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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

The current world

Many of the ills of the earth, are caused by selfishness, thirst for power, and greed, of a few bad people, they have made people suffer, they are making them suffer, and thanks to all of us, they will never make them suffer again, in the future, all the lots of good people. It seems like a strange reasoning, a bit childish, as many consider, our way of doing politics. But we assure you that it is not childish, but only written, in a simple way, to be understood, even by people with less education, or with less general knowledge.

We are certain that intelligent people will understand that what we explain is never trivial, but is all connected to our immense project, not only political, but financial and economic.

Anyone who follows us knows that we consider every dictatorship, and every old political ideology, and all old politics, bankruptcy, wrong, and above all harmful to humanity. The same goes for finance, and the economy, on a global, continental, national, state, and local level.

But don't worry, we are not here to make a moralistic battle, or a "war", on everything that exists. We are all so certain of the goodness of our ideas, of the infallibility of our method, and of the security ensured by our rules, that we can easily create our own innovative and parallel policy, our own innovative and parallel finance, our innovative and parallel economy in every sector, together with many other projects. Many believe we are stupid, or that we spread utopias, but perhaps it is only because even very intelligent people hardly understand everything we are creating. To understand that, they should be able to come in, and see how we're working.

The old world, made up of wars, cruelty and violence, but also ignorance and exploitation of the weakest, is about to change and improve forever. Without shedding, not even a drop of blood, without frightening, or hurting, any good person. Only with intelligence, mutual respect and love will it be possible to live in an innovative and certainly better world.

After this necessary premise, let's talk about politics, and how it will be for all of us, the right method, to live a better life for all.

But first, a second premise, brief, but to explain clearly a fundamental concept.

In our other articles, we have criticized, even very harshly, the UN and other international institutions, but also the European Union. We do not believe that these institutions must be dismantled, but we are sure that all must be profoundly reformed. No one can deny their impotence, in preventing and resolving the various situations, and their submission to the interests of a few, disfavoring many. As we often say, we have made, and will make, some detailed articles on everything we talk about, both to justify our positions and to explain, to those who "do not want to see", and do not want, try to understand, our point of view. Sometimes we hear: the UN condemns, or the UN intervenes, but we never see the UN prevent. And all the various international organizations do the same, all very important, and all only partially useful, to the entire world population. They never solve all problems definitively, such as hunger and thirst in the world, disease, childhood problems, or the protection of our planet. We often feel like believing those who say that these international organizations are just a huge waste of resources, or that someone gains from the suffering of so many desperate people. Seeing the results, mediocre to say the least, we are certain that with the money spent, much more could be done. Perhaps by verifying where even the few, often very little money ends up that many of us send to these international benefactors. We are sure, that when we do (and rest assured we will), we will discover a lot of impostors, exploiters, who have accumulated wealth, destined for noble purposes. Attention: we are sure that those who do their job well are many more than those who are delinquent, wicked. But for us, even one who suffers or dies because another steals is shameful. And even just looking, and remaining passive, at so many crimes is like being accomplices to such criminal activities.

As regards, briefly (but we will talk about it at the right time), the European Union, we are sure that the "founding fathers" had not foreseen it this way. Economic and financial union, but without political or military union. It would be laughable if there weren't tears. Giving the European Commission, therefore a few dozen people (who are practically not controlled by anyone), all the financial and economic power that manages and influences the lives of hundreds of millions of people is stupid enough. Above all, if the European Parliament is practically impotent, and does not work on laws that are useful for everyone, without preferences. In our opinion, the first union to do would have been the political one, to really allow the various countries to "count everyone in the same way". Furthermore, with the right of veto, practically a country, even a small one, can prevent the development, and the necessary measures, from all the other countries. Kind of like the UN Security Council. The members are those who won World War II, and in turn, a few other countries. But when it is necessary to prevent, for example a war, a single country is enough, which on the basis of its own interests, opposes the attempts of all the others, in order to render useless.

