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    Alternative political innovation

    Alternative political innovationThis article of ours explains clearly a small part of our great political innovation, an alternative to all other political forces.

    We don't want to celebrate ourselves, but we want to clarify some fundamental concepts to understand what we are doing.

    First, let's start with our motivations, and with the first ideas that laid the foundations of our political organization.

    We'll do that, briefly, with some questions and answers.

    We avoid those on our date of birth, and on the identities of those who first had the idea, for the simple reason, that for us, DirectDemocracyS, it was born, lives, and will live in the future, from the idea, and from the contribution , intellectual, and financial, of anyone who joins us. It is a collective project, there are no masters (except for all our members), and there are only leaders. All have the same starting value, obviously always rewarding merit.

    Why was DirectDemocracyS born?

    To change and improve the world, starting with politics.

    Why did we start from politics?

    Because politics, through legislative activities, writes the rules and creates the Laws, which everyone must respect. For the entire population, it is very important to have clear, useful, just, and truth-based Laws.

    A second reason, starting from politics, is because people's problems must be solved through honest politics.

    What are the reasons for creating a new political force?

    To create an innovative, alternative, which puts into practice the only and authentic democracy, the direct one.

    But thanks to ingenious rules and methods, DirectDemocracyS also makes representative democracy authentic, allowing, for the first time in the world, complete control by our voters, over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first once in history, even after the elections.

    Did the ancient Greeks "invent" direct democracy?

    DirectDemocracyS is an original political force, it doesn't steal anyone's ideas, the ancient Greeks obviously weren't at our technological level.

    Furthermore, in ancient Greece, all people of all ages could not participate in political life. Women or the poorest sections of society could not participate in the proposals, discussions, decisions and votes.

    Who can join DirectDemocracyS?

    We, in DirectDemocracyS, accept, with equal rights, rewarding merit, people of all ages, obviously of all genders, or, of all sexual preferences, of all social categories, rich and poor, of all "races", colors and cultures , tradition, religion, language, of every political preference, of every population, of every country in the world.

    We accept people who do not feel represented, or do not recognize themselves, in the traditional political forces and their political representatives, but also people who are disillusioned with the old politics, based on an oligarchic party system.

    The political ideology.

    Our political ideology is based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    DirectDemocracyS combines every little positive part of all the old politics and eliminates every negative part, creating a new ideology that is politically perfect, ethically correct, just, and based on truth.

    Why do we consider ourselves infallible?

    Because for over 14 years, 282 people, in secret, have worked a couple of hours a day, in a coordinated way, to create a political project, unassailable, from all points of view, preventing and evaluating every possible problem, finding , in advance, any necessary solution.

    Because we have just been made public, to very few people, carefully selected, to create the starting points, to be able to accept other users. A unique selection in the world, in which people don't choose us, but we choose, the exact moment in which a person can join us.

    We put, from the first second of existence, all the right people, in the right place, in an agreed and shared way.

    Because we have studied every detail, and every necessary feature, to prevent any possible problem.

    Now let's see, because we are sure of our enormous potential.

    When a single person, or a small group of people, creates, or a few people create, a political project, it is inevitable to make mistakes, or worse, create personal or group interests.

    When instead, every person who joins a political force immediately has, not only the right, but the duty, to give his own contribution of ideas, projects, and above all, the task of finding problems, and giving his own solutions, a perfect mechanism is created, and a strict regulation, respected by all, in which, not only does one become perfect, but one becomes just.

    We call it: continuous innovation over time, which makes us always current, but also forerunners of the times, managing to anticipate and overcome every present and future challenge.

    Everyone's interests, for everyone's good.

    Personal and group interests in general make almost all politics ineffective and impotent, which becomes a "servant" not of the sole master, which in a democracy is the people, but of the economic and financial powers. DirectDemocracyS is not a conspiracy theorist, and does not write theories, but we rely on concrete facts, which are visible to everyone, and which can be verified. Some of those who are reading this article can say that the political force, or the political figure of reference, serve the interests of the entire population in an identical way, without preferences, and that these political forces, and these people, are they completely independent, free, and that they are infallible? We do, and we are proud of it.

