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    Some important answers

    Some important answers

    The national phases represent the beginning of our work in the various countries of the world.

    After the international and continental phases, the national phases represent the next step, which will bring a physical and online presence in all the countries of the world.

    Before explaining how all the various activities will take place, a very important premise.

    What are we?

    DirectDemocracyS, is a political organization, with rules, ways of working, methodology, ideals, values, principles, and the same purpose, to change and improve the world, implementing the only authentic democracy, direct democracy, and total individual freedom, and group, which must be potentially infinite, but which ends only where the freedom of another individual, or group, begins.

    Giving all the power to the population, through our political project, which will allow each citizen / voter / our user to decide what their political representatives will do, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    A complete, absolute and continuous control over time. With all the rights to verify, propose, discuss, and finally impose their decisions on their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    An innovative and completely alternative policy to all other political forces.

    It is based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people.

    DirectDemocracyS, guarantees everyone: equality and meritocracy, always united, all the time.

    DirectDemocracyS, has a political ideal, practically perfect, based on the intelligence of its voters / users. We have taken all the positive parts of the other political forces, uniting them in an infallible, just, equitable and meritocratic political project. We have eliminated every negative part of other political ideologies.

    Legislative aspects.

    DirectDemocracyS, will be present, with a political organization, in every country in the world, with the same rules, the same working methods, the same methodology, the same ideals, the same values, the same principles, and the same purpose, as our international organization, which are the same also, in our continental phases.

    Countries in which DirectDemocracyS will be prohibited by law.

    In dictatorial countries, or single-party countries, in which the current political authorities, or religious activities, or various traditions, will make DirectDemocracyS illegal, obviously, we will be present anyway, not physically, but thanks to the principle of extra territoriality of the Internet.

    We anxiously await the current political authorities or religious activities to contact us to prevent us from carrying out our activities in their respective countries and territories.

    If no one contacts us, we will carry out our activities as normal.

    If we are declared illegal, we will work in ways possible, trying to make all our activities and our presence legal in various countries and territories, based on popular will.

    In countries that declare themselves democratic and free.

    In all countries that declare themselves democratic and free, our activities will take place with the same rules, the same working methods, the same methodology, the same ideals, the same values, the same principles, and the same scope.

    Local autonomies.

    All the right local autotomizes will always be guaranteed. These autonomies will allow only, and exclusively, those who legally reside in each country, having its citizenship, and those who reside abroad, having its citizenship, and the right to vote, and possibly to be elected, to participate and decide, with their vote, in the national groups. The same autotomizes, with the same rules, will be guaranteed, in the various administrative subdivisions, at all levels, state, regional, provincial, district and local. Groups of smaller geographical and territorial areas will always be used, always connected to the larger territorial areas.

    We are some friends, who do politics together.

    Some people have told us that our innovations will not be allowed in various countries. With all due respect to anyone's thoughts, democracy and freedoms are non-negotiable. Our rules, and our methodology, are the only ones in the world, which always allow those who are part of our organization absolute and complete freedom, and authentic and real democracy.

    No one can force us to conform, and no one can teach us how we should work.

    From the first minute, we have within us, many specialists, working individually, and in various groups of experts, to make DirectDemocracyS, just, equitable, free, independent, and politically perfect. We accept everyone's proposals, ideas, projects, and if they are implemented, we will always do so, without distorting our previous work in any way. We will never forget how we were born, why we were born, and our journey together, we will learn from our small mistakes, and we will be able to prevent them, and correct them, so as not to repeat them.

    The statutes.

    National Statutes will be created, with the same rules, the same ways of working, the same methodology, the same ideals, the same values, the same principles, and the same purpose, as our continental Statutes, which are identical, to our international Statutes. This unity is our prerogative, because for the first time in the history of humanity, a political force was born to unite, in diversity, and not to divide.

    In many countries, the various formalities are different, and DirectDemocracyS, while maintaining complete autonomy, will always respect all the rules and laws of the various countries. As soon as we have the power to decide, we will make our activities legal in all countries of the world, while leaving other political forces complete freedom to continue working with their own rules and methods.

    We will never allow anyone to copy us, even partially.

    The things that challenge us.

    The property.

    DirectDemocracyS is the exclusive and total property of all its official members, who, based on our rules and our methodology, have all the power to control all our activities, to propose and implement, individually or in various groups, every project, every idea. All our users / voters have the power to discuss, in the dedicated spaces, all of our activities, and they have the power to vote on all of our decisions. Making its members owners cannot be prevented in any country.


