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    Proposals and message for the 2024 forum

    2024 Bucharest Official proposals

    Dear friends,

    First, thank you for inviting us, to the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2024, which will take place in Bucharest from 15 to 18 May 2024.

    We are pleased to confirm our participation, and to be able to organize a mutually beneficial collaboration together.

    We have a lot of respect for your valuable work, and last year, we participated in Mexico, represented by our members, including: Uffe Hvidkær.

    In 2024, we will be present in Bucharest, Romania, with many proposals, and with some of our members, to participate in your activities.

    This message of ours contains:

    A. Brief presentation of our main delegates, who will participate in your forum, with the methodologies, and needs, for our participation in your event, in the best conditions.

    B. The topics that we propose to you.

    C. A brief introduction, and a brief presentation, of our political organization.

    D. Our responses, and our specific contributions, to all the topics proposed at your forum.

    E. Some of our links, to get to know us, contact us, and collaborate together.

    F. Final greetings.

    A. Brief presentation of our main delegates, who will participate in your forum, with the methodologies, and needs, for our participation in your event, in the best conditions.

    The person who will speak for us this year, in his capacity as the official representative of DirectDemocracyS, and as administrator of our special security group, will present some specific proposals, which concern the security, and control of the regularity, of the democratic process. Being one of the first users who joined DirectDemocracyS when it was made partially public, he knows some important details. You have the right to analyze, speak, negotiate, and sign agreements, and collaborations, on behalf of DirectDemocracyS, after authorization from our specific groups. He speaks fluent Italian, Romanian, French, and quite well in English. He understands, and can express himself in Spanish, Portuguese. Personally, he will be physically in Bucharest one day, or, at most 2 days, for the remaining period, we will be present, with our other official members.

    We would like to participate, as speakers, workshop organizers, and panel organizers.

    We can speak every language, both Romanian and English, but also all other languages, we have representatives in every country, who speak all languages.

    We have summarized very broad concepts in a few words, but we are available for further information, both before, during, and even after your event.

    We hope to obtain bilateral and group meetings with all participants, both direct and indirect.

    To participate in your forum in optimal conditions, all we need is a table and a couple of chairs, we will bring the information materials and everything you need. We are available to intervene in the ways, times and topics that we will decide together and that you allow us. Obviously, we will promote awareness of our political organization, and our activities, to as many people as possible during your event.

    B. The topics that we propose to you.

    The topics we propose are:

    1. Democracy, or oligarchic party politics?

    2. Make direct democracy infallible.

    3, Make democracy safe, voter-owned and controlled, protected, free and independent.

    4. Institutions and political forces at the service of the sovereign people.

    5. Politics serves to solve people's problems, and not to manage power.

    6. Voters have the right to control, propose, and decide, at all times (before, during, and after the elections), every activity of the State and of the political force of reference.

    7. The new politics, modern, digital, personal, and immediate.

    C. A brief introduction, and a brief presentation, of our political organization.

    Brief introduction.

    DirectDemocracyS has been working hard, for many years, to create a just, fair, free, independent political organization, owned by all its members, with shared leadership, in which in addition to ownership in every sense, of our political organization of our websites, each of our users / voters proposes, chooses, discusses, votes and decides on all of our activities. We have already created all the necessary potential to be able to do an excellent job, starting with the international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district and local phases. We don't like to be considered presumptuous, but we are realistic, and we are very proud of our long, continuous, and hard work. We could be the political organization that can also realize your important work. Obviously, ignoring each other, competing with each other, or worse sabotaging each other, would not do any of us any good, and is not part of our working method. All your members are welcome, individually, into our political organization. Being DirectDemocracyS, a political project that unites, we do not accept groups, associations, or other collective forms, which create divisions, of adhesion to our political activity.

    Short presentation.

    Let me briefly introduce you to the political organization DirectDemocracyS. Innovative, and alternative, to all the other old traditional political forces. Born to change and improve the world, starting with politics. It is based on complete freedom, which ends only where the freedom of another person begins, on authentic democracy, and not on oligarchic party politics, which is also present in countries that declare themselves democratic. Created, with a politically perfect ideal, using logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people. It puts into practice, together, equality and meritocracy, continuous over time. It is the only one, which allows voters to have complete and correctly informed control over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections. I advise you to search for DirectDemocracyS, on the main social networks, and visit our website, which is safe, fast, easy to consult, protected, and does not contain invasive advertising. I am sure that you will find a lot of useful information to begin to understand that positive results are only achieved with a direct commitment on the part of everyone to choose and decide together on every rule and law that influences our lives. and those of future generations. 

