesty, reliability, and collective choices, never decides a single person, but a group, or more. groups of people. Our way of connecting users, which we call "chains linked together", requires that each person is responsible for their choices, and that each person is also responsible for the behavior and choices of the users connected to it. Nominations are also carried out collectively, and whoever votes for each nomination is also responsible, for any activity carried out, by whoever is appointed. But it is very long, and complicated, to explain here how each of our activities works. By clearly choosing to lay all the foundations first, and only then to obtain the consensus, necessary to win in politics, has made us practically perfect, and infallible. Are we optimistic, and presumptuous? Surely, we have all the reasons. But we prefer to consider ourselves realistic. Things must change, and improve, because the population requires it. Many will ask us for the names, of these brilliant minds, as they ask us for the names, of those who conceived, and made it come true, all this. But as we often say, the names do not count, but the activities we carry out, and the results obtained, do matter. For us, privacy, and the possibility of always having completely anonymous and untraceable users, is essential to work peacefully and safely. Many of our users have joined us, exactly for this protection of personal data, guaranteed by all of us, by special security groups, and by all our administrators, and official representatives, which if to some, makes us compare to seven dangerous, to others, it gives the security that they are protected, in the best way. Many people, who have joined us, if other people knew, that they are with us, in certain extreme cases, would risk their safety, and their relatives, and friends. Others would simply risk losing their jobs and be treated badly. For the law of extraterritoriality, and for our rules, we will never, and for any reason, give to anyone, data on our activities, or on the identity of our users. Obviously, as regards the candidates in the elections, the names, and the qualifications, will be known, in good time, by those who will have to vote. So, with these, and other assumptions, we do not fear the behavior of bad people, or the challenges of the current "system", we think about doing our job, to change and improve the world.

    Finally some announcements.

    1. We are pleased with your messages, your requests for explanations, but if in our public areas, we have already explained, or answered your questions, through what we have published, you will not receive any response. We do not do it out of malice, and we understand the fact that, for various reasons, it is not easy to find the answers to your questions in a somewhat chaotic website, but we cannot waste precious time, repeating the same answers. Furthermore, we never write the details, such as the name, or the country of origin, of who contacts us, with questions for clarification, without the authorization, and the request, of the person who contacts us.

    2. If as a last sentence, in the contact form you write: you can publish my name, or you can publish my country of origin, which is ... and you write the name of your country, when we publicly answer your questions, we will write the details, permitted by you, and authorized.

    3. Please do not present yourself in person, in our offices, to request the activation of your personal profile, after your registration, on our welcome website. You only waste time and money to move. Nobody has the right to physically activate your profile, in our offices, the activation is done online, by our special groups of authorized administrators, after checking by our special security groups, and after some formalities, which they will allow us to prevent access to anyone who is incompatible with our rules.

    4. Read carefully, even several times, all our information, before registering, and creating a personal profile, you must be sure, that you can respect our rules, and that you are compatible, with our ideals, and with our values. .

    5. Even if your advice, your projects, and your ideas, we are pleased, and we are sure that they can be, if considered valid, integrated in our projects, and in our activities, please do them, only by official members, of our official website, only in the community area, and only with messages in suitable contact forms, with official forms, present in the menu item, utilities, forms (visible to our official members), and only in internal groups: advice and suggestions, and projects.

    6. DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, financial, economic, multimedia, information, sports, and other sectors of activity, accepts as official members, with registration, activation, and verification, simple, fast, secure, priority, people who want to obtain important roles, and with the possibility of carrying out mutually advantageous tasks within all our projects. They must be specialists, from every sector, and every kind of activity, university professors, researchers, innovators, scholars recognized worldwide, continental, national, and local, people who have studied, and work, or have studied, or worked, with excellent results, recognized, and appreciated. In addition to the inclusion, in the groups of specialists, they will be able to represent us, and all our users, our political organization, and all our projects, in the various geographical areas, as our official representatives. All information, in the main menu item, in contacts, choose the rules category, choose the module I want to join you, through the contact form, specify your qualifications, and your specializations.

    Thank you.

    DirectDemocracyS, your innovative policy, your innovative projects, truly in every sense!

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