    DirectDemocracyS is self-financing, again at an international level, with donations, membership fees, and various sources of financial and economic income.

    Differences between us and other political forces.

    DirectDemocracyS, is the only political force in the world, which declares, sincerely and directly, by whom it is owned, and by whom it is controlled, and completely managed, in a transparent and complete way. Countries, through all regulatory bodies, should continuously and comprehensively verify where they receive their money, goods and services, all their various political parties, and all their political representatives, including relatives, friends, and many frontmen.

    They contest the division of roles.

    Whoever manages our political organization cannot at the same time play the important role of political representative. To carry out political representation activities, each of our members must first resign from the management roles of our political organization and obtain a personal profile as a political representative, with their name and surname, and real personal data, and a CV, visible to those who can vote for it, in our: online primary elections, closed. We are perhaps the only ones in the world who clearly separate the management of the organization from the role of political representation. Obviously, at the end of their political representation activity, each of our members will be able to continue to manage our organization, regaining all previous roles.

    They contest the fact that we work, solely and exclusively, on our official website.

    It seems repetitive to us, but we say it again: DirectDemocracyS must be able to be free and independent, and to do so, it must have its own platform, in which to work in an orderly, organized way and in complete safety. The small political groups, born on social networks, will never be free and independent, but they can be slowed down, blocked, or cancelled. We, from the first minute, work only and exclusively on our website, where we have all the necessary potential to do an excellent job.

    They contest the fact that those who do politics together with us must do it only and exclusively with us, and not with other small groups, on social networks, or other websites.

    Doing politics, exclusively, with one's own political force of reference, is so logical and common sense that it doesn't even need to be motivated. Every person, with 2 functioning neurons, understands that if we come together to do a job together with others, we certainly cannot do the same job, even with others. This exclusivity is important for us, and anyone who does not respect it will be immediately blocked and excluded from all our activities, and in the most serious cases will be declared persona non grata.

    They contest our respect for all our rules and for our methodology.

    Anyone who joins DirectDemocracyS, when registering and creating their personal profile, declares to respect all our rules. This promise, like every oath, must be kept by each of our users / voters. Many political forces have failed because they have not been able to be coherent and respectful of every rule, they have given themselves. A few months were enough to create our first rules, our values, and our initial projects. But it took many years of hard work to find all the possible problems, to prevent them, and to solve them optimally. We have discovered that the only way to become infallible is to make everyone respect all of our rules and all of our methodology. Rewarding anyone who does an excellent job, with concrete results, and punishing anyone who doesn't respect every single rule, and who doesn't adapt to our methodology, will always guarantee us credibility, coherence, and justice.

    They contest our: definitive, irrevocable, early resignations for personal reasons.

    We are the only ones in the world to implement this system. Each of our users / voters, who does not respect all of our rules, and who does not respect all of our methodology, can be blocked for various periods, or excluded from our website and from our political organization. In more serious cases, he can be declared persona non grata. To obtain all management roles, or political representation, one must resign early. In DirectDemocracyS, before applying for each role, you sign a digital document (recognized in every Court in the world), with your: definitive, irrevocable, early resignation, for personal reasons. In this way, anyone holding any role, not respecting all of our rules, and all of our methodology, can be forced to renounce the role obtained and resign, with immediate effect. The resignation, without a date, becomes effective based on a very simple procedure that guarantees everyone's rights. Anyone who challenges us: that it is not legal, is in bad faith. When a person lies, steals, or claims to do something and doesn't do it, he or she must resign immediately. If a person always tells the truth, is fair, loyal, honest, keeps his promises, has impeccable behavior, and obtains excellent concrete results, no one will be able to take his place, and no one will allow himself to ask for his resignation. Even the simple fact, that everyone knows, that we work in this way, with the definitive, irrevocable, early resignation, for personal reasons, will remove from every person, every possible idea, of not respecting the agreements. Therefore, this method, ethically correct, is also legal, because it cannot be contested, like any contract. It is not worth remembering that in civil proceedings, DirectDemocracyS, and each of its members, will be able to claim significant sums as compensation for material and, above all, moral damages. Furthermore, for each of our political representatives, who will eventually be resigned, he automatically loses all political support from all our members, therefore politically he will be finished. Finally, the total economic management of each of our political representatives is guaranteed by DirectDemocracyS, which controls and directs every salary, bonus, reimbursement, or compensation of each person elected, with our votes. People are paid based on concrete results and compliance with our rules.

