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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

International relations

International relations, for DirectDemocracyS, for all our projects, and for all our registered users, must always be based on logic, common sense, and on the mutual respect of all the peoples of the earth.

Our foreign policy provides for the creation, and the development of activities, of a World Peoples Organization. With a few clear rules, which are part of our regulation, and which all take place within our immense universe of concrete projects.

Many people, who are jealous of our brilliant idea, will not like the fact that this international organization of peoples carries out its independent work within our political organization. But there is a reason, especially at the beginning, it is essential to ensure the newborn World Peoples Organization, all our attention, protection, and defense from the attacks, which it will surely receive, from the evil people of the earth.

For us, international politics must be like our style and method of work, so to say things: directly, even with harsh tones, but always, in a loyal, sincere way, and respectful of everyone.

Relations between two countries, or peoples, must be, like two people, with each one, a balloon to be inflated by blowing into it, without being able to plug it with your hands. If while the balloon is inflated, the two talk to each other, and make clear the differences, the balloon never inflates, and never risks exploding. The same applies to violent actions, which do not “explode”, if we speak to each other directly, always based on mutual esteem and respect.

We all know, the UN, and we all know, that so many people nominated, representing almost all the countries of the world, with a Security Council (made up of only a few countries). The permanent members of the Council are five of the victorious states of the Second World War, namely:

China (until 1971 Taiwan Republic of China)


United Kingdom

Russia (until 1991 Soviet Union Soviet Union)

United States.

To these, from time to time, are added some countries, we give you the examples of recent years.

2020 and 2021: Niger, Tunisia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vietnam, Estonia

2021 and 2022: Kenya, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway

2022 and 2023: Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, United Arab Emirates.

Already the fact that after so many years, since the end of the Second World War, the powers that have won, are favored, and are "permanent members", is profoundly unfair to other peoples.

For some years, there have been thoughts of reforming the UN, but like all "great reforms", they are never done, because a more just world does not appeal to some very powerful people and organizations.

Reforming the UN would be like trying to lift a sunken ship from the bottom of the ocean into the Mariana trench. Impossible, useless, and even dangerous.

We have already criticized the UN, also because it is made up of a group of helpless and fearful bureaucrats, appointed by the various governments, and managed like puppets.

We also criticized the "right of veto" which practically prevents the UN from taking any immediate and above all preventive decisions.

Finally, we criticized the UN, because it has no supranational, or supra-continental, powers. Basically the UN is like "throwing a life jacket" on a drowned and dead person.

Our, and your World Peoples Organization, is innovative in everything.

Even in the headquarters, which is not permanent, but which every year, or when necessary, changes headquarters, based on conflicts and disputes, which it must resolve. It can also have several offices at the same time.

For each people of the earth, there is only one representative, voted and paid, by each people, and who has the task of carrying out, only the orders received from their constituents (all citizens, of each population, who have completed 16 years, or less in some countries).

The purpose of the World Peoples Organization is to immediately resolve every conflict on earth, and prevent others from arising, which are almost never conflicts between countries, but between populations. But above all, it has the essential task of preventing, with a direct, sincere and loyal dialogue, based on the mutual respect of all people, on logic, and on common sense.

Donating all supranational powers to the World Peoples Organization is essential, to allow it, to prevent any conflict.

Eliminate forever, any kind of international military alliance, creating the new World Peoples Organization, which has within it, the Military Alliance of Peoples. With a military alliance of all the peoples of the earth, it will be impossible to create a war, for the simple reason that the rules are accepted, respected, and are valid for everyone.

Create, with a collaboration, between civilians and military personnel, an Arms Control Commission, in which every nuclear weapon must be declared, verified, and disposed of (converted into energy, keeping, in some places safe, and controlled by all countries, with a few nuclear warheads, to defend the earth, in case of need, for example from impacts with asteroids), checking that all over the world, not even one remains, undeclared. Anyone, military or civilian, who does not inform, of the existence of a nuclear weapon, in a particular place, will be immediately condemned, as a criminal against humanity, and terrorism, together with anyone who is his accomplice, or anyone else, is aware of the existence of such weapons. Maintain a check, all over the earth, for all weapons, not just nuclear ones, to prevent any kind of conflict.

To convert all armies into law enforcement and all armaments into usefulness for modernizing and securing the infrastructures of the various countries. Reconvert all arms factories, and all arms dealers, in other economic sectors, so as not to create even one unemployed, because of the world arms reform.

To prevent the World Peoples Organization from having alliances between groups of countries, and spheres of interest, groups of countries, in order to avoid decisions in favor of some power groups. We decide all together, based on the interest of the entire world population, and not just some groups of populations.

No decision can ever favor a single country, or a small or large group of countries.

And many other rules, which will be presented in a detailed article.

Who will tell us: it is a utopia, like all your project. A utopia, it becomes reality, only with the commitment, and the work, of everyone. It will certainly not be easy, but we have an obligation to try, for our sake, and for future generations.

Furthermore, all our projects are already active, and all our working groups, secret, private, and some, in a public way, have been working for many years, and at the right time, some results will be made public.

All without haste, one registered user at a time, taking care to keep everything free, democratic, with respect for all our rules. An order, a discipline, which to many superficial people, may seem excessive, but such important projects, without a bit of “healthy and just severity”, don't work, and can't stand up.

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