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    Our political representatives

    Our political representativesThe role of political representatives is fundamental in our political organization.

    We have received many questions, and in this article we will briefly answer them all.

    We have already seen how our political representatives are chosen, and we summarize it, for clarity.

    On the basis of the real elections, and the various roles available, in the institutions, internal, closed primary elections are organised, even much earlier, on our website.

    All our official members, in good standing, with the payment of the annual fee, can apply for any role of political representation.

    In the old politics, it is the political parties, or their leaders, or very few people, or only very small groups of people, often financiers, or rich, often famous, or powerful people, who decide who can run as candidates, and for what political role.

    Let's take the example of the President of the United States of America, generally, only the primaries, of the two main political parties, determine the name of their candidates, and usually, we try to nominate only the names of people who can win . The obsessive search for consensus and voters' votes is one of the main causes of the failure of all old politics. It often causes, unfortunately, also a removal of the population from political life. This is because many good people do not feel represented or even protected, and above all they are almost never listened to or respected.

    Like all false "democracy", also in this case, it is falsely explained to young Americans that anyone can become a President of the United States. Technically it's true. So the American dream, is it real? Absolutely no. And we answer you with a question: have you ever heard of a President of the United States who was elected by choosing a complete stranger? And another question: do you believe that throughout the history of the Presidents of the United States of America, the best candidates have always been chosen?

    We answer you, from George Washington, April 30, 1789, up to the current President, only famous, powerful, rich people were elected, and who had the support, finance, economy, army, and other important institutions. And they all were, before becoming President. Of course, we don't contest anyone's good intentions, skills, and honesty, but we do state, sure we're right, that the best weren't chosen.

    A simple person, even if very intelligent, with an excellent education, honest, and with great abilities, would never be able to run as a candidate, and therefore be able to be elected. For the simple reason, that a lot of money is needed, even for the primaries, in the early stages. We need "connections", and often people, institutions, commercial companies, financial institutions, even charities, journalists, and important media, who support the various candidates. Obviously, in this way, many very good candidates are lost, who do not resist, and are unable to move forward. They will be happy, all those who hate the United States, who will be able to say: you see, even in a "democratic" country, the best is not chosen? Here, it is exactly the same discourse, in all countries, whether they are "partially democratic", such as the "Western" ones, which we call oligarchic partyocracies, while in dictatorships, in oligarchic countries, or where there is a single party, but even in many political "forces", which believe themselves to be free and democratic, there is often only one candidate.

    Not to make fun of them, because they can do it very well even on their own, but we often see candidates chosen in assemblies, as there are acclamations, or only one candidate, who necessarily has to be voted on. So in some cases, whoever has many friends, with powerful voices, wins and is a candidate, or, in some cases, the "chosen one" wins and is a candidate.

    You will have understood that the best never win. Never win, those who would be useful to the population. The rich, the famous, the chosen ones win.

    Again, we are alternative, innovative, and completely different, from all the old politics.

    First, let's clarify a basic concept, what are the 12 euros of the annual fee for?

    In addition to allowing us to survive, to grow, and to make our whole mechanism work, the money obtained from our official members will allow us to allow and help anyone who is competent and honest, allowing them to apply for the most important, with every chance of winning.

    DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, thanks to the quotas of our members, will never have any economic or financial problems. The same goes for anyone who is part of our projects, because the only way to eliminate the illegal and unjust financing of finance and the economy in relation to politics is to allow our organization to have sufficient funds, both for itself and for all our political representatives. In fact, through important financial and economic activities, which have already been active for a long time in many sectors, our political representatives, at the end of their political representation activity, will have the opportunity to work in important sectors of our related projects.

    We had to completely eliminate the temptation to get corrupted (typical of one part of the old politics), because we are all innovative. None of our political representatives will ever be corrupted, blackmailed, or influenced by external factors, for the simple reason, that we offer our members, according to their abilities, important roles, in the management of our political organization, and also in projects financial, and economic, in all sectors. In this way, before and after their political activity, they will have an honest and well paid job.

    But that's not enough, we have controls, complete and always active, in which our members (who are our constituents), through Special Security Groups (of which anyone can be a member), verify every activity, every entry, and each expense, of their own political representatives. With these very innovative controls, we can guarantee that we will never have political representatives corrupted or influenced by external factors.