    They contest the centralized management of financial revenues.

    DirectDemocracyS, is one, united, and indivisible. To prevent any wrong and unjust use of our funds, all sums, goods and services received will be managed, at an international level, and then redistributed, according to our rules, and with our methodology, at an international level. Continental, national, state, and local levels. If in the various continental, national, state, and local subdivisions, contributions will be received from the various institutions, from the various countries, all the sums will be managed by our geographical and territorial organizations, solely and exclusively, in the continent, in the country, in the state, or in the geographical area from which they were received, with complete and continuous control by our central groups. Every penny that enters, or leaves, anywhere, in any way, in our political organization, can be verified, by each of our members, according to our rules, and according to our methodology. We do not believe that this method of ours can be contested. The money from the international level will arrive in our territorial subdivisions, based on our economic possibilities, our needs, only on the basis of well-documented projects, with all the necessary checks and authorizations.

    They dispute the fact, that we are very selective, with the people who can join us.

    Every good person, from every part of the world, will be able to join us, at the right time. Our selection, in the early stages, is in everyone's interest, above all to prevent any possible attempt: to sabotage us, to slow us down, or worse, to eliminate us from political science. Many political forces only seek consensus and want to be chosen by an immense number of people. In addition to being chosen, we in turn choose, with great care, our supporters, our voters / users. Obviously, we too, at the right time, will need the consensus and votes of our voters to change and improve the world. But to work together with us, all people will have to demonstrate that they deserve it. With the right people, in the most suitable roles, and with a gradual and continuous growth of our voters / users, we will never risk having problems, and we will always obtain the best results. For the good of DirectDemocracyS, quality must come first, and quantity will come, as a direct consequence, of our careful selections. We have very strict, and very detailed, rules regarding the registration, and above all the moment of activation, of our users / voters.

    They dispute the fact that we cannot be sure that our users will actually vote for our candidates in real elections.

    Self-harm is present in some people as a chronic disease. But we want to answer, with a simple statement of facts. Let's start, with a simple question. Who would join us, and work together with us, choosing all the candidates (with our primary elections, online, closed), proposing, discussing, choosing, and finally voting, each of our political programs, and then voting in the elections real, for another political force, and for another political representative, knowing that, in DirectDemocracyS, they have complete control and management of their political representative, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections? We don't believe that people who are so stupid and have so much free time to waste on helping us and then betraying us and themselves can exist. Our voters / users all work together, in an organized way. Our concern, however, is the opposite, that many people will vote for our candidates in real elections, without being our users, and therefore, without having complete control over our and their political representatives. Our invitation, for anyone, is to register on our website, and join, working together with us, to become, and always remain, the true protagonists.

    They contest the fact that we do not allow anyone to copy our ideas, our rules, and our methodologies.

    Let's answer with a question. Would you like to work hard, for many years, and have someone copy your project? Obviously, no one would like it, and the population would always prefer the original to a copy. Furthermore, DirectDemocracyS is the only political force that can work and achieve excellent results, because very few trusted people know much of our methodology and our detailed rules. Finally, DirectDemocracyS has already created all the foundations, and has infinite richness, represented by every person, who has joined us, and every person, who will do so in the future. These people make us perfect, and will allow us to always remain innovative, without distorting our previous work, and without betraying our politically perfect ideal. So, don't try to copy us, because we will know how to assert our rights, and you will make a terrible impression by failing miserably!

    They contest the fact that we don't force everyone to work like us.

    DirectDemocracyS is in favor of freedom, and democracy, and the right to govern, in the best way, if the elections are won, and to form a loyal, just, fair opposition, if the consensus necessary to govern is not obtained. We could never afford to give advice, or, worse, to force everyone to do as we do. Each political force makes its own choices, and we could never impose our method on anyone.

    Some people, perhaps blinded by presumption, envy, superficiality, generalization, or by a lack of objectivity, tell us that we are not free, and we are not democratic. They tell us: all the people must be able to decide everything, and even make every political representative resign if they want.