    Shared leadership.

    By creating a leadership shared by all, in which truly every new member, if he respects all our rules, has the same rights, the same duties, and the same powers as those who joined us before him, also thanks to our innovations, and to the right of ownership, of each of our members, on each of our activities, we are the only ones who can be defined as just. The only ones who give everyone, over time, the same chances, therefore equality, based on their own merits, therefore meritocracy. Words, which for us, must always be put into practice, together.

    When you are on the right side, you always tell the truth, and you also become infallible.

    Many ask us: how can I be sure that we will always be on the right side? Simply because we are owned by our constituents, we are managed by our constituents, we are controlled by our constituents, we are completely, and continuously over time, servants of the only master that exists in a democracy, the people. Anyone who has similar rules, and only we have them, and can have them, is always on the right side. Not only that, but we help, and we will always help first, the people who are most in difficulty, not only because it is written in our regulation, but because it is a logical choice, based on common sense and mutual respect, of all people. It is not a slogan, to obtain consensus, lots of votes, and lots of power. They are not promises that will not be kept. And we give you the proof: being completely managed by our voters, therefore by the people, we will never be able to make choices, against everyone's interests. It would be self-defeating for those who join us to choose selectively, or to protect the interests of a few. Which political force can work in this way? None, except DirectDemocracyS. Because we have authentic democracy and absolute freedom in our DNA.

    They told us that we are a dangerous sect, and that when we win all the elections, in every country in the world, it will be the end of politics.

    Absolutely not. It will not be the end of political activities, and it will not be a limited politic, in terms of quantity. It will be a different politic, which will really solve everyone's problems. And over time, we will demonstrate that there will be much more politics, made by a greater number of people, with quality, and concrete, very efficient, and direct action.

    Our politics is made by the people, by the people informed, and helped by groups of specialists, for the good of the entire population.

    Some of our measures, in a superficial way, may seem too severe.

    Identity verification.

    Identifying each person who joins a political organization in order to reward the best and punish the worst is a security measure. Also, to prevent possible inconveniences. We need to know who we work with, and whoever works with us, must be sure that if someone doesn't respect all of our rules, we know who they are, and we can take any decision to make them harmless. Therefore, knowing the identity, we need to punish those who are guilty of incorrect actions, but also to be able to reward those who behave well. All this, allowing anyone to remain completely anonymous, and to manage all their privacy settings independently, and without any imposition on our part. Always choosing, if, to whom, and when, to show certain personal information, or certain activities, makes us innovative also from this point of view. We go beyond any legal request to respect people's rights. Working together, in a coordinated way, individually, or in various groups, knowing that every identity, of every person, is always guaranteed, by our special security groups, gives each user the peace of mind of being able to trust whoever is in certain groups. A certainty, an order, which do not make all our activities less free and less effective, on the contrary they contribute to the pluralism of ideas, and to free expression, in every way.

    Paid politic.

    Every self-respecting political force, and that respects its electors, should be free, independent, and without being conditioned in its choices, by very powerful people, companies, or entities, which influence, often in a negative way, and on the basis to individual interests, in collective choices.

    Demanding a minimum contribution of a few euros a year from each person, in order to remain free and completely independent, in the early stages, will slow us down a bit, certainly not for the beauty, or effectiveness, of our action politics, but because each of the potential users, and visitors, always asks themselves before paying: what if they run away with my money? Even if we ran away with your money, we are convinced that you would not die of hunger, and besides, we are not a pyramid system, in which, to make the first members earn, there is the possibility of losing large capitals, for the subsequent users. Not only do we not run away with the money we collect, but we invest it, all with great care, and in the best possible way, to ensure a different and certainly better future for everyone.

    The old politics not only asks for and obtains financial support, but does not allow all its members to decide together, but allows the formation of small groups of power, which waste precious time fighting among themselves, for consensus, and for have personal benefits. We ask for money, with annual quotas, with minimal sums, but thanks to our innovative method of working, we can always remain free and independent, without the need to ask for help from powerful and famous people and companies, which in exchange , demand obedience, and that their interested help is reciprocated, through a political action, which tends to favor the interests of a few.