    If you like it, join us and help us make DirectDemocracyS known to as many people as possible. Thank you.

    As regards our proposals, and our solutions, on all the very interesting topics of your 2024 forum, we believe that they are very important, I dare say fundamental, topics for democracy.

    D. Our responses, and our specific contributions, to all the topics proposed at your forum.

    1) How can democracy and its tools prevent wars and make peace?

    We believe that the only way to prevent wars is achievable by implementing mutual respect for all people, both individually, as well as entire populations, and all countries in the world. We have been working for many years, with many people, representing every people on earth, coming from all countries of the world. In DirectDemocracyS, since the first days, we have based our activities on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people. Mutual respect, and never just unilateral respect. Putting yourself in the "shoes" of the other party helps a lot in international relations. We worked, hundreds of people, more exactly 282, in the first 14 years, in great secrecy, to create a political project, as close to perfection as possible, and this multi-nationality made us decide to make it public gradually, in phases, carefully selecting the first people who are part of it. In the spring of 2021, missile attacks on Israel, and the subsequent often disproportionate response from the Israeli army, convinced us to make our political project partially public. From user number 283 onwards, we have had enormous growth, both numerically and qualitatively, in the people who have joined us, and who are doing so, even at this moment. Covid, the financial and economic crisis, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have tragically confirmed our theory: without mutual respect, we cannot live in peace. To make it easier for you to learn about our foreign policy ideas, I am sending you some links, with some of our articles, which concern our evaluations and our concrete proposals for achieving peace. Please read all our information, completely, with an open mind, and do not make superficial assessments, without knowing every aspect, of our information.

    To solve the problems of world peace, the only hope, is to create a World People's Organization, which is not based on hundreds of bureaucrats, appointed Ambassadors to the UN, by Governments, but to have each people on earth elected one, or a couple of their own political representatives, who speak and vote, not on the basis of the directives of the various Governments, but on the basis of the direct will, expressed for each decision to be made, by the entire population. The article with further details is at this link: 

    At this link, instead, we talk about foreign policy: 

    At this link there are some articles on the situation between Israel and Palestine, just click on the title to read the whole article: 

    Some general considerations on the crisis: 

    Some assessments on the attack on the hospital in Gaza:

    In this article, our proposals to definitively resolve, in the best possible way, the crisis between Israel and Palestine, and in general every international crisis, to stop the wars and implement a lasting peace: 

    At this link some articles on the Russian invasion in Ukraine, with our solutions: 

    As always, there are various articles, very detailed, you can click on each title to read the contents.

    2) EUROSFAT - European democracy and participatory mechanisms.

    Over many years of work, with the contribution of all those who have joined us, we have implemented a very detailed mechanism to implement and encourage citizen participation.

    At this link, we talk about geographical Europe and the European Union: 

    At this link, let's talk a little more about European politics: 

    For a more general discussion on democracy and our ideas, we invite you to read these two articles above all: 

    and this second article, which presents other details on how we are working towards direct democracy: 

    the previous ones are 2 fundamental articles, to understand our motivations, and to understand our innovation, and why we are alternatives to all other political forces.

    3) Informing democracy: revealing the role of the media and technology.

    The use of information, in our opinion, must start from the fundamental value of truth.

    The role of the media is fundamental, but so is the creation of free, independent, non-corrupt and non-manipulated media.

    The use of technology in the political process is inevitable, as is human evolution. The real challenge, for all of us, is a conscious and methodologically impeccable use of the new potential.

    To better explain our political activity, we asked ourselves some questions, and found our own solutions, based on logic, common sense, and truth.

    We asked ourselves: do we feel politically represented?

    Our response, at this link: 

    We have many informative articles, and hundreds of posts on our blog, which we ask you to consult, completely and carefully, as needed, always with an open mind.

    4) Is local democracy the last hope?

    Our political organization takes place by temporal phases, by type of users, by division into numerical groups (which is a very interesting innovation of ours) and by geographical phases, always starting from the international phase, to then create the geographical structures, and smaller territorial entities, which, while enjoying the right local autonomies, will always put into practice and respect all the rules, methodologies, instructions and values of our international phase. We believe that our division into groups of the various territories is the most effective. For example: one of our voters / users, resident in New York, will be part of, will be present, and will be active in our international organization, in the "all countries of the world" group, in the North American group (in our continental phase), in our New York State group, in our group, New York City, and always based on residence in one of New York's five boroughs. But we also come to smaller territorial and geographical structures, such as neighborhoods, and even street blocks. This methodology of ours allows us to be present and work directly with citizens, and they are active in their territories through our groups.