    DirectDemocracyS, will never allow any person, or institution, of any kind, external to our political organization, to decide what our political representatives will do, or even worse, to be able to make them resign. For us, every political force must answer for its own choices, its own proposals, its own promises, its own programs, and only the voters / users, who have elected our political representatives, have the right to manage them, control them, influence them, and depending on the case, according to our rules, they have the power to make them resign. To clarify the concept better, we give you an example, always relevant. "Influencers" often have a substantial number of people who follow them and support them. We do not allow ourselves to judge the choices and personal decisions of those who follow certain people. Let's take the example of an influencer who "owns" an electoral base of over 30 million people who follow/vote for him in a country of 60 million inhabitants. According to the mentality of those who contest us, this lucky "influencer" would have all the power, based on the right popular will. All very right, because the other political forces do not obtain the same consensus. He could transform his country into an absolute dictatorship, eliminating all opposition, and no one could complain. But even by losing the elections, with his supporters, he could decide to eliminate, with consensus, and with the vote, and the help of those who follow him, the very competent political representatives of all the other political forces, simply in based on his preferences, and through the control he exercises, "democratically", over his "potential voters".

    Therefore, if the entire population could control and make all the political representatives of all the political forces resign, there would be a real "hunt for the competent political representative", to be influenced, or to be made to resign, based on the interests, of an "influencer", or, due to the will and interests, of other political formations, but also, and this is the greatest and most real risk, the best politicians could be "sent home" by the economic system and financial, which controls, and often blackmails, many other political forces. Rich and powerful people, with few promises, and some "gifts", could direct large masses of voters to overturn the free and democratic system for their own interests. Therefore, the people who challenge us would be involuntary accomplices in very unpleasant situations. When you think only, looking at your beliefs, you risk creating disasters. We have been looking at every situation for years and evaluating every possible problem with great attention, finding effective, 360-degree solutions.

    At this point, some will think, what if the "influencer", registered, and joined, DirectDemocracyS, with all his "followers", he could take over DirectDemocracyS, and obtain absolute power. But also, all the various economic and financial systems, or, rich and powerful people and commercial companies, or, other "adversary" political forces, could infiltrate saboteurs, and control DirectDemocracyS.

    We created DirectDemocracyS, to prevent any possible attempt to slow us down, boycott us, and even worse, control us. We are morphologically impossible to control by the economic and financial system, or by commercial companies and rich, famous and powerful people, because we carry out all our activities, with rules and methodologies, which allow us to remain, forever free and independent. Furthermore, we reveal some of them to you, and explain the method.

    First, the methodology and rules for registering our users, which involves many verification steps and many security measures. Whoever wants, when he wants, and how he wants doesn't come in.

    Secondly, the much hated, and misunderstood, careful selection of every single person who joins us. What many judges as discrimination is just our safety measure, which helps us a lot in preventing any possible problem.

    Thirdly, carefully verifying the identity of each of our users. In DirectDemocracyS, only users with verified and guaranteed identities can vote and actively participate in our decisions. Furthermore, only our official members, with verified and guaranteed identities, can apply to obtain roles of greater responsibility in the management of our political organization, or, alternatively, they can become political representatives, renouncing management roles, to participate in the selections of our political representatives, and if they are considered suitable, they will be able to participate in our closed online primary elections. Finally, if they get the necessary votes, in our primary elections, they will receive the nominations, and become our candidates, in the real elections.

    As a fourth security measure, there are the various types of users, which do not make complete control possible by malicious people. Our system is not based only on the number of users, but on the roles performed by each user and their typology. Our candidates, for any management role, or, as the case may be, political representation, are elected directly, by all our users with verified identities, and then separately, by our official members, and finally, always separately, by the other types of users (official representatives, managers, managers, administrators, and super administrators). Always in their respective groups, based on their authorizations, and respecting their citizenship and local autotomizes. To be voted for, or, to approve our every choice, and to decide everything, we must obtain the necessary votes, in each type of user, separately, a few types are not enough, to decree the winner, or, to validate each our choice.

    The fifth security measure is represented by our groups, who are very careful in monitoring our every activity. This method, with groups, does not allow any user, or any group of users, to take control of our political organization, and does not allow anyone to accumulate too much power and influence, negatively, our activities, both individually and as groups.

    Shared leadership is our sixth security measure, because it allows the various types of users to always express their best personalities, always inserting the right people in the right place.

    The seventh security measure is the ownership of each of our voters / members, together with all other members / voters, of our entire political organization, and of our every activity. This exclusive property is expressed concretely, with control activities, joint decision-making and prevention of all problems, always based on various types of users.