    Working together to change and improve the world.

    To expect from each of our voters a direct, individual and group commitment to put into practice and make all of our activities functional, seems to us to be the only way to give power to the people, and not to political forces, or to political representatives. We oblige you to be masters of your present, and of your future, and that of the next generations. A participation of at least 20 minutes a day, or, alternatively, at least 120 minutes a week, does not seem to us an obligation, impossible to achieve. After all, we don't send you to break stones, but we ask you to decide, together with all of us, on everything, to do it in the best way for everyone. We have to do it to take, all together, the responsibility of managing, controlling and helping our political force, which is the only one that can declare itself authentically democratic.

    If we win the election, what will happen?

    Returning to the understandable fears that many have about us, we ask you: when we win the elections, in every country of the world, what kind of world do you think we will create? If you think that we will win by destroying the other political, economic and financial forces, you are wrong, we are innovative and alternative, therefore we will create new paths for everyone to travel together, we are not interested in destroying what already exists, we are not a revolutionary force, dangerous to others. We were not born against someone, or against something, but in favor of everyone. If you think that by obtaining us, all the power, we will establish a dictatorship, worldwide, we advise you to read each of our articles very carefully, even several times. Do not confuse our authentic democracy, and our total freedom, with the authoritarian form of government, of dictatorship, because you would demonstrate that you have not "studied", and understood, all of our methodology, and our rules. We, when we win, will give all the power to the people, to whoever has voted for us, therefore, to the large masses of people who will be our voters, and our users on our website, and we don't take the power, to give it to a few , but we will share it with everyone. We repeat, we will not govern for the interests of a few, but for the good of all, always starting with people, and companies, who are in difficulty.

    Even considering the old politics, party power oligarchy, which steals power from the people, to give it to political parties, and their political representatives, for many years, we are not "enemies" of anyone. We consider, anyone who votes for the other political forces, an accomplice to the theft, called representative democracy, that only we can make democracy authentic, thanks to our rules, and our working method.

    Do we just criticize?

    We limit ourselves to analyzing the work of others, proposing our ideas, in a direct way. When we have to decide, our decisions will be for the good of all, and not of a few, they will all be shared choices.

    Every decision is a shared choice.

    Unlike the old politics, thanks to our strict but fair rules, every person who joins us will determine all our choices in a concrete way. This aspect of direct involvement of each of our voters will create an "snowball" effect. From a small snowball, we are destined, in a very short time, to become an immense but harmless avalanche, which will cleanse the world of old bankruptcy ideologies, of falsehoods, of crimes, of thefts, of the interests of a few, to the detriment of many, from the subjection of politics, towards the economy and finance, from all kinds of violence, abuse, discrimination.

    We have spoken several times about the old ideologies, all bankruptcy and unjust of the past.

    Some old ideologues of the past accuse us of being too bad with the old ideologies.

    Some accuse us of being anti-communists. We are fiercely anti-communist, anti-Nazi, anti-fascist. As we are, proudly innovative and alternative, to all other political forces, because they are all accomplices in the "theft" of democracy.


    Our political organization considers communism a utopia, which only creates corruption, exaggerated statism, which creates political subjection, and favoritism, not based on merit, but on submission, towards the party. The only party, because communists, by nature, do not accept other ideas, but want a "single thought". They are ideologically incapable of creating growth and progress, and are based on the ignorance of the working classes, of the historical period of their birth, and even later. The workers were almost all illiterate and easily manipulated. Then, over time, they created schools and universities, creating fake intellectuals, who through real brainwashing and an incitement to social struggle, based on hatred, against the richest and most famous, did a lot of harm to the whole world. Although communism was born, with a just ideal of equality, they have not implemented meritocracy at all. And equality, without rewarding merit, creates economic stagnation. If we're all the same, what's the point of innovating, working hard, if you get the same merits as those who do no good? Even the sacrosanct rights of workers could have been conquered in an intelligent way, and not with incitement to hatred, implementing an envy, and even acts of violence. Communism has generated millions of deaths, deportees, terrorism, violence, and wars, deluding people that they would all have been equal, while in communist countries, party members, even without any merit, were revered as Gods, while the population struggled to survive. To realize the differences between communism and capitalism, just look at the backwardness of the former communist countries, compared to Western countries, there are at least 50 differences. Not to mention the difference between statism and capitalism, in which communist countries exploited all wealth, certainly not to share it, with people in difficulty.