    As you know, we have eliminated religions, and religious rules, from all our activities. Likewise, let's eliminate finance, and economics, from our politics. It will seem strange, and impossible, not to favor our business, since, in addition to doing politics together, our members, on a voluntary basis, also do business together. Instead, we can guarantee you that we keep each of our projects separate, and we will never make a law that favors only our business, which does not need any favoritism, being innovative, and with very clear rules. As we certainly are, politically perfect, we are perfect, also from a financial and economic point of view. But to understand each of our projects, and to know other details, you must be part of it. Our basic political concept is: not to be the same, or even similar, to the old politics.

    With us, everything is based on logic, common sense, science, and the mutual respect of all people.

    Now, we reveal a secret, that those outside our universe, do not understand.

    Do you know how we make this work, and be convinced, that we can't fail?

    Because many ask us, how do you make sure you can't fail?

    In addition to the right people, the right place, rigid rules, and innovative and alternative methods that everyone respects, we have an unwritten rule that everyone accepts from the first second they decide to join us.

    With us, no one can be smart. No one can use our rules, and our activities, to obtain undeserved advantages that are not ethically flawless. To those who ask us, how do you eliminate, or block, the smart ones? Very simple, we offer many advantages and facilities for everyone, based on competence and honesty. We do it, always putting our two basic words into practice. Equality and meritocracy. Two words, which are rarely found together, in the same sentence, and in the same political forces, of all the old politics.

    Let's talk about applications.

    Obviously, all our members start with the same chances, but the selection process, and the various stages, will always keep the best candidates going. The same is true for economic and financial activities. Same method, same results. In every galaxy, of our immense universe.

    There are specific rules for nominations, some we have already explained, others will soon be published. The basic concept is: you can nominate yourself, or you can be a candidate, from other people, of course, you can always decide whether to accept or refuse.

    There are geographical candidates, but also numerical ones (another innovation of ours), and our closed online primaries take place continuously, according to detailed, free, and democratic rules.

    The only ones who have the right to influence and determine the choices of our political representatives are the people who elect them, and who give them the power to represent them, in the various public institutions.

    Democracy does not transfer or give power (which belongs only to the people) to political parties, or even to political representatives. Democracy, the real one, must necessarily have a duration, continuous over time. Not only during the elections, or with a few referendums. The voters must always decide, otherwise, we are not talking about democracy, but about party politics and oligarchy. We talked about it, but it is always worth remembering. Representative democracy is a fraud, and a theft, if it is not made exactly as we do. However, we have explained to you in other articles that we advise you to read carefully, because it is not possible to force the old politic to do like us. We have also explained to you why it is not possible to give the entire population (but only individually, to the voters of each political force), the "right" to decide whether a political representative does his job well or badly. Everyone must manage, influence, control, and possibly punish, their own political representatives, elected with their own votes. Otherwise, if we allow the entire population to "remove the trust" of all political representatives (of any other political force), we would witness a "witch hunt", in which bad people could use various means, even illegal , not ethically correct, and their own influence, to "eliminate" correct, competent, and good political representatives. Let us give you an example, which is so popular, the "influencers" with millions, or tens of millions of followers. If some of them decide to eliminate a political representative, out of dislike, out of envy, or because he doesn't make the laws, which these "characters" like, they could do it, simply because they have many "followers". For these reasons, each voter, and each group of voters, of each political force, can control, influence, and change only the people to whom they have given their vote. This is how it works for us, total and complete control by our electors over our political representatives, based on very strict and detailed rules.

    For example, with us only the groups (of users, geographical, or numerical) in which the political representative, has won, or has obtained the right, to be a candidate, in real elections, can control, influence, reward, punish, and change, their political representatives. Total control, first during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    If someone asks: what if an "influencer", and his followers, all registered on our website, and in this way controlled the decisions of all our political representatives? And if political, financial, economic forces could control, in the same way, with infiltrators, the decisions, in geographical and numerical groups? We answer you, with a question. But really, do you think, that we have not foreseen this eventuality?

    To understand how everything works, we should write an entire, very long article explaining our working method. It is enough for you to know that we have various groups, and subdivisions, both geographical and numerical (our innovation), and of type of user, which make it impossible for anyone to influence our political representatives in a negative way. Furthermore, almost all elections here are held with open voting. For various reasons, but the main one is that if one decides something, he shouldn't be ashamed of it. Responsibility for the old politics rests with the various political parties, and with the political representatives, of these political forces. But we, in a way judged by many of our experts, as harmful to our consensus, and which could take away many votes from us, know, and we always declare, that the fault for all the problems in the world lies with those who allow all this to happen . All of us, and you who read, are solely to blame, for the situation, which has existed till now. By creating DirectDemocracyS, we change and improve the world. So, with the open vote, each of our users takes the right, individual responsibility for each of our decisions. But not only that, in many of our elections and votes, one must justify one's choice in detail. Furthermore, there is a check by our special groups, which prevent any attempt to sabotage our work. Finally, there is a Special Group of Logic, Common Sense, and Respect, made up of members, from all the countries of the world, which can decide, independently, freely, and democratically, that a decision is not logical, common sense , and is not based, on mutual respect, of all people. With all the reasons, and with all the details, this group can request further reasons for each decision.