    The eighth security measure is the connection of all our users to "chains connected to each other", in which the possible presence of a "weak link" is unable to interrupt, or destroy, "the decision chain”, thanks to the links, among other “links in the chain”, which are themselves connected.

    The ninth security measure is the reports of our users, individually or in groups, which allows us to prevent any possible problem. Our special security groups continuously verify the behavior of all our users, and all reports.

    The tenth security measure is our technological means, our modern and secure IT system, our Artificial Intelligence, which help us prevent and resolve every possible problem.

    The eleventh security measure is represented by our people selection system, through all our groups of specialists. The evaluations, all the tests, and the various selection activities, with the related rankings, are public, and are made available to those who must vote, in order to always choose the best candidate. The same goes for every decision we have to make, all those who vote have all the detailed information, all the various possibilities, and the expected consequences, for any decision made. Everything to always decide, for the good of all, in a competent manner.

    The twelfth security measure is our scoring system, which our users must obtain, with respect for all our rules, our methodologies, and with impeccable behavior. These points, which are obtained, with excellent concrete results, over time, thanks to one's work, and to the activities carried out individually, and in our various groups, allow us to work with various types of users, always allowing reliability, equality and meritocracy, always united, and continuous over time.

    The thirteenth security measure is not to immediately allow our new users to vote and apply to obtain important roles in the management of our political organization, or to apply as our political representatives without having demonstrated reliability, and all the necessary qualities. It takes time and excellent concrete results to obtain important roles with greater responsibility.

    The fourteenth security measure is represented by our self-financing system, which makes us free and independent. The little money raised, from many people, makes us incorruptible. Thanks to the fees of our users and our members, and various voluntary and free donations, we can invest almost a third of our money in technology and personnel to ensure safety. To be able to vote, you must be a registered user, with a verified and guaranteed identity, contributing a small sum, called the annual fee. The same goes for all our official members. The theoretical boycott, in order to count for something, would have to pay a lot of money to bring all its corrupt users into compliance, and we would still use a third of the money received to verify that all our users are real, identified, loyal, and honest. Practically, they would pay us, to control them, and to make all their attempts to boycott us fail.

    The fifteenth security measure is represented by the responsibility that each of our users has for the behavior of our other users, presented and invited by him/herself, in DirectDemocracyS. Bringing relatives, friends and acquaintances with you presupposes the assumption of all responsibilities for the behavior and work of those you bring with you into our political organization.

    The sixteenth security measure is in our voting methodology. For the first 3 times, you must obtain 50% + 1 vote of the members of each group in which you vote, and only from the fourth vote, 50% + 1 vote of the actual participants are enough to vote. The votes are not secret, they are almost all open, and each person who expresses themselves by voting must explain their decisions in detail. It's not enough to write "I like him", or, a banal, "I chose like this". With this method, we always know who to blame if the consequences of a vote do not give us the best results, and if they are not based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    In addition to all these security measures, we can count on many users, who have been with us for a long time, and who will help us prevent any illegal activity, and any attempt at divisions, splits, or attempts to control our political organization, or, our political representatives.

    We have often responded to those who contest us, and who accuse us, that once we have obtained "power", by winning all the elections, obtaining over 50% of the votes on our own, we too will become, like the traditional political forces. To these suspicious people, the usual request is to read carefully, even several times, with an open mind, without superficiality, and without generalizations, concentrating, to understand what we declare, and what we do, how we are doing it, and why we decide certain things. In this way, they will realize that it is impossible for DirectDemocracyS to become like other political forces, thanks to our alternative innovations. We can never resemble the rest of world politics. Furthermore, it is impossible to do worse than others, we can only do better.

    For more information, and to know many of our other motivations, read all our articles.

    With the hope of having clarified some concepts and having explained our official position in detail, we invite you to join us and follow our continuous updates.

    Our national phases will be the official birth certificate of our organizations in all countries of the world. These national representations of ours, and the subsequent ones, at the state and local level, will have very specific, albeit very simple, rules that will allow us to be, forever, the best political organization in the world. DirectDemocracyS, will be closer to all people.

    You will have noticed that we often avoid pronouncing the word political party, also to distinguish ourselves from other political forces. If you like it, or it's easier for you, call us the party, your party.

    We hope first to represent a good alternative for those who do not vote in elections because they do not feel represented by any traditional political force or by any of their political representatives. Over time, anyone who goes to vote, even those who vote for other political parties, will know that they can always count on us.

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