    Nazism, and fascism.

    They are the cruellest and most ruthless ideologies that can exist, because they discriminate against people, and create hatred towards the different, with discriminations, which have nothing human. Loving one's people, one's country, is a moral and civic obligation, one can be a nationalist, while respecting, in a reciprocal way, all the other populations of the earth. We find the right balance between mutual respect and national interests, also thanks to the right local autonomy, on the basis of shared rules.

    DirectDemocracyS, implements a "capitalism with a human and supportive face", and "a meritocratic and intelligent statism", the opposite of the famous phrase "communism with a human face". We, we are the only ones, who by sharing the leadership, with all our members, with equality, together with meritocracy, continue over time, we are "just communists and statists", and "capitalists with a human face against savage globalization" starting to help always, in a concrete way, and first, all people and companies in difficulty. Again, anyone trying to find a small inconsistency, our fault, or something negative, will be disappointed. Trust me, we know very well what we are talking about. Our ideal, politically perfect, cannot be compared to anything that has existed before us, nor to what will be born later. We are for a State, which is arbiter, and not a player, except in exceptional cases, for the interest of the whole population, and provisionally. Private individuals create growth in solidarity, respecting all laws, which must be fair and not oppressive.

    We do not fear comparisons with other political forces, present or past, and not even with groups of "improvised politicians" who seek consensus online. We have been working on it for a long time, and we are very many people. We have already found the solutions, to every possible question, and to every possible problem. We don't say this to be presumptuous, but because we know that we have done an excellent job. To understand that we are right, take the time to read each of our articles even a couple of times, or as many times as necessary. You will understand that we do not exaggerate, in any of our "self-promotion", no one will find a better, more complete, just and ethically correct political project than ours.

    Many can't stand us, because we believe in it, and we define ourselves as perfect. Read everything, on our website, and you will see, that thanks to every person who joins us, we really are.

    We are, all together, the only, and strongest, superheroes of politics. The final S of our name, little known, but full of meanings, as well as security, sympathy, meaningful, social, simple, is "SuperPolitic", which is a registered trademark © 2023 DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved.

    How much dislike, hatred, fear, and how much envy does our political project create in people who have exploited the old politics in ethically incorrect ways to decide, based on a few interests, of a few people? The same feelings, combined with frustration, are experienced by the various groups of people, more or less numerous, who hoped to find our ingenious solutions before us. How many large meetings, of all types, to talk about democracy, even though they don't know it, and even though they are "accomplices" and slaves of the old party-cratic and oligarchic politics? How many meetings, to find solutions, that we have had ready, and above all effective, for many years? And above all, how many attempts will there be to copy us? We answer you, they are and will be many. A lot of lost time, on their part, who out of pride, and for the hope of maintaining, what little power they have, in their small groups of people, do not join us, together with their contacts, to change and improve the world, definitively. Our rules, and our methodology, only work together, whoever copies us, only partially, will have no useful effect for themselves, or for the population. Those who instead copy us in full, prepare for the judgment of justice, because all our ideas, components, and methodology are registered trademarks, in the name of all our members, and no one can use, and exploit, our hard work. Furthermore, the voters, and even the people of the Internet, always prefer the original, rather than a bad copy. Anyone who copies us has already failed, and will lose not only in the elections, but morally, because the theft of ideas is an ethically incorrect thing.