    In some countries, DirectDemocracyS is not foreseen, nor even compliant, with the Constitution, and with some Laws.

    Some users tell us that our rules are not provided for by the Constitution, and by the laws of the various countries. We need to clarify, because not everyone has read each of our articles, and each of our rules.

    What we do within DirectDemocracyS, and in all related projects, concerns only, and exclusively, all our registered users, and our official members, who are the only owners, of each of our activities, and of our entire organization politics. Internally, we put into practice total freedom and authentic democracy.

    We do not believe that in countries that declare themselves democratic, and above all free, in words but not in deeds, there is a law that prevents people who unite freely from deciding, in full autonomy, how to organize themselves.

    In oligarchic partyocracies, in Western countries, the United States, the European Union and other "free" countries, but also in oligarchic dictatorships, and in single-party countries, DirectDemocracyS has the same rules, based on logic, and common sense. No one can stop us from organizing ourselves and working as we want.

    We are the people, obviously a small part, growing very fast. We are the only masters, of our present, and of our future. We do not accept, and will never accept, any outside interference.

    The fact that it is the exclusive property of our official members, and that it operates as a cooperative political and "commercial" society, which grants each member only one individual, non-transferable share, does not affect, in any way, our political action.

    In many countries, the Parliamentarians, or the various roles in the institutions, from the most "large and important", to the most "small and less important", but also the Constitutions, and the Laws, leave the political representatives free and independent, to do what they want, without “no interference”. Many Constitutions, and Laws, are old, antiquated, and should all be profoundly reformed, exactly as all religions should be modernized, but in this case, it is all the respective faithful, together with all the leaders of religions, who must do it together , therefore, politically, it does not concern us.

    Many tell us that in their countries, after the elections, each political representative does what he wants, and no one has the "right" to impose anything on any politician. They are free, and independent. So we could not, according to these people, require our political representatives to carry out every order received from their constituents. The old politics has decided to leave political representatives free, because many Laws and Constitutions were promulgated after the Second World War, or after periods of dictatorship. Leaving all political representatives completely free and independent would also be an interesting idea, but it doesn't work, it's not ethically correct, it's not logical, it's not common sense, and it's not right. Democracy means power to the people, and not power to political parties and political representatives. Anyone who joins DirectDemocracyS does so too, in order to hold all the power. Each of our voters, on our website, has all the means, and all the power, to decide, propose, discuss, vote, and manage all the activities of their political representatives. Our voters must have complete and continuous control over the people who have the honor, and the burden, of representing them, in the institutions, at all levels. With our vote, we don't give power, but we give responsibility, and the task of representing us, doing exactly, only our interests. Any country, try to oppose these rules of ours, is opposed to democracy, and to freedom. So no Law, or no Constitution, can prevent, or limit, the power of the electors, who are the people.

    Furthermore, the many cases of political parties and political representatives of the old politics which have been corrupted and influenced by powerful people, by finance, by the economy, by foreign countries and by evil people, show that freedom , and the independence of political representatives, are false, biased, and do not solve the real problems of all people. On the contrary, they often create serious cases of corruption, or cases in which political representatives, elected with the votes of a party, change parties without first resigning. Many dictatorships, wars, invasions, terrorist attacks, violence, were born, also due to weak political representatives, who out of fear, and to be able to remain in the institutions, and maintain their roles, or out of thirst for power, or out of necessity of money, and privileges, they let themselves be directed by anyone, except the only people who have the right and the duty to control, influence and direct their every choice, who are their own electors.

    Let's make a parenthesis.

    We were born, also to do justice, to give power back to the people, and to make representative democracy, first of all, a true democracy. The relationship between the representative and the represented, therefore between who was elected and who voted to elect, between the political representative and the voter, has always been ambiguous. We clarify, and our example, with the babysitter (political representative), and the parents (voters) who entrust their child (the institutions of the state, and of the various countries), is very simple. You are paid, with our money, to do things for us. You must always and only do what we tell you to do, and if you don't do it, we'll cut your salary, or we'll change babysitters.