The joke they tell you, that in this way, everyone counts for something, is not only funny, but is against all logic. But you know, in human history, there have always been a few people who decide the fate of all the others. We have to clarify a concept, for us, the good of all is more important than the good of a few. While respecting the legitimate aspirations and needs of every people, there are choices that must be made, taking into account the needs of the majority. And to those who will criticize us, for the previous sentence, we specify immediately that making the best choices for everyone, without preferences, but looking at everyone's legitimate interests, does not disadvantage anyone, but helps everyone. On the other hand, preventing or hindering the good of all, for the sake of a few, is selfish behaviour.

The "right of veto" creates divisions, often violent ones, and generates chaos. But we, from our first article, have said that throughout human history, few people have divided, for their own private interests, many people, in order to govern them. The Romans, very wisely, said: "divide et impera", divide and command. And to divide us, they have invented many things, and reasons. Past history, and the present, are full of negative examples. But "the powerful" are so clever, that even from the various unions, they manage to command, because the important thing is to create crises and tensions, in order to be able to do business.

The UN needs to be reformed, like any international organization, Europe too needs to be profoundly reformed. The whole world needs to be reformed. But only in one way: by always putting the interests of the entire world population first, and not the interests of individuals.

It seems like a senseless and utopian reasoning. Absolutely no. Just work on it all together, in a unified way.

European citizens, in various countries, when there are difficult or unpopular decisions to be made, are told: Europe is asking us for it! Does everyone use it as an excuse, or does Europe really ask for impossible things? And when the politicians say: we must carry out the reforms, and they add again "Europe is asking us for it". But it is possible that this Europe asks some citizens to sacrifice themselves, while others do not ask it. Therefore, individual countries must reform (often with sacrifices), because "Europe is asking us to do it", but Europe cannot be reformed, because European citizens are asking for it?

Our idea of a UN is to create an international organization of peoples, with representatives elected by the world population, based in a neutral country, in which every decision is binding on everyone, but which is taken in the interest of all the world population. The same thing, for any international, continental, national, state, or local organization.

Exactly our method, because we are like this, everyone's interest is more important than the interest of a few. The opposite of what has been done in the history of human beings. The opposite of the old policy, of each country, or continent. DirectDemocracyS does not have a leader, but each of our members is equally valid, even if they carry out different roles, in different groups, respecting the various skills. Everyone can play important roles, and aspire to have great responsibilities, or to maintain them, once obtained, provided that every activity they carry out is in the interest of our entire community, always having as its purpose the good of the entire world population .

To those who will accuse us, that we too, are few people, who decide for many, let's say we have patience, in a short time, we will all be the people, who decide for the good, of all people. Because our strength lies in unity in diversity. Utopia? No dear friends, reality. With us, the motto: "one for all, all for one", is always put into practice.

Who will be asked: didn't you have to talk about internal politics? For us, world politics is internal politics, because we are the first, and perhaps the only, international political organization, born to unite all good people, our innovative motto: united, all together, to command everyone, to the good of all.

There will be criticism, because some consider us: a sect, or dangerous, dictators, totalitarians. If the fact of being: the exclusive property of each of our voters (therefore not controllable, and subject to the power of a few), and the fact that we are all leaders (without any hierarchy, but only with people, who perform specific tasks, based on skills, honesty, and reliability), with the same "power" (each vote is worth exactly the same), without discrimination (we accept anyone, at the right time), in which we all work together, in a unified way, with the respect for diversity, and everyone's ideas, based on one's own merits (meritocracy, and equality of opportunity), and to base all our rules on common sense, and on logic, in everyone's interest, means, to be considered, by some, a dangerous sect, a totalitarian dictatorship, or a utopia, we are sorry, but it certainly won't make us change our working method.

They tell us: do you want to dominate the world? No, we want good people to come together to really count for something. Do you want to delete the old policy? No, we create our own innovative policy, nobody touches the old one. Do you want to eliminate the old finance ? No, we create our innovative finance, nobody touches the old one . Do you want to eliminate the old economy? No, we create our innovative economy, nobody touches the old one. The old "traditions" will be able to destroy themselves, because they are wrong and unjust. To those who criticize us, we often reply: we can never do worse than what others have done and are doing.

History certainly cannot be changed, and for now, it is not possible to go back in time, to change and improve our present. But we can all work together to change and improve our present and our future. We consider it a civic duty, and while it is not easy, we have an obligation to try.


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