    But why do they copy us, instead of joining us, legally and ethically exploiting our ideas? You should ask them, but we have discovered some reasons, based on the messages we receive, and on logic. DirectDemocracyS, has no leader, and whoever has winning ideas, in this case, our "creators", will have some just economic recognition, and a power of "control", of Guarantors, but they do not deal, and will not deal, with direct management of our political organization, and not even of political representation, in the various elections. No one, of course, can prevent them, or any of our other members, from running our organization, but also from running directly in our online, closed primary elections and in case of victory in the real elections. However, in DirectDemocracyS, roles are not combined, nor are the various activities. Who created all this, with over 15 years of hard work, in secret, are the first 282 registered users, and they have the only role of guarantors, as well as being able to control, that all our activities are carried out in the right way, always applying all our rules, and our unique and inimitable methodology. Then, there are the roles of management, control, and current activities, managed by all our users, from number 283 onwards. Among these, the best political representatives will be chosen and nominated (both individually and in groups), to represent all our constituents (who are all our users, on our website) in the institutions.

    By dividing the roles and tasks in this way, each person takes care of the permitted activities, in the best way, effectively and definitively preventing any possible struggle for power, and being able, each of our users, to feel calm and serene , getting all the help, and cooperation, of all the others.

    We also prevent any possible formation of leaders, and possible usurpers, of the enormous amount of power that we will be able, and will have to manage, all together.

    When we win all the elections, could we turn, and change, into a "dictator" who runs our entire planet? Absolutely not, because we are structured in such a way as to make impossible any form of dictatorship, any type of violent action (with the exception of those of defense). In DirectDemocracyS, no user, or group, can centralize on themselves major powers, or even various types of powers, because everything is divided, in a perfect way, preventing any possible leadership formation. We achieved this by giving our members collective ownership of everything we do.

    In DirectDemocracyS, there are no decisions, made by one person, but not even by one group of people. Every business we make, big or small, is run, and controlled, by various groups, hundreds, but often thousands, and in the future millions, and hopefully billions of people. Every decision we make is widely shared, and the centralization of various powers, various roles, or various tasks to be performed is not possible. Each person does the specific activities individually or in various groups, in a coordinated way, and with specific, very detailed rules. Everything has been done to prevent any possible problem, including that of having people who can take advantage of the immense consensus that we are destined and "condemned" to obtain.

    Many, do not understand our security, to obtain consensus, and exchange our certainties, in presumption. Again, we invite them to read and study very carefully, even several times, everything we are doing, and how we are doing it. Well, you will have realized that it is only a matter of time before winning any political competition. Simply, we will not win just because we are perfect, nor because we are the best, the most just, but precisely because by winning we, of DirectDemocracyS, win, and hold power, for the first and only time in the world, all our voters , and our users on our website. At that point, every citizen with a little intelligence will join us, to manage this immense power with us. So, before long, everyone will join us, to manage this immense power, we repeat, shared by all. It's called democracy, giving power to the people, freely, and in an informed way. For us at DirectDemocracyS, democracy is only achieved, with shared power, with collective leadership.

    Some people will be wondering at this point: is this the end of politics? It will be the end of the old politics, which steals power from the people, from the people, to give it to political parties and political representatives. It will be the definitive end of oligarchic party politics, for a new politics, in which every citizen is the real protagonist. Surely, it will be an infinitely better politic, because it will allow each person to be responsible for their own present, and for their own future. We will pass from the politics of the few to the politics of all, made by all, managed by all, and controlled by all. So, dear friends, there won't be less politics, indeed, there will be a huge increase, in political activities (also thanks to the obligation to work together with us, which applies to each of our users).

    Will it be a better politic, or worse? Thanks to our groups of specialists, it will be a professional politic, with little chance of making mistakes, thanks to a methodology, in which each person carries out the activities for which he is competent, in which he is specialized. It will also be a politic in which truth and information are and will always be present, in which people will be helped to choose the best way, while having the absolute freedom to decide.