    Furthermore, in countries where political representatives do what they want, political parties do not order their candidates what to vote for, what to propose, and how to behave? From us, the political organization DirectDemocracyS, provides, only the help, support, and through, our users, control, and permitted activities. It is not DirectDemocracyS that decides, but each voter, in the various groups, from which each political representative was nominated. Therefore, not a few party leaders, but all our voters, impose their decisions by all means.

    We would not have been born if all the political forces had always acted in the interest and for the good of the entire population. In our Regulations, it is clearly written that one must always choose, for the good of all, not only of our constituents, or of certain social categories, respecting all promises, and all electoral programmes. The old politics, and the political representatives, often said and promised one thing, above all, before the elections, and then they did another, knowing that no one could do anything about it.

    So, even in fake democratic countries, not only is the popular vote often betrayed, but there are extremes of fraud, in fact, by not keeping all the promises, popular credulity was abused.

    We, with our method, do nothing wrong, and even if some laws provide for the freedom (almost never put into practice) of political representatives, our "elected" will respect each of our rules, and each order received, from their constituents, on our website.

    Let us not forget the thorough, continuous checks that our members, through our Special Security Groups, carry out on their political representatives. We are the first to control ourselves, and we repeat it, continuously and completely, to prevent, resolve, and avoid all wrong behaviors. We don't care about the serious image damage, we don't care about the consensus, and the loss of votes. Any of our political representatives will be monitored, we repeat it again, continuously and completely, therefore, if there are any cases of corruption, or errors of any kind, we will be the first to report them.

    We will always be for the Legality, with the exception of the Laws for the false independence of the political representatives. Let it be clear to everyone, power belongs only to the voters. And all our political representatives, as soon as they register, and even before being able to run, in the primary elections closed online, and even before the real elections, swear, and sign binding documents, with related penalties, in which they undertake, to always , and only, what they order, their own, only masters, who are the voters, and therefore the people. Some do not like our rule, which uses the words "servants, as representatives of the people" and "masters, as electors, and people". But the political representative must not live better, have greater privileges and wealth than the population he himself represents. It's not fair, it's not ethical, it's not logical, it's not correct, and it's not common sense.

    In addition to the oath, to respect all our rules, and every order received, and the contract, with all the penalties, each of our candidates will receive all its proceeds, from the political representation activity, in a current account, in the name of DirectDemocracyS. Every month, if you have done your job regularly, you will receive 25% of the sums received from us, in your name, and at the end of each year, if you have done your job properly, you will receive a further 25%, of all monies received by us, in your name, during the year. At the end of his work, as a political representative, if he has carried out his work on a regular basis, he will receive an additional 25% of all the sums received by us, in his name, in the period in which he carried out his task of political representative. 25% of all sums received will remain with DirectDemocracyS, for its support work, and for all the services offered, to each political representative, among which we recall, accounting, internal security service, activity control, support of our groups of specialists, official representation services, press, multimedia, work organization, collaborators, and activities for the dissemination and control of the decisions of their constituents. So, let it be clear, we at DirectDemocracyS do not steal, and we do not take a cent, without deserving it, and without offering all our services in return, which are fundamental.

    In short, our political representatives swear the following sentences, which are stipulated, by our contracts.

    They swear, to always ask, for a binding opinion, in the groups, from which they have been candidates, on our website, from their constituents, before making any political activity, proposing a law, or before proposing, discussing, or voting, any measure.

    They swear to maintain, and guarantee, the unity of DirectDemocracyS, and of our political action, for the entire duration, of their political representation activity, and in the event that they decide, freely, to switch to another political force, must first resign from any political office obtained with the votes of our voters, renouncing all remaining sums of their work of political representation in favor of DirectDemocracyS.

    They swear to allow their constituents, through our Special Security Groups, any necessary control over their finances, and over all their activities.

    They swear to accept, and implement, every decision of their constituents, including votes of no confidence, and requests to resign, according to our rules.

    They swear, to have a single checking account, for economic and financial income, for political activities carried out, controlled, and managed by DirectDemocracyS. And to receive, the established percentages, on your personal current account, in the ways, and within the times established, by our regulation.

    They swear, like all of our users, to respect, and put into practice, all our rules and instructions.

    At this point, many will wonder what the role of political representatives is.

    When one of our official members decides to carry out the activity of political representation, he decides to carry out a very important and fundamental task for the lives of the citizens he will have to represent.

    As we have said, on our website, anyone can engage in politics, in various ways, but only those, who decide, to carry out political representative activities, participate, after our closed online primary elections, in the real elections. In case of election, they will be our political representatives, in the various institutions, both local, provincial, regional, state, national, continental, or worldwide.