    Also for this topic, there are many articles on our website that explain each of our activities in detail.

    E. Some of our links, to get to know us, contact us, and collaborate together.

    To get to know us, every person should read each of our informative articles, even several times. Over 220 of these are published on some presentation pages and groups on the main social networks. But to be free, independent, orderly, and in total safety, we carry out all our activities, solely and exclusively, on our website, which offers us a clean, orderly, safe environment, and with all the necessary potential, to carry out a good job. The public part of our website is visible and usable, absolutely free, without any obligation, and without the need to register. Our website does not contain invasive advertising, and complies with all rules, which protect and guarantee anonymity, data protection, and privacy settings, which make us not only safe, but also fair and equitable. . The website is in English, but has an automatic translator, which translates into over 120 languages, every part in English. To translate, use the language selection form on our website by clicking on "English" and choosing your preferred language by clicking on it. We also have a blog, with over 1300 posts, in over 56 official languages. Our blog is this link: 

    also in this case, by clicking on the title of each post, you can read its entire content.

    To choose the categories, the link is: 

    by clicking on each category, you will be able to consult the sub-categories, and the various titles of the various posts, by clicking on the title of each post, you will be able to read its entire content.

    To choose one of the 56 languages, you must go to this link: 

    also in this case, by clicking on the title of each post, you can read its entire content.

    Obviously in our groups and on our pages, in our reserved areas of our website, all the specific languages of the geographical and territorial areas are spoken.

    To contact us, if you are not our users / voters, register on our website, over 300 contact forms are available, divided into categories and specific topics. The rules and instructions for contacting us are explained at this link: 

    For the rules and instructions to correctly fill out a contact form, there are all instructions at this link: 

    F. Final greetings.

    Dear friends,

    I hope you have given this message the right importance and your full attention.

    I have briefly presented to you some characteristics, and some information, about our political organization.

    Already at the last forum, in 2023 in Mexico, we sent you a very clear message, we sent some of our representatives, and we made important proposals to you.

    We will also participate in Bucharest, with our official delegation.

    We care a lot about this collaboration with you, as long as it is mutually beneficial, based on mutual respect, and above all loyal and honest.

    In a world where good ideas are often stolen, we have recorded and made public all our methods and all our rules, to make everyone understand that DirectDemocracyS is the property of all its members, who will protect them in in any case, their own interests.

    Already some political forces, and political representatives, even very famous ones, but also groups on social networks, more or less famous, are trying to copy us, often with disastrous results.

    Let it be clear to everyone, our method works only if you copy every single sentence of our rules, indeed, to obtain the best results, you should copy every single word of ours.

    Direct democracy belongs to everyone, it is not a registered trademark, but our methodologies and our rules are. Therefore, we warn anyone against even partial use of our ideas. We talk about it in this article: 

    as workers for democracy, we want to protect, and protect in every way, our long, hard work.

    We will be present in Bucharest, because we are authentic direct democracy, not only in name, but also in concrete facts.

    Allow me to conclude our message with a final article, which briefly presents many of our "strengths" and our specific characteristics, which make us the first and unique in the world: 

    The list of things to say, and to know, is large, and the topics are very complex.

    For this reason, we look forward to speaking to each other in person, in Bucharest, with meetings , among our official delegations, and with our participation, in your important event, hoping, in your active and decisive presence, not only in our activities, but directly in our, and in the future your, political organization DirectDemocracyS.

    We will be present, and based on our possibilities, we are available to meet anyone, in an organized way.

    We can speak every language, both Romanian and English, but also all other languages, we have representatives in every country, who speak all languages.

    Our availability is to present our activities to everyone, and to actively participate in all your activities.

    We wish you good work, personal and professional results, which fill your life with happiness.

    With much esteem and infinite respect, we send our warmest regards.

    DirectDemocracyS, innovation, alternative, to all other political forces.

    DirectDemocracyS, your political activity, truly in every sense!

    Events group. Representative group. External events group. Official representation group, external events.

    Special Administration Group. DirectDemocracyS special security group. Nominations group.

    Direct email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confidential direct phone.

    You will find all the detailed information on our website. 

    © DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved.

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