    At this point we answer a previous question of ours, in which we asked ourselves: why do groups of politicians prefer to try, in vain, to copy us, instead of immediately joining us, to work all together? Because they fear losing their ephemeral and tiny powers, being afraid of competition, on the basis of equality, and meritocracy, which is guaranteed by us. None of them wants to give up some likes on social networks, and their "mini leadership", because they fear being "anyone" in DirectDemocracyS.

    The first press release.

    During some of our activities, we have made various experiments, we have already told you about them, in our other articles, and we will talk about them in detail, in dedicated articles, and you will be surprised by our results. We did the press release experiment, in just one country, to some information managers, in which they complimented us, but didn't publish anything, in the illusion of slowing us down. Many fear us for the fear of losing their undeserved privileges.

    The best political experts, worldwide.

    We have invited, to join us, some political minds, among the best in the world, in which we have received many compliments, but not all, have joined us, because they would have been simple users, with the identity to be verified, and with the annual fee to pay, like each of us. Everyone would like to be privileged, helped, and favored, for the name they have, for the possible number of people they could bring with them. DirectDemocracyS recognizes and respects the work of each person, but does not favor anyone, because for us, each person has the same value, the same rights, the same duties. The greatest political experts were all clearly told that we had contacted directly some of the best in the world, including themselves, and that, of course, we would give each of them an important role within of our groups of politic specialists, according to the various specialties. But within those groups, they would have been: one of many, and only through hard and important work, and impeccable behavior, would they have had some advantages and facilitations. In DirectDemocracyS, one's work and behavior must be optimal and continuous over time. And every role, even an important one, in our inevitable hierarchy, must first of all be obtained, thanks to concrete results, secondly, shared with others, in our groups, and above all maintained over time.

    We don't try to convince anyone, consensus will come over time, by itself, inevitably.

    Through these articles, often long and detailed, we don't try to convince anyone, we don't need to. We know our worth, we know our enormous potential, we are aware of the fact that between us and the old politics, every person with at least 2 functioning neurons will choose us.

    For that, we don't have a false modesty, but we say directly, that we will win everywhere, because thanks to our project, we are "condemned" to win. No one can deny it, and time will prove us right.

    Some of our users have asked, what is the final purpose of DirectDemocracyS.

    We want to change and improve the world, allowing the entire population to live in authentic democracy and in complete freedom. We want every person to play politics continuously, reversing the roles that currently allow a few (political parties and their political representatives) to decide for everyone. From home from your PC, or from anywhere, through laptops, tablets, and smartphones, every person must be able to express themselves, on every choice to be made, which will always be put into practice, and made concrete, by our political representatives.

    Direct democracy, with continuous referendums, even several times a day, even several times an hour, to really give all the power to the people, continuously over time.

    Some tell us: and then, once power is handed over to the people, will DirectDemocracyS disappear? Power to the people must be maintained, and no one must be able to steal it again, so our role will not end, we will all have to protect direct democracy together. Furthermore, always all together, we will have to guarantee information, and the diffusion of the truth, in order to make informed and right choices. Therefore, DirectDemocracyS does not have an expiration date, or a final goal, which, once achieved, makes it useless.

    All together, we will be present, forever, for the good of the entire population.

    DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, alternative, truly in every sense!

    © 2023 DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved.

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    DirectDemocracyS, initiates the national phases of our international political organization, even with personalized contacts, for each country, territory, or population of the earth.

    To find the ...

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    Only invitations and ...

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    Only invitations and useful linksThere are 2 types of possibilities to join us: free, in which anyone can join us, based on detailed rules, or, on the basis of personal invitations, individual.


    During the block of free ...

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    Our official offices

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    Our official officesDirectDemocracyS is innovative in every sense! Also in the way of managing one's offices.

    Let's make a brief introduction.

    Since the beginning of our creation, the first 5 "creators" had as ...

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    Security measures

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    security measuresA fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

    Working largely on the ...

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    Security rules

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    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of ...

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    Special invitations

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    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While ...

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    To be activated

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    Instructions, to be activated.

    You can choose which type of user you want to have among the various possibilities.

    If you want to be an initial user, absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to ...

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