    We have a very detailed Regulation on the various phases, from the preliminary ones, to the candidacies, and subsequently, the evaluations of the various candidates, for the closed online primary elections.

    Far politica, with the role of political representative, guarantees help and support for each of our users.

    We have already seen, in one of our articles, the reason why it is worthwhile for each of our users to carry out the precious task of deciding, through his vote, on our website, what all our representatives must do politicians. Doing their job means getting the best results and avoiding the crap that some political parties and some political representatives of the old politics often do.

    Some of our rules, which not everyone likes.

    The obligation to have at least 3 candidates for each available role in real elections. There are no people nominated, or elected, in various roles, by acclamation. Political appointments are made only, on the basis of the elections, with the respective candidacies (self candidacies, or people proposed by others), candidate selections, publication of the results, candidate selections (in order to always be able to choose the best, in a informed), and related online primary elections closed.

    The obligation of representation, of both sexes. With guaranteed protection for all fluid people. Without discrimination, based on gender, or sexual preferences. Our rule, of the 3 candidates, obliges that at least one of the 3 candidates, be of a different sex, from the other 2. For example, one male and two females, or one female and two males, for each role. If possible, we must try to guarantee the presence of exactly half of the candidates based on gender. So, 2 out of 4, 3 out of 6, 4 out of 8, and so on. For fluid people, they can change their gender, at any time, from the gender declared when registering, but they cannot change it, based on opportunities, to run for election. If at the opening of the official candidacies, you were of one gender, you cannot change gender, until the next candidacies are opened, or you can change gender, only if you do not apply, immediately, after the change. The various cases will be evaluated with great attention and discretion.

    Every political representative, candidate in our internal primary elections, must be under 60 years old. Rejuvenating the world political class is an obligation, to allow young people to carry out political activities, with the physical strength, and the necessary lucidity. This rule, proposed, discussed and voted on by all our official representatives, has established that there may be some exceptions, always justified. For example, if in a given closed online primary election, there are only 2 candidates, or to ensure representation of the 2 genders , candidates over 60 years of age may be accepted, on a limited basis, and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. age. The Special Equality and Meritocracy Group can accept, or directly propose, candidates over the age of 60, if they are personalities deemed competent and honest.

    Our ultimate goal.

    We believe that political representation is important, but we believe in direct democracy.

    Therefore, we hope to be able to gradually but continuously reduce the number of political representatives, to allow citizens to decide everything online, without additional costs for the state.

    With the money saved by eliminating 99% of political representation, moving to direct democracy, investments could be made to create jobs and opportunities for young people, but also improve the lives of families, women and the elderly.

    In this regard, initiatives are often taken in many countries to reduce, for example, the number of parliamentarians. Those in favor rightly say that it is not the number of political representatives that counts, but their ability and honesty. On the other hand, those who do not want this reduction say, lying, and knowing they are lying, that by reducing the number of MPs, democracy is reduced. Which is absolutely false, if you follow our method, in which the people, the people, the voters, decide everything. Furthermore, often, in the various Parliaments and in the institutions, there are some incompetent, often useless people, some without culture, competence, and even some dishonest people. So, without them, politics would only be more credible, and therefore better.

    We are certain that by eliminating 99% of political representation, there would be less politics, because people would continue to make politics, to propose, decide, discuss, and vote, only they would do it in a different, more direct way, and definitely better.

    Our interest would be to have as many political representatives as possible, to receive greater sums, with our percentage of 25%, on each sum earned, by our political representatives. But we are innovative, and different in this too, we don't think only of our interests, but of the good of the entire population, always starting to help people, and businesses, most in difficulty, and we have written this in each of our articles , and in our regulation.

    If one day we arrived at true direct democracy, our task would be to guarantee, internally, the functioning of every political activity, to allow equality and meritocracy.

    But also, with the current systems, we are the only ones in the world who make their own voters owners, and therefore, interested in making everything work properly.

    We have, within us, people of all possible political ideologies. From the old ideologies of the past, we have selectively eliminated every negative part, keeping and uniting the few positive parts in an original and proportionate way. We have created the perfect political ideology, in a political organization, with very clear rules, respected by all, and the only method of political work, which works perfectly.

    We are not vain, but we are proud of our work, as we are all convinced that time will prove us right.

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    Security measures

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    security measuresA fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

    Working largely on the ...

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    Security rules

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of ...

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    Special invitations

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While ...

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    To be activated

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions, to be activated.

    You can choose which type of user you want to have among the various possibilities.

    If you want to be an initial user, absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to ...

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