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    The Internet is a virtual life, and like life, bad people try to defraud and steal goods, services, money, or waste time from people who trust them. It is not enough to rely on reviews to have guarantees of reliability. We have often seen how unreliable, often controlled, and even false, or paid, certain comments of appreciation, or even disapproval, of people, commercial companies, and various activities are. We have always worked internally with the security and guarantee that anyone carrying out any activity can be identified, traced, reported and certainly punished for any illegal activity and for any single lack of respect.

    Our prerogative.

    Knowing who carries out each action is not only useful for punishing transgressors, but is also useful for rewarding, in a meritocratic way, our best users / voters / investors. Whoever enters our big family must know who they can trust and who they can't.

    All email addresses, ending, are registered, and certified, by our email address creation teams. The identity of the person, or, as the case may be, the identities of the groups of people, who own, or use, any email address, ending, are also guaranteed and verified by our security teams.

    REM Registered Electronic Mail.

    REM DirectDemocracyS was born with the intention of offering protected email addresses with verified, guaranteed identities. Any of our email addresses, ending in, certifies that the person, or people, who own it, and who use it, have verified, guaranteed identities, and for group ones, it is possible to establish who carried out the, every activity.

    REM DirectDemocracyS, with Esign DirectDemocracyS.

    REM DirectDemocracyS, with Esign DirectDemocracyS, which is our legalization website, and digital electronic signature, complement each other, making all documents, contracts and declarations of all our activities safe and guaranteed.

    REM DirectDemocracyS, with Esign DirectDemocracyS, with Escrow DirectDemocracyS.

    REM DirectDemocracyS, with Esign DirectDemocracyS, with Escrow DirectDemocracyS (guarantee deposit, for transactions), make every transaction, every economic activity, of any type, safe, verified and guaranteed.

    REM DirectDemocracyS, with Esign DirectDemocracyS, with Escrow DirectDemocracyS, with Debt Recovery DirectDemocracyS.

    DirectDemocracyS Debt Collection, together with the DirectDemocracyS security groups, will ensure that any attempt to defraud other people is anticipated, and in the very few cases in which there is an attempt to defraud other people, those responsible are traced, captured, reported and punished, also with collaboration, with external debt collection companies, and with the police.

    These activities of ours, together with all our other measures to prevent any problem, guarantee verified and guaranteed safety for all our activities.

    DirectDemocracyS is not only a political organization, but also a group of people who invest together, with financial and economic activities, which in the early stages are reserved only and exclusively for our users, registered, and with identity verified, controlled, and guaranteed, respecting all our rules, all our instructions, all our methodologies, and all our mechanisms.

    Integration rule, of REM DirectDemocracyS, with registered users, with unverified identities.

    Each registered user, using personalized email addresses, ending in, must have their identity verified before they can request this facility.

    There are very few registered users who do not have a verified identity on 27 November 2023, and those who are not in compliance with identity verification will lose all possibility of use your personalized email address, until your identity is verified, according to our rules.

    From November 30, 2023, 11.59pm in your time zone, no new personalized email addresses will be created, ending in, for new users, or for users without a verified and guaranteed identity according to our rules.

    From 1 December 2023, 00.00, for each time zone, each email address, ending, will become compliant with the Registered Electronic Mail REM, and each of our email addresses will be verified, and the identity of those who use them will be guaranteed and safe.

    These rules come into force as soon as they are published on our website.

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